Chapter 1301 The Aftermath

The Corrupt experts had all been brought away by the Corrupt God Skull, making the battlefield feel empty. All the Dragonblood warriors surrounded Long Chen.


The black net mark on Long Chen’s forehead had already vanished. He looked completely normal. But everyone was worried.

Gui Yan had killed all the Corrupt Soul Transformation and Foundation Forging experts to unleash this curse. Even the Life Star experts had had their vitality stripped away. It definitely wasn’t just used to frighten people.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were pale as they held Long Chen’s arms. Their hands were shivering with worry.

“Don’t worry. Right now, Long Chen is fine,” said Li Tianxuan.

But Li Tianxuan was sighing inside. A Divergent was truly a Divergent. No matter how you planned, no matter how many calculations you made, anything involving them would never be in your control.

Hearing this, everyone relaxed slightly. Long Chen asked, “Xuan Master, what is that Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, Life Devouring Blood Rite?”

When he had been cursed, he had felt his whole body turn cold as if he had been frozen. But then that feeling had passed in the next moment. It was like it had never happened.

Seeing Li Tianxuan hesitate, Long Chen said, “Xuan Master, it’s fine to tell me.”

Only then did Li Tianxuan sigh, “This is one of the Corrupt path’s most sinister curses. I never thought that Gui Yan would be able to unleash it at such a young age. The Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, Life Devouring Blood Rite is one of the Corrupt path’s sinister secret arts. Gui Yan has to possess an extremely high status in the Corrupt path, or he wouldn’t be able to learn such a skill, nor would he be able to forcibly strip other Corrupt experts of their life energy when they aren’t willing. Even Life Star experts had some of their life energy stripped away. All that energy has formed a curse that will go against your own life energy until you eventually die.”

Hearing that the curse would take his life, everyone felt dazed. So Long Chen really was going to die?

“Li Tianxuan, having used the Reincarnation Mirror, you weren’t even able to protect a single disciple?!” Boss Bao cursed furiously.

“It really was my negligence,” sighed Li Tianxuan. In the end, he hadn’t managed to have absolute control over things.

At that time, he had been busy making sure his side was protected, and he hadn’t expected Gui Yan to unleash such a move. As for the dwarf, although he had been surprised by Gui Yan’s actions, he had clearly been prepared. He hadn’t given Li Tianxuan any chance to use the Reincarnation Mirror to save Long Chen. But saying those things now was meaningless.

“You think just saying it was your negligence will make things fine?! You-” raged Boss Bao.

“Boss Bao, this matter has nothing to do with the Xuan Master.” Long Chen extended a hand to stop the bosses. He understood their characters. They had explosive tempers, and that could easily harm their relationships.

Long Chen continued, “To have been able to handle things to this extent is probably something only the Xuan Master could have done. No one else could have done better. In this world, there is no perfect plan, and unexpected things always occur. Now that it has already happened, arguing about things is meaningless. Xuan Master, do you have any way to break or suppress the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, Life Devouring Blood Rite?”

Hearing this question, everyone turned toward the Xuan Master. This related to Long Chen’s life or death. Their hearts clenched.

Li Tianxuan said, “There is a way to break it, but it might as well not exist. To remove this curse, the only method is to allow your life energy to become greater than the life energy within the curse.”

Hearing this, everyone’s hearts turned cold. What kind of joke was this? How could a single person’s life energy be greater than the sum of so many Corrupt experts?

There had even been the partial life energy of seven Life Star experts. No wonder Li Tianxuan said that this method might as well not exist.

“As for suppressing it, once we return to the Xuantian Dao Sect, I can activate the Xuantian Formation. That way the Xuantian Tower will be able to suppress the curse. However, that means you will always have to stay within the Xuantian Tower. You’ll have to cultivate until your life energy surpasses the curse’s,” said Li Tianxuan.

Long Chen sighed. To possess that much life energy, he would have to advance to the Life Star realm at the very least. But how could that be possible? What about his tribulations?

“Xuan Master, what if I had a group of wood cultivators constantly replenish my life energy? Would that be able to resist the curse?” probed Long Chen. Everyone’s eyes brightened.

But Li Tianxuan shook his head. “You’re underestimating the curse. This is a curse of absolute death. At the same time as it counteracts your life energy, it will counter your soul, your physical body, your karmic luck, and every other factor. That was why Gui Yan was so arrogant as to say your death was certain. However, the curse will only activate after it sleeps in your body for three days. That’s why you don’t feel anything now.”

Li Tianxuan’s words extinguished Long Chen’s final hope. Originally, he had thought that if it was just a matter of replenishing life energy, he could just kill some Magical Beasts and revive the Iron Spruce Oaks. But it seemed he had underestimated Gui Yan’s methods.

“Then since that’s the case, Long Chen, you should go back to the Xuantian Dao Sect. With the Xuantian Tower’s power, protecting you should be no problem. Just properly cultivate in the Xuantian Tower until you reach the Life Star realm. Then we’ll go slaughter some of those bastards from the Corrupt path,” said Boss Bao. Right now, this was the only option.

Long Chen sighed. This was not a solution as his tribulations were all exceedingly difficult. Furthermore, the fifth star still refused to appear. And without it, the higher his cultivation base, the more his physical body would be unable to bear his own power. He would instead turn into a cripple.

But he didn’t tell them that. To avoid worrying others, he smiled. “Bosses, don’t worry. My life won’t be lost so easily.”

It was a strange feeling. Although this Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, Life Devouring Blood Rite had been clearly described to him and was definitely terrifying, Long Chen didn’t feel a sensation of fatal danger.

And Li Tianxuan also wasn’t panicking. His expression was still calm. It was because of that calm expression that the bosses were infuriated. If Li Tianxuan didn’t have the Reincarnation Mirror, perhaps they’d have already started fighting.

“Alright then. We’ll leave then. When we have time, we’ll come and find you to drink wine.” Boss Bao patted Long Chen on the shoulder.

“Why don’t you all come to the Xuantian Dao Sect for a few days?” suggested Li Tianxuan politely.

“It’s not meant to be. We’re not able to piss in the same pot as you people. It wouldn’t be good if we started fighting.” Boss Bao shook his head. He understood his own faults clearly.

“Ah, speaking of which, I never had a chance to ask. How were your gains in Devil Spirit Mountain this time?” Boss Bao suddenly recalled that Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao had only just come out of Devil Spirit Mountain when the battles began. They had never had a chance to talk because of it.

“Our gains were very plentiful.” Long Chen smiled.

“Haha, good. Then Long Chen, we’re going.” Boss Bao and the others said goodbye to Long Chen and left just like that without any extra pleasantries.

Once they left, Li Tianxuan unleashed the light of the Reincarnation Mirror. Long Chen felt his body lighten as he entered the Reincarnation Mirror’s space.

The Reincarnation Mirror possessed its own space. From within it, it was possible to see everything outside clearly, but the outside wasn’t able to see the inside.

The Reincarnation Mirror vanished from Devil Spirit Mountain. Not long after it felt, many experts arrived in front of Devil Spirit Mountain. Seeing the destruction around Devil Spirit Mountain and sensing the terrifying auras that had been left behind, they were indescribably shocked.

These were people from the various small sects and powers in the surroundings who had been drawn over by the disturbance. But what they saw was completely unbelievable.

News of the battle in front of Devil Spirit Mountain quickly spread. This news shook many experts, and people quickly came to investigate. They found corpses of many Corrupt experts, as well as broken weapons of the Righteous path. In the end, they concluded that there had been a Righteous and Corrupt battle here.

As for the details, no one knew. So now they were just waiting for more news, because they knew that someone would come out to say who it was very soon. The Righteous path’s experts always had to show proof of the Corrupt experts they had killed in order to get rewards from the Martial Heaven Alliance.

Long Chen and the others returned to the Xuantian Plaza. Seeing this familiar scene, Long Chen felt a special emotion. His return even shook the entire Xuantian Dao Sect, as inner sect disciples and outer sect disciples rushed over.

But their enthusiasm was cut short by Li Tianxuan. Right now, Long Chen needed to go into seclusion to handle some things. If they wanted to celebrate, there would be time later.

As for the Dragonblood Legion and the others who had participated in the battle, they were all exhausted. They needed to rest. This battle had been ruthless. But the Dragonblood Legion could be proud of the fact that even after such a terrifying battle, they had maintained a zero casualty count.

But there were two exceptions to that. One was Long Chen, while the other was Yue Zifeng, who still didn’t possess the slightest aura of life.

However, Li Tianxuan had personally examined him and said that Yue Zifeng was in a state of special comprehension. There was no danger to his life, so no one was to disturb him.

Long Chen was brought to the top of the Xuantian Tower by Li Tianxuan. This was a forbidden land in the Xuantian Tower. Divine light swirled around this special space. Long Chen could vaguely make out stars moving in the sky, as if he had stepped above the nine heavens.

Just as Long Chen was shocked by this scene, Li Tianxuan said, “Senior, disciple needs your help.”

Now Long Chen was truly shocked. With Li Tianxuan’s status, he actually had to call himself a disciple and ask for help? Just who was he talking about?

“Is it for this child?” A voice suddenly rang out. This was not a true voice, but a spatial fluctuation. This was not the voice of a human.

“Yes. Long Chen is the most outstanding disciple in the history of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Senior, please help him suppress the curse he is afflicted with,” said Li Tianxuan.

“There’s no need. He can suppress it himself.” After saying that, a gentle light enveloped Long Chen. His expression suddenly changed as sharp pain came from every part of his body. It was like millions of leeches were crazily sucking his blood, flesh, and even his soul.

“Senior!” Li Tianxuan was startled. The one he was speaking to was the Xuantian Tower’s item-spirit. But the Xuantian Tower had actually activated the curse sleeping within Long Chen’s body.


Suddenly, space trembled and chanting filled the air. When that chanting appeared, Li Tianxuan became dumbfounded.

“The Nirvana Scripture?”

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