Chapter 1280 Conned and Conned Again (Teaser)

“Star Fall!”

A shooting star shot out at Devil Spirit Mountain.

This time was different from last time. Long Chen hadn’t even gone out of the formation. Instead, he sent out this attack from within the channel.

The formation around this place had been continuously broken down to the point that it was no longer fully functional. Just halfway through it, Long Chen was able to return whenever he wanted. There was no need to exit the complete formation before returning.

Long Chen sensed several terrifying auras on the outside of the formation. Those terrifying creatures were waiting for him now.

So he didn’t dare to go over. But just because he couldn’t go personally didn’t mean he couldn’t send a gift. A three-hundred-meter sphere shot out.

Outside the barrier, there were several of those terrifying creatures that were thirty meters tall, waiting for Long Chen. But what awaited them was Star Fall.


Terrifying flames exploded, and even those powerful creatures went all-out defending, they were unable to completely stop the power of Star Fall.

Of course,...

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