Chapter 1304 Supreme Treasure, Myriad Spirit Diagram

Having gathered with everyone again, this should be a happy time. Long Chen took out a translucent crescent moon blade.

The blade was over a foot long and looked like crystal. But the curious thing was that it had no hilt. It was just a blade.

It was as thin as a cicada’s wing and as light as a feather. When Long Chen had released it, it had almost floated into the sky.

As soon as it appeared, the temperature in the room dropped. A sharp aura made their scalps turn numb.

Most importantly, the space around it was starting to twist. Their hair started to be drawn over to it.

“This is a wind attribute King item?” Tang Wan-er was pleasantly surprised to see it. She could sense the wind energy within it that resonated with her own.

“A King item? I couldn’t bring out such a thing. This is an Ancestral item!” Long Chen grumbled inside. This was a terrifying Ancestral item he had specifically prepared for Tang Wan-er, but it had actually been viewed as a King item.

But that was only natural. This Ancestral item had truly been terrifying. When he had first released it on Devil Spirit Mountain, it had immediately fled, and when he had tried to subdue it, it had fought back so intensely that Long Chen had furiously smashed it with the pot until it was on its last breaths. Only then did it submit.

However, even then, it refused to allow Long Chen to place a slave mark on it. Its character was extremely obstinate. It would rather break than bend.


The crescent moon blade suddenly began to shine. It landed in Tang Wan-er’s hands of its own accord. An expression of disbelief appeared on Tang Wan-er’s face. “It… it actually accepted me as its master.”

The blade’s item-spirit had actually willingly accepted her as its master. The item-spirit was extremely intelligent.

“It’s character really is like yours.” Long Chen smiled. As expected, a person would have a weapon similar to themselves.

The blade transformed into a ray of light that entered Tang Wan-er’s head, vanishing. Meng Qi almost jumped, afraid it was harming Tang Wan-er.

“Long Chen, you’re so evil! You almost killed Moonwind,” Tang Wan-er rebuked Long Chen. The crescent moon blade had clearly begun to complain about Long Chen’s barbaric violence.

“Cough, wasn’t that just a case of friends not being able to get along without some fighting?” said Long Chen awkwardly.

“Scoundrel, if you bully Moonwind again, I’ll beat you, understood?” Tang Wan-er raised her fists menacingly. But she also winked at Long Chen.

Long Chen immediately understood. Having become the blade’s master, she had to stand up for her weapon. Only then could she comfort the aggrieved item-spirit.

“Goddess Wan-er, this little one would not dare. Just treat this little one as a fart and release him!” Long Chen put on a terrified expression and repeatedly bowed deeply with his arms raised in front of him as he begged for forgiveness.


Tang Wan-er turned red. Long Chen’s words were too immoral for her to even accept. She beat Long Chen a few times.

Perhaps it felt that its new master was truly fierce enough, and seeing her beat the villain Long Chen to the point that he didn’t have the slightest ability to resist, the blade’s item-spirit happily entered Tang Wan-er’s mind-sea and began to nurse its wounds. Long Chen had been ruthless back then, and had almost killed it.

“Long Chen, where’s big sister’s gift?” said Tang Wan-er suddenly.

“Foolish girl, do you think Ancestral items are like cabbage? To be able to obtain one is heaven-defying luck. You having an Ancestral item is the same as me having one. The stronger you get, the stronger your big sister gets,” said Meng Qi with a sweet smile.

Meng Qi’s peaceful nature made Long Chen feel even more thankful. He immediately took out a feather dress. “Don’t worry, everyone will get one. Look, what do you think this is?”

When the feather dress appeared, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er let out startled cries. They were completely captivated by that feather dress shining with all the colors of the rainbow.

The feather dress was indescribably grand. Its feathers came from over a hundred different flying beasts. Runes flickered around the dress, making it seem like a goddess’s divine clothes.

“What a beautiful dress. Only big sister’s beauty can match such a grand dress!” exclaimed Tang Wan-er. This feather dress was too beautiful. No woman could resist.

“Wan-er, your defenses are also weak. You should be the one to wear this feather dress. I’m a Beast Tamer, and I have my Magical Beasts to protect myself,” said Meng Qi.

“Hehe, big sister, there’s no need to be courteous with me. You’re the only one who’s a match for this dress,” laughed Tang Wan-er.

Seeing the two of them fighting like this, Long Chen felt it was a bit funny. He felt like the meticulous etiquette they followed was a good thing, but also a bit nonsensical. He didn’t say anything. He just smiled as they argued.

In the end, when both sides were too embarrassed to go on, Meng Qi took the rainbow feather dress. The feather dress surprisingly didn’t reject Meng Qi at all. It disappeared from her hands and reappeared on her body.

When Meng Qi’s beauty was combined with the feather dress, Long Chen and Tang Wan-er’s eyes both shone. Meng Qi truly looked like a goddess now. She was unspeakably grand and noble.

“Big sister, you’re very beautiful,” praised Tang Wan-er involuntarily.

Meng Qi was already stunningly beautiful. Her beauty could bring down a nation. As a soul cultivator, she possessed a natural grand aura. Now with the feather dress, there was no way to describe her.

The feather dress vanished from Meng Qi’s body, and she smiled. This kind of gift would be welcomed by any woman.

“Hehe, other than this gift, I have another thing to give you. But this gift is a bit different.”

A scroll appeared in Long Chen’s hands. He slowly opened it, revealing its contents.

There were countless beasts depicted on the scroll. Each of them looked so lifelike that it felt like they might jump out of the painting at any moment.

Once the scroll was opened, a terrifying pressure was unleashed from it which made Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er pale. This scroll’s power could easily annihilate them.

“This is the Myriad Spirit Diagram. It is something I obtained by chance in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant…”

Long Chen gave a simple recount of how he had obtained the Myriad Spirit Diagram and his encounter with that mysterious elder.

“The Myriad Spirit Diagram is the cumulation of that senior’s cultivation. He comprehended his Dao by walking the path of beasts. Coincidentally, that senior was also a Beast Tamer. His true body comprehended the Dao and ascended using his Dao of ten thousand beasts countless years ago. He left behind the Myriad Spirit Diagram as his inheritance for a destined person. Back then, when he said he was waiting for a destined person, I thought he was actually not going to give it to me. But then the senior said that I could find the destined person, and the first person I thought of was you.” Long Chen smiled.

Hearing that it came from someone who had ascended, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were completely shocked. After ascending, didn’t a person become a god or immortal?

“Meng Qi, take a look and see if you can comprehend it,” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi nodded. First, she placed the Myriad Spirit Diagram in the air and respectfully bowed to it repeatedly. She was using the most formal, most solemn etiquette of three bows and nine kowtows.

Although she hadn’t gained anything from it yet, just the pressure that came from it told her it was definitely a divine item.

The inheritance left behind by an ascender was definitely enough to make the entire continent crazy.

Now that Meng Qi had obtained this inheritance, it was essentially the same as taking that elder as her master. This etiquette was naturally necessary.

Long Chen and Tang Wan-er also bowed once. They treated it as bearing witness to this.

When Meng Qi finished her final bow, the Myriad Spirit Diagram suddenly let out a ray of light that enveloped her. Countless runes revolved around her, emitting a divine aura.

Meng Qi’s face instantly turned pale, causing Long Chen to jump.

“It’s fine. This is the Myriad Spirit Diagram’s way of passing on its inheritance. But my cultivation base is too low, so I can’t take it all in,” said Meng Qi.

After saying that, the runes vanished. Meng Qi was still pale, but she was delighted.

“Long Chen, this Myriad Spirit Diagram is a supreme treasure. Although my Spiritual Strength is limited and I could only comprehend a portion of its mysteries, it’s still enough to benefit me for a lifetime,” said Meng Qi.

Forming a hand seal, a certain bird on the Myriad Spirit Diagram lit up, startling Long Chen and Tang Wan-er.

“It’s the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow!”

That bird image was of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. But the feathers on it were covered in countless ancient runes that made it look not quite the same as Cloud’s mother.

“Cloud, come out!”

Cloud suddenly flew out. Long Chen jumped. If Cloud came out, wouldn’t this room cease to exist?

But he was surprised to see that Cloud was actually only the size of an ordinary sparrow. It hopped onto Meng Qi’s shoulder. It had actually learned how to control its size.

“Go in. This is the most complete inheritance of your Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race,” said Meng Qi. Cloud flew toward the scroll. Once it got close, it shrank and entered the scroll, merging into the image of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow.

“The Myriad Spirit Diagram contains the most complete inheritances of ten thousand spirit beasts gathered by that senior. Cloud’s race is being hunted down, causing their inheritance to no longer be complete. The Myriad Spirit Diagram can make up for that,” said Meng Qi with excitement. If Cloud learned all of its inheritance, its combat power would probably rise to a terrifying level.

However, her own power was lacking, and there were many parts of the Myriad Spirit Diagram that she was unable to unlock. There were marvelous soul arts and cultivation techniques inside. She had only peered into a very small portion of the inheritance, and would need more time to study it.

Three days passed in the Xuantian Dao Sect before Long Chen gathered all the Dragonblood Legion. It was about time for them to advance to the Jade Core realm.

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