Chapter 1285 Breaking the Formation

Long Chen suddenly laughed as if he had encountered some supremely funny thing.

“With death at hand, you can still laugh? Hopefully you can still laugh once I refine you into a puppet,” said Gui Yan icily.

After laughing for a while, Long Chen finally said, “I know that you definitely tried to take some liberties with Leng Yueyan for her to attack you. Not bad, not bad, that girl Leng Yueyan is truly beautiful. I was never able to view her as a woman, but you’re much stronger than me. You actually dare to dally with her, hehe, admirable.”

Long Chen had to admit that Leng Yueyan’s beauty could shake a person to their core. With just her beauty, she could probably make a person die from enthrallment.

But that murderous and baleful aura within her was something that people didn’t dare to get close to. She was like a beautiful fiend. Getting close to her would make you lose your life.

No matter how beautiful she was, it was impossible to view her as a woman, because the only thing she gave off was boundless killing intent. If you were to liken women to flowers, then Leng Yueyan was a beautiful man-eating flower.

“Even now, you can still be sarcastic? Hmph, once I turn you into a puppet, I’ll bring you in front of Leng Yueyan and see what she says,” sneered Gui Yan with a bit of hatred in his eyes.

“You should just give up. Do you think you can seduce Leng Yueyan with your kind of conduct? If she can cut your mouth with her first attack, she’ll definitely exterminate you with her second attack. Next time, she’ll kill you like killing a chicken. You should stop being so cocky. Leng Yueyan isn’t someone you can have any delusions about.”

Long Chen smiled coldly. He felt the slightest bit of hope within these desperate straits.

From some details, he could see that while that dwarf elder was the person with the highest authority here, he was vaguely fawning over Gui Yan when they spoke.

Although his cultivation base was the highest, it seemed Gui Yan’s status was particularly special. Long Chen had a skillful grasp over other people’s emotions. He could tell that this Gui Yan was probably someone with an extremely high status in the Corrupt path.

If he captured him, perhaps he could use him as a protective talisman to threaten the Corrupt path into letting them go. As for carrying out that plan, Long Chen didn’t have any assurance, but right now it was his only hope.

Although Long Chen was scoffing at Gui Yan right now, in truth, his heart was unsteady. After all, that was a rank nine Celestial. Although the previous assassin from the Bloodkill Hall was also a rank nine Celestial, Long Chen had only seen a fraction of his power.

Yet even so, the power that the assassin had displayed still shocked him. A rank nine Celestial had to be a terrifying existence.

If it was an all-out fight, he wouldn’t be afraid. But wanting to capture a rank nine Celestial alive was extremely difficult.

But the more difficult it was, the more challenging it was, the more Long Chen liked doing it. He intentionally mocked Gui Yan, and due to the envy Gui Yan already had in his heart, his killing intent immediately began to soar.

The first time Gui Yan had seen Leng Yueyan, he had been attracted by her peerless beauty. He viewed himself as exceptionally handsome, as a dragon amongst men in the Corrupt path. Thus, he had taken the initiative to flirt with her.

As a result, Leng Yueyan had directly replied with her bone sword, leaving behind an injury that would never heal in his lifetime. That was extremely humiliating.

This injury contained Leng Yueyan’s specific mark. Unless she died, the mark wouldn’t disappear. In other words, each time Gui Yan smiled, his injury would split open and make him appear frightening.

To a handsome expert, that was especially intolerable. Now being mocked by Long Chen, he didn’t need Long Chen to put in any more effort. Gui Yan’s aura began to rise.

“Long Chen, I won’t let you die. I’ll make you live a life worse than death.” Gui Yan’s voice came from between the cracks of his teeth. His hatred for Long Chen had reached a peak.

Long Chen smiled inside. The Corrupt path’s people were truly easy to infuriate. It seemed the injury Leng Yueyan had left on him would now be paid back to Long Chen.

But Long Chen didn’t get angry about that. Instead, he was thankful to Leng Yueyan. She had allowed him to turn this hatred into a chance to escape.

“Gui Yan, hold on a moment. This isn’t the place to have a fair battle. If you want to fight against Long Chen, you should wait until we get back. First, let’s extract these people’s souls and leave their bodies to be refined into puppets,” said the dwarf.

“No, I can’t wait. It’s not like we’re in a rush. I can definitely kill him within ten exchanges- no, just three will be enough.” Gui Yan ignored the elder’s words. He slowly walked forward, glaring at Long Chen.

“Gui Yan, this isn’t Corrupt King Mountain. You have to listen to me here.” The dwarf’s expression sank. He had clearly been angered.

Seeing this anger, Gui Yan hesitated and didn’t continue forward. He had to restrain himself a bit in front of this dwarf.

Seeing Gui Yan actually stop, Long Chen cursed inside. If Gui Yan refused to fight him, he would have no chance to escape the calamity.

“After bragging to the point that you shook the heavens, you still ran away, huh? If Leng Yueyan could cut you with her sword, then I can crush you like crushing a dog. What’s the point of bragging so much? To say you could defeat me in just three moves, are you trying to make it obvious that you’re just bragging? Just bragging won’t bring you any glory. It’s not that I want to look down on you, but I really do look down on you,” sneered Long Chen.

“You’re asking for it!” Gui Yan roared, his aura completely erupting. He had just been about to charge forward when the dwarf caught hold of him.

Looking at Long Chen, the dwarf sneered, “Brat, when it comes to scheming, your skill is still lacking. Such a little trick is useless against me.”

Clearly, he had seen through Long Chen’s intentions. He wasn’t worried about Long Chen defeating Gui Yan, as that was impossible.

But he didn’t want to waste any more time. The longer things went on, the more likely something unexpected would occur. That would be troublesome. After all, this was the territory of the Righteous path.

Hearing this, Long Chen’s expression changed. This was clearly a wily old fox who wouldn’t allow the slightest careless thing.

“Child, don’t be afraid. People die sooner or later. With all of us on the road to the Yellow Springs, we’ll have plenty to say and laugh about. What’s there to be unhappy about?” Boss Bao patted Long Chen on the shoulder comfortingly.

After all, the three of them were still young, while the bosses had been living for centuries. They had long since stopped feeling so much fear toward death.

But if these bosses knew Bao Buping had memorized the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet’s inheritance and message, they wouldn’t be able to stay so calm.

“Damnit, I can’t die yet. I have so many beauties and hot-blooded brothers waiting for me…” Long Chen looked at the blood-colored dome in the sky. The terrifying pressure being emitted from the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation told him that even if he was a hundred times stronger, he wouldn’t be able to break this formation.

Long Chen sighed inside. He was unwilling, but this was an indisputable fact. He really was about to die here.


Suddenly, the formation quivered intensely, and countless chains shot over at Long Chen’s side like sinister serpents.

“Sorry, our time is precious. We need to leave quickly.” The dwarf smiled cruelly at them. The sight of people struggling right before their deaths was his favorite scene.

Long Chen took out the pot and prepared to give it to Boss Bao. Boss Bao was the strongest here, and giving him the pot gave them the greatest chance of getting out of this formation.

But that hope was so remote that it was almost nonexistent. That was because there wasn’t just a grand formation trapping them. There was also that terrifying dwarf. He definitely wouldn’t allow Boss Bao to break the formation. No matter what they did, there was no chance.

Just as Long Chen was preparing to send a message to Boss Bao, a familiar voice rang out from the sky that caused Long Chen’s heart to pound.

“Since your time is precious, there’s no need to leave. My Xuantian Dao Sect is large enough for its precious guests to stay behind.”

Long Chen felt like flowers were blooming in his heart. This voice belonged to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Xuan Master, Li Tianxuan. Hearing that voice, the dwarf’s expression immediately changed.


The huge barrier above them shattered, a large hole appearing on it. A thirty-thousand-meter-thick beam of light shot down.

Completely by chance, the light went right through where those experts from the Pill Tower and ancient races were currently bound, and instantly blew them to dust.

The light beam continued toward the dwarf. Its terrifying power caused the world to shake.

“It’s the Reincarnation Mirror!” The dwarf let out a startled cry. A small skeleton suddenly appeared in his hand. It was only the size of a fist and looked to be a human skull.

There were blood-colored marks on the skull that emitted an evil air. The skull rapidly grew until it was three thousand meters.

On the skull’s forehead, a blood-colored light condensed and shot out at the light beam.


When the two rays of energy collided, heaven and earth fiercely shook. The huge Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation was blown to pieces. The blood color that filled the world faded, returning the world to its original color.

Long Chen and the others were blown far into the distance. Only once he managed to stabilize himself did Long Chen get a chance to see what was happening clearly.

Up in the sky was an ancient mirror emitting boundless divine might. It covered the sky, and as it revolved, runes shook heaven and earth, charging through the beam of light to attack the skull.

Long Chen recognized this ancient mirror to be one of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s divine items, the Reincarnation Mirror. In front of that sacred mirror was a person forming hand seals, his long hair billowing back. That person always had a faint smile as if everything was within his control.

“Good child, your ability to cause trouble grows greater and greater. Even I am almost unable to handle it.” The Xuan Master smiled at Long Chen. His voice was full of praise.

“Boss, we’ve come!”

Following that, a sharp cry rang out, and a mass of figures flew out of the Reincarnation Mirror.

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