Chapter 1283 Red-Haired Man (Teaser)

The formation created a huge blood-colored barrier that trapped them all. A murderous aura filled the formation. There was a strong air of death.

As ‘calabashes’ formed of blood-colored runes fell from the sky one by one, it made the entire formation seem like some kind of growth that was bearing fruit.

When the runes slowly dissipated from the calabashes, they revealed Corrupt experts wearing blood-red robes with images of fiendish faces on their chests.

Everyone here sucked in a cold gasp of air upon seeing this. There were actually tens of thousands of Corrupt experts. They stood in the air, looking like blood-colored clouds.

Shockingly, eighteen elders were standing at the front. They were all Life Star experts, and behind them were over five hundred Soul Transformation experts.

Other than those people, there was a huge crowd of Foundation Forging disciples. These disciples didn’t look very old, but their cultivation bases were extremely condensed. They were elites amongst the Foundation Forging realm. Several of them had such powerful auras that they could be powerful rank eight Celesti...

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