Chapter 1286 The Dragonblood Legion Descends

The first person to charge out was Guo Ran. Following his cry, the rest of the Dragonblood Legion also flew out.

Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Wilde, Yue Zifeng, Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, familiar figures flew out one by one.

Other than the Dragonblood Legion’s experts, there was also Hua Shiyu, Zhao Ziyan, Wang Zhen, and even the previous generation’s experts, Mu Qingxuan and Su Mo.

These people were all the greatest elites of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Each of them had fervent expressions in their eyes.

That was because after their parting in the eastern sea, the stories of what Long Chen had done in the outside world had made their blood boil. In the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, he had fought against experts from various powers, ruining the Pill Tower’s sinister scheme. Then he had slaughtered his way out of Grand Xia City, completely looking down on the ancient races’ experts like they were nothing. The Dragonblood Legion was especially full of passion.

“Boss, we can finally fight alongside each other again!”

The Dragonblood Legion let out a heaven-shaking roar. Their voices contained boundless battle intent. They were now a terrifying legion whose sharpness could pierce through the world.

Hearing their roar, Long Chen felt his own blood igniting. Although there was no wind, his clothes began to flutter. A powerful energy was rising within him, forming a resonance with the Dragonblood Legion’s battle intent.

This was a resonance between hot-blooded brothers, a connection that could only be formed through countless life and death battles together.

“When did the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples become this strong?” Boss Bao couldn’t help being surprised upon seeing these Dragonblood warriors unleashing overflowing battle intent.

“Long Chen!”

From amongst the Dragonblood Legion’s experts, a beautiful figure suddenly passed everyone else and shot over. A burst of fragrance washed over Long Chen. It was Tang Wan-er.

Tang Wan-er was currently red in the face, and although she did her best to suppress them, she couldn’t stop her tears from streaming down. Even when she called out Long Chen’s name, her voice had started to choke up.

Long Chen held her tightly. He understood Tang Wan-er the best. This girl was extremely obstinate, and she also didn’t like to lose face. For her true emotions to pour out here regardless of the situation, it was clear how worried she had been for him. It made him feel both warm and ashamed.

“Sorry, I made you worry.” Long Chen gently wiped away her tears.

“Scoundrel, did you completely forget about us? Or have you been spreading your plague to women in the outside world?” Tang Wan-er beat him on the chest a few times.

“How could that be possible? The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect only has hot-blooded men. There were no women,” said Long Chen awkwardly. This girl’s jealous nature hadn’t changed one bit.

At this time, Meng Qi also arrived beside him. Looking at Long Chen, her eyes were slightly red. She opened her mouth, but she was unable to say anything. The emotion in her eyes caused Long Chen to feel a burst of pain.

He also didn’t say anything. Releasing Tang Wan-er, he also gave Meng Qi a deep embrace. He truly owed them far too much.

“Brother Long!” Wilde’s body hadn’t changed, but now his face had some faint red lines on it that were a bit frightening. Seeing Long Chen again, Wilde’s eyes turned red from emotion.

“Good brother, I’m fine. Let’s talk later.” Long Chen patted Wilde’s arm. Long Chen had a special emotion for this simple-minded brother of his.

“Boss, I also want a hug!” Guo Ran suddenly spread his arms just like Tang Wan-er had and rushed forward.

“Scram, brat! What is there to hug about between brothers?” said Long Chen. Right now, the situation was still too tense. Li Tianxuan was facing the dwarf from the Corrupt path, and both of them were using divine items.

Long Chen only had time to nod toward the others. Now wasn’t the time to catch up. A merciless and bloody battle was about to happen.

Long Chen gave a simple introduction for Bao Buping and Chang Hao before they all silently stared up at the sky.

Li Tianxuan’s sudden arrival gave them a sense of safety. He had broken the Corrupt path’s Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation and forced the Corrupt experts back. With the Reincarnation Mirror behind him, his eyes were completely calm, as if everything was under his control.

The Corrupt experts were also shocked. Standing behind the dwarf, they made their preparations for a huge battle. Right now, in terms of numbers, they still had an absolute advantage.

Although the Xuantian Dao Sect had moved out in full force, with Liu Cang, the Tower Department Head, and the various Hall Master-level experts and Elders present, their power was still much weaker than the Corrupt path. 

Both sides had pulled back and gathered, preparing for a fight.

“Li Tianxuan, you really are brazen. You were actually willing to sacrifice a portion of your karmic luck to increase the power of the Reincarnation Mirror. Aren’t you worried about the decline of your Xuantian Dao Sect?” asked the dwarf, his expression dark. Li Tianxuan’s arrival completely ruined all his plans.

Long Chen’s heart shook. No wonder he felt that the Reincarnation Mirror looked even stronger than in that last battle over the eastern sea.

“I, Li Tianxuan, have always been quite brazen. Back over the eastern sea, I only used ten percent of the Reincarnation Mirror’s power so the other ninety percent could continue to maintain our karmic luck. But this time, I was a bit worried and felt like adding an extra twenty percent. With two divine items, using a portion of its power won’t rattle the Xuantian Dao Sect’s foundation, so you don’t need to worry about it. Furthermore, if I didn’t use thirty percent of the Reincarnation Mirror’s power, how else would I be able to block your Corrupt God Skull?” Li Tianxuan smiled faintly.

This skull the dwarf had summoned was the Corrupt path’s famed divine item, the Corrupt God Skull.

It was rumored that the Corrupt God Skull was the skull of the seventh generation’s Corrupt God. It was one of the Corrupt path’s supreme treasures and contained the divine abilities of the seventh generation’s Corrupt God.

But this skull was the same as the Reincarnation Mirror and normally used to maintain karmic luck. They wouldn’t easily use it.

Maintaining karmic luck. That sounded mysterious and vague, but all sects with long inheritances had to have a powerful divine item maintaining it.

If the sect was a tree, then the roots were a sect’s karmic luck. The greater the karmic luck, the more life energy the tree had.

The tree’s leaves could fall, but as long as the tree roots were still present, they could grow again. A sect’s rise and fall was like a tree going through the seasons. As long as its karmic luck remained, it would forever exist.

The longer the history of a sect, the more karmic luck they had as a foundation, and the more they needed a divine item to maintain it. They couldn’t easily use those divine items, because doing so would harm the tree’s roots and would be dangerous to their futures.

For example, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect currently only had a single divine item maintaining their karmic luck. Furthermore, that divine item was connected to their Heaven Earth Divine Pool. If they used it, the Heaven Earth Divine Pool would be ruined, and it would signify that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s karmic luck had run out.

Although the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect looked like it had already declined and was half-dead, as long as they had a divine item maintaining their karmic luck, anything was possible. It was like a tree that had collapsed, but still had a bit of life in its roots. There was always a chance that spring would come again, and the withered tree would once more thrum with vitality.

As for the Corrupt God Skull that the Corrupt path had brought, it was prepared just in case they encountered a divine item from the Righteous path.

The dwarf had felt like just the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation would be enough to handle this. He hadn’t expected Li Tianxuan to arrive. But if they hadn’t prepared the Corrupt God Skull just in case, they would have been completely annihilated here.

That made the dwarf feel very irritated. He was unable to figure out how Li Tianxuan had managed to scheme everything seemingly so perfectly as if everything was in his control.

In order to be sure of their success today, they had also increased the power of the Corrupt God Skull to the point that it would be able to suppress the power of the Reincarnation Mirror, which had appeared over the eastern sea.

But as if matching them, Li Tianxuan had also increased the power of the Reincarnation Mirror. It was like he had known what they would do and was intentionally matching them. That made the dwarf want to cough up blood.

“How did you know our movements? And so clearly at that?” asked the dwarf. Until he knew the answer to this, there would be an uncomfortable knot in his heart.

“Did you really think your plan was seamless? Did you really think Xuan Jizi’s heaven-peering arts were omniscient? Xuan Jizi might be able to calculate fate, but he can’t calculate people’s hearts. If he continues like this, he’ll sooner or later end up calculating himself to death.” Li Tianxuan shook his head.

“What do you mean?” demanded the dwarf gloomily.

“It’s very simple. Xuan Jizi wishes to kill Long Chen to hide all the despicable things he has done over the years. According to my investigation, Hua Shiyu is just one of his victims. I’ve already found over a hundred geniuses that have fallen victim to Xuan Jizi. But even I don’t know the true number of geniuses he has harmed.

“If he really had the ability to see through the heavens and understood the cycle of karma, if he could truly respect the will of the world, he wouldn’t do such a thing that’s against the heavens. Since he commits such atrocities, it means he’s nothing more than a faker. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been expelled from Heavenly Fate Island and sent to be a swindler in the Grand Han Ancient Nation.

“Let me put it a bit more simply. He is just a conman. Although he has some ability, he doesn’t use his head.

“Ever since the battle over the eastern sea, I knew that he definitely wouldn’t let this go. I also knew that your Corrupt path would get revenge after suffering such a loss.

“At that time, I had already used the Reincarnation Mirror to completely block the Xuantian Dao Sect’s fate from being read so that Xuan Jizi wouldn’t be able to see anything about us.

“So he had no choice but to calculate things based on the Grand Xia’s fate to find Long Chen’s general position. And he didn’t succeed in the Grand Xia. That is where the Wine God Palace is, and the Wine God Palace has a god’s inheritance. There’s no way he can calculate everything about the Wine God Palace, so he once more failed.

“As for when Long Chen left the Grand Xia and went to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, let alone Xuan Jizi, even I, without the slightest bit of ability in seeing through fate, could calculate that Long Chen’s next step would definitely be Devil Spirit Mountain, as many people know that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s divine item was lost in Devil Spirit Mountain. Now you should understand, right? Your so-called secret movements and Xuan Jizi’s brilliant deductions are nothing more than a huge joke.”

Li Tianxuan’s words resounded through the air, causing the dwarf’s expression to grow more and more unsightly.

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