Chapter 1300 Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, Life Devouring Blood Rite

Having its powerful attack be interrupted by Long Chen caused a huge backlash. That violent power had nowhere to go, so it exploded.

Every move had its weaknesses, and ultimate moves had especially obvious weaknesses. That was that they required a long time to activate and were easy to interrupt.

Before you used such a move, you would always have to properly calculate the distance, space, your opponent’s reaction speed, and various other criteria.

In a fight in the air where Long Chen had been chased down miserably, the initiative had been completely in Gui Yan’s hands. Most importantly, Long Chen had never seen that magical art before and hadn’t known about its cast time or what it did.

It was unknown whether Gui Yan had been smashed dizzy by Long Chen’s previous attack, but seeing Long Chen use the Soul Devouring Violet Flames, he thought he was going to use Star Fall again in a head-on exchange. In his opinion, the worst case was just killing some more of the Corrupt path’s disciples to replenish his energy.

It was a nice plan, but Long Chen hadn’t acted according to his expectations. He directly interrupted his move with the pot.

However, Long Chen hadn’t thought the backlash would be so terrifying. The entire Ghost General exploded, almost taking him with it.

The Ghost General had disappeared, and surprisingly, Gui Yan hadn’t died from the explosion. However, he had completely used up his Heavenly Dao energy. His remaining Heavenly Dao energy had been exhausted to protect himself just now.

But even so, he was hacking up blood along with broken pieces of his internal organs.

“Time for you to get going.” Long Chen now flew back, and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron raised high in the air. Gui Yan was extremely powerful. If it hadn’t been for the Soul Devouring Violet Flame suppressing the Ghost General, Long Chen wouldn’t have managed to defeat him.

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, the Seventh Boss’s cry rang out. Long Chen felt a chill in his back, and a sensation of death welled up within him. Without hesitation, he tossed the Blazing Dragon Cauldron backward instead of at Gui Yan, and his boots lit up, making him vanish like a wisp of smoke.


The Blazing Dragon Cauldron was sent flying by a ray of Sword Qi. That Sword Qi pierced across the battlefield in an instant, creating a ditch that spread into the horizon.

“It’s a Life Star expert!” Long Chen’s heart shook. That Sword Qi had just barely missed him. If he had been struck, he’d definitely have been killed.

Looking into the distance, he saw a Life Star expert escape their battlefield and come toward him.

That Corrupt Life Star expert could tell that winning today was an impossibility. Gui Yan had already been defeated, and Long Chen was even trying to capture him alive. Right now, the only way to reverse the tide was to kill Long Chen.

If they could kill him, their mission this time wouldn’t count as a complete failure. So the Corrupt Life Star experts had secretly colluded to let one of them get away while the others went all-out to block Boss Bao and the others. However, his chance to attack was very short.

“You shameless thing, who’s afraid of who?” Long Chen suddenly took out a small bell. With a flick of his finger, it shot over at that Life Star expert.

The Life Star expert was first dumbfounded. Then his expression suddenly changed, and he turned to flee. That was because he had suddenly noticed that the bell was an Ancestral item.


Unfortunately, he had reacted too late. When the Ancestral item approached him, its body suddenly grew to three thousand meters, and it exploded.

The Life Star expert had only gotten a mile away when it exploded. That was still right in the core of the explosion. He immediately vanished without a trace, with even his Yuan Spirit annihilated.

“Shameless old thing, I have ten thousand Ancestral items right here. If you have guts, the rest of you can come try me!” roared Long Chen. In truth, he was incredibly aggrieved. This time, he had managed to get eight Ancestral items from Devil Spirit Mountain. But now, he had detonated two of them.

Because he had played around way too much in Devil Spirit Mountain, he was sure those creatures had memorized his aura. If he entered again, he would just be courting death. So this had probably been his last chance to get rich. To say that losing two of his precious treasures didn’t hurt was nonsense.

Originally, he had brought eight Ancestral items, which could be perfectly divided between Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Yue Zifeng, Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Wilde. But now the numbers were off.

Now it had become six split between eight, making him clench his teeth. With a furious roar, he once more charged at Gui Yan.

A Life Star expert had fallen, and not to another Life Star expert, but to a Foundation Forging disciple. Or perhaps it should be said that he had died to Long Chen’s wealth.

An Ancestral item was something not even every Life Star expert was qualified to possess. If a Life Star expert was in possession of such a thing, it would normally be their family or their power’s inherited treasure, something to be viewed as precious as their life.

Just the fact that Long Chen had detonated an Ancestral item when fighting the Pill Tower and ancient races’ experts had made others feel pain. Who would have thought he was actually capable of making an Ancestral item detonate?

A tiny, insignificant Foundation Forging disciple was actually able to subdue terrifying Ancestral items and order them to explode. This completely toppled the cultivation world’s understanding.

Now all the Corrupt experts felt a chill when they looked at Long Chen. He was a monster.

When Long Chen turned his attention to Gui Yan, he saw that Gui Yan was already running. The direction he was going was where the Corrupt God Skull was facing off against the Reincarnation Mirror.

“This is the prestige of your Corrupt path? After bragging so much, you turn tail and flee? Is hitting yourself in the face like this fun?” shouted Long Chen as he chased.

He knew that he had an absolute advantage now. Gui Yan’s injuries were far worse than his after the explosion of his Ghost General. This was his best opportunity to kill him.

“Bastard!” Gui Yan clenched his teeth, but he didn’t dare to pause. His body was practically about to collapse. If he hadn’t had Heavenly Dao energy to protect himself, he’d have already died.

Now, he didn’t have the power to continue fighting. Although he knew that Long Chen was also spent, Long Chen could still kill him. That made him feel endless fury.

This defeat of his made him sullen. He had just been a bit careless. Otherwise, he definitely would have won. However, in the end, he had lost.

Gui Yan was going as fast as he could, but Long Chen was even faster than him. Gui Yan suddenly tossed a blood-red bead at Long Chen.


The bead exploded, transforming into a barrier that trapped Long Chen.

Long Chen felt like he was moving in the water. The space around him had become harder to move in. He also began to hear countless shrieks and wails that were coming right beside his ears.

“Raging Flame Protection!”

Long Chen’s violet flames covered his body, and the barrier was incinerated. But due to this, the distance between him and Gui Yan had increased.

Long Chen was about to chase when a ray of light shot out of Gui Yan’s body and connected to the Corrupt God Skull. He suddenly turned into a ray of light and appeared beside the dwarf.

“Everyone retreat!” The dwarf’s expression was extremely gloomy. He finally gave this helpless order. All the Corrupt experts were delighted and rushed over. As long as they entered the domain of the Corrupt God Skull, they could be transported from within it. Then they would be completely safe.

“Do not chase cornered enemies!” The Dragonblood Legion was fiercely chasing when Long Chen gave out the order for them to stop.

The Corrupt path’s losses were immense. Of over five hundred Soul Transformation experts, only seventy remained. As for the thirty thousand Foundation Forging disciples they had brought, less than five thousand remained. The Life Star experts also flew over. All of them gathered by the Corrupt God Skull.

Li Tianxuan merely watched calmly. He didn’t stop them. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s side gathered around the Reincarnation Mirror.

Although it looked like the battle had ended, the situation on a battlefield could change in an instant. They couldn’t be careless.

Gui Yan stood by the dwarf’s side, icily staring at Long Chen. Clenching his teeth, he suddenly stabbed his own forehead with his finger, causing his blood to splash.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” The dwarf was shocked at Gui Yan’s actions.

“So many have already died, so why bother with the rest? Underworld Soul Ghost Curse, Life Devouring Blood Rite!”

A vicious smile appeared on Gui Yan’s face. His life aura began to weaken to the point that it looked like it might vanish at any moment.

A mixed black and blood-colored rune appeared in his hand, and with a wave, it began to spread.

Black ripples instantly spread, and whether it was Corrupt Foundation Forging disciples or Soul Transformation experts, their bodies all stiffened and they fell to the ground, lifeless.

Even the Life Star experts shook. They instantly aged a great deal, as if their vitality had been stripped away. Although they didn’t die, they were now filled with fury.

“Long Chen, run!” Li Tianxuan’s expression suddenly changed. Forming hand seals, he unleashed the might of the Reincarnation Mirror fully.

But a ruthless light also flashed in the dwarf’s eyes, and he slammed himself in the chest with his palm, coughing up three large mouthfuls of blood that landed on the Corrupt God Skull. It lit up, blocking the Reincarnation Mirror’s actions.

Suddenly, a huge net formed in the air, enveloping all of heaven and earth. Long Chen’s body turned cold as this huge net instantly shrank around him.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

That strange attack had already locked onto Long Chen, and there was nowhere for him to run. He unleashed a counterattack, but he was shocked to find that the two dragons simply went through the net as if it didn’t exist. Before he could do anything else, the black net wrapped around his body and vanished. An image of a black net appeared on his forehead.

“Hahaha, have a good life with my Underworld Soul Ghost Curse! No one can save you now...” Gui Yan laughed, but before he could say any more, he collapsed.

The dwarf activated the Corrupt God Skull, and space suddenly trembled. The Corrupt path vanished from their sight.

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