Chapter 1303 Complicated

“Xuan Master.” Liu Cang bowed.

“Have you calculated the Xuantian Dao Sect’s losses in this battle yet?” asked Li Tianxuan.

“Yes. A total of twenty-nine Soul Transformation experts and six hundred and thirty-one Jade Core Elders died. Also, seven people are left with only their Yuan Spirits. The Dragonblood Legion suffered no casualties, but sixteen Foundation Forging disciples fell,” reported Liu Cang.

This had been a fierce battle. The difference in numbers between the two sides had been immense. In order to give their talented disciples opportunities, the Jade Core Elders had sacrificed themselves.

It could be said that without them, there would have been no way Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Gu Yang, and the others could have gone all-out slaying the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts.

Although they had immense killing power, their defensive power was too low. As soon as they approached a Soul Transformation expert, there was danger of them being killed instantly.

That was why a major reason for their victory was because of these fallen Elders.

Yue Zifeng had seen so many Elders dying one by one, and that was why he hadn’t hesitated to use such a destructive move to kill so many Soul Transformation experts. He had won them precious breathing room.

Even before saving Meng Qi in that battle, Yue Zifeng had already activated his secret art, which had allowed him to kill several Soul Transformation experts, all in one blow. That had caused the Corrupt experts’ hearts to turn cold and blunt their sharpness. His contributions definitely couldn’t be overlooked.

“The Sect Protecting Pavilion truly made the greatest contributions this time!” Li Tianxuan sighed. Those elite Elders that had died had mostly come from the Sect Protecting Pavilion.

“But I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that the Dragonblood Legion’s display was so shocking this time. It’ll probably shake the entire Central Plains,” said Liu Cang worriedly.

Such a terrifying legion was something that not only shocked the Corrupt path, but even the Xuantian Dao Sect itself. 

They had slaughtered almost thirty thousand Corrupt Foundation Forging disciples without a single one of them dying. This kind of battle record was so stunning that Liu Cang almost couldn’t believe it.

Although their rank eight Corrupt Celestials had been handled by Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, there had still been countless powerful geniuses amongst the Corrupt path.

To use the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation, the Corrupt path had only brought out their elite geniuses. That was why it was so shocking.

According to their original plan, the Corrupt path was to kill the Righteous experts and capture Long Chen. Then they would leave a recording of their powerful formation to stun the Righteous path. This was a move the Corrupt path used habitually.

So even the weakest disciples they had brought had been rank five Celestials. A third of them had been rank six, and over a thousand had been rank seven. As for rank eight Celestials, they had brought forty-seven of them.

Such a terrifying lineup had been annihilated by the Dragonblood Legion. And yet, most of the Dragonblood warriors were just rank five Celestials.

According to reason, they should have been heavily suppressed by the Heavenly Daos and unable to use their full power. But it was the Corrupt army that was annihilated instead.

What Liu Cang didn’t realize was that Long Chen had long since anticipated a day would come when they would have to fight Celestials with higher ranks than them. That was why he had made them go through tribulation together and intentionally provoked the Heavenly Daos into unleashing their divine pressure. That was to increase everyone’s potential, to make them give birth to the courage that would dare to go against the Heavenly Daos.

So although Heavenly Dao pressure could affect the Dragonblood Legion’s combat power, it wouldn’t affect their killing intent.

Furthermore, the effect of their greater Celestial ranks had been ruined by Gui Yan, a rank nine Celestial. Because he had unleashed such terrifying Heavenly Dao pressure, everyone had been suppressed.

As a result, all the Celestials had been equalized. That kind of situation had actually been unfavorable to the Corrupt path. That was because Gui Yan’s pressure focused a bit more on a person if their Celestial rank was higher.

To sum it up, the Dragonblood Legion’s victory this time was a complicated sum of many factors. That was the only reason they had created such a miraculous accomplishment.

But even so, with the Dragonblood Legion’s power, any Dragonblood warrior was a genius that would have difficulty finding a match within the same realm. Such a terrifying group would make countless sects and powers envious and uneasy. That was because they were afraid that once the Dragonblood Legion grew up, they would threaten them.

The Righteous path was full of internal fighting. Some of it was obvious and open, while some was kept secret and in the dark. Before this, the Xuantian Dao Sect had been declining and hadn’t been a threat to other sects, so naturally no one had set their gazes on the Xuantian Dao Sect.

But now there was such a terrifying legion growing within them, and that was too conspicuous. If it was just Long Chen rising, that would have been one thing. But now there was a group of over ten thousand disciples rising, disciples that had the potential to become powerful enemies. Even the sects with decent relations with the Xuantian Dao Sect were worried.

“There’s no need to bother with that. If we had continued being so cautious, we’d forever be suppressed by others. Starting today, our Xuantian Dao Sect is saying goodbye to caution. We’re going to start advancing without retreat.” Li Tianxuan smiled. Having obtained the Xuantian Tower’s support had filled him with confidence. “Don’t bother with the matter of the Dragonblood Legion. Properly record our losses. The names of our fallen disciples are to be carved onto the Xuantian Merit Stele. If they have descendants, it’s up to the Xuantian Dao Sect to raise them. If they have no descendants, arrange for their relatives to be given the greatest support. After arranging this, go take a trip to the Martial Heaven Alliance. Give them the recording and tell them the number of Corrupt experts we killed this time,” said Li Tianxuan.

“We’ll be able to get an ocean’s worth of resources…” Even Liu Cang was emotional when he thought about how much wealth they would gain. Their gains were just too stunning.

The Corrupt Life Star expert and various Soul Transformation experts captured in the eastern sea battle had been equal to a thousand years worth of income for the Xuantian Dao Sect.

And this time, they had killed even more. The Martial Heaven Continent’s reward system was based on two things: the cultivation bases and the talent of the slain experts.

The Corrupt path had attacked with a huge army, but when they left, it had just been the dwarf taking away seventeen Life Star experts and a half-dead Gui Yan. The rest had all died.

With just one sect’s power and the seven bosses of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, they had accomplished such a stunning feat. This victory was something for the history books of the Righteous and Corrupt battles.

The Corrupt path had lost a Life Star expert, over five hundred Soul Transformation experts, and over thirty thousand elite Foundation Forging disciples. According to the Martial Heaven Continent’s reward system, Liu Cang couldn’t even imagine a number that could describe this wealth.

“Just report the numbers on this trip. But don’t get too excited yet, or you’ll be disappointed.” Li Tianxuan smiled faintly, but his words were like a bucket of ice water over Liu Cang’s head.

“What are you talking about?” asked Liu Cang.

“This matter isn’t so simple. I killed those people from the ancient races and the Pill Tower. That will cause quite a bit of trouble. The Martial Heaven Alliance isn’t as pure and united as you imagine. Any group, once they reach a certain level of power, will have to follow a few unwritten rules. The Martial Heaven Alliance is no exception. Getting our reward this time will probably be very difficult. You should prepare yourself,” said Li Tianxuan calmly.

Liu Cang was silent. He wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words.

“I know. But as I said, since we’ve chosen to rise, we can’t be afraid of everything. If I hadn’t killed them at that time, they wouldn’t have been grateful. They’d have probably stabbed us in the back once they were saved. Enduring will only bring more humiliation. It’s the typical case of giving an inch only for them to take a foot, and then another foot, until you are forced to the end. So even if you gave me another chance, I’d have still done the same thing,” said Li Tianxuan.

Li Tianxuan had already had enough of the Pill Tower and the ancient races. They actually dared to hunt Long Chen so openly, completely ignoring the Xuantian Dao Sect. If he didn’t kill them after such an insult, he wouldn’t be Li Tianxuan.

After being bullied to this extent, if they still didn’t counterattack, then they really might as well just kill themselves.

“Other than that, send someone trustworthy to the Huayun Sect. Have them announce how Xuan Jizi harmed those geniuses. I have over ten cases with absolute proof here. I’ll make that idiot Xuan Jizi the target of everyone. Let’s see how he attempts to scheme against us now.” Li Tianxuan handed Liu Cang a spatial ring.

Xuan Jizi was currently one of the greatest threats to Long Chen, as well as a threat to the Xuantian Dao Sect. This fellow was a hidden danger that needed to be removed.

Li Tianxuan had gathered iron-clad proof of his deeds, and there was no way Xuan Jizi would be able to argue against it. Although it was unlikely he would be executed, at least he could show the world who Xuan Jizi was. That way, there wouldn’t be as many sects who trusted him. Furthermore, this matter implicated Pill Valley. The Huayun Sect would definitely be happy to help.

Once no one trusted him, then no matter how he tried to fan the flames, it would be useless. There was no time to capture him now, but once they got past this juncture, it would be time to find that bastard.

Just as Li Tianxuan was plotting everything, Long Chen returned to Crouching Dragon Mountain. Right now, Crouching Dragon Mountain was calm because all the Dragonblood warriors had been exhausted by the battle and were in seclusion.

Long Chen returned to his room, and Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were already waiting for him. Seeing him walk in, Tang Wan-er immediately grabbed hold of him tightly, her eyes full of worry.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Oh, wait, there is something. The Xuan Master said I need to enter the bridal room in order to suppress the curse.” Long Chen hastily changed what he was saying.

“Scoundrel, who do you think would believe you?!” rebuked Tang Wan-er. There was no way she would fall for such a childish lie. She repeatedly beat him on the chest.

But his joke made Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er’s hearts less worried. This Underworld Soul Ghost Curse had truly made their hearts clench. That was because they thought of the Yama King Blood Curse that had killed Little Snow in the Immemorial Path.

“Then we can consider the bridal room later. A kiss should be fine, right?”

Long Chen was already leaning down, giving Tang Wan-er a deep kiss.

“Don’t, big sister Meng Qi is right there…” Tang Wan-er tried to get away.

“Of course a kiss must be done in front of Meng Qi, or it would be like cheating,” laughed Long Chen. Despite how bashful Tang Wan-er acted, he didn’t let her off without a final kiss on the cheek.

Then he turned to Meng Qi, who hadn’t said anything this entire time. He also gave her a fierce kiss.

Meng Qi’s body quivered as she held him tightly around his waist. Her tears streamed down.

Meng Qi was a quiet and reserved person, but her feelings for Long Chen ran deep. She had never refused Long Chen. He was her everything. If he could live, she wouldn’t ask for anything else.

“Sorry about everything.” Seeing those tears stream down Meng Qi’s peerlessly beautiful face, Long Chen was filled with pain. A simple apology felt completely meaningless.

Tang Wan-er’s eyes were also red. Her greatest hope was that Long Chen would forever stay by their side.

“Today is a happy day. I’ve brought you both gifts.” Long Chen suddenly smiled.

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