Chapter 1273 An Unforeseen Change

The Bloodkill Hall’s assassin summoned his manifestation for just a moment before pulling it back as if nothing had happened.

But Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao were all shocked. Although they hadn’t managed to see his manifestation clearly, they were sure he was a terrifying rank nine Celestial.

“Regretfully, I can’t have an all-out fight with you here. Hopefully you can escape this calamity, or I’d have stalled my advancement to the Jade Core realm for nothing. Remember me - I am Bloodkill 9, and if you live past today, I will take your head next time.” The assassin emotionlessly looked at Long Chen.

After saying that, the mist covered his body, and he disappeared in front of all of them. Even Long Chen didn’t sense how he had left.

“What a powerful assassin.” Bao Buping and Chang Hao were shocked. This was their first time seeing a rank nine Celestial. And this rank nine Celestial was actually an assassin.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. He recalled how the twin assassins in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant had told him that they, Bloodkill 10, were the strongest assassins in this region.

The assassins ranked higher than them weren’t in this region. But Bloodkill 9 had suddenly appeared. That meant that Bloodkill Hall had mobilized him from some other place.

Furthermore, based on his words, he seemed to have even stalled his chance to advance to the Jade Core realm to kill him. Was this to say that the assassins above Bloodkill 9 had already advanced to the Jade Core realm or even higher?

“Why did he stop fighting?” Bao Buping and Chang Hao were a bit flabbergasted. They had wanted to experience the true power of a rank nine Celestial.

“Long Chen, people have reported you as being a Heaven-Seizer and have entrusted me with investigating this matter. It’d be best for you to be sensible and willingly go with us. Otherwise… hmph!”

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out, and dozens of figures surrounded the entrance to Devil Spirit Mountain. When they saw those figures, Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s expressions changed. There were several amongst those people who were Life Star experts.

The person at the front wore violet-gold robes with the marking of the Pill Tower on them. Only a Tower Master was qualified to wear such robes. Long Chen had only ever seen Dan Teng wear such clothes.

However, this person wasn’t Dan Teng. Instead, he was an icy-faced man with shoulder-length hair who appeared to be around forty years old.

This middle-aged man had several Life Star experts around him, and one of them was surprisingly someone Long Chen recognized - the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s vice sect master, Ma Xingkong.

Other than Ma Xingkong, Long Chen didn’t recognize any of them, but based on the way they carried themselves, they were probably the masters of their sects or on that level. Other than them, there were five large, especially arrogant experts. Those were experts from the ancient races.

A total of thirteen Life Star experts and over fifty Soul Transformation experts. Such a terrifying lineup caused Bao Buping and Chang Hao to jump in fright.

“Are all of you here just to capture me? You really look highly on me!” Long Chen calmly smiled, clasping his hands behind his back.

The person at the front was actually Dan Teng’s little brother. As for Dan Teng, he had disappeared from this world.

Due to that foolish child, Dan Chu, who had exposed all the secrets to Long Chen in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, the entire cultivation world had been shaken.

Dan Teng had abused his position to interfere in the matters of the four ancient nations. That was a huge crime. Then adding on how he had been preparing to support the Grand Han in controlling the four nations, he had left himself with no path for leniency.

Even though he was the Tower Master, he hadn’t been able to bear Pill Valley’s fury. In order to appease the masses, Pill Valley had announced that Dan Teng had been executed.

It went without saying that Pill Valley was truly ruthless. Even a Tower Master, a grand Life Star expert, could be killed by them. That had managed to shut everyone's mouths, including the Huayun Sect. There was no longer any way to find trouble for them over this matter.

Now that Dan Teng was dead, all the responsibility was pushed onto him, and the matter was brought to a close.

But Dan Teng’s death caused quite a few waves within Pill Valley. The main bloodline of Dan Teng’s family was exceptionally furious. But they didn’t dare to release that anger on Pill Valley, so they placed all of it on Long Chen.

This new Tower Master’s name was Dan Sheng. He was Dan Teng’s little brother and had been promoted to take over Dan Teng’s Pill Tower.

Dan Sheng had only just been promoted when he started to target Long Chen. In truth, killing Long Chen was a minor thing. As long as they properly did it in secret, with the Pill Tower’s power, they could easily crush a Foundation Forging ant.

But Dan Sheng’s goal wasn’t just to kill Long Chen. He wanted to kill Long Chen as an example to others, to win back the Dan family’s honor. Otherwise, the Dan family’s position in Pill Valley would fall.

Killing Long Chen now wasn’t just to avenge their enmity with him, but more for political reasons. Behind Dan Sheng was his entire family supporting him.

“Long Chen…” Bao Buping sent a transmission to Long Chen.

“Don’t speak.” Long Chen directly opened his mouth.

He knew what Bao Buping wanted to say. But he had plenty of experience when it came to handling something like this, and he knew what to do. As for Bao Buping’s spiritual message, there was no way it would escape the senses of these wily old foxes.

“Long Chen, are you going to let us capture you willingly?” Dan Sheng icily stared at Long Chen, his expression calm. However, his killing intent could not be concealed, as he hated Long Chen to the bone.

He wanted to crush Long Chen right here and now. But he couldn’t do that, because he needed a reason. A righteous reason.

“Go with you willingly? A person who can make me do such a thing has yet to be born. Who do you think you are to dare ask me such a thing?” sneered Long Chen.

“Little brat, do you want to try saying that again?!” raged Dan Sheng.

“Old bastard, even if I say it again, what can you do to me?” Long Chen directly pointed at his nose and cursed.

“You arrogant brat, I can’t watch any longer. Today, I’ll teach you how a junior should respect his seniors in Li Tianxuan’s place!”

Suddenly, a shout rang out, and a figure appeared in front of Long Chen like it had teleported. A large hand reached toward his throat.

The attacker was the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Ma Xingkong. At this time, Ma Xingkong’s face was twisted in hatred. His hatred for Long Chen was even greater than Dan Sheng’s.

Last time when he had gone to the Xuantian Dao Sect as a display of might, instead of showing off the power of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, his disciples had been killed and he had left in defeat. He had even gambled away a huge amount of resources, as well as his own Life Star Bead.

However, the worst thing was that slap in the end. It was a stain that he would never be able to wipe away, so he wanted Long Chen dead even more than Dan Sheng.

He directly reached for Long Chen’s throat, and the pressure of the Life Star realm crashed down upon him, freezing heaven and earth.

Long Chen smiled coldly. Last time, his cultivation base had been too low, and he had been like a fish that could only allow itself to be slaughtered.

But now, he clearly felt that he was not so helpless. As long as he wanted to and used his full power, well, although he wouldn’t say that he could block him, he definitely could lift a finger, unlike last time.

However, he didn’t have any intention of dodging. Instead, he just looked at Ma Xingkong with his cold smile, no fear in his eyes. The only thing there was contempt.

Ma Xingkong clearly saw that expression. He thought that Long Chen had simply accepted his helplessness and was doing this to infuriate him so that he would kill him quickly. Ma Xingkong smiled. That smile was savage and pleased. He could already imagine the sight of Long Chen being tortured and begging for release.

“Brat, don’t vainly think you can get me to kill you so easily.” Ma Xingkong sneered, his hand continuing to Long Chen’s throat.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao both slashed their swords at Ma Xingkong. However, within Ma Xingkong’s domain, moving was extremely taxing and their movements were sluggish. There was no way for them to compare to Ma Xingkong’s lightning-like speed.

Yet even so, their movements caused the other experts to be surprised. Even Kings would be unable to move within the domain of a Life Star expert. As for Soul Transformation experts, their movements would be heavily suppressed.

As for Bao Buping and Chang Hao, they were merely Foundation Forging disciples. For them to be able to move in this domain was truly surprising.

Some of them were envious and formed an urge to kill both of them. Talented geniuses needed to be put down while they were still growing, or they would eventually become terrifyingly powerful enemies.

The ancient races experts exchanged a look. They had already made their determination to get rid of Bao Buping and Chang Hao here. They definitely wouldn’t allow them to grow.

The ancient races hated the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Ever since ancient times, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect hadn’t given them face. They were incredibly direct, and if you irritated them even slightly, they would start fighting. 

With how the ancient races like to be arrogant and call themselves hegemons, they had suffered quite a bit in several fights against the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

And last time, seven of their Life Star experts had gone to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect to force them to hand over Long Chen, but unexpectedly, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect actually fought to protect him, and three of their experts were slain.

Four had run away, but one of them was only left with a Yuan Spirit. Furthermore, that Yuan Spirit had been heavily injured, and there had been no choice but to seal it so it could slowly heal. It was unknown how much time it would take for it to recover. And even if it did, after finding a suitable body, that expert’s cultivation base would be limited. It would probably only ever possess the power of the peak Soul Transformation realm.

That was a vicious slap in their face. Now seeing Bao Buping and Chang Hao possess such power, they definitely had to kill them. They decided that in a bit, they would attack to capture Long Chen and ‘accidentally’ kill them. When the time came, the Pill Tower would have to handle that debt, because they had been called over by the Pill Tower.

Just as the ancient race experts were scheming on how to kill Bao Buping and Chang Hao, Ma Xingkong’s hand arrived right in front of Long Chen.

“Scram!” A cold shout rang out, and a huge broadsword slashed through space at a crafty angle at Ma Xingkong.

Ma Xingkong was shocked. This attack came too suddenly and without any warning. He hastily formed a hand seal, and a huge shield appeared in front of him to block the sword.

Just as Ma Xingkong’s focus turned to block that huge sword, Long Chen, who was still coldly smiling and hadn’t moved, suddenly swung his hand, slapping Ma Xingkong across the face.

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