Chapter 1268 Intense Battle With Another World’s Experts

“There’s too many of them!”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao felt a chill. Right now, there were thousands of this world’s creatures blocking the exit, staring coldly at them.

Even Bao Buping and Chang Hao felt their hearts clench in the face of this many of them. 

It had to be known that while these creatures might have auras similar to the human race’s Foundation Forging realm, their actual combat power was much greater.

Their bodies were especially tough, comparable to King items. They were incredibly quick and powerful.

“Didn’t you want to get revenge for the generations of seniors from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect? Now’s the best time. Bring out your full power and let these creatures experience the power of our Heaven Splitting Battle Sect!” said Long Chen, battle intent soaring out of him.

Long Chen was disgusted with these creatures. They actually used the human race as prey. This was a humiliation to the entire human race!

“Kill these bastards! Vengeance for the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s seniors!”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao both roared, their eyes scarlet as they unleashed their full power.

The two of them now looked almost insane. They had both thought of that corpse of their senior that they had seen in the pit. They hated these creatures to the core.

They charged out, unleashing terrifying power that forced back these creatures. But Bao Buping and Chang Hao were also shocked to find that these creatures were extremely powerful. Practically, each one of them had power comparable to a rank eight Celestial, and when a dozen of them blocked at the same time, they were unable to kill even a single one.

Although some of them were vomiting blood, those injuries weren’t heavy enough to affect their combat power.

The two of their attacks had only just landed when a huge blood-red saber-image soared into the sky, slashing down with a boundless air of death.

Long Chen’s sharp attack landed right on the creatures that had just blocked.

“Nice!” Bao Buping and Chang Hao both cheered. Long Chen’s attack had been perfectly timed.

Those creatures had just blocked their attack and had yet to summon forth more energy before this terrifying attack landed. Seven of them were killed in an instant.

But seven was nothing compared to the army of thousands in front of them. The other creatures let out furious roars and poured forward like the tide, instantly devouring them.

“Divine ring!”

“Four Star Battle Armor!”

Long Chen’s roar was like the roar of a god. A four-colored divine ring appeared behind him, unleashing boundless pressure. A pillar of light soared into the sky.

Four stars revolved in his eyes, and a powerful qi wave directly blew back the charging creatures.

“Kill!” With a thunderous roar, Long Chen unleashed a mile-long saber-image at the creatures.

Those powerful creatures were blown apart like tofu in front of Long Chen’s attack. Any of them touched by the huge saber-image were killed.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao also unleashed their full power. They pushed the Battle God Sacred Canon to its peak, following behind Long Chen as they slaughtered.

Although the creatures did their best to stop them, the three of them were like tigers amongst a crowd of sheep. Anyone who blocked them was mercilessly cut down.

Long Chen was being vicious now. Time was pressing. They couldn’t waste even a breath’s time.

Right now, he was finally experiencing how strong he had become after the baptism of the Heaven Earth Divine Pool. He felt inexhaustible energy pouring out of his body. Those creatures in front of him were either slain or blown away.

However, there were still too many of them, and they didn’t fear death. They continued to pounce on the three of them.

As time passed, more and more of them appeared. There was now a sea of them, while Long Chen and the others were like three small boats trying to stay afloat within the turbulent waves.

“Damnit, there’s too many of these bastards. We can’t kill them all,” cursed Bao Buping.

In the beginning, there had only been several thousand of them. But now, although the three of them had killed hundreds, the numbers of their enemies had soared past ten thousand and continued to climb.

The only good thing was that the three of them were still rapidly pushing forward, getting closer and closer to the exit. There was less than a hundred miles in front of them before they would reach the formation. Once they broke in, they would be able to leave.

A hundred miles could be crossed with a single step during ordinary times for people on their level. But now, they were blocked by these creatures, and even advancing a single step was difficult.

Each slash of Long Chen’s saber killed several of the creatures, but it still wasn’t enough to keep up with the arrival of reinforcements. The thing that made him feel helpless was that these reinforcements only became stronger. His guess was that the lifeforms that guarded the border were all low level lifeforms, while these new ones were the real elites.

The creatures they had seen at the beginning had had black wings. But now some silver-winged ones had started to appear.

These silver-winged creatures were several times stronger than the other ones. In a one against one, Bao Buping and Chang Hao were unable to kill them within a few moves.

Fortunately, their cultivation bases were still equivalent to the human race’s Foundation Forging realm. No Jade Core realm creatures appeared.

The three of them pushed forward with difficulty. More and more of the silver-winged creatures were appearing, increasing the pressure of them.

But now they were just tens of miles away from the exit.


Suddenly, an explosive sound rang out. A dozen of the silver-winged creatures worked together to push Long Chen back several steps.

“Damnit.” Long Chen’s heart shook. To be pushed back while advancing was not just a setback, it would dampen their sharpness. If they continued to be knocked back while advancing, it would become extremely difficult to get to the end.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Without hesitation, Long Chen’s arms shook, and a lightning and flame dragon flew out.

The two dragons roared and intertwined, blowing apart the silver-winged creatures. Black blood filled the air and was incinerated.

“They’re weak to lightning and fire?” Long Chen was delighted. He had never expected these silver-winged creatures to be so weak to this.

Anywhere Lei Long went, the silver-winged creatures would have their bodies turn stiff. Their tough bodies became as weak as a block of ice.

Then violet flames would go by, and these creatures were like cold cups that had been thrown into a blazing furnace. They instantly exploded.

Anywhere the two dragons went was wiped clean. A huge path appeared in front of them, delighting them. They hastily rushed forward.

Suddenly, space rumbled as a large winged devil appeared in the air. Its wings were actually golden.

The other creatures immediately opened a path for the golden-winged creature. They were clearly terrified of it.

Golden light flowed around it, making this creature look like a golden fiend. Its eyes were completely icy. “Despicable human race, die.”

The golden creature actually spat out human words. It sent a single punch at the three of them.

Its fist was also golden. There was some strange energy circulating within it, and space rumbled wherever it passed as if it was being compressed to the limit.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao unleashed powerful Sword Qi at its fist. An explosion caused the world to shake. The ground exploded and dust filled the air.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao vomited a mouthful of blood as they were knocked back, almost losing their grip on their weapons. They were filled with shock. This golden creature was absolutely terrifying. Even when the two of them worked together, they weren’t able to receive its punch.

The golden creature sneered upon punching them away. It let out another punch, this time at Long Chen.

“Be careful!” cried Bao Buping and Chang Hao. Having experienced its power, they knew that it surpassed their understanding.

“Do you think a piece of crap like you is fit to look down on me?” Long Chen sneered. In terms of power, he had never feared anyone.

“Green Dragon Battle Armor!”

Long Chen’s body became covered in green scales. When his 108,000 scales appeared, his 108,000 immortal platforms began to revolve rapidly. Each one of them corresponded to one of his scales.

When his immortal platforms and scales formed a resonance, a mysterious energy appeared, feeling like countless tiny threads connecting all of them.

In that instant, Long Chen let out a roar that shook the heavens. His power exploded like a volcano as he sent a punch at the golden creature.

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