Chapter 1280 Conned and Conned Again

“Star Fall!”

A shooting star shot out at Devil Spirit Mountain.

This time was different from last time. Long Chen hadn’t even gone out of the formation. Instead, he sent out this attack from within the channel.

The formation around this place had been continuously broken down to the point that it was no longer fully functional. Just halfway through it, Long Chen was able to return whenever he wanted. There was no need to exit the complete formation before returning.

Long Chen sensed several terrifying auras on the outside of the formation. Those terrifying creatures were waiting for him now.

So he didn’t dare to go over. But just because he couldn’t go personally didn’t mean he couldn’t send a gift. A three-hundred-meter sphere shot out.

Outside the barrier, there were several of those terrifying creatures that were thirty meters tall, waiting for Long Chen. But what awaited them was Star Fall.


Terrifying flames exploded, and even those powerful creatures went all-out defending, they were unable to completely stop the power of Star Fall.

Of course, Star Fall wasn’t able to injure them. But its explosion got past them, and the weaker creatures in the distance ended up unlucky. Those violet flames would instantly incinerate weaker ones.

The others managed to escape with their lives because they were farther away, but they were still charred.

Those terrifying creatures let out a heaven-shaking fury. Their fury almost ignited this world. One of them directly charged towards the channel.

That shocked the other creatures, and they hastily pulled him back. If any of them entered the channel and approached the Sovereign Blood Seal, they would be turned to dust.

“You’re welcome for the gift. Since we’re all busy, we won’t stay behind for dinner. Let us meet again!”

Long Chen bid them farewell from the channel and once more fled, afraid of being chased.

But these terrifying creatures no longer dared to chase after their last lesson.

“This is amazing! These damn creatures treat humans as pigs for the slaughter, and even use our corpses as tools. This is exactly how we should handle them!”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao both felt that this was addicting. They had long since started hating these creatures to the core. They were still infuriated that they hadn’t been able to bring back the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet or their senior’s corpse.

Although they had killed quite a few which had helped them vent, and Long Chen’s Star Falls had killed an unknown number of them, they still weren’t quite refreshed.

“Are we going to do the same thing as last time?” asked Chang Hao.

“No, this one trick can’t be used more than once. Those fellows aren’t idiots. They’ll definitely spread out this time and make some distance. What we did last time won’t work this time.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Then what do we do?” asked Bao Buping eagerly.

“It’s easy. Just listen to my call outs.” Long Chen smiled faintly.

Outside Devil Spirit Mountain, just as Long Chen had predicted, those Soul Transformation experts had put some distance between them and the entrance. They also spread out.

This way, they wouldn’t have to worry about a sudden attack. Furthermore, being a bit farther from the Sovereign Blood Seal meant that they could use some stronger moves. They just had to avoid affecting the seal.

These Soul Transformation experts glared hatefully at the small channel below the Sovereign Blood Seal. Their auras were still circulating as they prepared themselves to kill in one move.

They couldn’t kill Long Chen, but they could kill Bao Buping and Chang Hao to take their Ancestral items. As for Long Chen’s Ancestral item, it was the Pill Tower’s treasure, and even if they snatched it, it would still be returned to the Pill Tower in the end.

But Bao Buping and Chang Hao were different. Once they killed them, whoever managed to snatch their Ancestral items would get to keep them.

Suddenly, the channel opened, and a figure charged out carrying a ten-meter cauldron. It was Long Chen.

“Kids, your daddy Long has returned. Submit or fight!”

Long Chen had already charged off at two Soul Transformation experts standing together.

These two experts came from the same sect, and seeing Long Chen charging at them, they cursed their bad luck inside.

The other Soul Transformation experts mostly ignored Long Chen. They continued staring at the channel, clearly waiting for Bao Buping and Chang Hao to appear to take their Ancestral items.

As for those two Soul Transformation experts, they didn’t dare to be careless. Their swords slashed through the air at him.

But what they hadn’t expected was for Long Chen to suddenly send the cauldron flying over to them.


Their Sword Qi was blown apart by the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, and due to how hard Long Chen had thrown it over, its speed only dropped slightly as it continued towards them.

The two of them were delighted. Long Chen had actually taken the initiative to send them such a good thing. Once they snatched this Ancestral item from him, although they wouldn’t get to keep it, the Pill Tower would definitely have to give them some benefits.

No matter how strong Long Chen was, it wouldn’t be enough in front of two Soul Transformation experts. His sudden attack with this cauldron posed no threat to them. It was no different from giving it to them.

The two of them attacked at the same time, unleashing sword-light that once more slashed at the Blazing Dragon Cauldron.

When their attacks were about to land, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron suddenly rapidly grew, becoming three hundred meters tall.

“Hmph, does making it bigger do anything? It’s power has already run out.” The two Soul Transformation experts sneered. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron might have grown larger, but its speed had already dropped. In their eyes, Long Chen’s attack had been completely useless.

As expected, when their attacks landed, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron shuddered and came to a stop. The two of them excitedly reached out to grab it.

But at the exact moment that they stopped the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, two figures flew out from within it. Two huge sword-images soared into the sky and slashed down.

“Split the Heavens 4!”

The two sword-images intersected as they fell. The two Soul Transformation experts instinctively began to prepare their defenses, but they weren’t as quick as Bao Buping and Chang Hao who had been storing up their energy this entire time.

The two of them had been hiding in the Blazing Dragon Cauldron this entire time just for this moment. And everything went according to plan. Their unexpected attack allowed them to slay those two with even their Yuan Spirits dying.

“Nice! Good work!” praised Long Chen. The three of them had worked together flawlessly. After succeeding, they immediately turned to flee again.

“Bastards, keep dreaming! Don’t even think about getting away again!”

At this time, the four Soul Transformation experts had already gone to block the area in front of the Sovereign Blood Seal, preventing them from getting away.

“Hahaha, if you are capable of blocking the power of your daddy’s cauldron, go ahead!” Long Chen laughed brazenly and then began to charge over like an elephant, with one hand pushing forward the huge cauldron.

“Brat, don’t look down on others!” The four Soul Transformation experts were enraged. Did Long Chen really think he could just barge his way through them? He was only a Foundation Forging brat. If they couldn’t even block a Foundation Forging disciple when fully prepared, there would be no need for them to continue living.

With the Sovereign Blood Seal behind them, they didn’t dare to unleash any huge moves. But working together to block Long Chen’s charge was easy. They had all made their preparations to block him at full power.

“Divine ring! Battle Armor!” Long Chen shouted, and his divine ring appeared behind, emitting a sacred aura. Four stars appeared in his eyes, and his aura transformed. He suddenly seemed like a devil, looking like he wouldn’t stop no matter what.

In that instant, the Soul Transformation experts felt a chill in their hearts. They felt like they had been locked onto by a ferocious beast.

“Get smashed lambkins!” Long Chen smashed the huge Blazing Dragon Cauldron at the four Soul Transformation experts. Even space was compressed as it fell to the point that it was about to explode.


The four Soul Transformation experts went all-out blocking, but they were all blown away. One of them had his upper body explode, and even his martial weapon shattered.

The four of them all hacked up blood. They were all shocked, and runes circulated around them, forcibly stabilizing them.

“No!” The Soul Transformation expert whose upper body had been smashed apart suddenly let out a terrified cry. He was flying straight towards the stone pillar and couldn’t stop. He panicked and despaired.

There was no suspense. His body smashed into the stone pillar and instantly exploded into bits. Another Soul Transformation expert was slain.

At this time, all the Soul Transformation experts were dumbfounded. Previously, they hadn’t placed Long Chen’s group of three in their eyes. In terms of true power, they should have completely suppressed them.

But now four Soul Transformation experts had worked together but still not been able to stop Long Chen. Although Long Chen had a weapon advantage with his Ancestral item, he wasn’t able to unleash its true power. At most, he only had an advantage in hardness and weight.

This showed that even without an Ancestral item, Long Chen would be a match for any one of them. Otherwise there wouldn’t have been such a miserable result.

They were finally shaken. At the Foundation Forging realm, Long Chen was a match for Soul Transformation experts. Their expressions became dull.

After blowing those four Soul Transformation experts away, Long Chen also received a backlash. He almost coughed up blood, and his hand bled. He was also knocked back from the collision.

But just at that moment, Bao Buping and Chang Hao extended their hands and pushed him forward. The three of them continued onwards without pause.

Long Chen put away the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, and the three of them disappeared into the channel to Devil Spirit Mountain.

The other Soul Transformation experts had tried to stop them, but regretfully, they had just been a little bit too far away.

“Kids, just wait! Your daddy will definitely come back!” Long Chen’s shout once more rang out, this time with even greater destructive power. All these Soul Transformation experts quivered intensely and coughed up a mouthful of blood at the same time.

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