Chapter 1269 The Amazing Pot Dominates (Teaser)

A golden fist collided with the green fist. Powerful qi waves erupted in every direction.

The surrounding creatures were blown back by the qi waves, and a few of the weaker ones were directly killed.

This incredible power was so great that even Bao Buping and Chang Hao had to stab Sword Qi into the depths of the earth to avoid being blown away. Yet, they still coughed up blood. They were injured by their clashing power.

The two of them couldn’t help being shocked. They hadn’t expected this golden creature to be so terrifying.

But fortunately, Long Chen was able to fight on even ground against it. They saw their fists still intertwined. Countless ripples were erupting from their fists, soaring like waves clashing against heaven and earth.

Clearly, the two of them were constantly increasing their power. With his hair fluttering in the wind, Long Chen looked like a god as he faced that golden creature.

The thing that made Bao...

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