Chapter 1271 Screwed

Bao Buping and Chang Hao attacked at the same time, unleashing unprecedented power at this moment of life and death. One attacked the formation, while one attacked the creatures.

“Split the Heavens 4!”

Two huge heaven-splitting blades mercilessly slashed down from the sky.

Bao Buping’s Sword Qi shot straight toward those three golden creatures.

BOOM! The Jade Core creature at the front snorted. Its golden claw closed around Bao Buping’s Sword Qi, blowing it apart.

But Bao Buping’s power with the Battle God Blessing was also terrifying.

The golden creature was knocked back several meters by it, and their advancement was stalled for a moment. Even the other two golden creatures were knocked back by the first.

“Inferior human race, face your deaths!”

The one at the front roared, and a powerful sound wave shook heaven and earth. This voice contained boundless killing intent. It shot toward Long Chen.

The instant Bao Buping attacked, Chang Hao’s sword slashed into the formation. What delighted Bao Buping was that this powerful formation actually did tear open.

In truth, this formation was extremely powerful. Let alone a Foundation Forging disciple, even a Soul Transformation expert’s full-strength attack wouldn’t be able to tear it open.

However, the nine forms of Split the Heavens possessed the will to break apart the heavens. Thus, Split the Heavens possessed an extremely strong barrier-breaking effect. 

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s magical arts were very powerful, but they didn’t dare to show off in front of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Why? Because the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples had Split the Heavens! When they used the Battle God Blessing, they could ignore all their magic shields and hack them to death.

That was why this formation, which even Soul Transformation experts would be helpless against, would tear open through Chang Hao’s attack.

“Quick, run!”

Chang Hao shouted to Bao Buping and Long Chen. As soon as this tear formed, the formation began to slowly close. It would take less than a breath’s time before it was fully restored.

Bao Buping immediately rushed over. At this time, those golden creatures were also getting closer.

“None of you will get away!”

The Jade Core creature roared, and its body suddenly unleashed blinding light. Like a sun, it covered the entire world in golden runes. Heaven and earth froze. This was an extremely terrifying power.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao felt like a mountain had suddenly crashed down on them, and each step was incomparably difficult to take. They couldn’t help being shocked. Just what kind of power was this?

“If we don’t leave, will you treat us to a meal?” Within this world of golden runes, there was only one spot without them. That spot had a violet sphere like a star that shattered the runes.

Long Chen was standing in the air, a three-hundred-meter sphere in his hand. Like a god of flames, he appeared unspeakably domineering. The violet sphere was like the sun, while the golden runes were like snow, instantly melting away. The entire golden world was affected and starting to twist.

“Well, based on your conduct, I’d say you didn’t prepare any good food for us. Then nevermind, we’re very busy. You can go back. Ah, you know… after taking so much of your stuff, I’d feel bad not leaving you with something. Please take this insignificant gift. There’s no need to thank me.”

Long Chen tossed out the huge sphere at the powerful golden creature. “Star Fall!”

The sphere contained boundless destructive power. It was like a star that had reached the end of its life and was about to erupt with its final light.

The Jade Core creature hastily fled. It was unknown what it was shouting, but Long Chen could guess it was telling the other creatures to run.


But they had still underestimated this mysterious magical art that came from the Xuantian Catalog. With the added power of the Nirvana Scripture, the explosion of the violet sphere caused flames to devour the world. Instead of golden runes, this world became filled with a sea of flames.

Those ordinary creatures would be instantly turned to ash, and the elites would last for a breath before dying.

Only the golden creatures survived. But their golden bodies had turned black from the flames. While they were able to block the attack, the power of the explosion knocked the two Foundation Forging golden creatures unconscious.

Only the Jade Core creature, who had fled far away from the core explosion region of Star Fall, had managed to survive intact. But if it had been struck head-on, it knew it would probably have been killed.

Just after Star Fall exploded, over ten incredibly terrifying auras rose in the distance. A group of huge figures were rushing over.

These figures were also golden, but they were now thirty meters tall. Their pressure caused heaven and earth to shake. As soon as they arrived, the surviving golden creature didn’t dare to even move.

Seeing everything here had been turned into a charred land of death, those creatures let out heaven-shaking roars of fury.

One of them had scarlet eyes and stamped on the ground. The ground shattered beneath it, while it shot at the formation like a shooting star.

At this time, the tear Chang Hao had made had increased in size due to the power of Star Fall. Furthermore, the formation seemed to have broken because of it, and its self-repairing ability had disappeared. It was like a person who didn’t even know how to close their mouth after being slapped in the face.

The other creatures were shocked to see one of them charge past the formation. They hastily flew over to stop that one, but they were too late.

That terrifying creature charged into the darkness, chasing after Long Chen.

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao were fleeing as fast as they could. After unleashing Star Fall, Long Chen had hidden on the other side of the formation with the other two. Star Fall’s destructive power had mainly stayed on the outside, so the three of them weren’t injured.

But they all suddenly felt a sensation of mortal danger lock onto them.

“Life Star realm?!” The three of them were shocked. This aura was clearly something only someone on the Life Star level could possess.

Long Chen looked back, and his hair stood on end. He saw a thirty-meter figure rapidly getting closer. Its speed was ten times greater than theirs.

“Fuck, there’s no need to be so courteous as to send us off, right?!” cursed Long Chen. Lightning wings appeared on his back, and the King item boots on his feet lit up. He pushed his speed to his peak while grabbing Bao Buping and Chang Hao.

Being pulled by Long Chen, Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s feet left the ground as they whistled through the air so quickly that they couldn’t even keep their eyes open. Even dragging them, Long Chen’s speed surpassed their peak.

“Damnit! Long Chen, go faster! It’s about to catch up!” Bao Buping looked back just in time to see the giant creature get even closer to them. It was about to catch up, causing their faces to turn green.

Perhaps they would have the slightest urge to fight if it was just a Soul Transformation creature. But in front of this terrifying monster, they didn’t even have a desire to fight. That was an existence on the level of the old man.

Long Chen clenched his teeth and fled for his life. His legs were like two rapidly spinning wheels.

But even so, he couldn’t compare to that creature’s speed. It was still catching up.

“Fuck, when we came, the distance was so short! Why is it so far now that we’re going back?!” cursed Long Chen. When they had come, they hadn’t felt this space to be so big. But even after rushing for so long, they hadn’t reached it.

What Long Chen didn’t know was that this place also had a formation. Coming in was easy, because the formation shortened the distance so that anyone would quickly enter Devil Spirit Mountain.

But when leaving, the formation wouldn’t help. So it felt like the distance had increased by a hundred times from the entrance to the formation.

“We’re screwed! Long Chen, your legs are too short!” Bao Buping lamented. That creature’s legs were fifteen meters long, so Long Chen was truly at a disadvantage in a race.

“DIE!” That creature suddenly roared and its forehead split open. An arrow shot out at Long Chen.

Now, that creature was less than three thousand meters away, and they were now in its attack range. If this attack landed, the three of them would be instantly turned to dust.

“Pot, it’s all on you!” Long Chen threw Bao Buping and Chang Hao to the side while he took out a black pot. He smashed it into the attack.


A heaven-shaking explosion erupted and space crumbled. The three of them felt like a mountain had smashed into them, and they tumbled back into the distance, violently hacking up blood. 

They didn’t know how far they rolled. Their heads were buzzing. Suddenly, a clanking noise rang out as the black pot landed in front of Long Chen, still spinning.

Seeing it was fine, Long Chen was delighted. The pot was too amazing. It was actually able to block such a terrifying attack.


Long Chen had just blessed his luck that the pot was so strong when a furious roar rang out. That terrifying creature arrived in front of them, unleashing a terrifying fist that sealed all of heaven and earth.

Their expressions changed. This terrifying creature fundamentally wasn’t something they could handle. Long Chen raised the pot again.

Suddenly, space quivered. A blood-colored light soared into the sky, looking like a bloody sun that lit up the world.

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