Chapter 1279 Coughing Up Blood From Anger

Long Chen’s smile was very intimate and innocent. It looked just like the naive smile of a neighborhood boy. It was a warm smile.

But in the eyes of these creatures, that smile was even more terrifying than a fiend. That was because as Long Chen smiled and waved, his right hand was raised in the air, and a huge sphere had long since started rapidly growing above it.

When Long Chen’s group of three had fled back then and one of the powerful experts of this world had chased after them, that expert had been annihilated by the Sovereign Blood Seal. That had terrified the other powerful experts, and they had all retreated, leaving behind only some low-level creatures to clean up the battlefield.

Previously, Chang Hao had made an opening in the formation here, and then Long Chen had launched Star Fall, magnifying the damage to the point that the formation even lost its self-repair mechanism.

Repairing such a huge formation required them to clean up the battlefield first. Many of these creatures had been slain, and their corpses needed to be put away.

That was why there were now only these low-level creatures present. Even the strongest one of them only had the aura of the Foundation Forging realm. There weren’t even any of the silver-winged creatures.

Seeing Long Chen arrive, those creatures all jumped in terror. Looking at that huge sphere in his hand, feeling the world trembling as the Nirvana Scripture was activated, they turned and fled.

“Star Fall!”

The sphere in Long Chen’s hand shot out like a shooting star. Everywhere it passed, the ground erupted. It shot out over a thousand miles and then exploded.

Those flames devoured everything within tens of thousands of miles. All of Devil Spirit Mountain shook.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao were filled with shock. Last time, they hadn’t seen it clearly. All they had felt was a terrifying qi wave send them flying.

But this time, they clearly saw the power of Star Fall. Its destructive power made their scalps numb.

After releasing Star Fall, Long Chen turned and fled. While fleeing, he shouted, “Friends, this small gift cannot fully represent my respect for you. Let us meet again!”

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao quickly fled, the flames racing behind them.

“Long Chen, why does your own magical art attack yourself?” Bao Buping shouted as he felt that lava-like heat behind him.

“How novel. Are you saying your farts only disgust others but don’t assail your own nostrils?” snorted Long Chen.

The three of them fled as fast as they could, but they were still caught by the flames. Long Chen summoned a flame barrier that protected them. Although they were blown away, they weren’t injured.

Now, the huge opening in the formation had grown even larger. Long Chen sensed that the damage to the channel had greatly weakened the laws of the channel as well.

They quickly sensed several terrifying auras approaching. The powerful creatures had clearly been startled. The three of them quickly fled straight toward the Sovereign Blood Seal.

What made Long Chen sigh in relief was that he sensed those terrifying creatures stop right at the border of the formation. Then they didn’t continue chasing. They clearly didn’t dare provoke the Sovereign Blood Seal.

“Ah, how refreshing. I’ve never been this refreshed in my entire life. Long Chen, following you is truly stimulating!” cried Chang Hao, almost dancing with excitement. These past few days with Long Chen had finally allowed him to experience true stimulation. It was so stimulating that he almost died from it.

In the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, he had led them to beat the bosses, and now in Devil Spirit Mountain, he had even conned these terrifying creatures.

In the outside world’s view, these creatures were absolute fiends. But in Long Chen’s eyes, they were like ants. He randomly came over and slaughtered a bunch. If this news spread, it would be enough to shake the entire world.

Then in front of the entrance to Devil Spirit Mountain, they had slain thirteen Soul Transformation experts. Even Bao Buping and Chang Hao had never dreamed that they would have such accomplishments by following Long Chen.

In their eyes, Long Chen was practically an omnipotent god.

“Long Chen, when we get out, why don’t you use Star Fall again? That move is awesome… Why are you looking at me like that?” asked Bao Buping, feeling that Long Chen’s gaze was a bit odd. It seemed to vaguely conceal something called disdain.

“Do you not feel embarrassed asking?” Long Chen shook his head. “First of all, my flames only have a great effect on these creatures. It’s unknown whether my flames could even break those Soul Transformation experts’ runic barriers. And even if they could break the barriers, it would only singe their hair. It definitely can’t cause any true injuries. Second of all, Star Fall has a huge area of attack. It doesn’t differentiate between friends or foes. Once used there, it will definitely strike the Sovereign Blood Seal. Now do you understand why I’m looking at you like this?”

Only then did Bao Buping realize what would happen if Long Chen really used Star Fall, and he became covered in cold sweat. That Sovereign Blood Seal also didn’t differentiate between friend or foe. If they attacked it, it would instantly erase them from existence.

“Then what are we supposed to do? Wait a few days before going out to take a look?” asked Bao Buping.

“Why wait? We’re all busy, so who has time to wait for them? Here’s what we’ll do…” Long Chen suddenly began to tell them a plan that made their eyes light up.

The three of them looked toward the Sovereign Blood Seal. Looking at the exit below, they flew right over. But they didn’t fly side by side. Long Chen was at the front, and they flew at the back.

Outside the entrance to Devil Spirit Mountain, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s seven bosses were fighting an intense battle with thirteen Life Star experts in the air. It was an incredibly fierce battle that shook the sky.

Boss Bao and Dan Sheng’s battle was the most intense. Runes exploded and flames devoured the heavens. Both of them were unable to get an advantage. The battle was in a temporary balance with neither side able to defeat the other. In truth, according to normal standards, other than Boss Bao and Dan Sheng’s fight, the other six bosses were already at a disadvantage against the Life Star experts.

After all, these Life Star experts were extremely strong, and five of them possessed Ancestral items. They were steadily suppressing the six bosses.

But the six bosses were extremely tough and unafraid of death. Their moves were all vicious, and these Life Star experts had to fight cautiously as a result.

After all, they had only come to help. If they lost their lives, it would be completely not worth it. So they were all very careful and didn’t dare to go too far.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s bosses now couldn’t help but feel a bit worried inside. It seemed they had been too careless this time. But the one thing that comforted them was that Bao Buping and Chang Hao were with Long Chen. They should be fine.

As for the Soul Transformation experts, they lined up in front of the Sovereign Blood Seal, forming a blockade. They stared at the portal below the seal. Mist was constantly pouring out of there.

This portal was extremely curious. On the outside, they couldn’t see anything on the inside and vice versa. Although they might be just one step apart, it was like teleportation.

“Could those three brats have died in there?” asked a Soul Transformation expert worriedly.

After all, Devil Spirit Mountain was one of the seven great danger zones. It was famed for being a land of death. Dying inside was simply natural.

“They shouldn’t. After all, they already came out once,” replied someone. But he clearly wasn’t confident. After all, they hadn’t entered Devil Spirit Mountain before and didn’t know what the situation inside was.

“Your daddy Long Chen has returned. Kids, face your death!”

Suddenly, without any warning, a figure charged out of the entrance. Before they could even see his face, a mountain-like object smashed toward them.

That was a huge cauldron. It smashed down with immense power, causing the ground to split open.

The Soul Transformation experts retreated as soon as they reacted. But the cauldron had smashed down without any warning.

Three of them didn’t have time to flee because they had been at the center of the attack. A huge hole appeared in the ground, and those Soul Transformation experts were smashed to bits by the cauldron, even their Yuan Spirits disintegrated.

The others were blown into the air by the power. But just as they were about to counterattack, two huge swords slashed toward them.

These swords were both three thousand meters long. They weren’t sword-images, but the true bodies of swords. Such huge bodies could only be possessed by Ancestral items.

Those two Ancestral item swords were Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s. Although they were unable to bring out an Ancestral item’s power, they were still the masters and could order their items to summon their true bodies. Their explosive and sudden attack caused another three of these experts to be blown apart.

The three of them were truly unlucky. They were from the Pill Tower, and they hadn’t had time to summon any flames to protect themselves. Their physical bodies blew apart, and their Yuan Spirits flew out. But before they could run, a flame hand caught them and they vanished.

“Bastards, die!” The remaining Soul Transformation experts only reacted now and unleashed their auras, their runes protecting them as they attacked.

Quite a few of them had red eyes. That wasn’t because of emotion for their fallen comrades, but because of the three Ancestral items. Those were priceless treasures. Even Life Star experts wouldn’t necessarily possess one, and not one of these people had one.

Soul Transformation experts had the ability to unleash some of the true power of an Ancestral item, but they were too poor to even own one.

Now seeing three Foundation Forging rookies using Ancestral items like children wearing gold in front of beggars, their greed exploded.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao jumped in shock. These people’s hungry wolf-like eyes were incredibly sinister. It looked like their fathers had just been slain.

The three of them put away their Ancestral items and vanished back into Devil Spirit Mountain. A familiar voice rang out like a blade stabbing their ears.

“We will definitely come back!”

This one sentence had even more power than an Ancestral item. Several Soul Transformation experts coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“You goddamn brats, I’ll definitely tear you into a million pieces!” A furious and miserable roar like a wolf’s cry resounded throughout Devil Spirit Mountain, lingering in the air for a long time.

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