Chapter 1275 Deathbind

Heaven-shaking laughter rang out as six figures descended from the sky. They were shockingly the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s bosses. They had all gathered.

What shocked everyone was that they had jumped from the top of the Blood Sovereign Seal’s stone pillars. In other words, all this time, they had been hiding there. It was no wonder no one had sensed them. Their auras were completely covered by the Sovereign Blood Seal.

Boss Bao stood at the front, leading the other bosses in standing in front of Long Chen’s group of three. Staring indifferently at the experts in front of him, he said, “I am Boss Bao. I look forward to seeing how you help us out.”

Although the bosses were only at the peak of the Soul Transformation realm, they cultivated the Battle God Sacred Canon. Their auras were extremely condensed, and their power was not weaker than any of these Life Star experts.

The difference between them could be likened to a large wooden hammer and a small iron hammer. Although the iron hammer was smaller, it was harder. At least on the surface, the difference in combat power between them wasn’t too vast.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s experts were famed for how tough they were. They almost seemed suicidal. Fighting across realms for them was not strange at all.

In truth, as soon as Long Chen’s group of three had entered Devil Spirit Mountain, Boss Bao and the others had already arrived and hidden themselves on top of the stone pillars, quietly waiting for them to return.

Who could possibly not feel apprehensive? This was Devil Spirit Mountain, one of the seven great danger zones. It was famous as a land of death.

The seven of them had been hiding on the stone pillar the entire time, none of them saying a word. They hadn’t been in the mood to speak, and each minute had passed by slowly.

Then, they had sensed experts arrive and secretly seal the entrance to Devil Spirit Mountain, shocking them. But when they saw that the experts were from the ancient races and the Pill Tower, they were put at ease.

Those people were Long Chen’s enemies. They had clearly come after receiving news that Long Chen had been spotted here. They knew Long Chen best, and for them to come here meant that they felt Long Chen had some chance of coming back alive.

And Long Chen really hadn’t let down Dan Sheng. He had truly come out. But the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin had been a surprise.

Even Dan Sheng and the others hadn’t sensed the assassin. Right in front of everyone’s watching eyes, he had managed to sneak his way in and launch an assassination attempt on Long Chen. The Bloodkill Hall’s concealment arts were truly unrivaled. If Long Chen didn’t have the sharp senses of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, he really might have long since died.

After failing his ambush, that assassin immediately retreated, bringing the first act to a close. Now a new act had started. Boss Bao’s group of seven peak Soul Transformation experts were facing thirteen Life Star experts and over fifty Soul Transformation experts. And yet, the bosses’ expressions were completely calm. Battle intent was soaring out of them. Each one of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s experts was warlike, and hot blood flowed within their veins.

Standing there, they were like seven mountains. Although they were Soul Transformation experts, their auras caused the Life Star experts’ hearts to pound.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s experts rarely interacted with the rest of the world, and no one wanted to provoke these madmen. Therefore, only a few people knew about their true power.

Today, just seeing the bosses standing there, Dan Sheng and the others felt their hearts shaking. They didn’t even need to start fighting for them to sense their power with their expert’s intuition.

It was no wonder that back in the golden age of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, they had practically dominated the Central Plains. Even though they had declined to the point that their inheritance had almost been severed, they still possessed such power.

As both sides silently faced each other, the atmosphere grew tense. A battle of experts on the Life Star level possessed the power to destroy heaven and earth.

“Consider this carefully. Protecting Long Chen is to become enemies with the world. You will have provoked every cultivator under the heavens, and your Heaven Splitting Battle Sect will be instantly destroyed. I’d advise you-” said Dan Sheng.

He could already tell that this matter wasn’t going to be as easy as he had thought. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was actually this powerful. Originally, he had felt that bringing thirteen Life Star experts to capture Long Chen had been overkill and people would laugh at him for it.

But now that Boss Bao and the others were here, Dan Sheng felt regretful that he hadn’t brought more people to suppress them with numbers and power.

“Stop farting. My Heaven Splitting Battle Sect doesn’t accept any threats. Whoever wants to destroy my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect can come and try it. We’ll see who destroys who.” Boss Bao waved his hand, cutting off Dan Sheng’s words. He disdainfully said, “Don’t play such useless games with me. The men of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect never take that crap. If you don’t want to accept it, then just fight. We’ll see who’s life is hardier. Also, there’s no need to try that idiot trick of driving a wedge between us. Long Chen is one of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples, but he is also a disciple of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. If anyone dares to touch a hair on the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples, the entire sect will go all-out against you.”

Boss Bao’s words completely blocked any other paths. There was no room for compromise now. Either scram, or fight.

“Fine! Since you want to fight, I’ll accompany you! To block me from carrying out Pill Valley’s orders, there’s no need for your Heaven Splitting Battle Sect to exist any longer!” Dan Sheng was ashen with rage. In truth, he didn’t really want to fight. These experts had only been brought as a display of force, but Boss Bao didn’t fall for that.

Flames erupted from Dan Sheng’s body. Those flames were a dark gold color, even incinerating heaven and earth. All the Soul Transformation experts on his side hastily fled. This was Dan Sheng’s core flame. Even Soul Transformation experts were unable to resist it.

A huge flame blade condensed in his hands. Runes revolved around it, causing the air to shake. It slashed toward Boss Bao.

This attack could incinerate the heavens and boil seas. The air of the world ignited, making them all feel like they were about to suffocate. Dan Sheng’s core flame was too terrifying.

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao hastily fell back as well.

Long Chen looked around and directly pulled the two of them to the stone pillar. That was definitely the safest place. Anyone who attacked them would also have their attacks strike the stone pillar. Attacking the stone pillar would provoke a counterattack from the Sovereign Blood Seal, and that was just suicide.

“When did this world start needing your Pill Valley to interfere? Do you really think that no one else knows your wild ambitions? Idiot!” Boss Bao sneered and slashed his broadsword out. With an explosive sound, golden flames filled the sky.

Boss Bao was devoured by those dark gold flames, but a barrier appeared around his body, blocking the flames. He wasn't the slightest bit injured.

“The Battle God’s Protection? Weren’t you supposed to have already lost this inheritance?!” Dan Sheng couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Do you think the matters of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect have to be reported to your Pill Valley?” sneered Boss Bao. His broadsword shook, and scarlet light suddenly burst out of it.

BOOM! It was like a volcano had exploded from Boss Bao’s broadsword. All of Devil Spirit Mountain quivered, and Dan Sheng felt a huge burst of energy sending him flying.

“Taste my kick!” Dan Sheng had only just been blown back when Boss Bao appeared in front of him, sending a kick straight for Dan Sheng’s face.

This was an extremely humiliating attack, infuriating Dan Sheng. When would he have ever been insulted like this?

“Heaven Earth Flame Chain!” Dan Sheng waved his hand, and a chain formed of flame runes wrapped around Boss Bao.

This chain caused space to wildly twist. It was a terrifying attack, and being entangled by it would definitely be troublesome for Boss Bao.

Boss Bao sensed a great danger from the chain. He hastily pulled back his foot, not touching the chain. He slashed out his broadsword at it.

“Hmph, naive! Bind!” Dan Sheng sneered. With a one-handed seal, the chain seemed to come to life, becoming a wriggling serpent that dodged Boss Bao’s slash.

Suddenly, the chain exploded, transforming into thousands of tiny chains that wrapped around Boss Bao like a huge net.

It happened too suddenly for Boss Bao to react. The chains tightly bound Boss Bao over and over until he became a huge cocoon.

Everyone was shocked. In an instant, Boss Bao had fallen into desperate straits.

“Time for you to die! Deathbind!” Dan Sheng smiled sinisterly. Still forming one-handed seals, those chains tightened, trying to crush boss Bao.

BOOM! But those chains had only just started to tighten when they exploded. The flame runes shot out, revealing Boss Bao.

A rune had appeared on Boss Bao’s forehead, and his aura shook the void. He looked like an undefeatable battle god.

“You think this little trick is enough to kill me? Today, I’ll let you see the true power of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect!” Boss Bao sneered and shot into the air. His broadsword pointed at the sky.

In that instant, a desolate aura gathered from every direction and pierced into the clouds. A huge sword appeared within heaven and earth. That energy froze the world as every drop of desolate aura in this place was sucked dry.

“Split the Heavens 5!”

That huge sword splitting heaven and earth slashed down at Dan Sheng with a domineering will.

Dan Sheng’s expression sank and a harsh light shone in his eyes. He didn’t dare to look down on the power of this sword.

“Hmph, don’t think that only your Heaven Splitting Battle Sect has secret inheritances.”

Dan Sheng rapidly formed hand seals. Seeing those hand seals, Long Chen’s pupils shrank.

At this moment, sacred chanting filled the air, sounding like the murmuring of gods.

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