Chapter 1293 Soaring Morale

The current Gui Yan was like a furious lion. With all the surrounding Heavenly Dao energy wrapped around him, it seemed even the heavens were infuriated.

In Gui Yan’s life, his first humiliation was brought about by Leng Yueyan. But Leng Yueyan was a woman he wanted to pursue, and even being cut by her couldn’t erase his adoration for her.

In the Corrupt path, power was everything. Leng Yueyan wasn’t just stunningly beautiful, she also possessed an innate grandness that made it so others wouldn’t dare to blaspheme her. But most importantly, her power was enough to shake the Corrupt path. She swept through anyone in the same realm. Being defeated by her was something Gui Yan could accept.

But he couldn’t accept that Leng Yueyan’s heart contained the image of Long Chen. From her words, she clearly viewed Long Chen highly.

So he had come today in order to humiliate Long Chen and prove that he was thousands upon thousands of times stronger than him. He was a supreme heavenly genius, a rank nine Celestial, someone who could look down on all other Celestials. But he had been slapped in the face by Long Chen. It was a completely intolerable humiliation.

“Long Chen, I’ll make you live a life worse than death!” Gui Yan roared. His fist was enveloped by powerful runes. This punch caused space to be smashed apart.

With all the Heavenly Dao energy in the surroundings supporting him, this fist had definitely reached a kind of pinnacle in power. This was no longer just Gui Yan’s attack. It was the attack of heaven and earth.

“This grand ambition of yours is doomed to fail.” Long Chen’s eyes blazed with battle intent. His 108,000 immortal platforms and four qi seas all revolved. Long Chen no longer held back any power either, and he sent out a punch.


This was a world-shaking collision. Qi waves and astral winds surged out, striking the edges of this battle space. In an instant, the original battle space inflated to ten times its original size.

But even so, the white barrier around them didn’t break. Seeing it expand like a balloon, the people fighting below were all shocked.

Although the formation was blocking the real power from reaching them, just the pressure they felt from up there gave them a sensation of mortal danger.

The Corrupt Soul Transformation experts were especially shocked. Although they had seen Long Chen fighting the ancient races and the Pill Tower’s Soul Transformation experts, they hadn’t felt him to be so powerful. Instead, they had thought that the Righteous path’s experts were too stupid and easily toyed with.

But now when they saw Long Chen’s full power, they realized that Long Chen hadn’t been fighting seriously before.

In truth, at that time, Long Chen hadn’t dared to fight all-out, because accidentally touching the Sovereign Blood Seal would be a far too sullen death.

Now he didn’t have any more misgivings. Now that they saw his true power, the Corrupt path’s experts finally understood why heavenly geniuses as powerful as Wilde, Guo Ran, Yue Zifeng, Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others would all be willing to follow Long Chen.

This display completely showed them how Long Chen was able to lead such a powerful legion.

Even rank eight Celestials would be completely suppressed by rank nine Celestials, not having the slightest ability to resist. But Long Chen, someone who wasn’t even a Celestial, was actually fighting evenly with Gui Yan. He could only be called a monster.

In the first exchange, neither of them had an advantage. Long Chen and Gui Yan both roared and exchanged a fierce tempest of blows. Each attack was a shocking one capable of shattering mountains, unleashing an ear-splitting explosive sound that caused the stars to shudder.

This was a clash of pure power without any technique. They were completely focused on fighting with power.

Each collision was like the eruption of a volcano. Runes whirled through the air and astral winds exploded. The people below were only able to vaguely see two figures continuously clashing.

“What terrifying power. Just what kind of monster is Long Chen? Just by relying on his physical strength, he can contend with the power of the Heavenly Daos?” One of the Corrupt path’s Soul Transformation experts looked up with shock.

Currently, Long Chen had his three-thousand-meter divine ring behind him, and his body was covered in scales. None of his movements contained the fluctuations of Heavenly Dao runes. He was relying entirely on brute force.

The will of the heavens was clearly crashing onto Long Chen. That pressure had reached the realm that they could even see it with their eyes. Anyone else would have had no choice but to kneel in the face of this pressure. They wouldn’t dare to move in the face of the heavens’ might.

But Long Chen’s divine ring seemed to push away heaven and earth, resisting the Heavenly Dao pressure. Furthermore, Long Chen’s own will erupted, a will that was domineering and undefeatable.

He didn’t submit in the slightest in the face of the Heavenly Daos. Each of his attacks contained the determination to break apart the shackles of heaven and earth. With each attack, Long Chen wasn’t just attacking Gui Yan. He was also attacking the Heavenly Daos.

“Is he trying to defy the heavens?!”

The Corrupt experts were deeply shaken by this sight. To fight against the heavens’ will was provoking the Heavenly Daos.

Even though they were so far away, even Soul Transformation experts were feeling quite a bit of pressure. It could be imagined just how terrifying the pressure on Long Chen was.

“Boss is undefeatable! Brothers, after chasing boss for so many years, we should also win some face for boss! Kill, kill these Corrupt bastards!” Affected by Long Chen, Guo Ran suddenly charged into the midst of the Corrupt experts. Wielding golden blades, he actually gave up directing people.

That was because he had noticed there was no longer any need for directions. The Dragonblood Legion had the fifty healing experts to protect them, so they weren’t in any danger.

In a battle of Soul Transformation experts, his crossbow’s killing power was limited. He had tried several times to save the lives of some dying Elders, but he hadn’t been able to do that. After seeing several Elders being killed without being able to stop it, his fury soared. Some of these Elders were the ones he knew.

The sight of Long Chen fighting against the heavens provoked Guo Ran, and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He directly charged at the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts.

One of those Corrupt Soul Transformation experts snorted and blocked Guo Ran’s blades with a truncheon. He had just been considering how he should cut down this irritating fellow when Guo Ran actually sent himself to him. With a cold smile, he was just about to attack when tiny holes suddenly opened on Guo Ran’s chest. Dozens of black needles shot out.

The Corrupt expert was startled. At this range, there was no way to block. He hastily dodged to the side. But Guo Ran had timed his attack very well, and no matter where the Corrupt expert went, he would be struck by at least one.

As expected, one of those needles pierced his arm. But its power wasn’t that great, and it didn’t possess any killing power.

The Corrupt expert had only just sighed with relief when his expression suddenly changed. He was shocked to find that his body had turned numb and he couldn’t move.



Guo Ran severed that expert’s head. Before the head could fall, his other blade blew it apart.

“Brothers, use the blood of these Corrupt experts to temper our glory! Kill!” Guo Ran roared. Combined with how he had just killed a Soul Transformation expert, he looked just like a mighty general. It was extremely grand.


Every member of the Dragonblood Legion roared at the same time, their morale once more surging. At this time, they had been fighting for a whole four hours. Such a high-intensity battle should have long since started to exhaust them. But the Dragonblood warriors were like untiring killing machines. They continued to fight as fiercely as ever.

“Damnit, how could this happen?!”

The Corrupt dwarf suddenly let out a furious shout, the veins on his forehead bulging. This battle was not going as he had expected at all.

The Corrupt path’s disciples were being slaughtered by the Dragonblood warriors. With their morale so low, a third of their number had been killed in just four hours. Only twenty thousand of them remained.

The most unacceptable thing was that the Dragonblood Legion still had zero casualties. Not one of them had died. Could this even count as a bloody battle?

One reason for the zero casualties was the King item armor Guo Ran had forged for them, while another was the protection of the fifty healing experts that allowed them to avoid disaster time and time again.

Other than those two points, the Dragonblood warriors also had great battle experience and were skilled in cooperating, not giving their opponents any chance to kill them.

Although the Dragonblood warriors were only rank five Celestials, they were like tigers even when they came up against rank six and rank seven Corrupt Celestials. The Corrupt disciples were forced back miserably.

As for the rank eight Celestials, they were being targeted by Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. That was to avoid any accidents.

As for the Soul Transformation battlefield, they had over two hundred and seventy experts left, and were also at a disadvantage. That made the dwarf extremely anxious.

Right now, all his hopes lay with Gui Yan. But he was still fighting evenly with Long Chen. There was practically no chance of him killing Long Chen in the short term. That made the dwarf feel like he was being tortured as he watched.


Suddenly, the Reincarnation Mirror’s light intensified. Li Tianxuan calmly looked at the dwarf. “Don’t try to think of anything. Just calmly watch. With me here, don’t embarrass yourself by trying to bring out your little tricks.”

Clearly, the dwarf had just been thinking of how to intervene, but he couldn’t escape Li Tianxuan’s control. He didn’t succeed.

Seeing his army of experts being killed one by one, he suddenly roared, “Gui Yan, hurry up and use your trump card to kill Long Chen!”

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