Chapter 1290 Bloody Righteous and Corrupt Battle

Further away from the battlefield, up in the air, the Reincarnation Mirror was unleashing boundless divine might against the Corrupt God Skull.

The clash of these two divine items had formed an empty region of ten thousand miles. From the outside, it was like a huge blazing star hung in the air, but they were unable to see what was inside.

But inside the star, it was possible to see everything outside clearly. Li Tianxuan’s expression was still as calm as ever. But the Corrupt dwarf was starting to feel a bit uneasy.

Guo Ran’s arrow had truly shocked him. Then his feeling of unease had grown stronger when he saw Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er attack. Fortunately, their attack had been blocked by Gui Yan, or quite a few Soul Transformation experts would have been slain again.

The dwarf had never imagined that the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples would be so powerful. They were clearly only at the peak of Foundation Forging, but their killing power far surpassed the limits of their cultivation bases.

Then the arrival of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow caused his heart to turn cold. He felt like he might have been duped again.

“You don’t need to think so much. Yes, you’ve already been duped. If you had fled as soon as we appeared, you would have at least escaped unscathed. Furthermore, the souls and bodies of seven Life Star experts and dozens of Soul Transformation experts can cancel out the price of using the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation. If you had wanted to leave, I wouldn’t have been able to stop you. But now, the battle has already started. There’s no way for you to instantly gather all your people and leave,” said Li Tianxuan calmly as if seeing through his thoughts.

“You’ve invited other helpers?!” The dwarf was startled.

“No.” Li Tianxuan shook his head.

“Without other helpers, where does your confidence come from?” demanded the dwarf.

“My confidence stems from Long Chen and his Dragonblood Legion. You might not know this, but Long Chen continuously makes miracles just to survive. So I trust him,” said Li Tianxuan.

“What a huge joke. Gui Yan is one of my Corrupt path’s top geniuses, while Long Chen merely has a bit of fame within the Righteous path. Today, his miracles will come to an end,” sneered the dwarf.

The curious thing was that Li Tianxuan merely smiled slightly and didn’t retort. Instead, he nodded. “Yes, it truly is a huge joke.”

But the jokes they were talking about were referring to completely different things.


Down below, everyone was capable of seeing Long Chen and Gui Yan clashing fiercely in the sky. The curtains to the battlefield below were also fully drawn open.

“First, kill that female soul cultivator!”

Right off the bat, the Corrupt experts already focused their attacks on Meng Qi. Her soul energy was too terrifying. Even Soul Transformation experts would be affected by her soul arts.

Although the limitations of her cultivation base made it so she could only affect them for a moment, in an intense battle of experts, just the blink of an eye could determine life and death. So in the Corrupt expert’s eyes, Meng Qi posed the greatest threat.

“Hall Master seniors, block the main force. Kings assist the elite disciples in sudden attacks. Dragonblood warriors, annihilate their Foundation Forging cannon fodder!” Guo Ran was directing everyone. He was wearing his golden armor, and he held a much more reasonably sized crossbow in his hand.

As a long-distance attacker with such sturdy armor, Guo Ran didn’t need to worry about sneak attacks. He was fast and nimble, making him the best choice for directing their side.

“Bastard, who are you calling cannon fodder?!”

Guo Ran’s voice was amplified by his armor, giving it a metallic sound. But it resounded throughout every corner of the battlefield, and as a result, he enraged the Corrupt experts.

“He was talking about you!”

When both armies clashed, the Dragonblood warriors charged through the midst of the Foundation Forging disciples. Both sides were at the Foundation Forging realm, and seeing the other side, they pounced on each other, their eyes red.

In just the first instant, the Corrupt experts began to fall in huge numbers. They were shocked to find that these fellows were completely crazy. They refused to fight properly and instead launched suicidal moves.

Each of their moves was one that exchanged their own life for the lives of others. Even the Corrupt path, famed for their viciousness, wouldn’t start a battle like this. Although they also did the same thing sometimes, that was only when there was no other option, not right at the start of a fight. Were these Dragonblood warriors crazy? The Corrupt experts were struck dumb for a moment.

“Why can’t you fight properly?!” roared one of the Corrupt experts right before dying, expressing his final thoughts.

Who launched a suicidal attack right at the start of a battle? How else could you describe these people other than crazy?

“Bastards, who’s afraid of fighting like that? We can do the same thing!” roared one of the Corrupt experts. Continuing like this wasn’t an option.

Although they numbered over thirty thousand, which was three times the number of the Dragonblood Legion, they’d sooner or later be slaughtered to the last by these madmen. Right now, they had to compete in terms of who was crazier, and who was more ruthless.

Blood splashed. Limbs flew through the air.

“Fuck, how can they all have King item armor?!” roared one of the Corrupt experts. As both sides fought crazily, the Corrupt side realized that each of the Dragonblood warriors was wearing a powerful set of armor. As long as they protected their heads, they were extremely difficult to kill.

“They even have wood attribute experts assisting them! Fucking kill them first!” The Corrupt experts almost went insane from fury. After sacrificing a dozen people, one of them finally managed to heavily injure one of the Dragonblood warriors. The Corrupt expert was just about to launch a fatal attack when a green light fell upon that warrior, completely revitalizing him.

Long Chen had placed special importance on grooming these healing warriors. After leaving the Grand Xia, he had sent the Heavenly Dao Fruits he had gathered in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant to the Huayun Sect, who had sent them to the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Now all these healing warriors were rank seven Celestials, and their wood energy became even purer. Adding on what they had gained from the Xuantian Catalog, their healing abilities had made huge advances. Any injury received by a Dragonblood warrior, whether internal or external, could be healed instantly.

The Dragonblood warriors clashed with the Corrupt path’s Foundation Forging disciples. Despite the numbers disparity, the Dragonblood warriors had terrifying killing power, and they slaughtered their way through the Corrupt Foundation Forging disciples, forcing them to retreat miserably over and over again.

Further away was the battle of the Soul Transformation experts. This battlefield was chaotic. The Corrupt path’s side was composed of only Soul Transformation experts, while the Xuantian Dao Sect had people in the Soul Transformation realm, Jade Core realm, and Foundation Forging realm.

Although Guo Ran’s initial attack had killed over seventy of them, the Corrupt path’s side still had over four hundred Soul Transformation experts. As for the Xuantian Dao Sect, they only had just over eighty Soul Transformation experts. 

However, they had over seven hundred Jade Core Kings. They were the elites of the Xuantian Dao Sect with great power.

Other than them, there was Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the others representing the Foundation Forging disciples. They were the strongest members of this generation of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Kill that soul cultivator!” The Corrupt experts made Meng Qi their number one target. She was too dangerous.

In just the first clash, Meng Qi had once more unleashed her soul arts, and as a result, several people had been affected by her soul arts and killed by others.

“Die, slut!”

One of the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts broke through the blockade of the Kings to reach Meng Qi, slamming a palm down.

“You’re the one who should die, old ghost!” A furious roar rang out, followed by a huge spiked club.

The Corrupt Soul Transformation expert was startled. He had clearly passed everyone and hadn’t sensed any more powerful auras.


That Soul Transformation expert’s protective runes were as weak as paper in front of that spiked club. He directly exploded on contact, and his soul dissipated. He was killed in one blow.

Behind the huge club was an even larger giant. Even in death, that Corrupt expert would never imagine that there would be someone who didn’t cultivate spiritual yuan and had no cultivation base aura, but could still smash him to death with a club.

“Corrupt path bastards who bully my brother Long, all of you can die!” roared Wilde. The blood-colored lines in his face lit up, and those lines stretched down his neck, his arms, and his legs.

It was like a sleeping monster had awakened within Wilde’s body. Silver spots began to appear all over his bronze skin.

Just at this time, another Soul Transformation expert attacked, and Wilde smashed his club at him, sending him flying. That expert hacked up blood violently.

Wilde was now like a Magical Beast in human form. Smashing his huge spiked club around, he charged into the midst of the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts.

They were alarmed and hastily went to block him. But no matter who tried to stop him, they would be blown back by a smash of his club. There was even one unlucky fellow whose King item sword shattered into fragments and pierced his own body.

“We need reinforcements here to handle this big dumb brat!”

Seven Corrupt Soul Transformation experts flew at Wilde at the same time. With a furious roar that sounded like it came from a Magical Beast, Wilde unleashed a tempest of attacks with his spiked club. Like a rolling boulder, he smashed through the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts.

Just as Wilde drew everyone’s attention, a Corrupt Soul Transformation expert snuck his way behind Meng Qi. Wielding a pitch-black claw, he silently stretched out toward Meng Qi’s heart.

Meng Qi turned a blind eye to his attack. Forming hand seals, she was completely focused on the clashing Soul Transformation experts.

After all, they were the main force. As long as she affected the enemy experts even slightly, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Soul Transformation experts could take that chance to kill their opponents. That would make the difference between both sides rapidly decrease, and this was the only way to avoid huge casualties amongst the Kings.

That Corrupt expert thought that Meng Qi hadn’t sensed him, and he smiled sinisterly.

“Sharp Wind Rends the Moon!”

Just as he was preparing to attack, a cold cry rang out that caused his expression to change. His whole body shook, and when he turned back, he saw a man slowly sheathing his sword behind his back.

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