Chapter 1294 Exchanging Injury for Injury

The Corrupt dwarf’s shout caused the surrounding space to shake. He was truly panicked now.

The Corrupt path was currently at an extreme disadvantage. Although they still outnumbered the Righteous path two to one, their morale was at rock-bottom. The more time that passed, the greater their disadvantage would be.

The Righteous path’s morale was soaring, and their attacks were constantly growing sharper. They were gradually pushing the Corrupt path to even more desperate straits.

The Corrupt path was famed for their brutality, their viciousness. But in the face of the even fiercer Dragonblood Legion, they were like a herd of sheep.

The main reason they didn’t turn tail and flee was because of the Corrupt path’s harsh punishments. If they were captured after fleeing, they would go through torture that was worse than death.

The Corrupt path couldn’t go, while the Righteous path naturally wouldn’t let them go. So there was no way out for them. Whenever such a battle started, they had to put their lives on the line. This was the reason the Corrupt path’s experts were so crazy and brutal.

Most of the time, the fierce brutality of theirs was shown intentionally to increase the psychological pressure on the Righteous path. But this kind of psychological pressure had no effect on the Dragonblood Legion that had gone through countless life and death battles.

The Corrupt dwarf had seen through that, which was why he was panicking. After losing so many people, not even the corpses he had gained could make up for their losses. Now he regretted that he hadn’t fled at the beginning. At least, they would have remained whole.

As for now, whether or not they could make up for their losses depended on whether Gui Yan could defeat Long Chen. More accurately, it depended on whether Gui Yan could defeat him quickly. After all, with each passing moment, the number of casualties on the Corrupt path’s side increased.

“You don’t need to waste the effort. That space is created from a fragment of the ancient battlefield. Even Life Star experts can’t barge in. Although it looks like they’re right there, they’re actually in a separate space. Your voice won’t reach them,” said Li Tianxuan, kindly explaining the situation.

“Shut up! Don’t act like you’ve already won! It’s not certain who will be the final winner!” raged the dwarf.

He had already gotten enough of Li Tianxuan’s calm appearance. Now he was a bit afraid. He felt like compared to Li Tianxuan, he was just an idiot whose thoughts could be read easily. He had fallen for Li Tianxuan’s trap time after time.

There was nothing he could do to Li Tianxuan. He was completely tied up with him. That calm appearance of his infuriated him.

Explosive sounds continued to come from the separate space. Gui Yan was crazily fighting Long Chen. His nine flowers revolved, and a sea of runes surged around him.

Long Chen’s divine ring was unleashing a powerful pressure that continued to contend with the will of the Heavenly Daos. His 108,000 immortal platforms continued to revolve as he fought all-out.

With their immense power, each of their exchanges caused shocking explosions.

After fighting at such intensity for hours, their auras became even fiercer, and their attacks became even more vicious.

Gui Yan’s claw reached toward Long Chen’s throat. Long Chen shifted back to take it with his shoulder. His scales shattered and his shoulder was turned into a bloody pulp. The injury was deep enough that they could see bone.

But at the same time, the runes on Long Chen’s boot lit up, and he sent a kick to Gui Yan’s ribs. With a clear cracking sound, Gui Yan’s ribcage was broken, and he was sent flying, vomiting a mouthful of blood. Even his internal organs were injured.

“Hmph, I’m a Celestial and can heal with Heavenly Dao energy. If you want to exchange injury for injury, I’ll crush you like a dog.”

Gui Yan was kicked back, but by circulating his Heavenly Dao energy, his injury instantly healed. With a sneer, he shot back at Long Chen.

“Who cares if you’re a Celestial? I can kill you all the same,” snorted Long Chen. His fists danced as he fought Gui Yan.

Long Chen had no choice but to admit that Gui Yan was truly powerful. Fortunately, he himself wasn’t a Celestial. Otherwise, he would be under an even greater natural suppression.

After fighting for so long, neither one of them was able to suppress the other. Their fighting style gradually became even more ruthless and bloodier.

The sound of flesh being struck rang out over and over. The melody of bones breaking and fresh blood spurting continued. The two of them began a brutal battle of exchanging injury for injury.

Gui Yan’s claws were extremely sharp, and even Long Chen’s dragon scales weren’t able to block them. He became covered in blood.

On the other hand, Gui Yan’s clothes were still in perfect condition. It looked like Long Chen was much more miserable.

“Gui Yan, you fool, he’s intentionally using up your Heavenly Dao energy!” roared the Corrupt dwarf.

He was a wily old fox and immediately saw through the clues. Although Long Chen looked wretched, he was only covered in external injuries.

As for Long Chen, he was always giving Gui Yan internal injuries. Gui Yan was using up ten times the amount of energy Long Chen was to heal.

But Long Chen didn’t bat an eye, and Gui Yan didn’t sense this. So the Corrupt dwarf became even more anxious.

“I’ve already reminded you…” Li Tianxuan shook his head.

“Shut up! I know he can’t hear me, but I like to shout! So what?!” roared the dwarf like a beast.

“Ah, alright, you can continue. But I should warn you, shouting like this will cause your Corrupt path’s morale to drop. After all, you’re their leader. You should control yourself and look at ease, or your side will lose confidence. Other than that, another important thing is that… your shouting is very unpleasant to listen to. A person should have a sense of honor and shame,” said Li Tianxuan kindly.


The Corrupt dwarf almost coughed up blood. Just at this moment, the Reincarnation Mirror’s light brightened, and he hastily controlled the Corrupt God Skull to block.

But due to his distracted state of mind, the Reincarnation Mirror took the advantage. It was starting to suppress the Corrupt God Skull.

The Corrupt dwarf suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood that landed on the Corrupt God Skull. Having received his essence blood, the Corrupt God Skull brightened and an evil aura soared. Its power rose a level, stopping the Reincarnation Mirror’s suppression and returning them to an even state.

The dwarf was ashen, but he no longer dared to speak. There was nothing wrong with Li Tianxuan’s words. As the leader of his Corrupt side, each of his movements could affect their morale.

If he started shouting his worries, his Corrupt experts would know he had no tricks left up his sleeve, and it would cause their confidence to crumble.

This kind of thing was something he had actually needed his enemy to remind him of. That made him feel like he was about to go crazy. If Li Tianxuan dared to remind him of this, it meant that everything was within his control.

It was like the two of them were playing chess, and Li Tianxuan had actually told the dwarf how he should play. And most terrifying of all, he had no choice but to follow his instructions. It could be imagined what the conclusion of such a game would be.

Currently, although he was so anxious it felt like his heart was burning, he had no choice but to shut his mouth. With him shutting up, Li Tianxuan finally no longer had to hear his ugly voice.

Although Li Tianxuan looked calm, he was actually extremely emotional inside over the power that Long Chen, Guo Ran, Wilde, Yue Zifeng, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others had displayed. They were all top heavenly geniuses.

No one would have expected that such people had come from a desolate place like the Eastern Wasteland. And even there, they had been average people with only ordinary talent.

Li Tianxuan had personally seen the Dragonblood Legion soar, but even so, he almost couldn’t believe it.

Seeing these heavenly geniuses fighting intensely against Soul Transformation experts, he suddenly had a grand aspiration. He knew that the chance for the Xuantian Dao Sect to rise had come. He had to grasp this chance to restore the Xuantian Dao Sect to its former glory, and an even greater height.

But right now, the Soul Transformation battlefield had entered a stalemate. Both sides were bone-tired from this high-intensity battle. Whether it was their spiritual yuan, their physical energy, or their mental energy, they were all starting to fall.

The Corrupt path currently had less than two hundred Soul Transformation experts. As for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s side, they had lost seventeen Soul Transformation experts.

However, five hundred of their Kings had also perished, and they had less than three hundred remaining. It had been precisely due to the high death rate of the Kings that Yue Zifeng had directly raised his power to the greatest possible point and cut down as many Corrupt Soul Transformation experts as he could. The majority of the casualties had died at the start of the battle.

It was due to Yue Zifeng, Wilde, Bao Buping, Chang Hao, and the others launching all-out attacks that the Kings finally got some breathing room. Otherwise, they would have been immediately suppressed by the Corrupt path instead of slowly turning things around.

Most of the Kings had died to protect the Xuantian Dao Sect’s geniuses. That was because they knew that these geniuses possessed high killing power, but their defensive power was unable to bear a single attack from a Soul Transformation expert.

For example, people like Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Hua Shiyu, or Zhao Ziyan would be instantly killed if an attack struck them. That was why many Kings had sacrificed themselves to protect them.

Their deaths had won opportunities for those geniuses to kill a large amount of Corrupt Soul Transformation experts. That was enough for them to smile on their way to the Yellow Springs.

Although the Soul Transformation battlefield looked even now, the advantage was still tilted toward the Xuantian Dao Sect. That was because of Wilde. His power was the greatest here, and if the Corrupt experts were the slightest bit careless, they would be killed by a smash of his club.

Wilde had killed over fifty Soul Transformation experts by himself. As he fought, he munched on something.

Those things looked like tiny dried fish. But in reality, they were rank nine sea demons. They were the rations Wilde had collected during the battle of the eastern sea.

At that time, he had killed so many rank nine sea demons that he hadn’t even finished all his stockpile yet. And since such a huge battle was extremely exhausting, he was constantly eating them as he fought.

These little fish had been shrunk by a formation. Their actual bodies were huge, and they transformed into a huge amount of energy once Wilde ate them, allowing him to forever maintain his peak combat power.


Long Chen and Gui Yan once more exchanged injury for injury. A hunk of flesh had been torn from Long Chen’s arm, while Long Chen had smashed a hole into Gui Yan’s chest, causing him to vomit blood.

“Bastard, you dare to scheme against me?!” Gui Yan glared at Long Chen, finally having realized something.

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