Chapter 1300 Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, Life Devouring Blood Rite (Teaser)

Having its powerful attack be interrupted by Long Chen caused a huge backlash. That violent power had nowhere to go, so it exploded.

Every move had its weaknesses, and ultimate moves had especially obvious weaknesses. That was that they required a long time to activate and were easy to interrupt.

Before you used such a move, you would always have to properly calculate the distance, space, your opponent’s reaction speed, and various other criteria.

In a fight in the air where Long Chen had been chased down miserably, the initiative had been completely in Gui Yan’s hands. Most importantly, Long Chen had never seen that magical art before and hadn’t known about its cast time or what it did.

It was unknown whether Gui Yan had been smashed dizzy by Long Chen’s previous attack, but seeing Long Chen use the Soul Devouring Violet Flames, he thought he was going to use Star Fall again in a head-on exchange. In his opinion, the worst case was just killing some more of the Corrupt path’s disciples to replenish his energy.

It was a nice plan, but Long Chen hadn’t...

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