Chapter 1288 World-Shaking Arrow

That was a huge crossbow thirty meters long. It couldn’t even be called a crossbow anymore. Instead, it should be called a ballista, the kind used to destroy huge city walls.

Whatever it was, it was pitch-black and looked extremely impressive. Its arms flared open, and it gave off a sense of immense pressure.

There was a foot-thick arrow already nocked. It was shaped like the tongue of a serpent, and just looking at it gave others chills.

The two arms of the crossbow were completely covered in runes, and with the way the light moved along it, it looked like it was alive. It was as if the entire crossbow was one huge beast.

Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. That little fellow Guo Ran truly had some terrifying comprehension ability. Long Chen was no longer a rookie when it came to Ancestral items. He was extremely familiar with those fluctuations. Guo Ran’s crossbow had definitely been forged with material on the Ancestral item level.

However, while it looked mighty and as if it was alive, Long Chen couldn’t sense an item-spirit. That meant it was not a true Ancestral item.

With the crossbow giving off immense pressure, Guo Ran pressed his hand on one end, his eyes shining with excitement.

“I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, slaughtered demons, eliminated devils, plucked the stars and moon. When you need an unrivaled hero, Guo Ran will be there! Villains of the Corrupt path, listen well! As long as I, Guo Ran, am present, your Corrupt path is forever doomed to be suppressed by me!” Guo Ran’s shout lingered through the air, his long hair billowing back as he stood there arrogantly in the sky. It was truly a grand sight.

Long Chen was speechless. This little fellow’s rate of improvement in forging and showing off was completely mismatched. If his forging skills increased by a hundred percent, his poser skills would increase by a thousand percent. His showing off was reaching the pinnacle of the showing off paradigm.

As Guo Ran spoke, the crossbow shook and its runes lit up. A huge light beam shot at the Corrupt army.

The light beam was blinding, and even divine sense was inhibited by it. The Corrupt experts were shocked. Not daring to be careless, they unleashed their own attacks at the light beam.

But what shocked them was that their attacks simply went straight through the light beam. That seemingly incredibly terrifying light beam, which gave off horrifying pressure, actually didn’t have the slightest power. It was just an ordinary beam of light.

Just at this moment, a soft snick rang out. A huge arrow shot out like a bolt of lightning.

According to reason, the sound of a huge arrow piercing through space should be thunderous, but this arrow had Guo Ran’s special space-piercing runes carved into it. It made practically no sound as it flew through the air.

“Watch out!” The Corrupt experts realized that Guo Ran was simply shameless. That light beam had only contained great pressure but no power. It was a foundation for this second attack.


Regretfully, they realized it too late. The arrow exploded amongst them.

The huge arrow, which was like a pillar that held up a palace, exploded into sharp fragments. Even though the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts had immediately reacted and activated their defenses, it wasn’t enough.

Within this arrow were Guo Ran’s personally forged spiral blades. They were only the size of a fist and looked like frisbees. But there were dozens of sharp teeth on them. They looked like flattened sea urchins.

These things spun rapidly, and when they pierced through people’s bodies, because they were extremely fast, although the hole would only be the size of a fist when they pierced a person’s body, by the time it exited, the pressure would increase the size of the exit wound to the size of a washbasin.

There were thousands upon thousands of those fragments exploding amongst the Corrupt Soul Transformation experts. They instantly pierced through the closest Corrupt experts, blowing them to pieces.

Because they were too concentrated, those too close were left without a corpse. Their bodies would normally explode if they were struck by just three, but the closest bunch were struck by dozens of them.

As for those further away, they were lucky. After all, after piercing through the bodies of Soul Transformation experts, those spinning blade discs lost most of their penetrative power.

But even so, this sudden explosion immediately emptied a space amongst the Corrupt army’s Soul Transformation experts. Seventy to eighty of them were slain, and over a hundred were covered in blood, their bodies no longer complete. Those people were lucky that it was their arms or legs that were incomplete. Otherwise, if those discs had struck their heads, they’d have died.

Blood filled the air. Within this blood were dozens of translucent figures. They were those Soul Transformation experts’ Yuan Spirits.

Only over thirty of them managed to survive as Yuan Spirits. Those with weak Spiritual Strength were completely annihilated in body and soul.

But although half of them survived as Yuan Spirits, without their physical bodies, their combat power dropped sharply.

Furthermore, a Yuan Spirit could not take the place of a physical body to cultivate. They would then need to find a suitable body to take. And even once they did, that physical body definitely wouldn’t suit their souls as well as their original body. In other words, their cultivation bases would probably never surpass the Soul Transformation realm for the rest of their lives.

Guo Ran’s arrow shocked everyone; its power was too terrifying. Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s jaws were dropped as low as possible.

Just as everyone was shocked by Guo Ran’s arrow, the sky suddenly darkened. A huge figure flew over the sky, pouncing on those Yuan Spirits.

It was the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow. It shot over to those Yuan Spirits, gulping them down in one mouthful.

“Damn animal, die!” The Corrupt experts immediately launched attacks on it upon seeing it swallow those Yuan Spirits.

Cloud’s wings lit up just before those attacks landed. In the next instant, when the attacks landed, Cloud exploded. Only then did the Corrupt experts realize that what they had attacked was nothing more than an afterimage. The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow had already flown high into the air.

“Nice job, Cloud! I have a few snacks for you as well!” Long Chen laughed and flung a bottle into the air. Those were the Yuan Spirits he had collected over this time.

He knew that these Yuan Spirits were the best tonics for Cloud, so he had kept them this entire time. But he hadn’t expected Guo Ran’s attack to instantly give Cloud so much rich meat. The Yuan Spirits he had bitterly gathered over all this time had turned into nothing more than a snack.

Cloud let out a beautiful bird cry and devoured the bottle. Its huge body continued to fly back and forth in the air, and the runes on its wings lit up. A terrifying pressure began to rise. It seemed it was in the midst of refining those Yuan Spirits.

In the battle over the eastern sea, Cloud had advanced to the ninth realm. Even after all this time, after Meng Qi had spent an ocean’s worth of resources, Cloud’s cultivation base had only just stabilized at the early ninth rank. 

There was no way around that. Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrows were simply too hard to raise. Their cultivation required an exorbitant amount of resources. Even the Xuantian Dao Sect as a whole wasn’t able to raise such a terrifying existence, let alone just Meng Qi.

Fortunately, Cloud was very sensible, and it would rather not show its hunger to Meng Qi. That made Meng Qi feel extremely upset as she felt like she owed Cloud far too much.

But now, Guo Ran had slain so many Soul Transformation experts, and Meng Qi had immediately summoned Cloud, letting it feast.

This was also thanks to the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s innate divine ability: devouring. Their devouring power was their most terrifying ability. Even creatures stronger than it would be annihilated if they were sucked into its stomach. It was an extremely heaven-defying ability.

The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s stomach had its own space. Within it, the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was the ruler.

“Quick, kill that damn brute!” The Corrupt experts roared furiously. The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was a legendary existence, and not just anyone would recognize it. As a result, these people thought they still might be able to save their fellow comrades if they killed it fast enough.

“Soul Wound into a Dream, Infinite Chaos.”

Just at this moment, a fairy-like voice rang out. Meng Qi was in the air like a fairy who had descended into this world. Forming hand seals and softly opening her mouth, an invisible ripple rapidly spread.

The ripple covered all of heaven and earth. The Corrupt disciples’ expressions changed as they felt themselves enter a daze. Up and down inverted. It was like the world was flipping around them.

“Xuantian Profundity, Tempest’s Fury!”

Meng Qi had just unleashed her large-scale soul art to cause the Corrupt experts to enter a temporary dizzy state when Tang Wan-er flew out. Runes revolved around her, and the aura of a rank eight Celestial erupted. Countless wind blades formed a huge cyclone.

The cyclone raged furiously, turning the area around it into a huge storm zone. Suddenly, a pillar of wind blades shot out from the center of the storm zone at the Corrupt experts.

This pillar of wind blades contained the will of heaven and earth. It was like this attack represented the fury of the heavens. In front of this will, people wouldn’t dare to resist.

Long Chen’s heart shook. After being apart for so long, Tang Wan-er’s power had once more risen, to the point that even he was shocked. Her comprehension of wind energy had actually reached the point that the laws of heaven and earth boosted her attack power.

The Corrupt Soul Transformation experts panicked. Due to Meng Qi’s soul art, their spiritual perception had sharply dropped. And by the time they could recollect themselves, the pillar of wind blades struck them like lightning.

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