Chapter 1304 Supreme Treasure, Myriad Spirit Diagram (Teaser)

Having gathered with everyone again, this should be a happy time. Long Chen took out a translucent crescent moon blade.

The blade was over a foot long and looked like crystal. But the curious thing was that it had no hilt. It was just a blade.

It was as thin as a cicada’s wing and as light as a feather. When Long Chen released it, it almost floated into the sky.

As soon as it appeared, the temperature in the room dropped. A sharp aura made their scalps turn numb.

Most importantly, the air around it was starting to twist. Their hair started to be drawn over to it.

“This is a wind attribute King item?” Tang Wan-er was pleasantly surprised to see it. She could sense the wind energy within it that resonated with her own.

“A King item? I couldn’t bring out such a thing. This is an Ancestral item!” Long Chen grumbled. This was a terrifying Ancestral item he had specifically prepared for Tang Wan-er, but it had actually been viewed as a King item.

But that was only natural. This Ancestral item had truly been terrifying. When he had first...

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