Chapter 1284 Gui Yan

Following the hand seals of the dwarf from the Corrupt path, the blood-colored formation shook, and it was like blood was flowing within it. Baleful qi surged out, causing everyone to feel a chill.

Suddenly, a blood-colored hand stretched out of the formation and slammed toward Dan Sheng’s group.

“How brazen!” Dan Sheng was infuriated that they would dare to attack him. They were ignoring Pill Valley’s might.

Seeing this mountain-like hand smashing toward him, Dan Sheng summoned his flame giant once more. A flame blade appeared in its hand, and it slashed at the blood-colored hand.

BANG! Shockingly, Dan Sheng’s terrifying flame giant was instantly blown apart.

Thirty-six figures appeared within the hand. They were crazily struggling within it, letting out ear-piercing wails that gave others goosebumps.

“Those are thirty-six Life Star experts from the Righteous path. After being refined into the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation, their anguish and resentment from before they died was imprinted into the formation. This attack is equivalent to the attack of thirty-six Life Star experts. Tell me, just how are you supposed to block me?” sneered the dwarf.

Seeing this hand smashing toward them, the other Life Star experts brought along by Dan Sheng went all-out attacking it. But their attacks all blew up upon contact. They were powerless to stop it.

Horrified, they hastily fled. But they suddenly found that they couldn’t move. At some unknown time, the ground beneath them had turned scarlet. There was some kind of energy keeping them stuck to the ground.


The hand slammed down. It was like it had landed amongst a group of ants. Dan Sheng and the others were unable to resist.

Once the hand caught them, it transformed into countless chains that bound them. Dan Sheng and others’ expressions changed. They found that these chains had some special energy that had sealed their cultivation bases.

“Are you trying to become enemies with my Pill Valley?!” roared Dan Sheng.

“We have no intention of becoming enemies with Pill Valley. But that doesn’t represent that the Corrupt path must submit to Pill Valley all the time. That’s why you should shut your mouth for now. If you keep being irritating, I might not be able to hold myself back from getting rid of you.” After saying that, a chain tightly bound Dan Sheng’s mouth. Dan Sheng was infuriated, but he could no longer speak.

Suddenly, seven explosive sounds rang out, and seven chains pierced through the middle of seven Life Star experts’ heads.

Those Life Star experts shook intensely as they struggled painfully. But with their bodies bound, they could only struggle in pain.

What shocked Long Chen and the others was that these chains seemed to be sucking something out of the seven Life Star experts.

Long Chen’s gaze was icy. These Life Star experts had ignored right or wrong to suck up to the Pill Tower. They had brought about their own demise, so their deaths didn’t make him feel any sympathy.

But for the Corrupt path to be killing them in this manner, they were clearly humiliating the Righteous path to increase their own intimidating reputation.

Back when Long Chen had first heard that the Righteous path captured the Corrupt path’s experts and tortured them by grinding their skulls to powder and mixing it with mud to form walls as symbols of their achievement, he had felt a bit unnatural.

But now he realized that these people from the Corrupt path weren’t even human. They were cold-blooded brutes. They had to be torn apart piece by piece, or there would be no way to resolve the hatred in people’s hearts.

In just a moment, the aura of life from those seven Righteous Life Star experts vanished, and the chains pulled out of their heads, leaving behind seven large holes. Their bodies were nothing more than lifeless husks now. The dwarf waved his hand and gathered those corpses.

“Hehe, the material for seven Life Star puppets. My gains aren’t bad this time,” he laughed. “As for the subordinates, they’re useless. So… time for you to die!”

The Corrupt dwarf glanced at the Righteous path’s Soul Transformation experts. They immediately turned stiff.

Several of the Righteous path’s experts actually knelt down and begged, “Please, don’t kill me! I’m willing to join the Corrupt path, I’m willing to be used as a tool by the Corrupt path…”

“Just die. Trash like you isn’t fit to join the Corrupt path.” The dwarf waved his hand, and red chains shot out from the sky at these Soul Transformation experts.

They despaired. Some tried to flee, some gritted their teeth and prepared to resist. There were also some who directly gave up and stood there like a dead dog.

Even Life Star experts couldn’t resist in front of the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation, so these little Soul Transformation experts were just ants. They didn’t even have the bravery to resist.

In front of death, these usually bold and powerful experts all showed their cowardice and terror, as well as their longing toward life. But in front of absolute power, they didn’t have any choice.

The chains fell. Those who tried to resist were directly blown to bloody mist, their weapons shattered.

Whether they tried to resist, run, or just lay on the ground in defeat, they were all slain. Their unwilling screams still hung in the air as they vanished from the world.

However, there were over ten of them that didn’t die. They were still bound in chains and hung in the air. They had already fallen unconscious.

These people were from Pill Valley and the ancient races. The Corrupt expert didn’t kill them. But as a show of power, he completely bound them.

Dan Sheng and the remaining five Life Star experts from the ancient races were also dangling in the air as prisoners. They were terrified. If the Corrupt path wanted to kill them, it would be as easy as turning a hand. They finally experienced the terror of the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation.

When the wails and screams faded, everything within the formation became deathly silent. Now, it was Long Chen’s group of ten people facing tens of thousands of Corrupt experts.

“The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect used to have so many powerful existences. It’s too bad that they declined to such a point and even needed their Soul Transformation experts to win face for their sect. What a shame.” The dwarf shook his head with a pitiful expression at the bosses.

“Hmph, don’t act so fake. If the seven of us had advanced to the Life Star realm, do you think this little formation would be able to stop us?” Boss Bao sneered.

Now that things had reached this point, the bosses became calm. There was no way they could run. Thus, the only thing to worry about was whether or not they could drag a few Corrupt experts down with them before dying.

The only thing that they felt regretful about was that they had no way to send out Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao. For such talented geniuses to fall so early made them sigh.

But they were all hot-blooded men. Even in the face of death, their expressions were calm. They didn’t spout any nonsense.

The dwarf ignored Boss Bao. Instead, he turned toward Long Chen. He suddenly spoke to someone behind him. “Gui Yan, what do you think about this little fellow?”

That young disciple with the red hair slowly walked forward. It went without saying that when compared to the fierce and sinister appearances of the Corrupt path, this person was an especially handsome existence.

This red-haired Gui Yan looked at Long Chen and shook his head. “I suppose he’s alright. But he’s very different from what I imagined. It’s disappointing. I really doubt that he’s the fellow Leng Yueyan was talking about. How could he be so weak? He can’t even last ten exchanges against me.”

Boss Bao and the others’ pupils shrank slightly. Through their sharp eyesight, they instantly saw through his true power: he was a rank nine Celestial.

Long Chen was even more shocked than them. That wasn’t because of his cultivation base or Celestial rank. It was because of that name he mentioned.

“You know Leng Yueyan?” asked Long Chen.

Gui Yan smiled faintly. But that smile was not very natural, because when he smiled, his face split open and blood flowed out.

That was a terrifying injury. It was like a horizontal line that stretched across his whole face where his mouth was. This smile of his instantly revealed all his teeth.

This injury looked like it had been caused by a sharp blade. If that blade had pressed forward any more, Gui Yan’s head would have been severed at his mouth.

Gui Yan put away his smile and wiped away that blood. The injury on his face also instantly healed.

“This injury was caused by Leng Yueyan. She said my smile was very ugly, so she left behind this injury. Now, whenever I smile, the injury instantly splits open. It has been a long time since I smiled, but seeing you today, I couldn’t help it.” Gui Yan looked at Long Chen with rancor.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Just what realm had Leng Yueyan reached? She was actually so domineering as to torment such a powerful person.

When Gui Yan had smiled, Long Chen had sensed an extremely bizarre energy cut across his skin. The image of a perfectly beautiful face appeared in his mind. Those ocean-blue eyes were like gems.

“Next time we meet, I will take your life. Be careful!”

This was something Leng Yueyan had said to him in the Immemorial Path. Now seeing this terrifying injury, Long Chen felt a chill. That demoness had probably completely broken through any of her old limits.

Gui Yan looked at Long Chen icily. “Just because I smiled at her once, she attacked me, saying my smile was ugly. She said that if I could smile as brilliantly and wretchedly as you, I could come smile at her again. Otherwise, she would cut off my head. So I was very curious as to what kind of person you were. Did you have three heads and six arms? Just how outstanding were you? But now that I see you, I see you’re just trash.”

Gui Yan’s eyes almost had flames spurting out of them. Long Chen realized something and suddenly laughed.

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