Chapter 1279 Coughing Up Blood From Anger (Teaser)

Long Chen’s smile was very intimate and innocent. It looked just like the naive smile of a neighborhood boy. It was a warm smile.

But in the eyes of these creatures, that smile was even more terrifying than a fiend. That was because as Long Chen smiled and waved, his right hand was raised in the air, and a huge sphere had long since started rapidly growing above it.

When Long Chen’s group of three had fled back then and one of the powerful experts of this world had chased after them, that expert had been annihilated by the Sovereign Blood Seal. That had terrified the other powerful experts, and they had all retreated, leaving behind only some low-level creatures to clean up the battlefield.

Previously, Chang Hao had made an opening in the formation here, and then Long Chen had launched Star Fall, magnifying the damage to the point that the formation even lost its self-repair mechanism.

Repairing such a huge formation required them to clean up the battlefield first. Many of these creatures had been slain, and their corpses needed to be put away.

That was why there were...

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