Chapter 1298 Star Fall vs. Ghost Flash (Teaser)

The space in the formation instantly became a sea of violet flames. The terrifying heat caused space to wildly twist, making it hard to see what was going on inside.

“Heavens, even at this time, he still has so much spiritual yuan.” The experts from both the Righteous and Corrupt path were shocked.

To fill that huge space with flames so that nobody could dodge, that was something most Foundation Forging experts wouldn’t be able to do even in their peak state.

After fighting against the ancient races, the Pill Tower, and such an intense fight with Gui Yan, Long Chen’s spiritual yuan should have long since been exhausted. How was he able to unleash such a huge scale attack?

In truth, Long Chen’s qi seas were almost exhausted. Right now, he was using the spiritual yuan in his 108,000 immortal platforms.

His immortal platforms were natural spiritual yuan reserves. Although their energy was limited, the amount within 108,000 of them was at least able to match two of his qi seas.

It was just that...

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