Chapter 129 Inviting Self-Humiliation

Following that angry roar, a group of people charged over, quickly surrounding Long Chen and Guo Ran. The person at the front was incessantly cursing at Long Chen.

Guo Ran jumped up, his mouse behind him also entering its combat state.

Long Chen smiled slightly at that furious youth. “Oh, so you didn’t end up drowning? How fortunate for you.”

That person was the youth who Long Chen had kicked into the river and then given a yellow shower.

Now it seemed this youth truly did have some ability since so many helpers had come with him. Probably he had been constantly searching and asking about him.

Previously, Long Chen had watched other people fighting in public. Moreover, Little Snow’s white fur was very eye-catching, and so it wasn’t odd for this youth to have finally found him here.

“Brother Chang Li, could it be that you just have a misunderstanding with brother Long?” Guo Ran recognized this person.

Chang Li looked at Guo Ran with some surprise. He didn’t recognize this person, so he asked, “Who are you?”

“Haha, this little brother is Guo Ran. I’ve long looked forward to meeting the famous brother Chang Li-”

“So you aren’t acquainted with me. Be smart and get lost. I have a debt I have to pay to this brat. If you don’t want to be beaten, fuck off.” Chang Li cut off Guo Ran impatiently.

Long Chen patted Guo Ran on the shoulder. He knew Guo Ran was a careful person who wanted to be a mediator, but that would definitely be impossible for this.

“You should withdraw to avoid being implicated.”

Guo Ran was startled, but he still nodded, quietly warning, “Be careful. This person is very powerful. More importantly, he’s part of Qi Xin’s group.”

After whispering that warning, Guo Ran brought his Magical Beast outside of their encirclement. He was extremely curious about how Long Chen, who seemed to be so amiable, had caused such trouble.

Furthermore, he sensed an extremely mysterious aura from Long Chen’s body. That was because Long Chen was too calm, calm to a frightening degree. It was as if no matter how major an event happened, he wouldn’t be shaken at all.

So he was extremely curious just what kind of existence Long Chen was. Why would the Enforcement Elder Tu Fang give him his precious registration card? And just how powerful was Long Chen’s true strength?

“Brat, when you humiliated me, did you think of this outcome?!” raged Chang Li.

Over ten people behind him were looking at Long Chen icily, delighting in his misfortunate. They were obviously prepared to see a good show.

“Humiliation? No, no, no, it definitely wasn’t a humiliation. My urine isn’t something that just anyone can have rained over them. You should be happy,” said Long Chen lightly.

Hearing that, everyone’s expression became odd. Even those people following alongside Chang Li were shocked.

They had heard that he had suffered, but as to what that suffering was, he wouldn’t tell them. But when they had seen him furiously grinding his teeth, they had realized it was definitely not something small.

But even in their wildest dreams, they would never have imagined that he had been bullied by someone to such an extent.

Even Guo Ran was in complete disbelief. He had definitely never imagined that this steady and open youth would do such a thing.

“Go to hell!” Chang Li roared. Veins pulsed on his forehead, and his eyes spit flames, as he punched at Long Chen. Wild qi waves and surging gales shot out from his enormous force.

Bang! The bystanders didn’t see the fist touching Long Chen’s head before a leg had already landed in Chang Li’s stomach.

Chang Li immediately groaned and was sent flying dozens of meters before miserably crawling back up.

That group of people following Chang Li were stupefied. That clearly wasn’t the result they had been expecting.

Long Chen’s kick had been completely unnoticeable. And it hadn’t been reliant on a Battle Skill or other technique. It was completely impossible for them to guard against it.

“Brat, you’ve really pissed me off now! I’ll definitely beat you half dead!” Chang Li roared and his aura exploded. Blood Qi soared, causing the space around him to buzz. He charged at Long Chen like a wild gale.

“Ao!” Little Snow suddenly stood up and bellowed.

“Don’t move. I want to see how strong the people here are.” Long Chen quietly comforted Little Snow. He didn’t dare let Little Snow take action. Little Snow didn’t know what it meant to control his attack power. If something went wrong, someone could easily die.

Little Snow was no longer the cute little puppy he had been. His combat ability far surpassed Long Chen now. An ordinary Tendon Transformation would be killed by a single swat of his claws. If Little Snow did accidentally kill someone, he didn’t know just what would happen to his qualifications to participate in the disciple trials. He couldn’t risk it.

Long Chen extended his hand. He was neither quick nor slow, perfectly blocking Chang Li’s fist.

The air exploded, and the withered leaves on the ground were all swept up high into the sky.

But the shocking thing was that after Long Chen received that blow, his body didn’t budge in the slightest. 

“How powerful!” Guo Ran’s heart wildly jumped when he saw that. Although his own combat ability was just average, his vision was extremely astute. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have even been able to notice that Little Snow was a third rank Magical Beast.

He saw that Long Chen received Chang Li’s attack with only his physical strength. There wasn’t the slightest movement from his cultivation base. That meant that Long Chen didn’t even place Chang Li in his eyes.

After receiving that blow, Long Chen nodded inside. Chang Li’s attack was equivalent to an attack from a late Tendon Transformation expert from the secular world. He was even somewhat stronger than Xia Youyu.

This was just how powerful the disciples from these influential families were. Any random disciple of theirs could fight across realms. Having lived in the Phoenix Cry Empire his whole life, Long Chen truly was a frog at the bottom of a well.

However, such strength didn’t mean anything in front of Long Chen. With a single hand, he was tightly clenching Chang Li’s fist.

He indifferently said, “With just this kind of strength, you still want to take revenge?”

Chang Li’s expression became extremely unsightly, as that kind of insult was even harder to take than being slapped in the face.

“How arrogant!”

A boom suddenly came from his body and using some kind of unknown secret art, Chang Li’s strength doubled. Catching Long Chen off guard, he shook his fist free.

“Jade Breaking Fist!” A faint light appeared over Chang Li’s fist, causing his entire fist to become sparkling bright like jade. However, his fist also emitted an extremely frightening pressure as it smashed at Long Chen.

Long Chen also punched out, colliding fists with Chang Li. With a loud explosion, both of them were shaken back.

But Long Chen only took three steps back while Chang Li was forced back ten meters. The entire crowd was deathly silent.

No one had expected that this seemingly weak youth would possess such terrifying strength. Furthermore, from the very start to now, Long Chen had clearly not revealed his cultivation base.

Having exchanged fists, Long Chen actually praised Chang Li inside. He was worthy of being a powerful family’s disciple. That fist had contained extremely condensed strength. Not one bit of his force had been wasted. When they collided, all that force had exploded out, causing even Long Chen to suffer a bit and forcing him back a couple of steps.

It had to be known that Long Chen had now stepped into the sixth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation. Through the tempering of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, his physical body had reached the point where it was even comparable to a third rank Magical beast. For Chang Li to be able to force him back meant that he truly was talented.

“How is this possible?” Chang Li looked at Long Chen with horror. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. His full force blow had not caused any injuries to his opponent.

“Everyone attack together!” Chang Li finally realized that he had run into someone who was difficult to handle. He no longer tried to show off and called over all of his companions to attack with him.

Those people didn’t hesitate after Chang Li’s summoning. All their auras exploded, their combat states reaching their peaks as they charged at Long Chen.

“A group of idiots without the slightest judgment.” Long Chen scolded and stepped forward. One person, who had been punching at Long Chen, suddenly had his arm grabbed by Long Chen and was swung out.

That person was used by Long Chen as a weapon that was sent swinging into the closest three others. Those three clearly had never encountered such a method. Their movements were a mess, not knowing whether they should dodge or take it. Due to their hesitation, they were smashed and sent flying.

The person who had been swung felt pain throughout his entire body, as if his bones had all been broken. But before he could even figure out exactly what his wounds were, Long Chen once more swung him out.

Another three people were smashed and sent flying. This time it seemed that Long Chen had found the knack of using a human weapon, and his strength was even greater than last time.

Those three immediately spat out blood. As for the person who was now swung twice, he vomited blood and directly fainted.

He was tossed to the ground by Long Chen. Stepping forward, he arrived in front of those people who had already been smashed by his human weapon technique and were now stupefied. His fists danced.

Those people were all repeatedly struck, beaten and battered. The only one who could still stand at this time was Chang Li. But Chang Li was badly battered as well, blood flowing miserably from his mouth and nose.

“How savage!” Guo Ran watched as Long Chen easily beat those people up, as if they were children in front of him. His scalp became numb. Those people were all true talents, famous people within their own regions.

But in front of Long Chen, they didn’t even have the strength to resist. Guo Ran’s heart was jumping. Just how powerful was Long Chen?

Long Chen looked at Chang Li in front of him and sneered inside. This group of people all had sturdy cultivation bases and powerful combat abilities, but their combat experience was pathetic.

They were completely lacking in that indifferent manner that was unconcerned with life or death. They were just greenhouse flowers. Although they looked good, they were completely useless.

Even though their strength was high, if it was truly a life or death battle, they were definitely not a match for ordinary Tendon Transformation experts. The ones to die in the end would definitely be them.

But that also made sense. These people were all geniuses groomed by their families and clans. Who would be willing to let them experience true life and death battles? If something happened, none of them would be able to accept it.

However, true experts were definitely not raised like this. If they were placed on the battlefield, they probably would be unable to display even half their strength.

That was the difference when they were compared to Long Chen who had repeatedly brushed against death. They were far too immature.

“Get lost. I just went to the toilet, so I’m very regretful that there’s no chance this time,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“You have guts, but this matter won’t be blown over so easily! Just you wait!” Chang Li hatefully glared at Long Chen.

“Fuck off. You should be rejoicing in your luck that this is the monastery, otherwise, you would have already become a corpse.” Long Chen icily glanced at him.

Long Chen’s glance made Chang Li feel as if a cold blade was pressed against his neck. An incredibly dense sensation of death welled out of him. It was like Long Chen was the Grim Reaper. A single thought from him could end his life. Cold sweat ran down his back.

He wanted to say something powerful, but his mouth just trembled without being able to say a single word. His followers now picked up that unconscious ‘human weapon’ and pulled at Chang Li.

Guo Ran watched as that group ran with their tails between their legs. For a moment, he had no idea what to say. Looking at Long Chen, he was filled with respect.

Long Chen patted his hands and was about to say something when the ground shook slightly. Long Chen’s expression changed, and he hastily looked into the distance, seeing a sword-like qi that soared into the sky before fading.

“What a powerful fight! Let’s go take a look.”

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