Chapter 1306 Perfect Advancement

The furious pressure of the heavens made the world seem to solidify. A heavy rock crushed all their hearts. Hua Shiyu and the others had an urge to prostrate themselves to the heavens.

In front of the fury of the heavens, they felt themselves to be minute. If they resisted, they would be annihilated by the Heavenly Daos.

Hua Shiyu and the others were pale as paper and full of terror. This was due to their innate reverence for the Heavenly Daos.

But they saw that the Dragonblood Legion’s people were all calm. They were all unleashing their auras against the pressure of the Heavenly Daos.

“No wonder they can ignore the pressure of higher rank Celestials.”

Hua Shiyu and the others finally understood why even the ordinary Dragonblood warriors had been able to fight rank six and even rank seven Celestials. So it was the result of this.

No matter how strong the Celestial, there was no way their Heavenly Dao pressure could compare to the true pressure of the Heavenly Daos. This destructive will inside the lightning tribulation was something anyone would cower before.

However, Long Chen was leading his people to go against the heavenly tribulation. It was to temper their wills.

But while the Dragonblood warriors had experienced going against the Heavenly Daos, Hua Shiyu and the others hadn’t. They felt an innate pressure in their souls that made them unable to do so.

And yet, since they were undergoing tribulation with the Dragonblood Legion, they had no choice even if they didn’t dare. They could only force their way through.

Bolts of lightning began to smash down like huge mountains. The lightning would explode when it struck the land, and there were already some people who were coughing up blood.

The Jade Core tribulation was powerful even without any other factors. But now, Gu Yang, the one with the strongest aura here, had taken the initiative to provoke the heaven’s fury. The pressure was at least ten times greater.

Even though people were injured, there were still the healing experts present. As wood cultivators, lightning was their bane. Their wood energy was life energy, while this lightning contained destructive energy. They were the ones to be injured first.

Basically, all the healing experts were women. Although they all coughed up blood, not one of them had a worried expression. They still stood tall.

After experiencing the last tribulation, they had realized that undergoing tribulation in this manner brought with it countless benefits. The destructive energy in the tribulation was something that could stimulate their wood energy and make it purer.

They now knew that each extra breath that they could endure during this lightning tribulation was another bit stronger they got. This was a rare opportunity.

Under the baptism of the heavenly tribulation, all the immortal platforms in their Dantians completely shattered and rapidly formed a golden sphere. That was the mark of a Jade Core expert - the divine core.

Those small little spheres already possessed a grand and majestic energy. As the sphere grew, each of their auras grew stronger.

“Don’t be in a rush to absorb the spiritual qi in the air. Focus on using the thunderforce to temper your divine cores. Completely destroy any vestiges of your immortal platform’s runes. That’s the only way for you to advance perfectly,” reminded Long Chen.

When advancing to the Foundation Forging realm, many people were unable to advance perfectly. But the flaws left behind in the Foundation Forging realm could be made up for when advancing to the Jade Core realm.

Long Chen was paying close attention to the changes in their auras and silently learning from them. This was something he would also have to undergo.

At this time, Lei Long didn’t even wait for Long Chen’s call. It directly flew out and began to greedily absorb the thunderforce around Long Chen.

Long Chen told it that it could absorb the energy as it wished as long as it didn’t disturb the others from their tribulations. Lei Long urgently needed to increase its power. The difference between it and Huo Long was getting too big.

After an incense stick’s worth of time, once everyone had gotten used to this level, Gu Yang once more increased his aura, causing the tribulation’s power to increase again.

This time, the healing experts were truly at their limit. But they were also unyielding, and even under the violent attacks of the lightning, despite the blood pouring from their mouths, they bitterly endured.

Even Long Chen felt some heartache at seeing them push themselves like this. As female wood cultivators, the pain they had to undergo during this tribulation was over ten times the others.

“If you can’t handle it, don’t push yourself. Come over here!” called out Long Chen.

“Boss, we can still handle it! Just give us a bit more time.” These stubborn women refused to admit defeat. They held on as if their lives depended on it.

Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, and the others were all full of admiration for them. They were wood cultivators who possessed weak physical bodies. Even Mu Qingxuan had long since felt like she had reached her limit, but seeing her junior apprentice-sisters still obstinately holding on, she clenched her teeth and pushed through it. Just seeing her like that distressed Su Mo, but he wasn’t able to help.

In the end, Mu Qingxuan wasn’t able to endure any longer. The thunderforce had already invaded her meridians, and she coughed up a mouthful of blood. The next thing the thunderforce would do was cause her physical body to explode. That made Su Mo’s expression change.

Long Chen waved a hand, and Mu Qingxuan flew over to his side. With Lei Long devouring the thunderforce around him, this was an absolute safe zone.

“Senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan, you should adjust your condition and stabilize your realm. You’ve reached your limit,” said Long Chen.

Mu Qingxuan nodded palely. She knew she had truly reached her limit. Any more and she’d have exploded.

The only thing that made her feel a bit unwilling was that she was the first to drop out.

“The Dragonblood warriors have already experienced the baptism of heavenly tribulation before, so they now possess some resistance to it. But it’s your first time, so being able to reach this point is already very amazing,” comforted Long Chen as if reading her thoughts.

After all, she was a heavenly genius from the previous generation. This kind of defeat was a bit unacceptable to her. Being exceeded by her junior apprentice-sisters was especially painful.

But Long Chen’s explanation did comfort her. Gratefully nodding to him, she sat down and closed her eyes.

Her divine core had already formed. After leaving the lightning tribulation, the divine core would solidify. Right now, she needed to consolidate her divine core.

The healing experts lasted two hours after Mu Qingxuan left. Finally, they were no longer able to hold on and came over to Long Chen’s side. They closed their eyes and began to adjust their conditions.

Long Chen couldn’t help but nod inside. These ladies truly possessed powerful willpower. Even after their divine cores had reached a flawless point, they had continued for an incense stick’s worth of time. That had greatly increased the purity of their wood energy.

They had done this for the Dragonblood Legion. The purer their wood energy, the more effective their healing would be.

Long Chen was emotional inside. Each brother and sister of the Dragonblood Legion treated each other sincerely and openly. To be able to have such sisters by his side, his life had not been in vain.

Once the healing experts had left, Long Chen announced, “Now your divine cores are essentially flawless…”

Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, and the others sighed with relief, thinking it was over. But Long Chen’s following words almost made their souls flee in terror.

“... so we can now start the real tribulation. Gu Yang, start going all-out. Eh, why isn’t Guo Ran crying?” Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. How was that little fellow so quiet this time?

“Reporting to boss, big brother Guo Ran has already fainted and can’t be woken!” announced a Dragonblood warrior. He pointed to the ground where Guo Ran lay. White froth came from his mouth, and there was no way to wake him.

“Good, then it’ll be quieter. Continue!” Long Chen nodded.

Gu Yang took a deep breath. All of a sudden, the runes around him exploded, and a huge qi pillar soared into the sky. The tribulation clouds quivered.

Suddenly, the land rocked. Hua Shiyu and the others were horrified. It was like the tribulation had been slapped in the face, and was now unleashing its true fury. A terrifying pressure filled the world.

“Do they really want to die?!”

Wang Zhen’s face was pale, and Su Mo’s hair stood on end. He felt like he was already at his limit, but Long Chen refused to let them off.

Suddenly, a sea of lightning fell from the sky, covering everything within ten thousand miles. Lightning beasts filled the sea and attacked them.

“Brothers, kill!”

What made Wang Zhen and Su Mo feel like they were going insane was that the Dragonblood warriors’ eyes actually reddened, and they charged at those lightning beasts with overflowing battle intent.

“These children are insane.” The distant Li Tianxuan bitterly smiled. Even after living for so many years, he had never seen such an insane group before.

“Hua Shiyu, Ziyan, Wang Zhen, senior apprentice-brother Mo, this is a rare tempering opportunity. This is the only way to train resisting the pressure of higher rank Celestials,” said Meng Qi. Her runes revolved around her, but she didn’t attack the lightning beasts.

As a soul cultivator, she didn’t face her enemies head-on. Heavenly Dao pressure wasn’t a great threat to her. So she didn’t need to attack these beasts. All she needed to do was use this thunderforce to temper her Spiritual Strength.

With Meng Qi’s reminder, Hua Shiyu and the others summoned the courage to attack the lightning beasts.

Before this, they had only been defending against the tribulation and just waiting for the lightning to stop. They had never dared to actually attack the tribulation. The Dragonblood Legion’s method for undergoing tribulation completely toppled their expectations.

More and more lightning beasts appeared, but the lightning clouds in the sky grew sparser as well. Long Chen suddenly flew into the air and punched the clouds.

But it was ineffective. The lightning tribulation didn’t get angry because of him. His current realm was unable to provoke this tribulation. It seemed only those in the Jade Core realm could affect this Jade Core tribulation. It ignored him with his Foundation Forging realm.

Long Chen helplessly sent Lei Long to devour the thunderforce on the edge. After two hours, the tribulation began to fade.

Long Chen comforted Lei Long. “Don’t be sad. You might not be full this time, but you’ll definitely have more than enough to eat when I go through my tribulation.”

This thunderforce hadn’t allowed Lei Long to advance much. Long Chen hadn’t let Lei Long absorb too much thunderforce because he was worried about affecting everyone’s tribulation. As a result, Lei Long wasn’t even half full.

After the tribulation, everyone’s auras were like awakened lions. Their powerful auras even gave Long Chen a sense of pressure.

Although they had just advanced to the Jade Core realm, their auras were extremely strong. They were like sharp blades that had been unsheathed and were unleashing their light.

“Let’s go back.”

Li Tianxuan took out the Reincarnation Mirror and brought them back to the Xuantian Dao Sect. Starting today, a legion that would cause the world to shake truly began to rise.

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