Chapter 1283 Red-Haired Man

The formation created a huge blood-colored barrier that trapped them all. A murderous aura filled the formation. There was a strong air of death.

As ‘calabashes’ formed of blood-colored runes fell from the sky one by one, it made the entire formation seem like some kind of growth that was bearing fruit.

When the runes slowly dissipated from the calabashes, they revealed Corrupt experts wearing blood-red robes with images of fiendish faces on their chests.

Everyone here sucked in a cold gasp of air upon seeing this. There were actually tens of thousands of Corrupt experts. They stood in the air, looking like blood-colored clouds.

Shockingly, eighteen elders were standing at the front. They were all Life Star experts, and behind them were over five hundred Soul Transformation experts.

Other than those people, there was a huge crowd of Foundation Forging disciples. These disciples didn’t look very old, but their cultivation bases were extremely condensed. They were elites amongst the Foundation Forging realm. Several of them had such powerful auras that they could be powerful rank eight Celestials.

The thing that shocked Long Chen the most was that amongst the Foundation Forging disciples, a certain disciple stood at the very front. He was like the bright moon amongst dim stars.

He was a slender, handsome man, but his face was pale as paper. Most eye-attracting of all was his red-colored hair.

The contrast between the blood-like hair and his pale face made him look even more conspicuous.

Standing in the air, he looked down at Long Chen expressionlessly. But Long Chen could sense dense killing intent in his eyes.

The Righteous and Corrupt paths could not coexist. The enmity between both sides was something that couldn’t be washed away even with all the Martial Heaven Continent’s water.

For him to form killing intent toward Long Chen was simply natural. But Long Chen felt like he could see another kind of emotion in his eyes. He didn’t know if it was a misperception, but it felt like envy.

“Haha, Xuan Jizi truly is worthy of being someone from Heavenly Fate Island. Other than Long Chen, he actually allowed us to catch so many other big fish. It was worth it to mobilize such a huge force.” The lead Corrupt Life Star expert laughed, his voice like blades stabbing through everyone’s ears.

This elder was withered and tiny like a dwarf. Pockmarks covered his whole face. His eyes were sunken, and his nose protruded out like a beak. It was an extremely frightening appearance.

“This old ghost is very powerful. Be careful.” Bao Buping sent a message to his side. Although there were multiple Life Star experts present, this dwarf gave him the most terrifying feeling of danger.

Long Chen was deeply shaken as well as infuriated. The Grand Han had received a heavy blow by that formation master called Xia Chen. But the Heavenly Fate Pavilion hadn’t been harmed at all. Despite that, that bastard had once more schemed against him. The Corrupt path had clearly been willing to pay any price to kill him this time. They had actually mobilized this many people and even set up this Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation, causing all of them to despair right at the start.

Eighteen Life Star experts, over five hundred Soul Transformation experts, and tens of thousands of Foundation Forging disciples. The power difference was stark.

Long Chen saw each of these disciples holding a blood-colored jade tile. Most likely, those tiles were connected to this formation. The Blood Moon Devouring Sun formation must have required their collective power to form, or they wouldn’t have brought so many disciples.

A formation created by tens of thousands of people. Anyone with a head would know that this Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation had to be terrifying.

“Fuck, they really look too highly on me,” cursed Long Chen inside. They had actually mobilized tens of thousands of experts to capture him. Was there a need to be so exaggerated?

As soon as these Corrupt experts appeared, they crushed both sides. With everyone trapped within the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation, they were like absolute rulers.

The dwarf from the Corrupt path glanced at Dan Sheng and hesitated. “The Pill Tower and ancient races’ people can leave.”

The Corrupt path was vicious, and they were like water and fire with the Righteous path. When it came to them, in the end, one side would have to die. But the Pill Tower and ancient races were neutral powers. The Corrupt path didn’t want to have so many powerful enemies, especially not the Pill Tower.

Dan Sheng frowned. He could ignore the others, but Long Chen had shocking secrets on him, and he had to find those. “Long Chen is someone my Pill Valley must obtain. I can’t-” He was using the name of Pill Valley to suppress the Corrupt path and take back Long Chen. 

The Corrupt expert’s expression sank. “Long Chen must be killed by my Corrupt path. From the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains, he has caused heavy losses for us. Furthermore, in order to kill him this time, we even paid the price to summon the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation and sent this many people. Do you feel like we’d possibly let you take him away?”

His voice was ice-cold, and he was clearly angry. He felt like Dan Sheng didn’t know to appreciate his kindness. The reason the Corrupt path had mobilized so many people without caring about the rest of the world laughing at them was just to have a one hundred percent chance of capturing Long Chen.

Ever since the first Righteous and Corrupt battle in the Eastern Wasteland, Long Chen had been put on the Corrupt path’s must-kill list. But each time they made any moves to kill him, the plans were ruined and they took losses.

Not only did they fail to kill Long Chen, but they actually allowed him to kill his way to the Central Plains. The Eastern Wasteland’s Corrupt path was even almost annihilated to the last man. This was the greatest humiliation in the Corrupt path’s history.

From the Eastern Wasteland’s Corrupt path’s must-kill list, Long Chen went directly to the Central Plains’ Corrupt path’s must-kill list. Then in the battle over the eastern sea, due to Li Tianxuan’s arrangements, one of their Life Star experts had even been captured alive. That had completely infuriated the Corrupt path’s higher-ups.

Right now, Long Chen was a thorn in the Corrupt path’s side. To make sure Long Chen didn’t have any chance of escaping this time, they had even used the Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation.

Long Chen’s growth was something the Corrupt path had foreseen from the start. They definitely couldn’t allow him to continue growing. His potential was too terrifying.

Furthermore, in the past few years in the Central Plains, Long Chen’s display had truly shocked the Corrupt path. It wasn’t just Long Chen; what shocked them was how Long Chen led the Dragonblood Legion to rise with him.

Back in the Eastern Wasteland, this group had only contained three hundred-some members. Now they had grown to over thirteen thousand. It was unknown what method Long Chen had used, but he was actually able to continuously upgrade their Celestial ranks. That was a secret the Corrupt path longed to obtain.

So Dan Sheng’s attempt at using Pill Valley’s name to intimidate the Corrupt path showed that he clearly underestimated their determination.

“Long Chen is a criminal suspected to be a Heaven-Seizer. Pill Valley had been implored by many sects to investigate this matter. If you do this, how will my Pill Valley continue with its long-standing dignity?” raged Dan Sheng.

Although the Corrupt path was famed for its viciousness, Pill Valley wasn’t afraid of them. Instead, it was the Corrupt path that was afraid of Pill Valley. If Pill Valley cut off their supply of medicinal pills to the Corrupt path, they would sooner or later decline.

“Hmph, you think you can represent Pill Valley’s higher-ups? I’m sure everyone here has their own understanding of whether or not Long Chen is a Heaven-Seizer. Is there a point in uttering such a bald-faced lie? Only the Righteous path’s idiots like to play such games. If you get greedy for someone’s treasures, just directly take them. What’s the point of making such excuses that even children wouldn’t believe? My Corrupt path always disdains such things. Today, let me say it clearly for you. Long Chen must be brought away by me. If you dare to block me, don’t blame me for not being courteous. This Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation is something formed from the essence blood of thirty-six of the Righteous path’s Life Star experts and millions of their souls. It is capable of both defense and offense. As long as I will it, you will immediately turn to dust,” sneered the dwarf, his tone growing more and more impolite as he spoke, causing Dan Sheng’s expression to sink.

The ancient race experts that had come along didn’t dare to make a sound. They didn’t have any dealings with the Corrupt path. Both sides simply minded their business. But if these few experts provoked them, then the Corrupt path wouldn’t mind killing them. After all, they weren’t from Pill Valley. The Corrupt path didn’t depend on them for anything. 

After the dwarf finished speaking, the other Corrupt experts also sneered, infuriating Dan Sheng. It seemed he had come for nothing.

“These friends I brought along must be allowed to leave as well. Just treat it as giving me face.” Dan Sheng took a deep breath and calmed himself down as much as possible.

Right now, he had no bargaining chips to use against the Corrupt path. After all, right now, everything was in their control. This Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation might not have shown any of its power yet, but anyone with a brain could tell that it was extremely terrifying. Otherwise, it wouldn’t require so many people to maintain.

Dan Sheng didn’t suspect the Corrupt dwarf’s words at all. The latter could kill the former with just a thought.

Although Dan Sheng was sure that he wouldn’t dare to kill him, if the dwarf used that power to completely suppress him, he would lose his dignity. It was better to be smart and save himself that face.

“Sorry, but you don’t have that much face.” The Corrupt dwarf shook his head.


Dan Sheng was infuriated by this. It had to be known that these people had come to help him in order to suck up to Pill Valley. If he allowed them to be killed, wouldn’t their sects lose their faith in him?

Of the Life Star experts that had come with Dan Sheng, other than the ancient races, those from the Righteous path had come purely to suck up to Pill Valley. If they were slain, it would be a blow to Pill Valley’s prestige.

“Listen well. I’ve already conceded when it comes to Long Chen. I must be allowed to bring these people away!” demanded Dan Sheng.

“Looks like you can’t understand my words. Then let me see if I can use something that you’ll understand!”

The Corrupt dwarf smiled icily. When his already twisted face smiled like this, he appeared as sinister as a ghost.


He formed hand seals, and the entire formation shook. Countless runes lit up.

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