Chapter 1299 Interrupted Midway

There were over ten Corrupt Soul Transformation experts where Long Chen was falling. Seeing him in his weak state covered in blood, they knew he had no energy to resist.

“Bastard, get away from brother Long!” Wilde was already flying over, his eyes scarlet. But he was too far away to get there in time.

Suddenly, a bird cry rang out, and a huge rainbow-colored figure flew over, a figure that looked just like a phoenix.

It was the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. It spread its wings, covering the sky. Those Soul Transformation experts were all killed in one attack.

Cloud’s aura was surging. It had gone from the early ninth rank to the peak of the ninth rank. It now possessed the aura of an ancient beast.

After killing those experts, it devoured their Yuan Spirits. As for Long Chen, he fell onto Cloud’s back.

“Good job, Cloud. Kill these Soul Transformation experts!” Long Chen was delighted. Cloud had truly come at the right time.

Long Chen was covered in blood, his bones exposed. He had used up all the divine life elixir now and could no longer heal.

Jumping off Cloud’s back, he said, “Senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan, healing sisters, there’s work for you to do now.”

Mu Qingxuan and the Dragonblood Legion’s healing experts immediately got to work. Waving their staves, their wood energy was fully unleashed as they healed Long Chen.

With so many of them going all-out to heal him, Long Chen’s injuries slowly healed. But the healing rate was still extremely slow. This wasn’t just because his body was extremely powerful and slow to heal, but also because his injuries contained Heavenly Dao energy.

“Quickly! The battle’s still not over!” urged Long Chen. He saw Gui Yan’s Ghost General also falling.

Boom! The Ghost General crashed into the ground. Suddenly, countless chains shot out of it and pierced the surrounding Corrupt experts.

“No!” Those Corrupt experts’ expressions changed, and they let out horrified cries. But those cries quickly stopped as their bodies withered, becoming desiccated corpses.

Their essence had been sucked away by the chains. Gui Yan’s weakened Ghost General regained its power.

The Xuantian Dao Sect’s experts looked at it in shock. This was truly vicious. He even killed his own people.

Over a thousand of the Corrupt Foundation Forging experts around Gui Yan had been killed. The Ghost General let out a roar and charged at Long Chen.

“Bastard, don’t even think of touching my brother Long Chen!” Wilde charged out, smashing with his spiked club.

“Wilde, get back!” shouted Long Chen. He was most aware of just how terrifying the Ghost General was.


Wilde’s club shattered and he vomited blood, flying back like a shooting star. He disappeared from sight in an instant.

Two huge mud giants appeared as Li Qi and Song Mingyuan tried to hold it back. But those two mud giants were truly just mud in front of the Ghost General. A single swing of its club turned them to dust.

“Everyone get back. His opponent is me!” roared Long Chen as Gu Yang, Guo Ran, and the others flew forward. He knew that all of them would be in danger of instantly dying.

They were different from Wilde. They were suppressed by the Heavenly Daos. The difference in power, which had already been immense, was now too great.

His injuries had only half recovered, and despite all their help, his spiritual yuan had only recovered to ten percent. However, he had no choice but to go back out.

Gui Yan was truly powerful and difficult to deal with. The viciousness he had displayed to his own people showed he didn’t care what methods he had to use. Even his own people’s lives could be stripped away.

Just as Long Chen was preparing to go out, a rainbow-colored light flashed and Cloud attacked once more.

Surprisingly, its originally huge body shrank down to just six hundred meters long. As its body shrank, its aura became even more condensed.


Cloud’s wings slashed into the Ghost General’s club. A heaven-shaking explosion erupted, and Cloud was sent flying hundreds of miles away. In terms of power, it still wasn’t on the Ghost General’s level. But as a mighty ancient beast, it was also very powerful. Even though it was sent flying, it wasn’t injured. Its runes lit up, and it shot back once more.

Cloud now displayed extremely shocking combat power. It had a strong physical body, sharp claws, and was extremely fast. It actually managed to block Gui Yan.

“It’s too bad that Cloud has just advanced to the peak of the ninth rank and isn’t used to its power yet. It can only really use a third of its power. Otherwise, even if it couldn’t win, it definitely wouldn’t lose,” said Long Chen regretfully. Taking advantage of this time, he focused on recovering.

Fortunately, although he had used the spiritual yuan in his immortal platforms, he had managed to retain just the slightest bit of energy in each of them, making it so they didn’t shut down. With everyone healing him, he slowly recovered.


Cloud was blown back once more. This time, its wings had been injured and were bleeding. But Cloud continued to attack crazily.

From the start, it didn’t use its innate devouring divine ability. Its intuition said that if it swallowed this Ghost General, it would pose a fatal danger to it. So it only continued to fight it with brute force.

Long Chen saw that Cloud couldn’t hold on much longer. Gui Yan had devoured the essence of over a thousand of the Corrupt path’s disciples, allowing his Ghost General to recover to almost fifty percent. That was something he hadn’t expected.

“Everyone, sorry, but you’re too slow. I’ll be taking your energy for myself,” said Long Chen apologetically.

“It’s fine. It’d be best if you could take it all,” said Mu Qingxuan.

The battle had now reached its finale. Whether it was the Dragonblood warriors or the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts, they had become completely exhausted. Whether or not he could stop Gui Yan would determine how many of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples would survive.

They also wanted to give all their energy to Long Chen, but although they had an ocean’s worth of energy, they didn’t have a channel that could carry an ocean, so they were helpless.

“Then I won’t stand on courtesy.”


Long Chen’s divine ring lit up and began to rapidly revolve. Mu Qingxuan and the others suddenly felt their spiritual yuan pouring toward Long Chen rapidly.

Previously, their spiritual yuan had been pouring into him bit by bit. But now Long Chen was like a whale inhaling water. Their spiritual yuan rapidly dropped. In just a few breaths, their spiritual yuan was sucked dry. They were now pale and tottering.

“Many thanks. Be careful.”

Long Chen sensed that he had recovered thirty percent of his spiritual yuan. He supposed this was to be expected from the reserves of a wood cultivator’s spiritual yuan. They had dozens of times more spiritual yuan than an ordinary cultivator.

BOOM! Cloud was sent flying by the Ghost General once again. Other than a Life Star expert, no one else could stop the Ghost General. Even Wilde was sent flying with a single attack.

“Damn animal, just die!” Gui Yan was infuriated at being entangled by Cloud. That made it so he couldn’t attack Long Chen. Finally seeing an opportunity to push Cloud to desperate straits, his Ghost General’s club lit up and smashed down.

Cloud had just been blown back by the Ghost General’s previous attack, and its back was facing down. If this sudden attack landed, even with its tough body, it would be heavily injured.

“Fuck off. Have I been giving you too much face?”


A huge cauldron smashed down at the Ghost General’s head. It was sent flying.

It tumbled across the ground, digging a long ditch.

With the Blazing Dragon Cauldron in his hand, divine ring behind him, four stars in his eyes, and green scales covering his body, the battle god had been revived!

“Good job, Cloud. Go help Meng Qi. Leave this skeleton monstrosity to me.” Long Chen gave Cloud some praise before he suddenly shot out like a bolt of lightning at Gui Yan.

“Exploding Flame Arrow!”

Long Chen put away the cauldron and formed hand seals. A violet flame arrow shot toward Gui Yan.

Gui Yan’s expression changed. What he was most worried about was Long Chen’s flames. He flashed to the side, dodging the arrow.

“Idiot, I already said it was an exploding flame arrow. Dodging is useless,” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen had only just finished speaking when the arrow exploded, filling the space around it with violet flames. It instantly devoured the Ghost General.

“Fuck!” Gui Yan roared. These flames were practically a nightmare to him. It was like he was a scarecrow trying to avoid sparks. But there was nowhere to run.

The Ghost General’s body suddenly trembled as all its energy began to gather in its head. A terrifying aura locked onto Long Chen. Gui Yan was actually using that terrifying move again.

“Idiot, don’t use the same move in front of me twice.” Long Chen suddenly shot forward. It was like he had teleported. When he reappeared, he was beside the skeleton’s head, and he smashed the pot at the sphere condensing in its mouth.


When the pot smashed the sphere, a mass of rust fell from the pot, shattering the sphere.

In that instant, the runes sending energy to it suddenly began to swell. Long Chen’s heart shook and he hastily fled.


He had gotten less than three hundred meters away when the explosion occurred. Long Chen felt like a huge hammer had struck him in the back, and he vomited a mouthful of blood. He was blown away by a terrifying qi wave, feeling like his body was about to fall apart.

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