Chapter 1297 Blood-Colored Skeleton

Long Chen couldn’t help being surprised. He hadn’t expected that Gui Yan would be able to break out of the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. It had to be known that the Blazing Dragon Cauldron was an Ancestral item.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s power wasn’t limited by Long Chen’s cultivation base since he hadn’t placed a slave mark on it. Although it hadn’t fully recovered yet, even a Soul Transformation expert shouldn’t be able to break its seal.

But now, a huge figure had broken through it. The pressure it emitted shook heaven and earth. Long Chen promptly put away the Blazing Dragon Cauldron and flew back.

There was a three-hundred-meter figure in front of him. It was a skeleton that looked like each of its bones had been dyed in blood. Some kind of blood seemed to be flowing within them as well.

“I really never expected this. You have some power to be able to force me to summon my Ghost General.”[1] Standing on top of the skeleton’s head, Gui Yan was pale and clenching his teeth.

He currently gave off an incredibly sinister feeling. As for the skeleton, it had a terrifying amount of Blood Qi condensed within a bone club. Space was constantly shaking in front of it.

“Hahaha, victory! Even I didn’t know that Gui Yan’s family’s divine technique was so terrifying! He has already raised his ghostpet to the Ghost General rank! Long Chen’s definitely dead!” The Corrupt dwarf suddenly burst into laughter. It was full of delight as if victory was right in front of him.

“Killing Long Chen isn’t so simple.” Li Tianxuan couldn’t help but shake his head as he looked at the skeleton.

“Hahaha, a loser’s mouth is strong. This Ghost General’s power is one level higher than even Gui Yan’s! Now, Long Chen has long since lost his peak power. Just how will he fight back?!” sneered the dwarf.

Currently, Long Chen and Gui Yan’s power was dropping, and their auras were also getting unsteady. They had clearly exhausted a great deal of their spiritual yuan.

Based on the fact that the Ghost General was even stronger than Gui Yan in his peak condition, it seemed like Long Chen truly had no chance.

Li Tianxuan smiled faintly. “I don’t know how he’ll fight back, but I know he won’t be defeated.”

The Dragonblood warriors who had been shocked by the dwarf’s words had their worries easily brushed aside by Li Tianxuan’s calm reply.

Li Tianxuan’s intelligence was something that everyone in the Xuantian Dao Sect admired. There was no one else more trustworthy than him.

As for the Corrupt experts, their rekindled hope was extinguished by a bucket of ice water.

Long Chen didn’t say anything as he stared at the skeleton calmly. The more critical the situation was, the calmer he became.

“Do you know? This Ghost General is something that I started raising ever since I was born. The majority of my cultivation base has been used to nourish it. Although that slows down my cultivation speed, getting such a powerful helper is worth it. You should feel happy to be defeated by my Ghost General. Unfortunately, defeating you like this won’t win me any glory from Leng Yueyan. So as punishment, I’ll be crushing your skull to pieces.” Gui Yan clenched his teeth at the end, his voice full of rancor.

This was completely different from his expectations. If news of this battle reached Leng Yueyan’s ears, he would become a joke. Gui Yan’s hatred for Long Chen could no longer be described with words.

The thing he hated the most was that he couldn’t even kill Long Chen right now. The Corrupt path had sent out orders that he had to be kept alive to make sure they obtained his secrets.

“My skull’s very hard. This grand ambition of yours will regretfully never come to pass in your lifetime,” said Long Chen.

“Hopefully you can still act so tough in a bit. Ghost General Fusion!”

Gui Yan’s forehead suddenly split open, and his blood condensed a runic chain that connected to the skeleton’s forehead. Its forehead also split open, and Gui Yan merged within it, disappearing.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, I’ll let you experience my strongest secret art!” Suddenly, the skeleton spoke, its voice like grating iron. His voice was unrecognizable now, but these were Gui Yan’s words.

Long Chen was shocked. It seemed that this secret art allowed Gui Yan to fuse his body and soul with this terrifying skeleton to control it.

“Taste my fist!” The Ghost General raised its fist and smashed it at Long Chen. Its power was even stronger than Gui Yan in his best condition.

In the face of his unavoidable fist, Long Chen could only receive it with his full power. He smashed the pot forward.

The pot was fine, but Long Chen wasn’t able to bear that terrifying power. Like a mosquito, he was swatted away.

He crashed into the edge of the barrier and rebounded back, coughing up blood. His arms were broken in several places, and he received heavy internal injuries. He hastily swallowed a drop of the divine life elixir.

But just as he was adjusting his condition, the Ghost General charged forward once more. Its huge body didn’t inhibit its speed at all.

Another punch came, too fast to dodge. Long Chen could only raise his pot in defense again, and as a result, he was sent flying, vomiting blood. This punch was even stronger than the last. Gui Yan was still adjusting to his new power after fusing with the Ghost General. The more accustomed he became, the greater the power he could unleash.

“Now do you know the difference between us? Can you still act so tough?” Gui Yan sneered and attacked once more.

Long Chen blocked three times in a row and was sent flying every single time. The third time, he felt like his entire skeleton was about to shatter. The Ghost General’s attacks were still getting stronger.

The Ghost General’s power was absolutely horrifying. Each punch could annihilate a Soul Transformation expert.

The Soul Transformation experts were mostly rank five or rank six Celestials. They were not top elites amongst the Soul Transformation realm. With the suppression of the Heavenly Daos weighing on them, the Ghost General could annihilate swathes of them.

As it attacked, Heavenly Dao runes began to appear on the skeleton. Clearly, Gui Yan was in the process of merging with it. Even his Heavenly Dao energy was starting to strengthen it.


A huge bone club suddenly smashed by Long Chen, striking the barrier. Cracks appeared on the barrier as it was unable to bear this power.

Seeing these cracks, everyone was shocked. Their previous battle hadn’t been able to damage the barrier at all, but Gui Yan’s smash almost broke a hole in it. It could be seen how terrifying Gui Yan was in his current state.

“Long Chen!”

Seeing Long Chen forced to flee miserably, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er’s hearts clenched. That Ghost General was too terrifying. There was no way to fight it.

But Li Tianxuan was busy fighting the dwarf and couldn’t assist, while Boss Bao and the others were also stuck in their own predicament. And even if they went to help, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to break the formation Gui Yan had set up.

As for the others, there was even less to say about them. Right now, Long Chen could only rely on himself. No one could help him.

Long Chen continuously dodged, occasionally being struck and sent flying, vomiting blood.

The thing that made Long Chen the most helpless was the Ghost General’s bone club. It was not an Ancestral item. In fact, he had no idea what it was, but the pot was unable to absorb any of its energy, nor was it able to damage it. Although the pot wasn’t getting damaged by its power, Long Chen had to bear the impact each time.

The only good thing was that the pot’s hardness was definitely transcendent. Even these terrifying attacks were at most able to cause some rust to fall from the bottom of the pot.

“This is no good. If the pot’s ineffective, I’ll have to switch weapons.”

Long Chen had tried several things that had been ineffective. But now, he had grasped the Ghost General’s attack style. He directly put it away and took out a huge cauldron.


Long Chen smashed the cauldron at the Ghost General’s club. His hand split open and began to bleed, and even the Blazing Dragon Cauldron escaped his hold and flew away.

As for the Ghost General, its body rocked and it took a step back.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Taking advantage of this, Long Chen formed some hasty hand seals. A lightning and a flame dragon flew out, entangling the Ghost General.

The two dragons’ lightning and flame runes exploded upon contact with the skeleton, forcing it back step by step.

What startled Long Chen was that the Ghost General was actually beginning to burn.

“Bastard, what kind of flames are these?!” roared Gui Yan. The runes of the Ghost General began to ignite.

“I get it! Those blood-red runes, they’re condensed from souls of the dead. The Soul Devouring Violet Flame has a restrictive effect on souls, which allows it to ignite them. Ah, if only Lei Long was stronger. Otherwise, thunderforce would be even more effective.” Long Chen immediately saw through the clues.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

After realizing this, he didn’t hesitate. Forming new hand seals, violet flames filled the formation. That terrifying heat looked like it could incinerate the very world.

[1] The Gui in Gui Yan is the Ghost in Ghost General.

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