Chapter 1287 Li Tianxuan’s Intelligence

Li Tianxuan’s words hung in the air. Everyone else was completely silent. Li Tianxuan continued, “When it comes to calculating fate, I don’t have any skill. But when it comes to calculating people’s hearts, I leave Xuan Jizi in the dust. As soon as that battle over the eastern sea was over, I had already predicted that such a day would come and was just waiting. I didn’t need to pay attention to you, nor did I have to pay attention to Xuan Jizi. All I had to do was keep an eye on Long Chen. That was enough. As soon as Long Chen entered Devil Spirit Mountain, I began making my preparations. I knew you would definitely come.”

Even the bosses who looked down on intelligence couldn’t help but praise Li Tianxuan inside. When it came to brains, there was probably no one else who could out-play Li Tianxuan.

The way Li Tianxuan put it made it seem so simple. In front of Li Tianxuan, Xuan Jizi and the Corrupt path’s plot seemed laughably childish. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it. In the end, everything had gone according to Li Tianxuan’s calculations.

“Then those people from the ancient races and the Pill Tower, you did that intentionally?” asked the dwarf.

“No, of course not. Although I had arranged things in advance, when I came, I was disturbed by some special matters and didn’t know what was happening here. Hm, based on your tone, you mean that experts from the ancient races and the Pill Tower are here? How come I don’t see them?” Li Tianxuan simply acted stupid.

In truth, Li Tianxuan had slain those experts intentionally. As for why he acted like he didn’t know, it was just a pretext to avoid being found guilty.

As long as he refused to admit it, who would be able to do anything to him? Even if the ancient races and the Pill Tower decided to come and find him to settle this debt, he could simply say that it had been impossible for him to tell what had been happening inside the formation. To save Long Chen and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s experts, he could only barge into the formation like that.

This time, Li Tianxuan was truly infuriated. The ancient races and the Pill Tower had plotted to kill Long Chen repeatedly without caring about the Xuantian Dao Sect. They had pushed Li Tianxuan to his limit.

When Long Chen had just entered the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, the ancient races’ experts had tried to force the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect to hand over Long Chen. However, they hadn’t even dared to let out a fart after the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had slain three of their Life Star experts.

That made Li Tianxuan see that he couldn’t continue enduring. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had declined just like them, but no one dared to bully them. It made the Xuantian Dao Sect seem too weak in comparison.

So this time, Li Tianxuan had killed Dan Sheng and the ancient races’ experts as a display of power.

Did the Pill Tower think they could bully everyone? Did the ancient races think they could dominate the lands? Then they could come. In any case, the Xuantian Dao Sect had also declined to their breaking point just like the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Why not go all-out?

Li Tianxuan had completely bared his fangs to prove to everyone that the Xuantian Dao Sect was still the old Xuantian Dao Sect, one of the three great sects.

The three great sects of the heavens from back then had long since declined. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, not one of them was an exception.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was already in imminent danger, but they still stuck out their chests boldly, their spines never bending.

On the other hand, successive generations of Xuan Masters had been very conservative. As a result, after so many years, they had been suppressed and suffered in silence.

As for the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, they had a good relationship with Pill Valley and were good at sucking up. Although they looked like they were flourishing, their inner workings were very complicated. They had long since lost their original power.

Now the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was just a dog of the Pill Tower. They had long since been secretly controlled by them. Regretfully for both sides, they had paid a huge price this time. Li Tianxuan had even seen Ma Xingkong being killed by the Corrupt path.

In truth, in the Pill Tower’s eyes, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was truly just a dog. Normally if they gave a dog a few treats, the dog would help bite others for them. When the Pill Tower wanted to speak, the dog could bark a bit as well.

Back in the day, just how glorious had the three heavenly sects been? But now they were a thing of the past. The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had fallen to the point that they needed to wag their tails and beg for the pity of others. It was a sorrowful thing.

As for the Xuantian Dao Sect, their situation was like a frog being slowly boiled. Although it didn’t look like there was any danger in the short term, by the time that danger arrived, everything would be too late.

Li Tianxuan was a smart man, and he had made his determination to revitalize the Xuantian Dao Sect. He acted boldly and decisively.

“If you were prepared, why didn’t you gather the Martial Heaven Alliance and other Righteous powers? Wouldn’t that give you more assurance?” probed the dwarf.

He was completely rattled by Li Tianxuan. He couldn’t make heads or tails of Li Tianxuan’s methods. Although he was a wily old fox, Li Tianxuan was like an experienced hunter.

“No, luxurious meat should be consumed by oneself. Why split it with others? We don’t have that many people, so we probably won’t be able to eat it all. But I feel like eating a portion should be no problem.” Li Tianxuan smiled.

“Hmph, you’re so confident?” sneered the dwarf. Hearing that Li Tianxuan hadn’t gathered other Righteous powers made him much more at ease. The Righteous path was never united enough. They schemed against each other all the time, and if they couldn’t obtain something, they wouldn’t let others obtain it either.

If Li Tianxuan had truly arranged for an army of Righteous experts to appear here, the dwarf would immediately activate the Corrupt God Skull to bring all his people away.

But if the only people to come were the ones here, he was unafraid. And through the Corrupt God Skull’s power, he had subtly probed the area and didn’t see any signs of a formation or hidden auras. That made him calm down.

In the Corrupt path’s eyes, the Righteous path’s people were incomparably greedy and selfish. What Li Tianxuan had just said perfectly matched the Righteous path’s character.

“Hmph, you’re looking down on my Corrupt path. This time, I brought all the elites of Blood Mass Gate. Even with your Heaven Splitting Battle Sect and Xuantian Dao Sect working together, it’s not easy to say whether or not you’ll be able to block our sharp blades. Attack!”

The dwarf formed hand seals, and countless blood-colored runes blazed like the sun on the Corrupt God Skull. The beam of light coming from its forehead increased in intensity. It was now several times stronger than before.

Following his order, the Life Star experts flew out at the Xuantian Dao Sect’s side. The others also followed.

“There’s no need to waste the effort. My mission is just to keep an eye on you. I won’t interfere in their battle,” said Li Tianxuan indifferently.

The reason the dwarf was activating the Corrupt God Skull at full power was to make Li Tianxuan have to focus on him. Otherwise, the slightest negligence might allow Li Tianxuan to send down some of the power of his divine item below and exterminate his Corrupt path’s experts.

In truth, he had the same thoughts. He had great confidence in the experts he had brought along. Whether it was in terms of numbers or quality, they far surpassed their side.

“Then that’s best. Let’s see just who is stronger.” The dwarf smiled coldly. But he placed his complete attention on Li Tianxuan, afraid of him pulling some trick. He had no choice but to be as careful as possible when it came to Li Tianxuan.

“Fuck, after stifling so much anger, I can finally vent against some Corrupt bastards. But don’t worry, these heads will count toward your Xuantian Dao Sect!” Boss Bao shouted and shot forward at one of the incoming Life Star experts.

Following Boss Bao, Liu Cang, as well as the dark-faced, never-smiling Tower Department Head also flew out at the Life Star experts.

Then the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Boss flew out. Only the Seventh Boss hesitated. “There are too many Soul Transformation experts on their side. Will you be alright?”

“Don’t worry about us, we can handle it. On the other hand, for the nine of you to face eighteen Life Star experts is troublesome,” said Long Chen worriedly.

“Haha, as long as you’re fine, there definitely won’t be any problem on our side. We’re still not so old that you can look down on us.” The Seventh Boss laughed confidently. No longer hesitating, he charged out at the Life Star experts.

This was different from the previous battle. This was the true time to fight with their lives on the line. The seven bosses immediately started using their fiercest moves, unleashing dangerous, suicidal moves.

The seven bosses fought with Liu Cang and the Tower Department Head against the Life Star experts. Although their battle was incredibly shocking, they all had misgivings about their people and began to slowly fly away, leaving the main battlefield to the others.

One reason was because they were worried about their disciples being killed by the shockwaves, but another reason was because they were afraid of touching the Sovereign Blood Seal. The Sovereign Blood Seal would annihilate anyone who attacked it, so none of them dared to fight near it.

The Life Star experts distanced themselves from the main battlefield. By that time, the Soul Transformation experts had arrived. Over five hundred Soul Transformation experts were charging over like bloodthirsty devils, their eyes shining with a vicious light.

The new Elder Hall Master led the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Soul Transformation experts forward. This time, the Xuantian Dao Sect had truly moved out in full force. They had over eighty Soul Transformation experts.

They had even called out their experts that had been in seclusion for decades or even centuries. Although the difference in number was far too vast, they all knew that in this Righteous and Corrupt battle, the time had come for them to repay the sect that had raised them for so many years. None of them retreated.

But they had only just been about to charge forward when Long Chen stopped them. “Soul Transformation experts don’t need to fight alone. Let’s have a full chaotic battle.”

If they fought according to the style of soldiers fight soldiers, generals fight generals, then the Soul Transformation realm would be the Xuantian Dao Sect’s fatal weakness. The number difference between them was too great.

Although Long Chen was just a disciple, all these Soul Transformation experts listened to him. Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, Long Chen’s prestige was only second to the Xuan Master.

“Brothers, after being apart for so long, you should all have reached the peak of Foundation Forging. Let’s once more fight alongside each other against these demons from the Corrupt path. There’s no need to hide your power this time. Let loose and let me see your true power. Today, we’re going to carry out a slaughter!” Long Chen raised his head and roared. That roar shook the nine heavens.

Long Chen’s roar ignited all the hot blood of the Dragonblood warriors. Thirteen thousand warriors let out a simultaneous roar.

“Slaughter them!”

The furious roar of ten thousand experts containing boundless battle intent resounded throughout the world.

“Don’t worry, I, Guo Ran, will get us off to a good start.”

Guo Ran appeared in the air, a huge crossbow in front of him. Seeing it, Long Chen’s pupils narrowed. An Ancestral item?

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