Chapter 1305 Collective Advancement

The Dragonblood warriors had all reached the peak of the Foundation Forging realm. People like Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had long since possessed the qualification to attack the Jade Core realm.

But without Long Chen, they hadn’t gone through with their advancements. They had been waiting for his return.

If they had wanted to advance, at least half the Dragonblood Legion would have advanced to Kings. Then the last Righteous and Corrupt battle wouldn’t have been so bitter. They would have definitely suppressed their opponents.

But the Jade Core realm involved breaking the immortal platform to condense the divine core. It was an extremely important process with a high chance of failure.

It was different from other realms where if you failed an advancement, you could just accumulate resources and energy to try again.

You would only get one shot at the Jade Core realm. You needed to burst through it. By destroying the foundation of your immortal platform, you would condense it all into a core.

The most difficult part about this was that as you condensed your jade core, you would have to undergo the baptism of heavenly tribulation. Without powerful willpower, your odds of succeeding when you were disturbed by heavenly tribulation were low.

If you failed at condensing your core and had already destroyed your immortal platform, you would essentially be crippled. You would no longer have any chance of advancing to the Jade Core realm.

The reason the Dragonblood warriors had cultivated so quickly was because the Xuantian Dao Sect had gone all-out raising them. Through the battle of the eastern sea, the Xuantian Dao Sect had obtained a huge amount of resources from the Martial Heaven Continent, and they had essentially spent all those resources on this generation’s disciples, especially the Dragonblood Legion. When it came to the Dragonblood Legion, if they wanted something, the sect would immediately go all-out helping them get it.

And the Dragonblood Legion truly hadn’t disappointed the Xuantian Dao Sect. In this Righteous and Corrupt battle, Li Tianxuan’s foresight had once more proven to be invaluable.

About two days of travel outside the Xuantian Dao Sect, Li Tianxuan was floating in the air, looking at the Dragonblood Legion gathered on top of a distant mountain. His eyes were full of anticipation.

The Dragonblood Legion was only the true Dragonblood Legion when Long Chen was present. When the Dragonblood Legion was complete, just seeing the worship in those disciples’ eyes showed how they viewed Long Chen as a god-like existence.

That made Li Tianxuan feel emotional. If combat power was given a numerical value, if one person’s power was one, then the power of ten people working together would be nine. The power of one hundred people would max out at around seventy.

The more people in a group, the less they would be able to fully trust each other. In fact, the distraction of being on guard from their allies would cause their power to even drop.

The sum of one hundred people’s individual power was one hundred, but in terms of how much power they could unleash, seventy was a cap. This number was something deduced from the results of countless large battles.

And most of the time, a group’s combat power wasn’t even able to reach that level. The greater the number of people, the greater the drop in ratio.

For over ten thousand people, their true power would be about five thousand. And that would be a group of elites amongst elites. Such an elite cultivation army didn’t exist in the Righteous path. They only existed in the Corrupt path.

As for the Dragonblood Legion, not only did they bring out one hundred percent of their power even when in such a huge group, with Long Chen’s addition, their power would multiply by even up to ten times.

Right now, Long Chen was no longer just the founder of the Dragonblood Legion, he was the Dragonblood Legion’s faith. As long as he was present, anything was possible.

This time, when the Dragonblood Legion went out to undergo collective tribulation, Li Tianxuan had personally come to act as a protector. The current Dragonblood Legion was too eye-attracting, causing countless powers to be uneasy.

When Righteous experts fought the Corrupt path, they were soft persimmons. But when it came to harming themselves and stabbing each other in the back, the Righteous path was truly skilled. Therefore, Li Tianxuan had to go all-out protecting them.

But in truth, Li Tianxuan truly didn’t have much confidence in being able to protect them any longer. That was because he now noticed that the Dragonblood warriors were no longer rank five Celestials. They had all advanced to become rank six Celestials at the very least.

There were also fifteen hundred rank seven Celestials and over sixty rank eight Celestials. Long Chen had distributed all his high grade Heavenly Dao Fruits to the Dragonblood Legion.

So many people had died in this battle. Li Tianxuan finally realized what Long Chen’s terrifying trump card was.

That was because the number of rank seven Celestials that had died from the Corrupt path perfectly matched the number of the new rank seven Celestials in the Dragonblood Legion.

Li Tianxuan didn’t ask about Long Chen’s secrets, nor did he want to know. But when it was so obvious, he could not help but notice even if he didn’t want to.

He was worried. Long Chen’s actions were too obvious this time. Once news of this spread, it would definitely cause huge waves. Pill Valley would definitely try something and most likely on an unprecedented scale.

Such a bizarre thing would shake all the Central Plains. Although Li Tianxuan did not know of the existence of the Heavenly Dao Fruits, he knew Long Chen definitely had some heaven-defying ability to snatch a person’s Heavenly Dao seed.

Otherwise, there was no way the Dragonblood Legion could advance at such a terrifying rate. Long Chen’s actions this time were too obvious for anyone to overlook.

But on the other hand, even if he had wanted to conceal it, there was little chance of locking down this kind of news. After all, there were far too many people in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Long Chen had simply, directly distributed the Heavenly Dao Fruits. Not only did he give them to the Dragonblood Legion, but even Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, Wang Zhen, Mu Qingxuan, and Su Mo had become rank eight Celestials.

Although they weren’t members of the Dragonblood Legion, they had fought alongside each other multiple times. They had long since become people Long Chen could fully trust.

However, what he had given them was not the Heavenly Dao Fruits, but something he called Heavenly Dao Wine. He had crushed the Heavenly Dao Fruits and merged it with the wine. It had the same effect.

Now standing in front of everyone that was staring at him with fervent gazes, Long Chen felt a grand feeling. Having this group of life and death brothers made this life worth it.

“Brothers, take your medicinal pills. It’s the same old rules. The Heavenly Daos are just a fart, so fully unleash your power,” said Long Chen.

Yesterday, Long Chen had spent a whole day refining pills with the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. He had given everyone here an Exploding Blaze Foundation Breaking Pill.

This was different from the advancement pills he had refined before. This Exploding Blaze Foundation Breaking Pill was an eighth tier medicinal pill, but it wasn’t used for attacking the barrier. In truth, this pill was pretty much poison. 

After you consumed this pill, your immortal platform would completely crumble. This was the first step to advancing to the Jade Core realm, and it was an extremely important step.

The more complete the immortal platform’s destruction, the more energy could be used to condense the divine core, and the stronger it would be. The divine core formed on the foundation of the broken immortal platform.

If the immortal platform was not fully destroyed, there would be a large amount of energy left behind in it that wouldn’t be absorbed by the divine core. That would be a large flaw.

Guo Ran looked at the pill in his hand and shivered. It was a giant pill, and a top grade one at that. It was emitting a frightening aura.

This giant pill had so much energy violently surging within it that if it hadn’t been Long Chen who had given it to them, Guo Ran would suspect it was a bomb.

This thing probably had enough energy to make a Foundation Forging expert explode. Could it really be eaten? His scalp crawled.

“Boss…” said Guo Ran hesitantly. He wanted to say that there was no need for him to waste such a precious pill. He didn’t walk the normal cultivation path. But in truth, he was just afraid.

“If you keep wasting time, I’ll slap you. Where did so many nonsense words come from? Hurry up and eat it!” said Long Chen impatiently. Long Chen understood him far too well. 

Guo Ran was the ultimate slacker when it came to cultivation. If he could escape pain, he would. Slipping away was his forte.

“Everyone’s brothers. Sigh, I’ll help you,” said Gu Yang. He took Guo Ran’s pill.

“Gu Yang, you really are my good brother! I-”

Guo Ran first thought that Gu Yang was consuming it for him, but then, Gu Yang stuffed the pill down Guo Ran’s throat.

The other Dragonblood warriors laughed and also swallowed their somewhat frightening pills.

Continuous explosive sounds rang out from everyone’s Dantians. Their expressions all completely changed, and they vomited blood.

“Don’t just stupidly stand there. Work together with the pill’s energy to completely turn your immortal platform to bits,” called out Long Chen.

Following his reminder, they unleashed their auras. They suddenly noticed that even after their immortal platforms shattered, their cultivation bases weren’t harmed. Instead, their auras grew stronger. If they didn’t unleash their auras at this time, they’d explode.

As everyone’s aura surged, a powerful pressure soared. Long Chen was actually blown away into the distance by that power.

RUMBLE! Heaven and earth turned dark as tribulation clouds covered the sky.

Li Tianxuan’s expression changed slightly. “Long Chen really has to shake the heavens no matter what he does. I should get further away!”

Li Tianxuan had already been thousands of miles away, but he found that the region the tribulation clouds were covering was too great. If he was pulled inside it, it would be troublesome. It was better to distance himself.

A torrent of lightning lit up the dark world. Lightning rain began to pour down, but each ‘raindrop’ was the size of a room. As it landed amongst them, it exploded, unleashing ripples of lightning that made the Dragonblood warriors totter. Their expressions changed. This was just the first wave. How was it already so powerful?

“There’s nothing to be surprised about. This is the Jade Core tribulation. When condensing the divine core, the heavenly tribulation will contain a trace of divine energy. That will be the crux of becoming an immortal or god in the future. That’s why it’s much stronger than before.”

Long Chen didn’t feel any shock from this level of thunderforce. He gave them a simple explanation to calm them down.

“Since your immortal platforms have already been destroyed, don’t waste time. The sooner you go through the tribulation, the sooner we can go back,” said Long Chen.

Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, Wang Zhen, Mu Qingxuan, and Su Mo, the people who had never gone through tribulation like this, all jumped in shock.

“Alright. Take a look, boss!”

Gu Yang laughed and his aura erupted. A powerful aura charged into the clouds.

Seeing Gu Yang’s actions, Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, and the others all turned pale. How was this going through tribulation? Wasn’t it just suicide?

As expected, having been provoked by Gu Yang, the tribulation clouds in the sky rumbled, and the might of the Heavenly Daos descended. The heavens were enraged.

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