Chapter 1292 Ominous


Long Chen’s fist collided with Gui Yan’s. Space rippled violently from the collision.

But the white runes that formed this separate battlefield were not affected by their power. There was no sign of them breaking.

In their first exchange, both Long Chen and Gui Yan’s bodies shook from each other’s power. They had drawn in this first exchange.

“Your power’s not bad, but a battle isn’t decided through just brute force.”

Gui Yan’s fist suddenly transformed into a claw, and he attacked Long Chen’s fist. He changed moves astonishingly quickly. Gui Yan was clearly someone with great battle experience.

When his fist transformed into a claw, his fingernails actually grew over an inch with flashing runes. They became incomparably sharp.

However, Long Chen coldly snorted and didn’t retreat. Instead, he once more let out a punch, but this time, green scales covered his fist.


A few streaks of blood appeared on Long Chen’s fist. Even his scales were unable to completely block Gui Yan’s sharp blow.

At the same time as he sent out this punch, Long Chen launched a lightning-like kick at Gui Yan. It was so fast that it caught him off-guard, but Gui Yan narrowly managed to avoid his life rod meeting a grisly fate. However, Long Chen’s kick still managed to strike his abdomen. He was blown back, feeling a burst of pain.

Long Chen looked at his bleeding fist, surprised. Gui Yan’s claw was even sharper than a King item. It could even break the defenses of his dragon scales.

If Gui Yan hadn’t been able to use his full power with his claw thanks to his kick, his fist would probably be a bloody pulp right now.

As for Gui Yan, he was just as surprised as Long Chen. This move of Long Chen had been too bizarre, and very dangerous as a result. If he had allowed Long Chen’s kick to strike his life rod, that pain would affect his combat power. That would have been troublesome.

“You have a few tricks, but that doesn’t mean you have the qualifications to challenge me. I’ll let you see the true power of a rank nine Celestial.”

The nine flowers around Gui Yan were originally just flower buds. But now, they slowly bloomed.

Each flower had nine petals, and each petal had nine veins. Nine nines represented the pinnacle of heaven and earth.

The world suddenly seemed to bend toward Gui Yan. It was like he became the ruler of this space, as if all the energy of the world had been sucked dry by him.

All the experts fighting in the distance looked up in horror. Whether they were from the Righteous or Corrupt path, they could clearly feel their Heavenly Dao energy suddenly dropping.

Clearly, all the Heavenly Dao energy was rushing toward Gui Yan. They weren’t able to get even half of what they normally had.

Since everyone was a Celestial, they were all equally weakened, making it so that the power difference between them didn’t change. But there were a few unlucky fellows.

Those were the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts fighting Wilde. Their power had dropped, while Wilde wasn’t affected at all. With just one swing of Wilde’s club, they were no longer able to hold on.

The originally balanced battle was immediately flipped. Wilde killed seven Corrupt Soul Transformation experts in just a moment.

This caused a huge disturbance amongst the Corrupt experts, and over a dozen of them immediately went to focus on Wilde.

Just like this, the pressure on the Xuantian Dao Sect’s side lessened once more. However, the Corrupt path still had too many Soul Transformation experts.

But now, the morale between the two sides had completely changed. The Corrupt path had been given bloody blows time and time again, their experts slain. Their morale had dropped.

After all, they had held such an absolute advantage at the very start when it had just been Long Chen and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people trapped in their formation. They had been like turtles in a jar that could have been killed at any moment.

But then Li Tianxuan had suddenly appeared. Bit by bit, their advantage was taken away. Now they were evenly matched.

And calling themselves evenly matched was just a way to comfort themselves. It was true if you just looked at the surface of things, but in truth, the Righteous path had lost very few people so far, while the Corrupt path had suffered heavy losses.

The thing that reduced their morale the most was that they no longer had any trump cards to reverse the tides. They could only continue fighting like this. This was a kind of torture to them.

As for the Righteous side, they had only encountered pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise. The display of their heavenly geniuses had completely ignited their morale, bringing their combat power to the peak.

The Corrupt side saw that and knew that it didn’t bode well. If some marvelous figure could also appear on their side and give their enemies a stunning counterattack, even if it was just killing one or two of their geniuses, the morale would balance out. Regretfully, no such figure appeared.

Although the Corrupt side also had rank eight Celestials, compared to the vicious figures of the Dragonblood Legion, they were worthless.

Now the Corrupt side was in a passive position. They were waiting for a chance. And most of their hopes lay in the battle up in the sky.

Up in the sky, Gui Yan’s nine flowers fully bloomed around him. Each flower was nine feet long, forming a huge flower ring behind him. That terrifying pressure contained the will of heaven and earth. That was something others wouldn’t even dare to face.

“Do you see? This is the true Heavenly Dao manifestation of a rank nine Celestial, Nine Flowers Manifest the Heavenly Daos. Each flower, each vein, each piece of it represents a Dao. Together, it comprises all the Daos, and in front of it, even heaven and earth must submit. Just what will you take out to fight me?” Gui Yan indifferently stared at Long Chen like a ruler looking at a commoner.

This was Gui Yan’s confidence. Any Celestial would have to submit in front of a rank nine Celestial. This was the will of the heavens, the Heavenly Daos. If you didn’t submit, you would be killed.

If it was an ordinary rank eight Celestial facing Gui Yan, they would probably be trembling in terror. That was because this pressure came from the Heavenly Daos. Let alone fighting, just being able to stand steadily would be not bad.

But unfortunately for Gui Yan, this kind of Heavenly Dao pressure was useless against Long Chen. This pressure was artificial, created by a mere person. Long Chen had faced heavenly punishment over and over again. That represented the true laws of heaven and earth. Even in the face of heavenly punishment, Long Chen hadn’t submitted. This kind of pressure was nothing more than a fart to him.

Seeing Gui Yan attempt to use his Heavenly Dao pressure to make him submit, Long Chen’s lips curled into an icy smile. He sighed, “Since you’re my opponent, I’d advise you not to use this kind of manifestation.”

“Oh? Why is that?” asked Gui Yan.

“Because it’s very ominous.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Do you really not know, or are you just acting dumb? Don’t you know that flower wreaths are used for the dead? Having summoned such a huge wreath for yourself, do you not feel like you’re asking for death?” Long Chen pointed to the huge flower ring behind Gui Yan.

Long Chen wasn’t speaking quietly, and many of the people on the battlefield below were stealthily paying attention to their battle up above. So practically everyone heard him.

“Boss really is the boss! This comparison is truly alike! Yes, it really is alike!” Guo Ran was wielding his crossbow and constantly sneak-attacking Corrupt Soul Transformation experts to give others the chance to kill them. But he didn’t forget to cheer.

The others also looked strangely at the flower ring behind Gui Yan. Honestly speaking, its shape was truly similar. Of course, if there were a few poles connecting them all, it would look even more similar.

“Ignorant fool, you’re blaspheming the Heavenly Daos. I’ll show you a power that you couldn’t obtain even if you cultivated for ten thousand years!” Gui Yan was infuriated. Long Chen was actually mocking the rank nine Celestial status that he was most proud of.

“Binding of the Heavenly Daos!”

The runes of Gui Yan’s manifestation lit up, and heaven and earth shook. An invisible energy locked Long Chen down.

Long Chen’s expression immediately changed. He suddenly felt like space had turned solid around him. He couldn’t move.

“Now you should know how amazing rank nine Celestials are. Idiot, how dare you mock my Grand Dao flowers?” Gui Yan sneered upon seeing Long Chen’s expression change. He sent a hand for his neck.

“Green Dragon Battle Armor!” Just as Gui Yan’s hand was about to reach him, Long Chen let out a low cry.


A hand covered in green scales swung out in a profound and beautiful arc, slapping Gui Yan across the face, making him let out a pained groan as he shot back like a shooting star. He crashed into the border of this separate battle space.

But curiously, the barrier around this space stretched a bit and then bounced him back. It wasn’t damaged at all.

“Boss is mighty!”

Long Chen’s slap completely stunned the Corrupt experts. Only Guo Ran immediately cheered.

Guo Ran knew that Long Chen was the soul of the Dragonblood Legion. Any of his actions could raise the morale of the Dragonblood warriors.

“Boss is mighty!”

As expected, the Dragonblood warriors all let out an explosive shout. This slap of Long Chen’s caused their morale to soar.

In their hearts, Long Chen was an undefeatable god. But his opponent was a terrifying rank nine Celestial who could suppress all other heavenly geniuses. Even at this great distance, they sensed immense pressure from him.

However, Long Chen didn’t care about celestial rank. No matter what, he could still send people flying with a slap in the face. This made their confidence soar.

Their worries were wiped out by this slap. The Dragonblood warriors completely forgot about Long Chen and focused on slaughtering their opponents. This was a rare opportunity to rack up merit. It would strengthen the Xuantian Dao Sect as well as the Dragonblood Legion.

“Long Chen, if I don’t skin you, rip out all your muscles, carve out your heart, and refine your soul, I, Gui Yan, will swear I’m not human!”

Gui Yan let out a furious roar. The flowers behind him shook as he once more shot at Long Chen with unprecedented killing intent.

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