Chapter 1270 Battle God Blessing


The black arrow smashed into the bottom of the pot, causing an explosive sound. The black arrow instantly exploded to bits, while the pot remained fine. All that happened was a bit of rust fell from it.

“Hehe, the pot really is mighty.” Long Chen laughed. This pot had given him many pleasant surprises. Although he was still unable to use its real power, he was constantly finding out more of its unknown abilities.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron was afraid of the arrow, but the pot wasn’t at all. It seemed that its level was far, far greater than the Blazing Dragon Cauldron.

Furthermore, this was also the result of Long Chen’s guess being correct. The black arrow’s power had been strange. The actual power behind it hadn’t been great, and its real ability lay in its corrosive curse power.

There was no way this kind of curse energy could affect the pot. The black arrow was completely ineffective.

“Inferior human race, you don’t have any real power so you just rely on your tricks! You’re the dirtiest, most shameless lifeforms!” roared the golden creature furiously. It was furious that this move was useless against the pot, but it was also helpless about it.

“Idiot, are you a crying shrew? Unable to beat me, you start cursing me?” sneered Long Chen. Now holding the pot, he charged at the golden creature.

A single smash of the pot caused the golden creature to be sent flying.

The thing that infuriated the golden creature was that the pot was far harder than the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, causing cracks to appear on its fist and its blood to slowly flow out.


“Fuck off!” The golden creature had just opened its mouth again when Long Chen smashed it with the pot, sending it flying.

The golden creature roared repeatedly, but it was unable to do anything to Long Chen. 

“Idiot, stand still! I won’t stop until I beat you into a dumpling!” roared Long Chen, repeatedly smashing the pot at the golden creature.

The golden creature’s fury was soaring. It was unable to do anything to the pot, making it feel helpless. 

Originally, its power had been equal to Long Chen’s. In a direct clash, it would be difficult to determine a winner. But after using its divine ability, it had caused the Blazing Dragon Cauldron to come out and it instantly fell into a disadvantage.

Then after using its corrosive black arrow, this damn pot came out. After shooing off a wolf, it attracted a tiger. The golden creature’s heart was probably shattering.

In front of the incomparably fierce pot-wielding Long Chen, it was forced to retreat over and over again, unable to fight evenly any longer.

Seeing Long Chen make the golden creature cover its head and run, not only were the other creatures of this world shocked, but even Bao Buping and Chang Hao were dumbfounded. The current Long Chen looked even more savage and demonic than these creatures.

“Long Chen, ignore it! Hurry up and open the formation!” shouted Chang Hao as he fought intensely. The number of creatures here was still rising, and it was at an even faster rate than before.

“I can’t open the formation!” shouted Long Chen in reply. With a wave of his hand, he sent out the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, smashing it into the formation.

A water-like barrier appeared in the air as the formation activated. A large mass of ripples materialized where the Blazing Dragon Cauldron had struck it, but the formation didn’t break. Instead, the Blazing Dragon Cauldron was knocked back.

“Do you see?” said Long Chen helplessly as he put away the Blazing Dragon Cauldron and continued to smash the golden creature.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s hearts turned cold. Even with Long Chen’s power, even using an Ancestral item, he was unable to break the formation. Then there was no chance at all.

“Fuck, looks like we’re going to die here. Then let’s bring them down with us!” roared Bao Buping.

“Battle God Blessing!”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao both roared at the same time, and a blood-colored rune appeared on their foreheads. At the same time, runes began to light up all across their skin, looking like a runic armor. In that instant, it felt like two ancient monsters had woken.

The Battle God Blessing was the strongest power increasing art of the Battle God Sacred Canon. It was said to allow a person to receive a god’s blessing and raise their power as much as possible.

But the Battle God Blessing was not suited for a long battle. It only allowed for a brief burst of power. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples wouldn’t use it until there was no other option.

Now, Long Chen had shown that the formation was too powerful for them to escape. So the only thing left to do was to kill as many of these creatures as possible.

But what Bao Buping and Chang Hao hadn’t expected was that the instant they used the Battle God Blessing, their power burst forth on an unprecedented scale.

Their power had been raised far more than it had ever before. A faint halo of light surrounded them, and their power flowed out in torrential waves. A single slash of their swords pierced the creatures around them as easily as a knife going through tofu.

“What… what’s going on?”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao were shocked and delighted. When they had used the Battle God Blessing before, their power would double. But now their power had probably increased by ten times.

They had previously been miserably suppressed by these powerful creatures, but now they killed them easily.

Long Chen smiled. As expected, the reason those previous two disciples had been able to get out of this formation wasn’t because of how powerful they had been, but because… this place had the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet’s blessing.

The reason why the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet had appeared on this battlefield back then was because it embodied the Battle God’s will. Only by activating the Battle God Blessing within the range of the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet’s blessing was it possible to use Split the Heavens to break the formation.

As soon as Long Chen had started to fight against the golden creature, he had felt that something was strange. With their power, they could definitely dominate any rank eight Celestials, but the formation hadn’t had any problem containing their power.

Back then, he had thought there was some problem. But the fact that two of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples had managed to escape shouldn’t be a coincidence. The problem was most likely something to do with Bao Buping and Chang Hao.

That was why Long Chen had put on a display of showing the formation’s power when the two of them had told him to break it. It was to make them lose any of their expectations.

Now that the two of them had used the Battle God Blessing, it all became clear. Long Chen didn’t cultivate the Battle God Sacred Canon, so he was unable to receive any blessing. If they wanted to break the formation, they would have to depend on the two of them.


Bao Buping and Chang Hao suddenly shouted at the same time. They forced back the surrounding creatures with a single slash and flew into the air. Like two arrows, they shot at the golden creature.

“Cripple him!” roared Bao Buping. With all three of them attacking the golden creature at the same time, they had sealed its paths of retreat. Their swords fell.


The golden creature was currently at a loss from being smashed by Long Chen’s pot over and over again. Seeing Bao Buping and Chang Hao attacking, the golden runes on its wings lit up, and it smashed a fist at them.

But it had miscalculated. With the Battle God Blessing, their power had increased by ten times. Their swords instantly blew apart the creature’s arm.

The creature let out a shrill cry, but that cry was cut off halfway as a pot smashed into the back of its head.

The pot directly smashed apart the creature’s head. As the head exploded, a small devil core tried to fly away.

“I was waiting for you!” Long Chen snorted and grabbed the devil core. The devil core had the golden creature’s soul within it, and that was what he wanted the most.

The devil core suddenly lit up, and it felt like flames were about to erupt from within it.

“Hmph, you want to kill yourself? Keep dreaming. Soul Sealing Art.”

Long Chen snorted and formed hand seals with one hand. A net formed around Long Chen’s hand. This was Long Chen’s soul art.

The net bound the devil core tightly, and that erupting energy instantly turned calm. In the end, not even a ripple came out of it.

In terms of power, the golden creature might be able to fight evenly with Long Chen. But in terms of Spiritual Strength, they were not even close to the same level.

Although Long Chen’s skill in soul arts was crude compared to Meng Qi, his Spiritual Strength was vast like a sea and practically endless. Suppressing the devil core’s soul was easy.

“Damnable human race, you’ll pay the price for this!”

Just at this moment, three of the golden creatures appeared, flying over.

Long Chen’s expression changed slightly. Amongst those three, two had similar auras to the Foundation Forging realm, but there was one whose body was shining like a golden sun. It was an expert on the Jade Core realm. Long Chen sensed a sensation of mortal danger from it.

“Chang Hao, open the formation. Buping, you unleash a full-strength attack at them to buy me some time.”

Long Chen’s eyes began to shine as he saw these three terrifying creatures coming. He put away the black pot. With his left hand holding the elbow of his right arm, he raised his right hand into the air. Flame energy began to circulate, and chanting filled the air.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao immediately followed his directions. One charged at the formation, while one stood in front of Long Chen. They both raised their swords high into the air. Two huge sword-images pierced into the sky. Heaven and earth began to shake.

“Split the Heavens 4!”

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