Chapter 1298 Star Fall vs. Ghost Flash

The space in the formation instantly became a sea of violet flames. The terrifying heat caused space to wildly twist, making it hard to see what was going on inside.

“Heavens, even at this time, he still has so much spiritual yuan.” The experts from both the Righteous and Corrupt path were shocked.

To fill that huge space with flames so that nobody could dodge, that was something most Foundation Forging experts wouldn’t be able to do even in their peak state.

After fighting against the ancient races, the Pill Tower, and such an intense fight with Gui Yan, Long Chen’s spiritual yuan should have long since been exhausted. How was he able to unleash such a huge scale attack?

In truth, Long Chen’s qi seas were almost exhausted. Right now, he was using the spiritual yuan in his 108,000 immortal platforms.

His immortal platforms were natural spiritual yuan reserves. Although their energy was limited, the amount within 108,000 of them was at least able to match two of his qi seas.

It was just that the energy within his immortal platforms couldn’t be easily used. If he used up all of it, his immortal platforms would shut down. To once more activate them would be very difficult.

In other words, if he used up all the spiritual yuan in his immortal platforms, they would shut down and he would lose the power of the Foundation Forging realm.

But right now, he couldn’t bother with that. Having noticed that the Soul Devouring Violet Flame could suppress the Ghost General, he had to take advantage of it.

According to normal battle tactics, he should be using small-scale attacks to wear down the Ghost General with his Soul Devouring Violet Flame in order to save as much spiritual yuan as he could. But he didn’t do this. If he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, he had to aim to kill his opponent. He couldn’t give him any chance to breathe or react. Every move had some kind of weakness, and he couldn’t give his opponent any time to figure out what that was.

Having used Raging Flames Devour the Heavens, there was nowhere for Gui Yan to run to. Under these flames, his Ghost General was being incinerated. Gui Yan was using his Heavenly Dao energy to resist, but he suddenly found that doing so exhausted his Heavenly Dao energy at a frightening rate. Realizing this, Gui Yan immediately shot toward Long Chen. If he wanted to resolve this, he had to cut the problem off at its source.

Long Chen had long since anticipated that Gui Yan would do this. His boots once more lit up, and lightning wings appeared on his back. He rushed off, refusing to face Gui Yan head-on.

“Bastard, if you have guts, then stop running!” howled Gui Yan. He urged the Ghost General to hunt Long Chen down.

“If you have face, then don’t chase,” replied Long Chen. Not running would be stupid.

Although he didn’t know the exact situation with this Ghost General, some things were clear about it. This was clearly some kind of puppet that Gui Yan’s family or his sect had spent all their efforts to make for him. It was unknown how many resources had been piled into it to make it reach such a power.

This could no longer be counted as Gui Yan’s personal power. Why wouldn’t he run? If he hadn’t exhausted so much spiritual yuan against those idiots from the ancient races and the Pill Tower, he also wouldn’t be forced into such a miserable state. There was nothing embarrassing about it.

“Bastard, your Righteous path is just a bunch of cowardly mice, trash…” cursed Gui Yan furiously.

He was panicked and infuriated. The violet flames were exhausting his Heavenly Dao energy at an alarming rate, but he had no choice. Otherwise, his Ghost General’s millions of runes would be incinerated.

Long Chen’s guess was spot on. This Ghost General was something his family had prepared for him the moment he had been born. It had been forged from the bones of devilmen from outside this world. However, those bones had come from an infant, and in order to refine it into a skeleton capable of continuous advancement, Gui Yan’s family had almost used up all the resources they had.

Each rune on this skeleton represented the soul of an expert that had been sealed inside. Just collecting so many souls had exhausted endless manpower.

But these runes would be incinerated upon contact with the Soul Devouring Violet Flame. What was being incinerated was the soul essence within. Once it was gone, the runes would become useless.

Without the power of these runes, the Ghost General would become nothing more than a skeleton. In fact, it might even instantly shatter.

There was nowhere for Gui Yan to go. This entire space was filled with violet flames. He had a thought to deactivate this battle space, but he was also unwilling to do so.

“Fuck! Just die!” Gui Yan roared and stopped chasing. Suddenly, all the runes on the Ghost General lit up. Each of the runes became a vibrant scarlet color. Blood-red light began to gather at the head of the skeleton. To put it more accurately, blood-red light was gathering at its mouth, forming a small sphere.

This sphere was the size of a bean at first, but as more energy condensed, it rapidly grew to the size of a fist.

When this sphere appeared, the world seemed to become still, as if it had lost all sound. Long Chen felt a sensation of death grip him.

“He wants to decide life and death in one move? That’s good too. Who’s a snake and who’s a dragon will be decided through this move.” Long Chen stopped running. Forming hand seals, his expression was completely calm. Sacred chanting suddenly filled the air. It was like gods were murmuring, shaking heaven and earth.

All the violet flames in this space suddenly poured toward Long Chen. Then Long Chen held his right elbow with his left hand. His right hand was raised into the air, and a sphere rapidly condensed above it.

As the Nirvana Scripture circulated, the Heavenly Daos’ expulsion toward Long Chen disappeared. All the flame essence of the world was rushing toward him.

It was like the Nirvana Scripture was forcibly breaking Gui Yan’s Heavenly Dao suppression and taking the flame energy from the world. It was extremely domineering. Even if you didn’t want to give it to him, you still had to give it to him.

Seeing this, Long Chen’s confidence grew. At first, he had been worried that the Nirvana Scripture would be suppressed, but now it seemed that he had been worried for nothing.

With the Nirvana Scripture operating at full power, Long Chen gave Huo Long the order to unleash all its might.

His 108,000 immortal platforms also circulated. He knew that Gui Yan’s attack would be a world-shaking one. He had to meet it with his full power.

The sphere in Long Chen’s hand continued to grow. The blood-colored sphere in the mouth of the Ghost General was also rapidly getting bigger.

Terror filled the experts below as they sensed a feeling of death coming from those two spheres.

“Just what level of attack is that?!”

The Foundation Forging disciples were aghast. Although they were also in the Foundation Forging realm, the difference between them and those two was enormous. If they were in that space, they would probably be killed just by the aura.

The Ghost General’s attack had absorbed the energy of all the runes around it. The rest of its body became dim.

But its attack was now the size of a house, and it was constantly revolving. Even without being unleashed, black cracks appeared in the space around it.

“Die! Ghost Flash!”

Gui Yan roared furiously. The Ghost General’s attack shot out at Long Chen.

“Star Fall!”

Long Chen also let out a roar, and his sphere shot out like a shooting star. Long black streaks appeared in the space it passed.

At this moment, time seemed to turn still. Everything became silent. The two spheres looked to be moving in slow motion. They slowly struck and devoured each other, all without any sound.

Suddenly, they stopped moving and a blinding light exploded, even drowning out the sun.

Long Chen hastily took out the pot and curled up behind it.


The world rocked and terrifying shockwaves spread. The barrier around them was instantly annihilated.

“Dragonblood Legion, collective defense!” shouted Guo Ran. The runes on his armor lit up, forming a protective barrier.

But he had only just activated this barrier when he was struck by the shockwave and sent flying like a shooting star.

Whether it was the Soul Transformation battlefield or the Foundation Forging battlefield, everyone gave up attacking their opponents and focused on defense. They all felt a sensation of death in the face of these shockwaves.

The Dragonblood Legion followed Guo Ran’s orders. They immediately formed groups of seven, and their armor activated to form a huge barrier around them.

Tang Wan-er rushed toward Meng Qi and pulled her to the ground. A single wind blade sliced open the earth, and they charged underground.

Li Qi had received Guo Ran’s warning before this, and he directly rushed over to the fifty healers, summoning an earthen defense to protect them.

The first shockwave reached the ground. Mud exploded into the air like a tsunami, spreading in every direction as it swallowed the sky. Suddenly, the only thing that could be seen was flying earth. It was an apocalyptic scene.

Once the shockwaves passed, experts began to pop up from the ground. Looking around, they were too shocked to speak.

Everything within ten thousand miles had been crushed. The land had become a wasteland. The scenery in front of Devil Spirit Mountain had completely changed. If they couldn’t see the Sovereign Blood Seal in the distance, they’d even suspect this place was another world.

The Sovereign Blood Seal still floated there without moving, as though it was just calmly watching everything that happened.

Looking up at the sky, they suddenly saw a figure falling.

“It’s boss!”

Gu Yang let out a cry and shot toward that figure. The person falling from the sky was Long Chen.

But Gu Yang’s expression quickly changed as over ten Soul Transformation experts also pounced at Long Chen.

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