Chapter 1295 The True Essence of Split the Heavens

After such a long and intense battle, after continuously receiving injuries, the Iron Spruce Oaks in Long Chen’s primal chaos space had long since withered.

Fortunately, he still had quite a bit of the divine life elixir from the eastern sea battle. As long as he didn’t suffer internal injuries, a single drop could fully heal him.

Each time his injuries accumulated to the point that they started to affect him, he would stealthily swallow a drop to heal.

Gui Yan was completely focused on injuring Long Chen. He delighted in seeing Long Chen’s blood splashing. As for the injuries he suffered, he didn’t care. He simply used Heavenly Dao energy to heal each time.

But after fighting for so long, he finally realized something was off. He found that his Heavenly Dao energy had dropped by over thirty percent without him even knowing it. Furthermore, the flowers behind him had dimmed slightly.

Now he realized that when Long Chen fought him, he always chose to exchange external injuries for internal injuries. If the situation only allowed him to exchange internal injuries, he would dodge and find a way to make it an external injury for internal injury.

When this occurred again, Gui Yan finally realized the truth. He glared at Long Chen, flames raging in his eyes. Clenching his fists, he spat out through clenched teeth, “Long Chen, you dare to scheme against me?!”

“What childish words. I have no way to reply.” Long Chen shook his head. There really was no way to reply to such a stupid question.

“Your despicable Righteous path only knows how to play these sinister schemes. How are you fit to be called cultivators?!” raged Gui Yan.

“Fool, after losing, you just start cursing. Do you think that’s the conduct of a cultivator? Aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black? Your Corrupt path is just a bunch of idiots who think themselves infallible. As for your Corrupt God, he’s definitely a delusional maniac. If I have a chance, I’ll slap that idiot to death,” sneered Long Chen.

“Blasphemer of the Corrupt God, face your death!” Gui Yan suddenly roared and took out a blood-colored spear.

Blood-colored runes lit up along it. The wails of countless ghosts rang out in Long Chen’s ears, causing his heart to turn cold.

Clearly, this was a Corrupt weapon refined from the flesh and souls of countless experts. An inestimable amount of grievance and resentment was contained within it, capable of easily affecting a person’s soul and mind.

“Even a delusional maniac dares to call themself a god? It’s not that I’m looking down on him, but I really look down on him.”

Long Chen also took out his weapon. Blooddrinker slashed through the air.


Just as Blooddrinker and the spear collided, it was like something had exploded. Space twisted, and something tried to pierce through Long Chen’s forehead. Long Chen immediately felt a burst of pain.

Long Chen was shocked. This spear was definitely strange. When he touched it, it would unleash a spiritual attack aimed at his mind-sea.

Just at this moment, Long Chen instinctively used his left arm to defend his waist. He had only just done this when he was blown back.

The pain in his head faded and everything returned to normal. Gui Yan once more shot at him.

Long Chen instantly realized that this spear contained a special formation. Once touched, it would attack a person’s mind-sea, temporarily slowing their reaction speed.

Just now, if it hadn’t been for his instinctive reaction, that spear would have smashed into his waist. That would have definitely been a heavy injury.

Fortunately, he had an arm protector to block it. But the great power behind it caused his arm to feel a bit numb.

Long Chen repeatedly flashed back seven steps, the runes on his boots lighting up. With each step, he retreated three thousand meters, and he always retreated at a strange angle that made Gui Yan’s attack miss.

“Split the Heavens 3!” A huge saber-image tore through space at Gui Yan.

BOOM! Gui Yan received the blow as he fell back. But as he retreated, he sneered. “Did you think creating some distance between us would save you? My power isn’t dependent on a martial weapon.”


The spear suddenly began to shine, and the nine flowers behind him quivered slightly. Nine streams of energy that could be seen with the naked eye slowly poured into the spear, quivering it as the miserable cries of thousands of ghosts rang out.

Looking at his spear, Gui Yan icily said, “This spear is called Sigu Atuoya. In the Corrupt language, it means bloodthirsty fiend. It was forged three years ago, and I’m the one who gave it its name. This spear has absorbed all the flesh and Spiritual Strength of the experts I’ve slain in the past three years, and seventy percent of them came from your Righteous path. It has already absorbed millions of their souls and bodies. Today, I will completely unleash its power. Once I use up all of its energy, its memory will also be wiped clean. Then the first blood it will taste will be yours. That’s the only way it has any meaning. Sigu Atuoya can also enter a new age.”

Gui Yan’s spear quivered more intensely until it was like a volcano about to explode. At the same time, countless illusory images appeared around it, letting out painful shrieks. Those were the memories of the spear, the people it had slain. That was their unwillingness and anger right before dying.

Countless images appeared, layering on top of each other. Each of those images represented the life of an expert.

“That’s why I said your Corrupt path is a bunch of idiots who think themselves infallible. You think you can do whatever you want if you have power. Toward people like you, the only thing to do is slaughter you to the last.”

Long Chen coldly stared at Gui Yan and raised Blooddrinker. A saber-image tore into the sky.

A will filled the world. This will was a will that would slash through worlds, a will that looked down arrogantly at others. In front of that will, the heavens were nothing more than a target to slash.

When this will spread, several people immediately reacted.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao raised their heads, looking up at the huge saber-image with shock.

In the distance, in a practically forgotten corner, there was a battlefield where space was constantly crumbling.

This was the battlefield of the Life Star experts. Liu Cang, the Tower Department Head, and the seven bosses were fighting all-out.

The nine of them were fighting eighteen Corrupt Life Star experts. There were still no casualties on this battlefield. Life Star experts were too strong and had greater endurance. Although the Righteous side was at a disadvantage, there was currently no danger of them losing.

However, the bosses were a bit irritated. If they hadn’t used up so much energy fighting the bastards from the Pill Tower and ancient races, they definitely wouldn’t be suppressed now.

“This is…!”

While they were fighting, this will reached them. The others didn’t react to it, but the bosses hearts’ shook. This will was far too familiar to them. It was the will of Split the Heavens.

“This is the true meaning of Split the Heavens!” The Seventh Boss’s eyes lit up as he realized something.

“Yes, this is its true will! Split the Heavens! It doesn’t mean to split apart heaven and earth; it means to split all restrictions, all laws. It means to break all bindings to live free!” Boss Bao was also excited by this.

Because they didn’t have the upper portion of the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet, the will of Split the Heavens hadn’t been passed down over the years. Therefore, their understanding of Split the Heavens had already started to deviate.

Although others had also once proposed that Split the Heavens had another kind of will, no one like Long Chen had appeared to personally demonstrate it.

Long Chen was someone who loathed the heavens. Now that he used Split the Heavens, he also displayed his contempt for heaven and earth’s laws. He was fighting back against the heavens. And the essence of Split the Heavens was to cut through all restrictions. Otherwise, it wouldn’t possess such a powerful barrier-breaking effect.

Realizing this, the bosses were ecstatic. Sword Qi suddenly exploded from their weapons. Having been enlightened, their fighting prowess became even more domineering and imposing. They actually began to suppress their enemies.

Within the separate space, Long Chen was unaware of this. All he felt was hatred and killing intent.

In his eyes, the Heavenly Daos were garbage. There were people of the Corrupt path that were so evil that they slaughtered others, snuffing out lives. If such people were also fit to be blessed by the Heavenly Daos, didn’t that prove the heavens were blind?

Right now, the Heavenly Daos were rejecting him while giving all their energy to Gui Yan. Seeing the power of those resentful ghosts in Sigu Atuoya and the Heavenly Dao flowers behind Gui Yan constantly giving it more power, Long Chen was full of killing intent. That killing intent wasn’t just targeted toward Gui Yan, but also the Heavenly Daos.

“Ten Thousand Ghosts Hunt the Soul!”

Sigu Atuoya had already stored up as much power as possible. It suddenly shook and unleashed a huge spear-image at Long Chen.

It was like a divine spear. Wherever it passed, space became muddled. It appeared absolutely overwhelming.

“Split the Heavens 4!” A huge saber-image slashed down like a heavenly blade that could cut through the river of stars.

This was their first time unleashing their ultimate moves in this battle. The experts below all looked up in horror.


The spear-image crashed together with the saber-image, and the entire world shook as a terrifying energy spread through the formation’s barriers, causing suffocating pressure to crash down. The ground began to rapidly crack.

The experts fighting had no choice but to dodge. When they looked back up at the sky, they saw that the separate space in the air had turned black, and they were unable to see anything.

The blackness slowly faded, revealing some kind of mist inside. Only when that mist slowly faded did they manage to see two figures.

Seeing those two, everyone sucked in a cold gasp of air.

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