Chapter 1274 What a Pervert

Ma Xingkong had thought that Long Chen couldn’t move within the pressure of his domain. Unable to act, the only thing Long Chen was capable of doing was smiling to infuriate Ma Xingkong in hopes of getting the latter to kill him quickly.

When that broadsword suddenly appeared and attacked him, he completely ignored Long Chen. As for Long Chen’s face-slapping arts, they were unrivaled beneath the heavens. Even if someone was on guard, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to dodge. As a result, this slap viciously struck across his face.

That resounding slapping sound caused space to almost explode. Ma Xingkong’s head made a full three hundred and sixty degree turn. Half of his teeth even shot out and landed on the ground.

Just at this moment, the broadsword struck Ma Xingkong’s shield. That shield was extremely tough, and under normal circumstances, it would have been able to block this attack.

But Long Chen’s slap caused Ma Xingkong’s aura to become unsteady, and the power of his shield dropped sharply. As a result, it shattered upon being struck, and the broadsword continued to strike Ma Xingkong.


Ma Xingkong was sent flying, wildly vomiting blood. His clothes turned into colorful strands fluttering through the air.

“You dare to discipline a disciple of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect? Who do you think you are?”

A large man with a broadsword resting on his shoulder appeared in front of Long Chen. He spat toward Ma Xingkong disdainfully.

“Seventh Boss is mighty!”

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao cried out at the same time. Bao Buping and Chang Hao hadn’t known that the Seventh Boss would come.

But Long Chen had long since sensed the Seventh Boss’s existence due to the medicine he had given to all the bosses. To an alchemist, that was a specific marker. That was why Long Chen hadn’t been afraid from the start.

The Seventh Boss’s arrival slightly surprised Dan Sheng and the others. Although they had known that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect would likely have sent someone to protect them, they hadn’t expected that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s concealing arts would be so amazing.


Suddenly, someone let out a surprised cry. Everyone followed the voice to see a certain thing, and all their expressions became odd.

At this time, Long Chen and the others’ gazes were also attracted. What they saw was Ma Xingkong. When Long Chen clearly saw what Ma Xingkong was wearing, an expression of disbelief involuntarily appeared on his face.

“A… a dress?”

All they saw was that beneath Ma Xingkong’s blown-away outer clothes was a fiery-red dress. It was extremely attention-drawing.

“An old man wearing a dress? What a pervert. Just looking at him hurts my eyes.” Bao Buping looked away, looking like he might vomit.

Ma Xingkong’s face was completely red, which made the large handprint on his face even more noticeable. He had an urge to smash his head into a wall and kill himself.

This dress was covered by his outer robes, and normally others wouldn’t be able to see anything beneath it.

This dress was called the Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers. It was an extremely powerful protective Ancestral item. But regretfully, it was an item for women.

After obtaining this Ancestral item, Ma Xingkong had hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he hadn’t been willing to give it away. That was because a powerful protective item like it could make up for the fatal weakness of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s experts—their weak bodies.

Ma Xingkong had decided to wear it in the end. But for appearances, he always wore two sets of male robes on top of it. That way, he wouldn’t be exposed.

In truth, this Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers had truly saved his life. Otherwise, the Seventh Boss’s attack wasn’t something someone with a weak physical body could endure.

But now it was awkward. Everyone was staring at him strangely. That made Ma Xingkong’s face twist in embarrassment. The sight of an old man wearing a fiery-red dress truly possessed destructive power.

“Long Chen, if I don’t kill you, I swear I’m not human!” Ma Xingkong immediately took out a large robe and put it on to cover the dress.

“Old bastard, does deciding to come out in a dress and prostitute yourself have anything to do with me?” cursed Long Chen disdainfully. Instead of cursing the Seventh Boss, this idiot actually cursed him. Did he think he was an easy target?

“Good job, Long Chen. That slap was excellent.” The Seventh Boss patted Long Chen on the shoulder and then gave him a thumbs-up. It had truly been amazing.

“Hehe, Seventh Boss praises me. This is what practice makes perfect means. I’ve had so much practice, so of course I’ve gotten good at it,” said Long Chen very modestly.

Ma Xingkong clenched his remaining teeth so hard that they creaked and almost broke. Flames almost spurted from his eyes.

Long Chen’s words were a huge insult to him, because when he had tried to capture Long Chen last time, he had also been slapped across the face just like this.

That matter had become a well-known secret. Countless people had laughed over it, turning Ma Xingkong into a laughingstock. Now, before the old injury had even healed, a new one had struck him again. Furthermore, this slap had occurred in front of this many Life Star experts. It was a hundred times more embarrassing than last time.

Right now, the rancor in Ma Xingkong’s eyes could practically kill a person.

“You are from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect?” Dan Sheng finally opened his mouth, his tone as arrogant as ever.

“Are you blind? Or have you never learned to read? Don’t you see the markings on my robes?” The Seventh Boss glanced at Dan Sheng.

Dan Sheng’s question was nothing more than a polite formality. Normally, a person would respond with yes, or something like do you need something. Then they could continue speaking.

But the Seventh Boss’s reply made it so Dan Sheng had no way of replying politely.

“Pay attention to your words,” raged Dan Sheng. He was truly furious now. After all, he came from the Pill Tower, and no matter where he went, he was a high and supreme figure. He was used to other people speaking respectfully to him.

“Don’t try to act like some bigshot. In the eyes of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, your Pill Tower isn’t worth a fart. Ever since my sect was established, we didn’t eat a single one of your pills,” said the Seventh Boss disdainfully. He didn’t give a damn about these experts.

“Long Chen is a Heaven-Seizer. Does your Heaven Splitting Battle Sect want to protect him? If so, the entire Righteous path will become your enemy. Do you dare?” shouted Dan Sheng.

“You say Long Chen’s a Heaven-Seizer, so he’s one? Where’s your proof?” sneered the Seventh Boss.

“Hmph, there are dozens of disciples within the Xuantian Dao Sect who can testify that Long Chen is a variant Heaven-Seizer. After killing geniuses, he steals their talent and forcibly gives it to others. The explosive growth of the Dragonblood Legion is the best proof,” said Dan Sheng coldly.

Long Chen’s heart shook slightly. How could anyone in the Xuantian Dao Sect deliberately target him? But he quickly understood that Dan Sheng was just forcing it.

Back when he had increased the power of the Dragonblood Legion, he had shaken the entire Xuantian Dao Sect. In order to suppress the waves caused by this, Li Tianxuan had placed the responsibility on himself.

At that time, he had said that the Xuantian Dao Sect was in the midst of testing a secret method to upgrade its disciples’ talent. Back then, Li Tianxuan had simply helped cover things up.

He had thought that Long Chen would only be increasing the Dragonblood Legion’s power once. Covering up such a thing was a minor thing with his power.

But then, the Dragonblood Legion had continuously advanced. Rank five, rank six, rank seven, and rank eight Celestials sprang up like spring bamboo after the rain. There was no longer any way to cover this up.

If he forced it and said that this was still the Xuantian Dao Sect’s secret method, then that would be enough to shake all the Central Plains. Furthermore, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Alchemy Pavilion had exploded. Without any powerful alchemy resources as a backer, how could they raise so many geniuses? Furthermore, they had already advanced three times. That made no sense.

If the Xuantian Dao Sect truly had such a method, there was no way they would only use it on the Dragonblood Legion and none of the other disciples.

So just a slight consideration revealed a flaw in Li Tianxuan’s original declaration. He was clearly helping Long Chen conceal some secrets.

With the Pill Tower’s power, baiting a few of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples to testify against Long Chen was as easy as turning a hand.

As long as the Pill Tower used that, then if Long Chen didn’t give them an explanation, they could truly accuse him of being a variant Heaven-Seizer.

“What naming sense. A variant Heaven-Seizer, truly well done.” Long Chen cursed inside. Although he didn’t know the full story behind this yet, he could guess the general circumstances.

In truth, the Pill Tower wasn’t planning on giving him any opportunity to hand over his secrets. After capturing him, they would forcibly take his secrets and then kill him. They would use his death to give a harsh lesson to those powers that supported him like the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, the Xuantian Dao Sect, and the Grand Xia Ancient Nation.

Long Chen didn’t know where the Pill Tower had received the news that he would be here so that they could lie in wait. They had clearly come prepared.

As for that Bloodkill 9, he had clearly long since known about this arrangement, but had still come to assassinate him. However, he only had one chance. Having failed that one chance, he didn’t have a second one. The Pill Tower wouldn’t let others ruin their plans. So Bloodkill 9 didn’t want to waste the effort, nor had he wanted to offend the Pill Tower. He left after just saying a few words.

“This counts as proof? Are you trying to make me laugh? Then as proof Long Chen isn’t a Heaven-Seizer, every disciple of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect will testify,” said the Seventh Boss disdainfully.

“You… you are insulting Pill Valley’s prestige!” roared Dan Sheng. He found that there was no way to talk reasonably with the Seventh Boss. Even relying on intimidation didn’t have any effect.

“Don’t think so highly of yourself. Who do you think you are? With me here, none of you can touch a single hair on Long Chen’s head. Either scram, or let’s fight. My blade hasn’t tasted the blood of Life Star experts in a while. It’s long since gotten thirsty. If you want to die, then come!” shouted the Seventh Boss, stabbing his broadsword into the ground in front of him, battle intent soaring.

“Since you want to die so badly, we’ll help you out!” Dan Sheng coldly waved his hand, and the surrounding Life Star experts all moved forward. The atmosphere instantly became tense like a drawn bow.

“Haha, then we’ll thank you for helping us out.” Just at this moment, heaven-shaking laughter rang out from the sky.

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