Chapter 1281 How Fucking Vicious

Long Chen’s group of three had only just entered the channel when they collapsed on the ground and began to crazily pant. After consecutive intense battles, they were dog-tired. The only difference was that they didn’t have their tongues lolling out.

“Fuck… so addicting… and satisfying!” Bao Buping could barely breathe, but he still gave Long Chen a thumbs-up through his panting.

Even in that kind of situation, they had slain three Soul Transformation experts. This sense of accomplishment made him feel like he was about to start floating. When they returned to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, he could brag for a lifetime. Who would dare to go against him?

But after so many battles, especially that last one, they had used up all their energy and needed to rest.

After an incense stick’s worth of time, they slowly got up. Bao Buping said, “It looks like our efficiency is dropping. The first time, we killed thirteen of them before running. The second time we got six, and this time we only got three.”

“Don’t be so greedy. Those are Soul Transformation experts, not chickens. We only killed so many the first time because they were stupid and worked together with us. Otherwise, how could we have such terrifying battle accomplishments?” said Long Chen. Now that their opponents were prepared, the difficulty increased. That was only natural.

“Let’s go. I want to see if we can kill more of those creatures again.” Long Chen led them carefully forward once more.

This time, he was particularly careful. The formation had already been completely broken, and they could leave at any time. But they still couldn’t get too close to those terrifying existences. They had to have enough time to run away.

But as they advanced, his expression became odd. He didn’t sense any feeling of danger, nor was he able to sense any of those creatures’ auras.

When they reached the spot where the formation had originally been, they saw that it had been completely abandoned. What was in front of them was merely some ruins and charred earth. Not a single one of this world’s creatures could be seen.

“Where are they?” Chang Hao stared blankly.

“Their shifts are over?” Bao Buping also had a bewildered expression.

Long Chen swept his gaze over the ruins and shook his head. “Tch, there’s nothing for us here. This world’s creatures aren’t stupid. They’ve decided to run.”

Clearly, just being beaten without being able to retaliate wasn’t something these creatures wanted to continue. Unable to think of any way to strike back, they directly gave up and ignored them.

“Fuck, seriously? How gutless. They conned so many of the continent’s experts during these years, but we only conned them a few times and they fled. No balls,” cursed Bao Buping.

But thinking about it, that was easy to understand. With the Sovereign Blood Seal, they didn’t dare to approach this place.

Continuing to stay here was just being a target for Long Chen to attack. They didn’t have any way to handle him, so they directly left.

Long Chen’s guess was that they hadn’t truly retreated. They were probably secretly watching, and if the three of them really dared to go deeper, they would immediately seal their path of retreat.

In truth, Long Chen didn’t have any intention of charging back in again. It was just that he didn’t have much choice but to come here over and over again because of what was happening on the other side. There was no way he would go deeper.

“Let’s go. There’s nothing to kill here,” sighed Long Chen, turning to leave.

“Ah, the feeling of being unrivaled is so lonely!” Bao Buping sighed as well, shaking his head.

“Tch, if Long Chen said that, it would be one thing. But the two of us aren’t qualified.” Chang Hao was speechless. Bao Buping turned red. If Long Chen hadn’t been present, they would have never managed to survive coming to Devil Spirit Mountain. How could they be called unrivaled?

“As brothers, him being unrivaled represents that we are unrivaled as well. His qualifications are ours as well!” declared Bao Buping unashamedly.

Long Chen smiled. “That’s right. Between brothers, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. There’s no need to make any distinctions. Chang Hao, you should learn from him.”

“Hehe, do you see? This is all our joint glory. Long Chen, what strategy do you have for our return this time?” asked Bao Buping.

Long Chen shook his head. “There’s no strategy. Even these creatures have run. As for those fellows, there’s probably nothing for us to do against them either.”

When Long Chen’s group of three once more appeared outside the entrance, as expected, those Soul Transformation experts had retreated a great distance. Sneak attacking them wasn’t possible.

Furthermore, they had spread out in a circular formation. No matter which direction Long Chen went, they would seal his path of retreat.

“Now what?” asked Bao Buping upon seeing them hiding so far away. There was no way for their group to attack them now.

“What do you mean, now what? We’re in no rush. They’re the ones in a rush. Speaking of which, I’m getting hungry. Let’s first fill our bellies before fighting any more. That battle just now was pretty tiring.”

Just like that, right in front of a stone pillar, Long Chen took out a table, some delicacies, as well as a jug of wine. The three of them immediately began to eat and drink their fill.

The smell of wine and food wafted over to those distant Soul Transformation experts. Seeing the three of them eat like nothing had happened, their eyes turned blue from anger. They had seen arrogance before, but never anything quite so arrogant. They were treating them, Soul Transformation experts, as nothing more than air.

“Hey, don’t just look. Do you want to come over and eat?” Long Chen grabbed a piece of meat and gulped down a mouthful of wine, waving at those Soul Transformation experts with his mouth full.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao were truly hungry. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s members were different from other cultivators. They needed a great deal of energy that came from food, not just spiritual yuan.

Even if their spiritual yuan was full, an empty stomach would make their combat power drop a great deal. So eating was very important to them.

These Soul Transformation experts’ hair stood on end from anger as they saw themselves be treated as nothing by these three fellows who were stuffing their faces. They were like hedgehogs. If looks could kill, those three would have been killed hundreds of thousands of times over.

Several of the experts almost charged over to kill the three of them. But they didn’t dare to do so in the end. Who knew whether or not this was a trap? Perhaps they were intentionally infuriating them to bait them into coming over.

In just this short time, they had been conned so many times. Even a pig would have learned its lesson. Thus, they didn’t dare to approach.

The more Long Chen’s group of three ate, the more the others felt they were only trying to intentionally infuriate them. There was definitely some kind of sinister trap.

“We have to stay cool-headed! Don’t fall for it!” warned one of them quietly. None of them dared to be careless when it came to Long Chen any longer. He was an evil bastard.

The three of them devoured their food. In an incense stick’s worth of time, they were full. Wiping their mouths, they turned their attention to the battle in the sky.

Right now, that battle had already reached its climax. Runes filled the sky, and flying figures could vaguely be seen shooting back and forth. Space was constantly twisting.

“Long Chen, it looks like the bosses are at a disadvantage,” said Chang Hao worriedly.

Although they hadn’t reached that level, they could see that other than Boss Bao, the other bosses were finding it taxing to fight like this. That was because five of those Life Star experts were using Ancestral items. Each of their attacks was incredibly powerful, making the bosses unable to fully block them. The Seventh Boss’s sword already had several nicks in it from his opponent’s Ancestral item.

Although the Seventh Boss’s sword was a peak King item, and the material that had gone into it was extremely close to the Ancestral item level, there was no way around this. It couldn’t compare to an Ancestral item that had been nourished for countless years. Even if these opponents couldn’t use an Ancestral item’s full power, his sword was about to shatter, worrying Bao Buping and Chang Hao

Suddenly, an explosive sound rang out, and the Seventh Boss’s sword was no longer able to endure colliding with Ancestral items. It split in two, causing Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s expressions to change.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s members focused on using their huge swords. Losing them would be like a tiger losing its fangs. The Seventh Boss would very likely die in just a few more moves.

“Seventh Boss, don’t panic. The Ancestral item has come!”

Long Chen suddenly let out a shout and threw a black object at the Seventh Boss. It was a black sword, one of the Ancestral items he had obtained in Devil Spirit Mountain. But its quality was a bit inferior to Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s weapons.

When Long Chen had subdued it, because he had been forced to beat it fiercely with the pot, there was now a dent in it.

“Long Chen…” Bao Buping and Chang Hao were both startled. That sword was something they had personally seen Long Chen submit. They were very clear on that sword’s current state. It was basically half-crippled right now. How could it be used by the Seventh Boss to fight?

If a weapon had to be given to him, he should have given them their current swords. After all, the swords they were currently wielding were wasted in their hands.

But Long Chen had acted too fast for them to even say anything. The black sword was already flying through the air.

“Haha, I’ll help you keep this sword. Many thanks!”

One of the Life Star experts fighting the Seventh Boss suddenly used some unknown movement art to disappear. When he reappeared, he was right in front of that sword. He was so quick that others found it freakish.

The Seventh Boss was infuriated to see this weapon land in the enemy’s hands. He was just about to charge out when he heard Long Chen’s voice.

“There’s no need to thank me. Let it count as your funerary object… explode!”

BOOM! What shocked everyone was that the black sword exploded without any warning.

The detonation of an Ancestral item instantly devoured everything within a thousand miles. Space shattered, and the world turned dark as this energy spread like a tsunami.

Despite being prepared, Long Chen’s group of three still coughed up blood from that terrifying energy. As for the Soul Transformation experts, they weren’t any better off. They tumbled back miserably, coughing up blood.

The dark sky quickly recovered. They now saw that there was an empty space in the sky, and the Life Star expert that had been there had vanished. He had been killed.

“How fucking vicious.”

Seeing that empty space, all the Soul Transformation experts felt a chill. Cold sweat dripped off their backs.

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