Chapter 1282 Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation

The self-detonation of an Ancestral item was practically apocalyptical. Even Life Star experts going all-out wouldn’t necessarily be able to block that power.

As for that particular Life Star expert who had so happily grabbed it, he had never imagined it would explode. Without any defenses up, he was instantly blown out of existence, with even his Yuan Spirit destroyed. The only thing left was a bead.

That was a Life Star expert’s Life Star Bead. It was where all their essence gathered. But at this time, that Life Star Bead turned dim and then turned to dust.

When advancing to the Life Star realm, a person would create two Life Star Beads. The old one represented all their comprehension before advancing. It represented their glory up to that point in time.

If an ordinary Soul Transformation expert obtained this Life Star Bead, they could use the comprehension within it to advance to the Life Star realm.

If a person relied on a Life Star Bead to advance, they would still be Life Star experts, but they would be called quasi-Life Star.

That was because such experts would never have their cultivation bases advance ever again after reaching the Life Star realm. They would have reached the peak of their life’s cultivation. Only people who felt like they had reached their limit and despaired of ever advancing to the Life Star realm on their own would use a Life Star Bead.

The first one represented their past, and they had to seperate it completely from their body to condense a new Life Star Bead.

The second Life Star Bead embodied their present. It represented a cultivator that had escaped the bindings of the past. It was like a nirvanic rebirth, and their mental realms would rapidly advance.

When a person was born, they were like a pure white piece of paper. As they cultivated, images were painted onto the paper. Through the accumulation of time, the paper would become full to the point that nothing else could be added to it.

So if you wanted to continue advancing, you needed a new blank piece of paper to imprint the things you wanted. This was something all Life Star experts needed to go through.

As for when Life Star experts were about to die, their second, innate Life star Bead would protect their Yuan Spirit so that their souls didn’t dissipate. 

But that Life Star expert hadn’t had any defenses up, so he was blown out of existence, and not even his Life Star Bead could protect him. As his soul was erased, the Life Star Bead also dissipated. A generation’s Life Star expert, someone on the level of a sect master, fell.

“How is that possible?! How can Long Chen subdue an Ancestral item?!” cried someone. This was something fundamentally impossible.

It had to be known that Ancestral items were incredibly powerful. They were treasures left behind by powerful ancestors and needed a seal from those ancestors just to prevent them from attacking their new masters.

Even a Soul Transformation expert wasn’t able to subdue an Ancestral item without a slave mark. In fact, they might even be killed by that Ancestral item. Only Life Star experts were qualified to subdue them.

Furthermore, sometimes even Life Star experts couldn’t subdue the more powerful Ancestral items. It would require several of them working together.

The first thing that the blown-up Life Star expert had thought wasn’t to subdue it, but to put it away to avoid disturbing its item-spirit. It was because he hadn’t tried to subdue it that he hadn’t realized the difference between what he had imagined and reality. As a result, he lost his life.

“Little bastard, did I not beat you enough?! Were you trying to con me?!” The Seventh Boss’s face was green as he cursed. Just now, he had suffered an injury to force back his opponents and fly toward that Ancestral item.

But halfway there, it had exploded, and that terrifying power had blown him away and made him cough up blood. If he had been a bit faster, he’d probably be heavily injured.

“I said for you to not panic and that an Ancestral item was coming. I meant it was coming to help; I never said I was giving it to you. But don’t worry, I’ll send you another one. Let’s see if anyone tries to fight over it.”

After saying that, Long Chen grabbed Bao Buping’s sword and threw it at the Seventh Boss. At the same time, he shouted, “Quick, everyone should grab it! If you miss this chance, it won’t come again.”

Bao Buping’s sword flew through the air at the Seventh Boss in front of everyone’s gazes. But none of these Life Star experts tried to go and grab it.

Although they had clearly seen Long Chen take it from Bao Buping, they didn’t dare. He had obviously done that intentionally as if saying look, this Ancestral item isn’t mine. It won’t explode, don’t worry!

Long Chen was too big of a conner. Of all the people that had died so far in this battle, none of them had been slain by the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s bosses. Instead, they had all been conned to death by Long Chen.

Whether it was Soul Transformation experts or Life Star experts, they were now afraid of his conning. After all, they only had one life. Being conned out of their life meant that they really would have nothing else left.

The Seventh Boss caught the sword. His expression was strange as he said, “Brat, will it explode if I start fighting with it?”

“There’s no way to say for sure. But don’t worry, even if it does explode, it will only explode when there are many people attacking you at the same time. If you die from the explosion, there will definitely be several Life Star experts following you. You won’t have lost out at all,” said Long Chen.

“Hahaha, good, then little bastards, it’s time to continue fighting!” laughed the Seventh Boss thunderously while launching a sudden attack full of vigor. It was like he wasn’t afraid of dying at all.

“Sixth Boss, you should take one as well. If anyone wants to try, they can come and try fighting over it!” Long Chen grabbed Chang Hao’s sword and tossed it to the Sixth Boss. The Seventh Boss and Sixth Boss were the weakest, and the Sixth Boss’s sword had also become covered in cracks. It wouldn’t last much longer.

When Long Chen had taken Bao Buping’s sword, the expression on Bao Buping’s face hadn’t been one of disappointment or sadness. Instead, it was a complicated expression. He both wished for there to be someone who tried to take and not to take it.

Because if someone tried to, he was capable of doing the same thing as Long Chen and detonating it. Under the threat of the black pot, he had already placed a slave mark on the Ancestral item. It was unable to resist his orders.

In comparison to the Blazing Dragon Cauldron which had managed to rebel against Dan Chu and Dan Teng, Bao Buping was currently the ‘first generation’ master of the Ancestral item. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron had had a slave mark placed on it by its original owner, but then future generations of its owners had only been in charge of protecting that slave mark. But in truth, the power of the slave mark had already long since begun to decline.

As ‘first generation’ masters who placed a completely new slave mark instead of working around an old one, Long Chen and Bao Buping were both capable of detonating their Ancestral items without them being able to resist. Bao Buping also longed to be able to kill a Life Star realm like Long Chen, but the price of showing off like that was extremely high, so he was conflicted.

When his sword landed in the Seventh Boss’s hand, he sighed in relief but also in disappointment. His emotions were very complicated.

As for when Long Chen tossed out Chang Hao’s sword, his expression was about the same as Bao Buping’s. He could only stare, conflicted.

Everyone present was a wily old fox. They all saw those complicated expressions. But in the end, the Ancestral item wasn’t stopped by anyone and safely landed in the Sixth Boss’s hands.

“Gutless.” Chang Hao sighed. In his eyes, exchanging an Ancestral item for the life of a Life Star expert was definitely worth it. When he bragged, he could confidently say that when he was only at the Foundation Forging realm, he had killed a Life Star expert.

The detonation of an Ancestral item had killed one of the thirteen Life Star experts, and two Ancestral items had joined in. Although the Seventh Boss and Sixth Boss weren’t the masters of these Ancestral items and were unable to bring out their power, they no longer had to worry about their weapons shattering, so their fighting became even more berserk and unrestrained. As a result, the bosses’ previous disadvantage was wiped out. But suppressing their opponents would still be very difficult.

“Long Chen, what is it?”

Bao Buping suddenly saw Long Chen frowning and looking around, his expression growing grave.

“We’ve probably landed in someone’s trap.” Long Chen’s expression was somewhat gloomy now. A bad feeling rose in his heart.


Just at this moment, a blood-colored crescent moon appeared in the sky. When it shone, the entire world began to reek of blood.


The blood moon detonated, transforming into millions of runes that covered heaven and earth. Everything within tens of thousands of miles was covered.

Long Chen was startled. Pulling Bao Buping and Chang Hao, he rushed straight toward the channel below the Sovereign Blood Seal.

“Hmph, it’s already too late. Blood Moon Devouring Sun Formation, arise!”

Suddenly, a burst of icy laughter rang out, devoid of emotion. Following it, heaven and earth shook as a blood-colored barrier appeared. Everything around here was enveloped by a blood-colored formation.

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao slammed into the barrier and rebounded, feeling their blood and qi flipping inside them. They coughed up a mouthful of blood.

They had just been a bit away from being able to enter the entrance to Devil Spirit Mountain. But now this blood-colored barrier had enveloped everyone here.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Looking into the sky, he found that he wasn’t even able to see the clouds any longer. The formation had turned everything blood-colored. It was full of the air of blood and death.

“The Corrupt path.” Long Chen’s heart pounded hard. This kind of technique was something only the Corrupt path would use. This formation was created by the essence blood of experts. It was extremely terrifying.

This sudden change caught everyone off-guard. They all stopped fighting. The seven bosses landed in front of Long Chen’s group of three, protecting them. Boss Bao gravely said, “Now it might be troublesome.”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s hearts immediately sank to the bottom of the valley. Even the always valiant Boss Bao said that it would be troublesome. It seemed this formation was something even Boss Bao was helpless against.

On the other side, the Life Star experts led by Dan Sheng all had shocked expressions. The Righteous path’s experts were especially worried.

“I am Dan Sheng, Pill Valley’s thirty-sixth Elder. May I ask whatever person from the Corrupt path has come to show themselves?” asked Dan Sheng loudly.

Although the Righteous path and Corrupt path were like water and fire, Pill Valley was neutral, and did not participate in their battles. Although this was unexpected, he still wasn’t afraid.


The huge formation shook slightly, and countless blood-colored runes lit up. They formed figure after figure.

Those figures fell from the top of the formation. They seemed like calabashes falling from the sky. They were a bit comical.

But no one dared to laugh, because when the calabash-like runes faded, they revealed one powerful expert after another.

When they saw tens of thousands of experts wearing the Corrupt path’s robes, even the seven bosses’ expressions changed.

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