Chapter 1291 The Sword Returns to the Source

The sound of a sword returning to its sheath was very clear. But the Corrupt expert felt like his heart had been smashed by a hammer.

Following that, the world suddenly split apart. He was shocked. Just what kind of magical art was this?

He suddenly understood something right before his vision turned forever dark.

Two halves of his body fell from the sky. Before they touched the ground, Yue Zifeng had already shot off toward another Corrupt Soul Transformation expert.

“Watch out, he’s a sword cultivator! He can ignore the cultivation base difference!” warned a Corrupt Soul Transformation expert.

But it was already too late. Yue Zifeng’s sword once more came out of its sheath, flashing through the air. Another Soul Transformation expert was cut in half. Even his King item was slashed apart.

Consecutive Soul Transformation experts were slain by a Foundation Forging disciple, and in one shot each. That made the Corrupt experts’ hearts turn cold.

His sword once more returned to his sheath, and Yue Zifeng rushed away, choosing his next target. An unhealthy color had now appeared on his face.

BOOM! A Soul Transformation expert was blown back by a full-power swing of Gu Yang’s spear.

Just at that moment, Yue Zifeng pounced, annihilating him in body and soul.

“Zifeng, take it easy. You’re pushing yourself too hard,” warned Gu Yang quietly.

Yue Zifeng’s face was turning gray. He was using a terrifying secret art to give himself immense power, which was the only reason he was able to consecutively slay Soul Transformation experts so easily. But this kind of secret art would definitely have terrible side effects.

“There’s no other choice. The Elders aren’t able to handle it. Don’t worry about me.” Yue Zifeng nodded in acknowledgment and once more shot out.

“Kill that sword cultivator! We can’t let him grow up.” The Corrupt experts saw just how terrifying Yue Zifeng was. Right now, he was in the Foundation Forging realm, but could instantly kill Soul Transformation experts. If he matured, he would definitely be the bane of the Corrupt path. He had to be cut down now.

Thirteen Soul Transformation experts shot at Yue Zifeng at the same time, hoping to kill him in the first exchange.

Yue Zifeng took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. When his eyes popped back open, the image of a sword had appeared in them.

Yue Zifeng slowly raised his sword. Shockingly, heaven and earth also seemed to slow down.

As Yue Zifeng’s sword moved, sword-images began to appear. They were actually incredibly condensed and realistic, looking just like real swords.

When his sword completed a full revolution through the air, the sword-images around him looked like a blooming lotus. Eighty-one sharp swords were pointed in every direction.

In that instant, the enemies’ expressions completely changed. They felt a burst of pain in their souls. That was the result of feeling mortal danger pressing down upon them. They almost instinctively gave up their attacks and turned to flee.

“The Sword Returns to the Source.”

Yue Zifeng’s eighty-one swords shot out like eighty-one streaks of lightning.

Terrified screams rang out along with the sound of flesh being pierced. Those thirteen Soul Transformation experts were all slain in an instant.

A Foundation Forging disciple had killed over ten Soul Transformation experts in one attack. The entire battlefield turned silent for a moment, as this had surpassed all their understanding.

Although sword cultivators had been acknowledged as the number one offensive cultivators for tens of thousands of years, consecutively killing experts two realms above oneself was still hard to accept.

After this attack, Yue Zifeng’s eyes became listless. He fell from the sky without the slightest fluctuations of life.


Gu Yang and the others let out a startled cry. They hadn’t expected Yue Zifeng to have sacrificed his own life energy to kill these experts.

“Get his corpse!” The Corrupt experts became greedy. If they could take Yue Zifeng’s corpse, perhaps they could peer into some mysteries of the Sword Dao.

“Scram! Spirit of the Earth, kill them!”

Two shouts rang out at the same time, and the earth split open. Two huge earth giants charged out, blocking the Corrupt experts.

Those Corrupt experts let out a cold snort and attacked, striking the two earth giants with rays of light. The earth giants weren’t able to bear the attacks of over ten Soul Transformation experts at once, and their upper bodies exploded, leaving behind only their lower halves.

The Corrupt Soul Transformation experts continued on, but their expressions quickly changed. The earth giants suddenly regrew out of their lower halves, once more blocking their way.


One of the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts had been too far forward to stop. As a result, one of the earth giants clapped its hands together like swatting a mosquito, killing him.

These animated earth giants had been summoned from a distance by Li Qi and Song Mingyuan. They were controlled by the two of them, but their energy came from the earth.

Right now, Li Qi and Song Mingyuan were also rank eight Celestials, and adding on what they had comprehended within the Xuantian Catalog, their control over earth energy had reached an unprecedented height.

But although these earth giants were powerful, their bodies were too huge, making their movements awkward. Their attacks were easy to dodge, which made their killing power low. That dead Corrupt expert could only blame his bad luck.

The other Corrupt Soul Transformation experts hastily fell back. They had almost shared the same fate as their fallen comrade.

Just at this moment, Li Qi caught Yue Zifeng. Carefully examining him, Li Qi truly found that Yue Zifeng didn’t have the slightest bit of life within him. His spiritual fluctuations had also disappeared. Grief filled Li Qi. He was unable to accept having a brother, whom he had fought alongside with for so many years through life and death, fall right in front of him.

“He’s not dead. Protect his body, and especially his sword.” Just at this moment, Meng Qi’s voice rang out.

Of everyone here, Meng Qi’s Spiritual Strength was the strongest. At first, she had also been shocked that Yue Zifeng would do something like this. It still wasn’t the time to drag enemies down at the cost of their own lives.

But she quickly realized that with his last attack, Yue Zifeng’s soul and even his life had merged into his sword. That was what had allowed him to unleash such shocking power.

Right now, his soul and life energy were all within his sword, while his body had become a husk. As for why he had done such a thing, no one knew.

But no matter what, for him to slay so many Corrupt Soul Transformation experts right at the start had greatly lessened the pressure on the others. The rate at which the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Kings were dying had slowed down greatly.

Meng Qi’s words delighted everyone. Li Qi hastily summoned a coffin and placed Yue Zifeng and his sword carefully inside. Just like that, he carried the coffin on his back.

At this time, Bao Buping and Chang Hao were stupefied. First, it was Guo Ran, Meng Qi, and Tang Wan-er attacking, then it was Wilde, Yue Zifeng, Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan displaying such shocking power. They almost couldn’t believe it.

Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, Wang Zhen, Mu Qingxuan, Su Mo, and the others were also fighting all out. Their battle power was also immense.

Looking at these powerful figures, Bao Buping and Chang Hao felt like they had become ordinary people. They were no longer the peak heavenly geniuses of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

“Fuck, brother, we have to get some face too. These are just Long Chen’s subordinates, but we’re his brothers,” said Bao Buping stealthily to Chang Hao.

Chang Hao nodded. Today, he had received quite a blow. Each of these fellows was fiercer than the last. If this continued, the two of them would just become extras. That was unacceptable.

If they couldn’t compare to Long Chen, then fine. After all, he was a monster. But if they couldn’t even compare to the others, they wouldn’t be able to show their faces again.

“Work together.”

Chang Hao and Bao Buping exchanged a glance. Through their years together, they instantly understood the other’s thoughts.

Scale-like runes covered their bodies as they activated the Battle God Blessing. Those runes became blood-colored as they also activated their Spirit Blood.

Like angry lions, they let out a furious roar and charged at a Corrupt Soul Transformation expert. “Split the Heavens 4!”

Two huge sword-images crashed toward a Corrupt Soul Transformation expert. That expert hastily blocked.

With an explosive sound, he vomited blood.

But before he could go anywhere, another sword-image fell, blowing him to pieces.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s cooperation was flawless. Although it looked like they had attacked at the same time, they hadn’t.

Chang Hao’s attack went first, and its aura and light concealed Bao Buping’s attack. It looked like a combination attack from the two of them, but when that Corrupt Soul Transformation expert blocked it and relaxed ever so slightly, the second attack struck, killing him.


“The first one!”


“The second one!”


“The third one!”

Their huge sword-images didn’t reveal any clues as to how they were killing the Soul Transformation experts. Three of them died consecutively.

The battlefield was chaotic. Although the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts had experienced many battles, they had never seen such a bizarre battle. There was a group of Foundation Forging disciples killing Soul Transformation experts.

In the distance where the Reincarnation Mirror was facing off with the Corrupt God Skull, Li Tianxuan was calmly watching the battle below. There was no expression on his face.

This result was something he had long since expected. Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, only he was aware of the Dragonblood Legion’s true power. That was the only reason he had prepared himself to consume a big piece of meat this time.

Compared to Li Tianxuan’s calm, the dwarf’s expression was growing more and more unsightly. After calculating and preparing things, he had still fallen into Li Tianxuan’s scheme.

At this time, the dwarf looked toward a distant location in the sky, a place that was covered in white ripples. It was Long Chen and Gui Yan’s battlefield.

Right now, the situation was already unfavorable to the Corrupt path. They had no more trump cards to reverse things. It was up to Gui Yan.

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