Chapter 1267 Being Noticed

“Long Chen, this is already enough. We should get going now,” gulped Chang Hao.

Right now, Long Chen had obtained the Heaven Flipping Seal, while the two of them had obtained two Ancestral items and the complete nine forms of Split the Heavens. They had even helped the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet break part of its seal, making it so its return to the sect was nothing more than a matter of time.

They had solved everything they had come to solve. They had even learned some heaven-shaking secrets, so the best decision was to hurry up and scram. As long as they left alive, this would be a complete success.

But seeing Long Chen’s wolf-like gaze, the two of them got goosebumps.

“Since we’ve come, we can’t leave empty-handed.” Long Chen shrugged.

“We aren’t empty-handed! Are you planning on emptying all of Devil Spirit Mountain?!” Bao Buping and Chang Hao were speechless. They finally realized that the greediest one amongst them was Long Chen. Even after obtaining so much, he wasn’t satisfied.

“I have many brothers in the Xuantian Dao Sect who need to be equipped. I want to see if I can get a few more treasures. It’s fine, the black pot is right here. Let’s go, once we miss this chance, there won’t be another.”

Long Chen started rushing off. Bao Buping and Chang Hao helplessly followed with bitter expressions. They had always considered themselves to have big guts, but they felt when compared to Long Chen, their guts weren’t that big.



A feather dress unleashing rainbow light escaped from its chain. It was an extremely powerful Ancestral item made from the feathers of hundreds of different kinds of powerful Magical Beasts.

Those weren’t ordinary feathers. They were the core feathers of those Magical Beasts, similar to the true feather of the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix that Meng Qi had possessed back then. That true feather had been used to release all its divine abilities.

As for this rainbow feather dress, the masters of all its feathers had been exceedingly terrifying existences. Each feather unleashed its own powerful pressure.

This was the ninth treasure now. But amongst the nine treasures, it was the strongest, delighting Long Chen. This rainbow feather dress was most suited to Meng Qi.

After obtaining nine Ancestral items, Long Chen felt like flowers were about to bloom in his heart. This feather dress actually possessed a great spirituality, and after he saved it, it didn’t try to flee immediately like the other Ancestral items. Long Chen could even sense a kind of gratitude coming from it.

He easily pulled the feather dress into the primal chaos space. The other Ancestral items hadn’t been so fortunate. They had all been smashed half-dead by the pot before being willing to submit.

As he used the pot to subdue these Ancestral items, he found that it continued to grow darker. There was a block of it in the middle that was now starting to shine with a glossy light as if it had just been used to stir fry food. It was looking more and more like an iron pot used for cooking.

As for the bottom of the pot, it was starting to accumulate that ‘rust’. This rust seemed to be both a secretion as well as a layer of armor. Long Chen was unable to see through its mysteries.

But his intuition told him that this treasure left behind by that mysterious expert in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant was currently undergoing some kind of transformation.

However, no matter what he tried, the pot refused to connect to him. He was unable to communicate with it. Even now, he had no idea how he was supposed to use it. The only attack method he had with it was to smash.

“Oh? We’ve been noticed.”

Long Chen suddenly felt a vague sense of danger. Some of this world’s creatures had to be rushing over with killing intent.

He felt like he had done things flawlessly, but it seemed he had still been noticed. Most likely, he had stolen too many treasures and activated something similar to an alarm system.

“Well, that’s about enough anyways. Let’s go.” Long Chen laughed. Taking out his saber, he fiercely hacked at a huge boulder.

Very quickly, a sneering smiley face appeared on the rock. It was a very simple, very crude drawing, but it was definitely very expressive.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s hair stood on end. Long Chen was truly brazen to even have an urge to do such a thing at this time.

“Long Chen, if we don’t get going, it’ll be too late,” urged Bao Buping.

“Running now is already too late. They’re coming from three different directions. No matter which way we go, we’ll be found.” Long Chen shrugged, unhurried.

“What the fuck?! Why are you still so calm then?!” Risking their lives wasn’t something Bao Buping and Chang Hao were afraid of, but right now, they had obtained the inheritance of the nine forms of Split the Heavens and so many treasures. They were unwilling to die.

“It’s fine, don’t panic. We can’t run, but we can roll our way out.” Long Chen smiled.

As he spoke, he raised his saber. A huge saber-image tore into the sky and then slashed into the ground. 

“Split the Heavens 4!”


Bao Buping and Chang Hao were dumbfounded as they watched Long Chen’s saber strike the ground. The ground exploded, blowing dust and rocks into the air for a thousand miles.

“Let’s roll!”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao now understood. Hiding in their hollow rocks, they shot out with the other flying rocks, rolling down the mountain.

“Damn, so this was also a method? Why didn’t I think of it?” said Bao Buping admiringly.

“Shh.” Long Chen hastily whispered. As they hid in the hollow stones and were rolling away, a large squad of creatures whistled over their heads.

This squad had over a hundred members. Bao Buping and Chang Hao felt a burst of fear.

These creatures were extremely powerful. In a one against one, Bao Buping wasn’t afraid of them, but if he was surrounded by this many, there would be no chance of him getting away.

These creatures completely ignored the rolling stones below them as they flew over.

“Explode.” Long Chen suddenly let out a quiet cry, and an explosion erupted where they had been.

The creatures rushed over in that direction without hesitation. But when they got there, all they saw was a huge hole. They didn’t see a single person.

Just as they were wondering what had happened, another explosion echoed in the distance, and they once more shot off.

After this repeated several times, they suddenly stopped, seeming to realize something. One of them squatted down and used its claw-like hand to dig out a translucent string thinner than a hair.

This thread was impossible to see unless you looked closely. The creature quickly found a talisman connected to it. It had clearly been used and was now garbage.

This was something Long Chen had left behind. These talismans came in a set. One was the explosive talisman, while the other was the detonator talisman.

The level of this talisman actually wasn’t very high. Long Chen had bought them when he first joined the Xuantian Dao Sect. Back then, he had felt talismans to be very marvelous and mysterious existences, and so he had bought some to study.

As a result, these talismans, which couldn’t even kill a Sea Expansion expert, achieved a heaven-defying effect here. Long Chen had long since put these mechanisms in place, while Chang Hao and Bao Buping didn’t even know when he had done it.

First, Long Chen caused a disturbance to draw the creatures over, then he detonated a distant talisman. When the creatures reached that place, he detonated the second, forming a cycle to lure the creatures away.

Suddenly, one of those creatures let out a furious roar. They knew they had been duped. After that, they rushed back to the first spot, but they didn’t see any oddities.

By the time they reached that spot, it had already been a full incense stick’s worth of time since Long Chen had slashed the ground. The three of them had rolled off the mountain and run off without a trace.

The leader of the creatures then took out a blood-colored jade talisman and crushed it.

Suddenly, Devil Spirit Mountain shook intensely, and an ear-piercing alarm rang throughout every corner of it.

Following the alarm, countless creatures swarmed out like hornets whose nest had been poked. Patrols filled heaven and earth.

In an instant, all of Devil Spirit Mountain became turbulent as powerful creatures whistled to and fro. Their powerful auras shook the sky.

At this time, Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao were flying as fast as they could.

“Long Chen, are we supposed to charge out right in the open? We’re going to be noticed,” shouted Chang Hao as they flew.

This was completely different from when they arrived. Long Chen had no intention of being hidden. They weren’t even suppressing their auras any longer and were simply flying as fast as they could.

“There’s no other choice. We have to get to the exit before they seal it. Otherwise, we’d be turtles in a jar,” said Long Chen.

According to his estimates, as long as these creatures weren’t complete idiots, the first thing they would do was send experts to seal the exit.

But they had a limited number of experts that were close to the exit. If they wanted more, they would need to send assistance from other regions.

Right now, they were in a race against time. They had to slaughter their way out of Devil Spirit Mountain before those powerful reinforcements arrived. If they moved as carefully and as slowly as they had when they had arrived, then there really would be zero chance of escaping.

The three of them were flying rapidly when they suddenly encountered a group of over ten creatures. They had powerful fluctuations, and according to the standards of human cultivators, they were probably around the level of a rank six or seven Celestial.

When those creatures appeared, they immediately spread their bat-like wings and emitted sharp cries as they attacked the three of them.

“Kill them at full power! We can’t slow down!” Long Chen had already sent out a blood-colored light with Blooddrinker. Three of those creatures were instantly killed.

Those creatures were unable to block the three of them. Under their attacks, they instantly transformed into bloody mist. But this mist wasn’t red, it was black. These creatures’ blood was black as ink.

“Hmph, this world’s creatures are only at this level,” snorted Bao Buping.

“Don’t worry, there’ll probably be an intense battle in a bit,” said Long Chen.

The three of them rushed away, killing three waves of creatures trying to block them before they saw the exit. But when they did, Bao Buping and Chang Hao couldn’t help but suck in a cold gasp of air.

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