Chapter 1266 Heaven Flipping Seal

The huge Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet was suspended in the air. Its body was bound tightly by crisscrossing chains.

Even Bao Buping and Chang Hao couldn’t help but get goosebumps upon seeing how tightly it was bound. The two Ancestral items they had obtained had only been bound by one chain. But the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet had to be bound by thousands of chains.

Furthermore, these chains were tightly knotted to make sure there was no way to undo them. And even if they could be undone, there wasn’t enough time.

During this time, Long Chen had managed to figure out some of the rules of this place. Ordinary Ancestral items would normally hover in the air for a day. Only some of the extremely powerful existences would stay in the air for three days at a time.

But with how many chains were wrapped around the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet and with the thousands of knots they formed, even if no one noticed them, not even thirty days would be enough to free it.

“How are we supposed to release the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet?” asked Bao Buping.

“Directly cut it loose. All we need to do is sever these chains.” Long Chen slowly took out Blooddrinker.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao couldn’t believe their ears. In their eyes, Long Chen was incredibly smart. Was such a reckless method really his style?

Seeing their disbelieving expressions, Long Chen smiled. “The old man has already said that when intelligence can’t solve things, you’ll need to use power. These chains have tightly bound the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet, and not even a god would be able to use intelligence to undo them. There’s only one option remaining to us. These chains aren’t exactly metallic, and they’re extremely flexible and tenacious. We’ll need both power and sharpness to sever them. I’ll handle the sharp aspect, and you two handle the power aspect. With the combination of power and sharpness, we should have a ten percent chance of severing these chains.”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao looked at the thousands of chains on the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet and had no confidence. “Do we really only have a ten percent chance?”

“Ten percent’s already not bad. Sometimes luck is also a kind of power, so let’s see how lucky you are.” Long Chen intentionally didn’t bring up his luck, because when it came to luck, he would have to rely on them.

“But… what are we supposed to do even if it works? This will definitely alarm those creatures. Long Chen, you should go. You have a brain, and you can definitely escape. The two of us will try to free the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. If we fall, you’ll still be able to escape with the secrets we learned, so it would still be a success,” said Chang Hao.

Whether they succeeded or not in severing these chains, their chances of actually bringing the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet out of Devil Spirit Mountain were far too low.

But none of them was willing to give up without trying. The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet was the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s inheritance divine item, and its usage was not limited to just recording the nine forms of Split the Heavens.

Only the complete Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet could bring the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect back to its old peak. This related to the secrets of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. This was why despite recording what was on it, they still wanted to bring it away.

Right now, they had learned quite a few secrets of Devil Spirit Mountain. Being able to bring out those secrets was a huge victory. They were like a gambler who had already won many chips and was now debating whether to continue with a final gamble. If they lost, they would be left with nothing.

That was why Chang Hao wanted Long Chen to leave first. Even if he and Bao Buping died, their mission would still be a success. But if the three of them died, they would all become unwilling ghosts.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve already thought of how to get out. None of us will die. Do you think an insignificant Devil Spirit Mountain can make things hard on me?” Long Chen smiled. In truth, he was extremely emotional now.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao were both iron-boned men, true heroes willing to die for their cause. That kind of bearing and aspiration was admirable.

“Prepare yourselves. We have to succeed in one try.”

Long Chen placed the three of them around the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. He had already started accumulating energy, while Bao Buping and Chang Hao solemnly took out their newly-obtained Ancestral items.

Although they were unable to bring out an Ancestral item’s full power, using them would increase the power of their attacks.

“Don’t waste your energy. You won’t succeed.”

Just at this moment, a voice rang out in their heads, causing them to jump.

“Senior… are you… the divine tablet?” Bao Buping’s voice quivered.

“Yes. Children, you’re very brave and very loyal, and most importantly, you possess brains and brawn. I’m very gratified,” said that voice.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s eyes reddened from emotion. Bao Buping’s voice was choked with sobs as he said, “Senior, without you, our Heaven Splitting Battle Sect has already declined to the edge of death. Our inheritance is about to be severed. Please tell us how we can bring you out. Even if it ends up with my body turned to dust, I am willing.”

The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet was too important to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. It was their only hope.

“I have been bound by the Netherblood people’s Soul Addicted to Life formation. My essence has been sucked out, and I don’t have the power to escape here. Furthermore, one of these chains is a Life Devouring Chain. It’s a chain of life and impossible to sever with power. So if you do try, you’ll just expose yourselves for nothing and lose your lives here. It’s meaningless,” said the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet.

“Then what should we do?” asked Bao Buping unwillingly.

“There’s nothing you can do. With your current power, there’s no way for you to help me. Your current Split the Heavens has already deviated from the original. I will transmit the core of Split the Heavens to you now. You won’t be able to comprehend it with your current power, so give it to your seniors when you get back,” said the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet.

Suddenly, the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet’s runes lit up slightly, and a golden light shot into Bao Buping’s head.

Bao Buping’s whole body shook as new knowledge appeared in his mind. These were a set of sealed memories the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet had given him. He didn’t dare to probe it right now. Such a thing had to be left to the old man.

“Quickly leave before you’re noticed,” said the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet.

“Senior, perhaps I have a way to help you escape the Life Devouring Chain.” Long Chen sank into thought for a moment and took out a cyan brick. That was the divine fetus’s stone pillow.

“The Heaven Flipping Seal!”

Seeing this cyan brick, the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet let out a startled cry.

“Senior, you recognize it?” Long Chen was surprised.

“Child, how did you obtain it?” The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet answered with a question.

Long Chen directly told it about the corpses on the walls and the divine fetus.

After a while, the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet sighed. “This is a huge trap. Perhaps from the start, it’s been one huge heaven-shaking plot.”

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao exchanged a glance. Clearly the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet knew some things, but since it didn’t say, they didn’t dare to ask.

“The Heaven Flipping Seal is the core weapon of the Heaven Flipping Venerate. During the war in Devil Spirit Mountain, he killed countless invaders. Regretfully, the Heaven Flipping Venerate fell in battle, and the Heaven Flipping Seal’s item-spirit has been erased. Now, all that remains is its body. It has no soul, so it’s also crippled. Unless…”

“Unless what?” asked Long Chen. When he had first seen the brick, he had felt it to be extraordinary. Now he learned it was actually a treasure possessing an astonishing history. Hearing that it was crippled, he was dismayed. But from the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet’s words, it seemed there was still hope.

“The Heaven Flipping Seal’s power is extremely great. But with its item-spirit dead, it only has a powerful body but does not have the soul of a martial weapon. The Heaven Flipping Seal is a powerful soul item, as the Heaven Flipping Venerate was a soul master. When the two of them worked together, they were practically unmatched…” The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet seemed to be lost in its memories.

“In order to let the Heaven Flipping Seal return to its former glory, you’ll need to forge a new item-spirit for it. Otherwise, it’ll always be a dead object, unable to bring out even a thousandth of its former glory.”

“How can I forge an item-spirit for it?” asked Long Chen hastily.

“I remember the alchemy world seemed to have a secret art known as the Ten Thousand Spirit Birth Art. It’s used to impart spirituality into pills. I heard this secret art can also be used in forging items. If you can command that kind of ability, maybe you can allow the Heaven Flipping Seal to be reborn.”

“The Ten Thousand Spirit Birth Art? Could it be the nine heavens’ Ten Thousand Life Spirit Technique?” Long Chen searched through the Pill Sovereign memories but didn’t find this Ten Thousand Spirit Birth Art. However, he did find a similar one.

Going through the technique carefully, he found that it truly was similar. It was able to impart spirituality to a medicinal pill or martial weapon.

Realizing this, Long Chen was delighted. He wanted to start testing it right now to see if he could create an item-spirit for the brick.

“Although the Heaven Flipping Seal is crippled, it truly can help me out greatly in my current state.” The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet’s runes shook slightly, and the brick in Long Chen’s hands flew up to the chains binding it.

The brick smashed into one of the chains, the only one that was translucent. A few tiny cracks appeared on the chain.

“Senior, will we be able to bring you out like this?” Without even thinking about it, this was clearly the Life Devouring Chain it had told them about. Bao Buping and Chang Hao were delighted.

“The Life Devouring Chain is connected to all of Devil Spirit Mountain’s restrictions. Right now, I only caused a small fault to appear in it. Through that, I can slowly escape the formation’s restrictions and recover my energy. But I can’t leave now, or I’ll be immediately sensed. Children, I don’t have much more time. But don’t worry, with the Life Devouring Chain cracked, I’ll be able to regain my freedom eventually. I’ll leave on my own later. You should take care.”

Just at this moment, the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet began to slowly sink back into the ground. The formation closed the earth around it, and a cyan brick flew back into Long Chen’s hands.

“Let’s go. We really profited this time.” Bao Buping and Chang Hao were ecstatic over what the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet had said. The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet would return to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect on its own. All they needed to do was leave Devil Spirit Mountain alive.

“You want me to go back empty-handed like this? That’s not good.” Long Chen looked around Devil Spirit Mountain with an unwilling expression.

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