Chapter 1277 What is Called Arrogance

“What are you looking at me for? Do you believe me when I say I’ll kill you all with a single slap?” snorted Long Chen disdainfully upon seeing those Soul Transformation experts looking down on him.

“Brat, you’re quite brazen. Even at this time, you dare to be so arrogant,” said an ancient race Soul Transformation expert sinisterly.

In their view, Long Chen was putting on a strong front for himself. It was simply laughable.

“Have you ever asked around about me? When have I ever not been arrogant? Do you think a few dung beetles like you can intimidate me? I’m not trying to brag, but I’m too lazy to even kill weaklings like you. And the heavens say that killing people is immoral, so I don’t feel like killing you either. It would be best if you just killed yourselves to save me the effort!” Long Chen clasped his hands behind his back, looking down his nose at these Soul Transformation experts that were staring at him like tigers looking at their prey.

Even Bao Buping and Chang Hao were shocked. This was too arrogant, wasn’t it? Just where did Long Chen’s confidence come from? He actually called for a group of Soul Transformation experts to kill themselves? That was crazy.

“Die you brat!”

One of the Pill Tower’s Soul Transformation experts couldn’t bear it any longer and waved his hand. A flame tiger condensed in the air and roared at Long Chen.

That flame tiger wasn’t a living creature but a magical art attack. It was composed entirely of flame runes, and it was extremely powerful. As a magical art that could mimic a living creature and be controlled, it was even more flexible than ordinary magical arts.

“Fool, I’m the ancestor of playing with fire. Do you believe me when I say your little tricks can be broken by just a fart from me?” Long Chen disdainfully looked at the tiger, seemingly didn’t have the slightest intention of blocking.

“I don’t believe you!” The Pill Tower expert’s fury soared. He looked to be in his fifties, but he was actually several centuries old. Hearing Long Chen call himself his ancestor made him immediately send the flame tiger to attack with its paw.

This Pill Tower expert had some control. He wasn’t completely crazy. He knew he had to leave Long Chen alive, or he’d have simply launched the tiger at them and made it explode, killing the three of them.

“You don’t believe me? Then I’ll show you.”

Long Chen suddenly turned and bent his waist. That posture was just like he was trying to expel toxic gas from his butt. But it just so happened that this movement of his ended up allowing him to dodge the tiger’s claw.

With the claw having missed its mark, it continued onward until it landed on the stone pillar right behind Long Chen. That expert from the Pill Tower immediately turned white, terror filling his eyes. He let out a startled cry.



The stone pillar’s runes lit up, and a blood-colored light blew apart the flame tiger, continuing toward that expert.

That Soul Transformation expert didn’t even move. He was directly struck by the light and exploded into bloody mist.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t wanted to move, but that he had been locked down by a kind of mysterious energy and couldn’t move. He had only been able to watch as that light killed him. Not only did it destroy his physical body, but it wiped out his Yuan Spirit as well.

“Now you should all be satisfied!” Only now did Long Chen slowly turn back, making it seem like he really had just let out a fart to kill that Soul Transformation expert.

Everyone was staring dumbly. Even the bosses who were fighting had strange expressions. Long Chen truly didn’t walk an ordinary path. Even with just a fart, he conned a Soul Transformation into dying. He was evil.

Before this, the Second Boss had still been uneasy and afraid for them, so he hadn’t been able to fight freely. That way, he would still be able to save them.

But now, he was completely at ease. That brat was evil, and worrying for him was unnecessary. Instead, he should be worried for these Soul Transformation experts. Running into Long Chen was their bad luck.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao were delighted. There was such a terrifying protective talisman right behind them, but they hadn’t thought of it.

If any of these Soul Transformation experts tried to approach them, they would be approaching the stone pillars, and then they wouldn’t dare to unleash their full power. If they touched the stone pillars, they would die.

“Long Chen, take a break. I also want to stand out a bit.” Seeing that Long Chen had displayed such divine power, Bao Buping hastily pulled him back and walked forward.

Bao Buping stuck his chest out and loftily cursed, “You little brats, your daddy is right here! Hurry up and send yourselves to your deaths! Long Chen’s fart only managed to kill one of you; that’s nothing. As long as I try a bit, one of my farts can kill all of you at once! Little brats, your daddy will give you a display as to what it means to shake the heavens with a single fart!”

Watching Bao Buping mess around like this, Long Chen was speechless. Did he really think they had no brains and would fall for the same trick twice?

“Junior, you’re courting death!” One of the ancient race experts couldn’t bear it and charged forward furiously. At this time, Bao Buping had his butt raised high into the air, so naturally the ancient race expert immediately sent a kick to his butt.

“Fool, when it comes to kicking butts, you can’t possibly match my family’s old boss.” Bao Buping sneered and suddenly his arms came out from under his crotch. Using this extremely strange posture, he caught that person’s ankle.

Bao Buping had been getting his butt kicked from a young age. He was skilled in thirty-six different defensive postures and seventy-two ways to dodge. Moreover, he had over a hundred techniques for counter-attacking. This was all the result of the training with the bosses. As for that Soul Transformation expert, when would he have ever encountered such a bizarre technique? He was instantly caught. Shocked, he was just about to start struggling.

“Get going!”

Bao Buping swung his arms, and borrowing the power of that person’s kick, he flung him into the stone pillar behind him.

The Soul Transformation expert instinctively circulated his spiritual yuan to form a defensive barrier around him.


The other Soul Transformation experts let out a startled warning. If he didn’t circulate his spiritual yuan, touching the stone pillar wouldn’t be dangerous. But with his spiritual yuan circulating around him, crashing into the stone pillar would be viewed as an attack. Regretfully, it was too late.

That Soul Transformation expert smashed into the stone pillar, and the pillar’s runes once more lit up. That Soul Transformation expert blew up like he was made of tofu. Even his Yuan Spirit was slain.

A second Soul Transformation expert had died in just a few breaths. As for Long Chen’s group of three, these experts hadn’t even managed to harm one of their hairs.

Long Chen stared at the Sovereign Blood Seal, lost in thought. When those two Soul Transformation experts were slain, he had stopped the primal chaos bead from absorbing their Heavenly Dao energy.

When he carefully sensed it, he found that those two fallen Soul Transformation experts’ Heavenly Dao energy really was absorbed by the Sovereign Blood Seal. Did this mean the Sovereign Blood Seal still had more strange secrets?

Right now, Bao Buping was staring blankly at the foot remaining in his hand. A Soul Transformation expert had been killed by him. He almost couldn’t believe it.

“Uh, that happened a bit too quickly. Which one of you wants to help me out so I can experience it again? I want to conscientiously experience it.” Bao Buping tossed the foot to the ground and turned to the distant, shocked Soul Transformation experts.

“Hey, don’t be so cruel. No matter how you put it, it should be my turn now.” Chang Hao refused to allow this. The first one had been Long Chen, and the second had been Bao Buping. So the third one should be him.

“Ah, alright then. Well, raise your butt. Yes, just like that. Wait, a bit higher. Yes, that’s the right angle. Yup, if you stand like this, they’ll quickly come and kick you.” Bao Buping began to assist Chang Hao and adjust his angle like an old master, helping him raise his butt high toward the Soul Transformation experts.

“Hey, why aren’t you coming? Raising my butt like this is very tiring. Hurry up.” After waiting for a while, seeing that no one came, Chang Hao shouted at them.

The Soul Transformation experts’ faces were as dark as the bottom of a pot. Killing intent was exploding out of their eyes, and their teeth were clenched so hard that they almost shattered. If it weren’t for the stone pillar, they’d annihilate the three of them with a single attack. These three fellows were too hateful. They had never encountered anyone as hateful as them.

Long Chen expressionlessly watched as those two put on a show. At first, he thought that they were just intentionally infuriating the Soul Transformation experts. But now, seeing their serious expressions, he felt like he had overestimated their heads. In truth, they were serious. This kind of intelligence was something Long Chen had no choice but to prostrate himself toward with admiration.

Furthermore, being serious made their provocation ten times more effective than someone faking it. Those Soul Transformation experts were so furious their eyes were turning green. Long Chen even saw some of the ancient race experts with their hair standing on end like they would explode.

He sighed inside. Life was like a play that required acting. But no matter how realistic your acting was, it was still fake. When those two acted seriously, they could definitely infuriate people to death. This kind of ability was something he would probably never be able to learn in his lifetime.

“I can’t hold back any longer!” Suddenly, one of the ancient race experts shot over like a furious lion, sending a punch at Chang Hao.

It could be said that he hadn’t completely lost his reasoning. At least, he was sending a punch instead of a kick.


Chang Hao suddenly raised a foot, kicking at his fist. However, even without using his aura, that Soul Transformation expert’s punch was extremely powerful, and it knocked Chang Hao back several steps.

“I’ll smash you brats-” The ancient race expert let out a heaven-shaking roar.


Halfway through his roar, his face was suddenly struck by a slap. The immense power behind the slap caused half his face to cave in and his blood to fly.

Long Chen had finally taken action. This slap sent the expert flying, and the direction he sent was perfectly toward Bao Buping.

“Haha, the food has come!” Bao Buping laughed and slashed his sword down.


Blood splashed as that Soul Transformation expert’s head exploded under Bao Buping’s sword.

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