Chapter 1296 Blooddrinker Perishes

“Are they monsters?!” Expressions of disbelief covered everyone’s faces.

Up in the air, Gui Yan and Long Chen were now three thousand meters apart, looking at each other from a distance. Their bodies were covered in blood.

That terrifying power had blown off a whole layer of their skin. But both their auras were still powerful.

That kind of explosion was something that would even kill Soul Transformation experts. That was why everyone felt that those two had to be monsters.

Suddenly, a cracking sound rang out. The Dragonblood warriors let out startled cries as cracks spread across Blooddrinker.

Bang! Following that, Blooddrinker shattered to pieces. Its blood-red fragments fell.

“You… why bother?” Looking at those fragments and the broken hilt in his hand, Long Chen felt a wave of grief.

This treasure that had been bestowed to him by an expert of the barbarian race in the Jiuli secret realm had accompanied him in all his battles up to now. But in that final exchange, it had ignited all its power to strengthen Long Chen’s attack.

If Blooddrinker hadn’t used up all its power for this attack, Long Chen would have suffered greatly in this exchange. After all, that Sigu Atuoya in Gui Yan’s hands was a terrifying Corrupt item that was unleashing the power it had accumulated over three years.

As for Blooddrinker, it had reached its limit and could no longer advance. When it had ignited all its energy, its item-spirit had sent a message to Long Chen.

Although that message was unclear, Long Chen understood the general meaning: it would rather shatter as jade than live as a clay tile.

Long Chen hadn’t wanted to accept this, but Blooddrinker had chosen to be destroyed. It had used its final power to protect its own dignity. It would rather be destroyed in battle than be cast aside.

Blooddrinker had accompanied him from the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains. They had gone through countless battles. Seeing Blooddrinker shatter, Long Chen felt an indescribable but familiar sorrow.

After receiving that message and understanding its thought, he had no choice but to respect its decision.

“How surprising. A trash King item was actually able to unleash so much power.” Gui Yan’s injuries were slowly healing with his Heavenly Dao energy. That exchange had truly been terrifying, and even Heavenly Dao energy wasn’t able to instantly heal him. He needed some time.

“You’re the trash. Sorry, but this debt will have to be repaid by you.” Long Chen slowly gathered and put away Blooddrinker’s fragments. Its item-spirit had already vanished, but these fragments represented the memories of his battles alongside it. He had to protect them.

Long Chen felt sorrow and hatred at the same time. But with Blooddrinker having made its decision, there was nothing he could do other than releasing this stifling feeling on someone.

Although he knew that even without Gui Yan, as his power increased, Blooddrinker would have made the same choice, Long Chen was still going to make Gui Yan pay for this.

“Idiot, having lost your weapon, you still say such big words. Die!” Gui Yan sneered. His spear suddenly shot out like a snake striking from its cave.

His spear had used up all the energy it had accumulated over three years. Now it was like a hungry beast thirsting for blood.

Suddenly, a black pot appeared in Long Chen’s left hand. He used it as a shield. When the spear struck the pot, Gui Yan’s expression suddenly changed. He was shocked to sense the spear’s item-spirit project a feeling of terror.

Before he could even figure out why his spear would feel terror, his vision darkened. A cyan, rectangular object smashed into his face.

Blood splashed, and Gui Yan let out a pained groan as his face caved in. A clear brick imprint was left on his face.

This sudden change shocked everyone. They saw Long Chen holding a pot in his left hand and a cyan brick in his right hand. Countless jaws dropped. What kind of combination was this? It was truly bizarre.

“Bastard, what is that?!” roared Gui Yan. Shockingly, the brick imprint on his face was still present. No matter how he tried to circulate his Heavenly Dao energy, he was unable to heal it.

It was like some mysterious energy was present on his injury that blocked his Heavenly Dao energy. 

“Only now do I find that your face is even bigger than a brick.” Long Chen looked from the Heaven Flipping Seal to Gui Yan’s injury.

The brick was a standard size, and yet Gui Yan still had a bit of his chin left under the brick imprint. Gui Yan’s current face was completely smashed, and it looked both comical and startling.

But Gui Yan didn’t feel that it was the slightest bit comical. This was a humiliation, a naked humiliation.


Gui Yan suddenly roared and a huge spear-image shot out. This time he had learned his lesson. He no longer dared to touch the pot, and instead launched long-distance attacks.

Long Chen snorted and smashed the pot forward. Gui Yan’s sharp attack was destroyed by Long Chen’s pot.

Although he had no idea what level of weapon the pot was, he knew it was definitely the strongest item he possessed. But even now, he had no idea how he was supposed to use it.

The pot’s item-spirit had never acknowledged him. He could only use it to smash people. He wasn’t used to such a fighting style, but without Blooddrinker, he could only try using the pot.

In just this short time, Long Chen realized that when the pot encountered magical arts, some kind of strange energy would come from the rust on its bottom. It would disintegrate part of the magical art’s power and strengthen Long Chen’s power, allowing him to break it.

Seeing Long Chen break his magical art so easily, Gui Yan’s eyes narrowed. That pot in Long Chen’s hand was absolutely bizarre.

“Taste my pot!” Long Chen charged forward, the runes on his boots activating. He smashed the pot down.

Gui Yan stabbed his spear at the pot, but just as it was about to collide with it, the tip of the spear turned. Going in a strange curve, it pierced toward Long Chen’s head. The sudden change came without any warning.

This sharp attack was incredibly tricky. This was the advantage of a long pole weapon. It was forcing Long Chen to dodge, and as long as he did, it would press on with a flurry of attacks.

But Long Chen didn’t dodge. As the spear was about to stab through his head, a brick blocked it.

The sharp spear stabbed into the brick. Gui Yan was shocked to see the tip of the spear shatter, and a small piece of it broke off. It had to be known that while the tip of the spear was its sharpest point, it was supported by powerful runes. To shatter it, Long Chen had to have broken all those runes first. Now Gui Yan’s power had sharply dropped.

Just as Gui Yan was feeling pain for his spear, a black pot shot toward him. Being kept at bay with the longer spear, Long Chen had actually thrown the pot.

Gui Yan was caught completely off guard. His spear was now too long to be used to block. He tried to raise his hand to block it, but the pot reached his head first.


A huge force caused Gui Yan’s head to distort once more, and he almost fell unconscious as he flew back. Long Chen caught the pot and chased after him.

The experts below were dumbfounded. Even Li Tianxuan was stunned.

Holding a pot in his left hand and a brick in his right hand, Long Chen was practically unstoppable. The previously mighty Gui Yan was instantly suppressed. This sudden turn was too fast for them to keep up.

The dwarf was even more shocked. He had never imagined that Long Chen had so many trump cards.

“Boss, cut down that bastard!” shouted Guo Ran. Seeing him suppress Gui Yan, their worries about Blooddrinker’s end were wiped away.

The Dragonblood warriors didn’t just watch. Now that Long Chen was counterattacking, they had to put on a good show as well. Otherwise, how would they be qualified to follow him?

Although this high-intensity battle had already started to tire them, with their spiritual yuan running out, the same was true for their opponents. In fact, their opponents were even more tired than them. Most importantly, the Corrupt experts were no longer able to see any hope. The only thing they could hope for was for the dwarf to announce they were retreating. But he refused to open his mouth.

If the leader gave the retreat order, they wouldn’t be punished for running. But if they accepted their own defeat and gave up, their punishment would be ten times worse than death.

They no longer had the heart to fight. All they wanted was for the dwarf to give the order to retreat.

Their only other hope, that Gui Yan would kill Long Chen, was being crushed. He was being suppressed by Long Chen, and so they had given up their beautiful thoughts of Gui Yan joining them to crush the enemies. 

As for the dwarf, he was panicking as he saw his elite warriors being cut down one by one. His heart was dripping blood, but he couldn’t stop now. He had to wait until a victor was decided on Gui Yan’s side.

In any case, so many of the Corrupt experts had already died. Right now, the dwarf was like a gambler who had gone insane from losing so much. He was simply continuing to bet and lose his chips as he waited for a chance for a reversal.

Right now, everyone was secretly paying attention to the battle up in the air. Those two people were the true crux of today’s battle.

Wielding the pot and brick, Long Chen crazily smashed Gui Yan. The boots on his feet pushed his speed to the peak, and he didn’t give Gui Yan any chance to get away.

Gui Yan roared furiously. He knew that the black pot was too strange, and he couldn’t block it with his full power.

With a final explosion, Gui Yan’s spear completely shattered.

Gui Yan was shocked. As he flew back after having his spear destroyed, he suddenly realized that a huge cauldron had appeared behind him without him even sensing it. It instantly swallowed him.

“Refine!” shouted Long Chen.

This was the trap Long Chen had been preparing from the start. Now, Gui Yan had finally fallen for it. Forming hand seals, he activated the Blazing Dragon Cauldron’s runes, and a huge lid formed on it, sealing Gui Yan.

Explosive sounds came from inside. Clearly, Gui Yan was trying to charge out. Long Chen sneered and placed his hand on the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. He was just about to activate the flame energy.


Suddenly, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron shook violently, and a large hole appeared in it. A huge figure charged out.

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