Chapter 1272 The Sovereign Blood Seal Displays its Power

As soon as that blood-colored light appeared, the creature’s killing intent vanished, and an expression of terror appeared on its face. It immediately turned and fled, not even bothering with Long Chen and the others.

“It’s the Sovereign Blood Seal!”

Long Chen looked at that blood-colored sun in the direction of the Sovereign Blood Seal. At this time, it was unleashing endless light that lit up the world. Divine might filled the entire Devil Spirit Mountain.

The Sovereign Blood Seal’s light spread, enveloping Long Chen’s group of three. Long Chen didn’t sense anything odd from it. He simply felt like warm sunlight was bathing his body.

But that creature was fleeing as if its life depended on it. It was afraid of even being touched by the light.

Despite its speed, it was unable to outrun the divine light. The blood-colored light quickly caught up.

The creature let out an unwilling roar, and golden runes lit up all over its body, protecting it. Long Chen was shocked to see that these golden runes had no actual form. They split apart space to form a terrifying defense.

Long Chen had never seen such terrifying defensive runes. His guess was that this defense was one of the creature’s innate divine abilities.

This absolute defense didn’t have the slightest use against the blood-colored light. The blood-colored light was like lava shooting through snow.

The runes vanished, and the creature let out a miserable scream. In front of their shocked gazes, it was instantly turned to dust.

The three of them felt a burst of fear. Originally, Long Chen had estimated that with this powerful defense, the creature would have a fifty percent chance of escaping alive.

At the very least, it should have been able to struggle somewhat. But now he found that in front of the Sovereign Blood Seal, such a terrifying existence didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

After the creature was killed, the Sovereign Blood Seal returned to its original appearance as if nothing had happened. But now one of those terrifying creatures had vanished.

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao were filled with shock. The Sovereign Blood Seal was actually this powerful. Then just what level of existence was a Sovereign?

Just a single seal left behind from over a hundred thousand years ago that had already started to loosen up was still able to easily kill such a terrifying expert.

The three of them stood and bowed respectfully to the Sovereign Blood Seal. They were filled with reverence and gratitude to this Sovereign.

A Sovereign’s power could extend through time. A single seal had suppressed Devil Spirit Mountain for tens of thousands of years, making those terrifying creatures unable to enter the Martial Heaven Continent. This kind of domineering power was something anyone would wish for.

“Let’s go.”

Now they were definitely safe. No matter how many of those creatures there were, they wouldn’t dare to be arrogant in front of the Sovereign Blood Seal. They slowly walked over.

They quickly saw the two stone pillars again. The Sovereign Blood Seal was still floating calmly between them.

As they walked beneath the Sovereign Blood Seal, they all took a deep breath. They looked at the clear sky and blazing sun that they hadn’t seen in a long time. They had finally managed to come out alive.

After having brushed past death so many times, coming out now made them feel like they had been reborn.

They had only just stepped out of Devil Spirit Mountain when dozens of gazes landed on them, filled with shock.

Those people were all adventurers who hadn’t made their resolve to enter Devil Spirit Mountain or were still adjusting their condition. Seeing the three of them walk out, they were filled with disbelief.

There were even some who were emitting unconcealable killing intent and greed. Anyone who walked out of Devil Spirit Mountain had to have amazing treasures of heaven-shaking secrets.

The three of them were dyed in black blood, which made it impossible for the others to see their original robes. No one could tell who they were.

As soon as they appeared, a group of wild cultivators surrounded them. One of them was a Jade Core expert who immediately unleashed his powerful aura and extended a hand at them without even saying a word, wanting to capture them alive.

Long Chen didn’t even look at that person. He swung his hand, and that Jade Core expert didn’t even have a chance to make a sound before being blown to bloody mist.

The others surrounding them couldn’t help being appalled. A Jade Core expert was killed with the wave of a hand. Just how strong were they?

“Scram!” Bao Buping shouted coldly, and a powerful qi wave blew away the people surrounding them. Two unlucky fellows were knocked unconscious just from that.

Just because the three of them had been bullied in Devil Spirit Mountain didn’t mean that they were weak. These people here were nothing more than rank three or rank four Celestials. They were nothing to Long Chen and the others.

“You want to rob me? Fucking dog eyes,” cursed Chang Hao.

Long Chen’s slap, Bao Buping’s roar, and Chang Hao’s cursing immediately suppressed everyone. Those wild cultivators instantly realized that the fact that these three could walk out of Devil Spirit Mountain wasn’t because of just luck.

“Isn’t that one… Long Chen?” Suddenly, one of the cultivators let out a startled cry upon recognizing Long Chen.

Long Chen’s name was already famous within the cultivation world. He was a complete oddity. He wasn’t a Celestial but was able to contend with top heavenly geniuses.

His name had been especially resounding due to what happened in the eastern sea and the battles after the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. He had ignored the threat of the ancient races and killed his way out of the encirclement of countless Soul Transformation experts to leave the Grand Xia.

His name had reached the point that practically all cultivators in this region knew his name.

Later, because he had entered the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, things had calmed down slightly. But now, all these cultivators were shocked to see him here.

As for Bao Buping and Chang Hao who came from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, they were covered in blood and there was no way to tell anything from their robes. Just the swords on their backs weren’t able to show their status.

Just as everyone was shocked, the space behind Long Chen transformed into a water screen. A sharp blade silently stabbed toward his back.

It happened so suddenly that Bao Buping and Chang Hao didn’t react at all. Their attention was fixed on the shocked cultivators.

Sparks flew as the sharp sword was suddenly blocked by a black pot.

At the same time, Long Chen slashed out Blooddrinker in his right hand, tearing through the space behind him. This slash of his also came suddenly as if he had been expecting this.

Only now did Bao Buping and Chang Hao react. They hastily turned back to see Long Chen’s saber slash down, and that sharp blade which was floating in the air pulled back to block.


The blade blocked Long Chen’s saber, and that water curtain blew apart, revealing a seemingly ordinary man in grey robes.

He looked completely ordinary. If tossed into a crowd, it would be impossible to find him again. At this time, he had a hint of shock in his eyes.

“The Bloodkill Hall just refuses to go away. Since that’s the case, you can stay behind.” Long Chen smiled coldly, and stamping on the ground, he shot forward, slashing his saber down with both hands.

After being entangled with the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins for so many years, Long Chen was extremely sensitive to their auras. As soon as the three of them had walked out of Devil Spirit Mountain, he had felt that he had been locked onto.

The reason he hadn’t said anything was because he had been waiting for the attack. After all, not all assassins were like those twin Bloodkill 10 assassins who were capable of canceling out each other’s killing intent and auras. No matter how amazing the assassin, they wouldn’t have anywhere to hide in front of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s senses once they attacked.

Long Chen’s first attack tore apart the assassin’s concealment, while his second attack was a killing blow.

The assassin had nowhere to go. With a cold snort, he raised his sword to block. A water-like barrier appeared on it, and with an explosive sound, the mist suddenly shot out, filling the air.

The mist instantly covered the area around them. Within this mist, it was impossible to even see your own fingers if you waved your hand in front of your face. All you could see was the white mist. Even divine sense couldn’t pierce this mist.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao were startled. Within this mist, they were blind, unable to see or sense anything.


Suddenly, the mist blew apart, and people could see Long Chen attacking the assassin. The assassin had blood pouring out of his chest and dripping out of his mouth. He had a shocked expression as he flew back.

“You can see through my Heart Bewilderment Mist?” The assassin couldn’t believe it.

He was a powerful water element cultivator, and the mist formed by his Water Qi wouldn’t scatter no matter how strong the wind was. It could block sight and isolate divine sense. Within the mist, others were blind while he could see clearly. Countless experts had died unwillingly within his mist.

The mist could be scattered through great explosive and destructive power, but anyone who did that actually fell into his trap. The instant they unleashed that powerful attack, he would launch a fatal attack.

At first, Long Chen had also been like the other experts he had slain. The first thing he had tried was using his aura to blow apart the mist. And the assassin had been waiting just for that moment to launch a silent sneak attack.

But just as he had been about to attack, he saw that the energy Long Chen had been accumulating hadn’t been to blow apart the mist. Instead, a powerful saber had slashed toward him. He had actually fallen for Long Chen’s trap.

Long Chen’s attack caused him to vomit blood and shoot back. If he hadn’t been strong enough, this attack would have killed him.

“Split the Heavens 3!” Long Chen’s reply was another ruthless attack. The blood-colored saber-image mercilessly fell from the sky at the worst possible moment for the assassin.

The assassin took a deep breath. Runes suddenly materialized behind him, forming a sea of runes. Nine dots of light appeared within the runic sea. A powerful aura soared into the sky.

When this runic sea appeared, the assassin seemed to become a completely different person. A slash of his sword broke Long Chen’s saber-image.

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao were all shocked. “A rank nine Celestial?”

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