Chapter 1276 A Different Nirvana Scripture

“This is… the Nirvana Scripture!”

Long Chen’s heart shook. This Nirvana Scripture’s hand seals were completely different from the Nirvana Scripture he knew. And the chanting sound was also not the same.

“Is this to say that there is another section of the Nirvana Scripture?”

In the Eastern Wasteland, he had heard that the Pill Tower’s Nirvana Scripture was nothing more than a part of it. Now that he heard this Nirvana Scripture, a strange feeling rose in his heart.

It felt like this scripture was extremely familiar. But he was sure he had never heard it before. As he listened to this chanting, certain scenes appeared in his mind, yet they were clouded and unclear, making it impossible for him to grasp them.

The first time he had studied the Nirvana Scripture, he had instantly mastered it as if he had known it the entire time.

Now that he heard this new Nirvana Scripture, it also sounded familiar. But he didn’t recall any memories about it.

Regretfully, Dan Sheng’s hand seals came too quickly, and Long Chen hadn’t been prepared for this, so he didn’t manage to memorize his hand seals. By the time he reacted, flame energy was already pouring over to Dan Sheng.

“Spirit of Fire!”

As Boss Bao’s attack fell, Dan Sheng summoned a huge flame giant. The flame giant was comparable to a mountain, and it held a huge flame blade.


The two heavenly blades crashed together. Flames exploded, and it was like even the heavens would be incinerated. 

The flames spread in every direction. Some wild cultivators around Devil Spirit Mountain hadn’t fled and were watching eagerly, but as a result, these flames directly turned them to ash without a sound.

Even Soul Transformation experts who had fled into the distance were only barely able to block the flames. Only Life Star experts could remain standing in their original locations.

As for Long Chen’s group of three, they were hiding behind the bosses, so they didn’t need to worry about safety. They solemnly stared at those two figures in the sky.

At this time, Boss Bao was slashing his sword continuously, unleashing huge rays of Sword Qi that shattered the void.

But Dan Sheng continued to form hand seals from the top of the flame giant’s head, controlling it to defend. Each exchange could destroy mountains and rivers.

He was an extremely powerful alchemist with an impeccable control over flames. The flame giant was as nimble as his own body, and it wasn’t the slightest bit sluggish.

This display of power shocked the other Life Star experts. They rarely got to see alchemists fight, and although they had heard that other than water element experts, only a few could contend against them, they had never personally witnessed it.

Just by summoning their core flame, an alchemist could make it so others couldn’t even approach them without being incinerated. Just how were you supposed to fight them?

At the same time, they were shocked at Boss Bao’s power. It had to be known that Boss Bao’s cultivation base was still at the peak of Soul Transformation. For him to be able to fight evenly against the powerful Dan Sheng was also shocking.

They could all tell that Dan Sheng’s power was superior to any of the other Life Star experts here. But Boss Bao was equally powerful.

“Everyone, don’t just stand there. The Tower Master had already taken action, so we should go. We’ll capture that little brat Long Chen. If anyone dares to stop Pill Valley from enforcing the law, they can be executed as well!” shouted the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Ma Xingkong.

First, he gave the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect a bad name of those blocking justice, and then he waved the banner of Pill Valley. That would give them a reason to attack. Even if all the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s people were slain, Pill Valley would definitely stand on their side. Ma Xingkong allowed everyone to stop having any misgivings about attacking.

As for Ma Xingkong himself, he took out a magical staff and waved it. Eight golden flying lances appeared around him and shot toward the bosses.

Ma Xingkong was truly sinister. He didn’t dare to charge up to the front, so he attacked from the crowd instead. Now the other Life Star experts had no choice but to attack, or it would all be too apparent that they weren’t helping and had only come to watch the fun.

Ma Xingkong’s attack pulled open the prologue of another immense battle. All the Life Star experts summoned their domains and charged.

The domain of a Life Star expert was extremely powerful. Other than being able to suppress people with lower cultivation bases than them, they would be able to sense any sneak attacks within it. In truth, that was the greatest use of the domain, as being able to sense everything around them was very important.

As for how Ma Xingkong had still been slapped by Long Chen despite having his domain up, that was just his own carelessness. He could only blame himself for having no close-range combat skills.

The Seventh Boss snorted and slashed his sword, destroying the eight golden lances. Ma Xingkong’s attack had been nothing more than a probing blow. He had only done it to start the battle.

“If you want to die, then come!” The Seventh Boss charged out. He was like a tiger descending his mountain, his eyes sharp and ice-cold like falcon’s.

The first person he charged toward was an ancient race expert. That expert’s golden spear unleashed waves of light as it stabbed toward the Seventh Boss.


The Seventh Boss’s broadsword slashed into the ancient race expert’s spear. Sparks flew and everyone’s ears shook from the sound.

This was an exchange without any skill. It was a competition purely of power. And the result was that the ancient race expert who was extremely confident in his power was sent flying.

He was shocked and hastily stabilized himself. He was just about to attack when his expression suddenly changed.

The Seventh Boss hadn’t retreated after his first attack. Instead, his broadsword was slashing toward his opponent’s waist. His movements were as quick as lightning, and he was striking at the most difficult angle to block or dodge.

Long Chen cheered inside. The Seventh Boss truly had some skill. Although his first attack had seemed like a full-strength attack, he had actually been holding back. If the two had both used their full strength, they should have both been blown back. But the Seventh Boss had used a bit of soft energy to cushion the exchange, allowing himself to charge forward without falling back.

Just being able to achieve such a thing showed that the Seventh Boss’s power was a level higher than this ancient race Life Star expert.

The Seventh Boss was already sending a second attack just as the ancient race expert stabilized himself and prepared to attack again. This attack could easily take his life.

Seeing this, another ancient race expert came to the aid, blocking the attack with his saber. Sparks flew, and both sides were blown back.

The first ancient race expert was pale. There was now a cut on his bleeding waist. If his ally hadn’t blocked the attack for him, he’d have been cut in two.

But even though someone had hastily come to his aid, the Seventh Boss had been prepared from the start for an all-out attack, while his reinforcement had come hastily. The two of them were blown back.

In just the first instant, the Seventh Boss almost killed an ancient race expert. Seeing this made Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s blood boil. This was how a true expert should be. This was what it meant to be domineering.

“Attack together to kill these obstinate madmen!” shouted Ma Xingkong. He continuously waved his staff, summoning ice arrows that launched toward the other bosses.

These ice arrows had runes at their tips that made them incomparably sharp. They’d easily tear through armor.

“Everyone be careful. That dress-wearing pervert is using some sinister move! These ice arrows possess an explosive power!” shouted Long Chen as he saw the truth of the arrows.

Just as he shouted his warning, those ice arrows began to explode as they landed. The exploding ice arrows transformed into sharp needles that once more shot toward the bosses.

“An insignificant trick.” The Third Boss sneered and suddenly stabbed his sword into the ground. A powerful explosive sound shook the heavens.

A huge wave of earth raged through the air, and those flying ice needles were immediately knocked away.

Now it was the Life Star experts that were caught off-guard as the ice needles exploded in their direction. It had to be known that these ice needles would definitely injure Life Star experts if struck. Although they wouldn’t be fatal, they would be painful.

As a result, as they dodged the ice needles, the bosses attacked. Those Life Star experts were temporarily panicked. There was one that was almost killed by the Fourth Boss. The scene immediately became chaotic.

There were only a thousand miles of open space around Devil Spirit Mountain, too small for a battle of this scale. Thus, they all flew into the air to fight.

“Second Boss, you don’t need to protect us. Go help the other bosses. Dan Sheng didn’t bring any useless people this time. They’re all powerful opponents,” said Long Chen. Right now, only the Second Boss remained beside them as protection.

The Head Boss was fighting with Dan Sheng, while the Third to Seventh Bosses were fighting twelve Life Star experts. It was far too taxing on them.

These Life Star experts were not ordinary people. They were all tough opponents, completely different from those idiots that had gone to provoke the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect back then.

The Second Boss could also tell that they had come prepared. The five of them were now at an immense disadvantage.

“Will you be alright?” asked the Second Boss gravely. If he left, the Soul Transformation experts would attack them.

“Don’t worry about it. Playing these idiots to death is as easy as turning over a hand.” Long Chen patted his chest confidently.

“Alright, then be careful.” The Second Boss nodded. He trusted Long Chen.

Taking out the broadsword on his back, the Second Boss flew into the air, directly entering the intense battle.

He had only just left when those Soul Transformation experts looked at Long Chen like wolves staring at a sheep.

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