Chapter 1289 Nine Flowers Manifest the Heavenly Daos

Meng Qi’s huge area-of-effect attack didn’t actually contain any killing power. Her goal was only to affect the Corrupt expert’s souls for a moment to give Tang Wan-er a chance to unleash her attack.

Only a few Corrupt Soul Transformation experts with powerful souls and protective soul items were able to remain unaffected. The vast majority still felt like their heads were ringing and were unable to form any effective defenses. If this attack landed, it would probably have about the same effect as Guo Ran’s arrow.

“Hmph, an insignificant trick. Just how much could you possibly understand of the laws of heaven and earth?”

Suddenly, a cold laugh rang out, and a red-haired man suddenly appeared in front of the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts. It was Gui Yan.

Gui Yan formed a strange hand seal, and the space in front of him suddenly shook. Blood-red runes filled the air around it.

Heaven and earth were dyed a bloody color. Within the sea of blood-red runes, nine flowers appeared, forming a flower ring around Gui Yan.

“The manifestation of a rank nine Celestial - Nine Flowers Manifest the Heavenly Daos!” One of the Hall Masters of the Xuantian Dao Sect suddenly let out a startled cry, recognizing this version of the Cry of the Heavenly Daos.

Tang Wan-er’s attack struck Gui Yan’s runic sea. But shockingly, it only caused Gui Yan’s manifestation to shake three times before all of Tang Wan-er’s energy was sucked away. Not even a ripple managed to get past him.

“Not good! This is the absolute suppression of a rank nine Celestial!” The Hall Master’s expression sank.

This so-called absolute suppression was the huge restraining effect that rank nine Celestials had toward the lower ranks.

Nine. Nine was the pinnacle. In front of a rank nine Celestial, the attacks of rank eight Celestials would be affected by the Heavenly Daos and would have difficulty causing any injuries to a rank nine Celestial.

Whether it was a rank eight Celestial or a rank nine Celestial, when they summoned their Cry of the Heavenly Daos, they would be supported by Heavenly dao energy. That would make their attack power multiply by up to dozens of times.

This was a collision of power that came from the same source. It was like the clash of two rivers. Whichever side’s power was greater would be the side that absorbed the other.

From rank one Celestials to rank eight Celestials, there was always a suppressive effect on those of the lower ranks. But it was never as terrifying as the suppressive effect rank nine Celestials had on rank eight Celestials.

When Gui Yan summoned his Cry of the Heavenly Daos, everyone clearly felt the surrounding Heavenly Dao energy being stripped away from them. Tang Wan-er couldn’t even absorb a tenth of the Heavenly Dao energy that Gui Yan was absorbing.

Although they were both Celestials, the heavens were like a loving mother to one, but an evil stepmother to the other. The difference in treatment was immense.

Tang Wan-er was shocked. She was a rank eight Celestial, and with Meng Qi’s help, this full-power attack would have definitely slain a few Soul Transformation experts. But such a terrifying attack wasn’t even able to cause a ripple in Gui Yan’s runic sea.

Just as everyone was shocked by Gui Yan’s power, the sea of runes around Gui Yan suddenly surged as if a large rock had fallen in a sea. This was the reaction caused by Tang Wan-er’s attack falling into his manifestation.

Suddenly, a large runic arrow shot out from Gui Yan’s runic sea at the distant Guo Ran.

When this runic arrow appeared, everyone’s expressions changed. This arrow contained the energy of Tang Wan-er’s attack.

It was unknown what method Gui Yan had used to actually unleash Tang Wan-er’s attack as his own, even combining it with his own power. The runic arrow was like lightning, shooting toward Guo Ran at an alarming speed.

By the time Guo Ran reacted, the runic arrow was right in front of him. Even with his armor, this runic arrow contained the combined power of Tang Wan-er’s full-power attack and Gui Yan’s own power. It definitely wouldn’t be easy to receive.

Just at this moment, a figure appeared in front of Guo Ran and kicked his crossbow in the direction of the attack.


The huge crossbow was blown to bits. The explosion caused the world to lose all its color.

This attack was absolutely terrifying. Let alone Guo Ran, even Soul Transformation experts would have been annihilated.

“Guo Ran!” The Dragonblood warriors let out furious roars. Within that terrifying explosion, Guo Ran would be blown apart. All the Dragonblood warriors instantly became red-eyed beasts, their killing intent exploding.

“It’s boss!”

Just as they thought Guo Ran had died, the dust settled and space stopped twisting. They saw a huge ring in the air emitting endless divine might.

Long Chen stood in front of the divine ring, holding a pot. Slowly putting down the pot, he revealed Guo Ran behind him.

Long Chen’s eyes were completely calm, but that naughty smile of his had vanished. He had instantly become another person, seeming more like an undefeatable battle god. He put away the black pot and took out a blood-colored saber.

With Blooddrinker resting on his shoulder, he looked at Gui Yan and icily said, “Your opponent is me. Come at me!”

In the face of this terrifying rank nine Celestial, Long Chen was full of battle intent. Each powerful opponent was another stepping stone for him to advance. Only by using these stepping stones could he reach the peak of the martial path and get closer to his origins.

That was why what Long Chen felt toward Gui Yan wasn’t hatred or anger. There was only a thirst for a battle with an expert.

Gui Yan also wasn’t angry that Long Chen had blocked his attack. Instead, he laughed. “Good, looks like you’re a bit stronger than I thought. That will make it interesting.” Then turning to the Corrupt experts behind him, he icily said, “I’m not from the same side as you. I only came this time for Long Chen. I’ve done all I need to do for you already, so starting now, your lives and deaths have nothing to do with me.”


Gui Yan crushed a translucent jade tablet, and white ripples spread through the air.

Long Chen was covered by those ripples. The white ripples began to rise, bringing Long Chen and Gui Yan into the air, distancing them from the battlefield.

Long Chen didn’t move. He allowed Gui Yan to bring him away. When they finally reached a certain height, the white ripples finally stopped rising.

“This is a broken piece of the ancient battlefield’s divine stage. Although it’s already broken, it can still summon a battle space that others can’t disturb. Even Life Star experts can’t interfere,” said Gui Yan.

“Are you worried about others saving me? Don’t worry, the one to die today will definitely be you.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Hahaha, how egotistical,” laughed Gui Yan, his voice full of contempt.

“It’s not egotistical. This is simply my confidence. No matter what rank of Celestial you are, as long as we are in the same realm, the one to be defeated will definitely be you. This is the iron law created from the countless life and death battles I’ve experienced,” said Long Chen.

It truly wasn’t egotistical. Up to now, Long Chen had maintained a perfect record against those in the same realm as him. This kind of confidence was the result of trampling over a mountain of corpses of powerful enemies. This confidence could not be shaken.

Although Long Chen had never fought a rank nine Celestial, this confidence still filled his heart. This undefeatable confidence of his was incomparably staunch.

“Hahaha, good, very good. I like this arrogance of yours. Do you know why I would sacrifice a treasure just to isolate you from all the other experts?” asked Gui Yan.

“I don’t.” Long Chen thought about it. Clearly, Gui Yan had some other goal other than preventing others from saving him.

“I have two goals. One is to let the Righteous and Corrupt experts see me completely crush you, returning all the humiliation you’ve brought to the Corrupt path a hundred times,” said Gui Yan.

“Oh? This dream is not bad. Then I suppose the second goal is related to Leng Yueyan?” asked Long Chen.

“Not bad. Yes, this formation can record our battle. When the time comes, I’ll show Leng Yueyan that the Long Chen she brought up is nothing more than trash,” said Gui Yan, his eyes as sharp as blades.

Long Chen frowned. “I’m curious, why are you set on viewing Leng Yueyan and I together?”

This was something Long Chen was curious about. Based on what Gui Yan had said, Leng Yueyan had only mentioned his name, but Gui Yan hated him so much. His appearance made it seem like he wanted to bite him to death.

“Because I am one of Leng Yueyan’s pursuers,” said Gui Yan coldly.

“That has nothing to do with me. She’s the one who cut you, not me,” said Long Chen.

“Leng Yueyan said that you, Long Chen, are the only real man in her eyes. As for us… as for us… we’re… garbage! Die, you bastard!” Flames were practically spurting from Gui Yan’s eyes, and it was like all his resentment instantly erupted. The nine flowers revolved around him along with his runes. He sent a fist smashing toward Long Chen.

Hearing what Gui Yan said, Long Chen was surprised. He hadn’t expected Leng Yueyan to view him so highly. No wonder Gui Yan looked as angry as if Long Chen had slain his father.

Failing in his pursuit of Leng Yueyan, he ended up being cut in the mouth and cursed as garbage. This was definitely enough reason for a prideful rank nine Celestial to find trouble with Long Chen.

Gui Yan’s punch brought with it immense pressure that made it hard for Long Chen to breathe. It felt like his fist had absorbed all the energy of the world, as if all of heaven and earth were blessing him.

In front of Gui Yan, Long Chen clearly sensed the rejection he felt from heaven and earth intensify.

They were both sons of this world, yet one was given a candy, while the other was slapped in the face. The difference in treatment was immense. That made Long Chen feel even more hatred for the heavens. Four stars suddenly appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, and he also sent out a punch.

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