Chapter 1265 The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet Appears

Bao Buping and Chang Hao had delighted expressions. After seven days, they had circled around most of the mountain but hadn’t sensed anything the entire time.

They had started growing uneasy. The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet was their ultimate target.

Now hearing their delighted cries, a stone also fell from Long Chen’s heart. They continued to a level area.

This place was totally flat, and it looked completely ordinary. There was nothing remarkable about it.

“The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet is probably below. The feeling grew more intense once we got here,” said Bao Buping excitedly.

As the top disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, as cultivators of the Battle God Sacred Canon, they had an inseparable relation to the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. If it hadn’t been for the fact that they couldn’t fully circulate the Battle God Sacred Canon for fear of being sensed, they’d have long since found the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet.

“Let’s start digging.” Chang Hao rubbed his hands.

“Are you crazy? Do you think this is the same as digging up potatoes? Everything down there is covered by a formation. If we touch it, we’ll immediately be sensed,” scolded Long Chen. Dig? Just how simple-minded did someone have to be to think of such a method? Long Chen also had to admire their intelligence.

He was starting to question the old man’s words now. Sometimes just relying on power wasn’t enough, and sometimes just relying on intelligence also wasn’t enough. His path couldn’t be either.

As for Chang Hao and Bao Buping, they could not use their heads because they lived under the old man’s shelter. With the old man to block the wind and rain, all they had to do was properly cultivate.

But Long Chen wasn’t the same. He didn’t like relying on others. He hoped to rely on himself to resolve things. Without any brains, he’d have long since died.

So the old man’s words were very correct but didn’t completely suit him. He would need to have both brawn and brains to live.

“But then what else are we supposed to do? We can sense it, but we can’t see it.” Bao Buping and Chang Hao looked at the ground with obvious desire. With their hasty natures, they couldn’t calm themselves.

“Just wait. Wait for it to come out. Let’s go investigate some other things.” Long Chen shook his head. He also didn’t have any solution at this time.

The three of them found a secluded corner and hid themselves within their hollow stones. This wait lasted six days.

During these six days, three patrols came by them, but not one of the creatures even looked at their unremarkable rocks.

These six days felt as long as six years to Bao Buping and Chang Hao. Each minute had been torture. On the other hand, Long Chen was still calm. As he waited for the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet to appear, he pondered everything he had seen in Devil Spirit Mountain.

According to his experience, Devil Spirit Mountain was actually a scheme of unprecedented size. That divine fetus alone was absolutely terrifying and exceeded his current understanding.

Just as Long Chen was tidying up his thoughts and pondering the implications of Devil Spirit Mountain, the ground shook and a huge stone tablet broke through the ground, appearing in the air.

“The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet!”

Long Chen was shocked. Originally, he had been prepared to wait for a few months or even a year with his bad luck. But for it to appear in just six days, he had clearly been helped out by the other two’s presence.

The stone tablet was black and covered in complicated images. It was over six hundred meters tall with a clear crack on its bottom. It was the other half of the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet.

“It… it really appeared!” Bao Buping and Chang Hao were almost sobbing. Finding this half of the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet had been the dream of countless generations of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. The two of them had an urge to grab it right now.

But that wasn’t possible. Right now, the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet was tightly wrapped by many chains. It had over ten times the number of chains binding it as any other divine item they had seen before. It was clear that this world’s creatures also viewed it as a peerless treasure.

Seeing those chains, Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s killing intent soared. They wanted to go up and tear the chains off right now.

“Long Chen, what should we do?” Bao Buping and Chang Hao turned toward Long Chen.

“Our chances of bringing back the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet aren’t very high.” Long Chen shook his head as he examined the chains. “But I’ve already recorded everything on it with a photographic jade. Even if we can’t bring it out, the nine forms of Split the Heavens can just barely count as restored. As long as we escape alive, we didn’t come for nothing.”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao were delighted. They hadn’t expected Long Chen to be able to activate a photographic jade here. It had to be known that activating a photographic jade caused fluctuations that were easy to sense at their level.

With the nine forms of Split the Heavens, the bosses would be able to advance smoothly, and if they were able to cultivate all nine forms of Split the Heavens, the Heaven Earth Divine Pool could slowly be replenished. Then the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect could continue.

Thinking of that, they were incredibly excited. They were filled with unswerving esteem for Long Chen. Without him, there was no way they would have been able to do this. Most likely, they’d have ended up like those corpses in the pit, tools used by this world’s creatures.

Long Chen’s gaze swept across the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. “Taking it away isn’t very likely. But we should still try. However, there are two things we have to do before that.”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s eyes brightened. Long Chen was different from them. He definitely had some assurance to say that they could try, or he wouldn’t have said anything.

“What things?” asked Bao Buping.

“To take those two things you wanted. As brothers, I can’t let you get nothing, right?” Long Chen smiled.

“You’re talking about…” Bao Buping and Chang Hao were startled and delighted.

“Let’s go.”

Long Chen waved his hand, and the three of them went off in a certain direction. This time, they were very quick, and in less than a couple hours, they arrived in front of another formation.

In the center of the formation was a golden sword. It was an extremely powerful Ancestral item.

Long Chen took out the black pot. Slowly approaching it, the black pot didn’t let him down. A speck of rust on the bottom of it turned to dust and sprinkled across the formation, forming a small hole for Long Chen.

Bao Buping’s heart clenched. When they had first seen this golden sword, he had said that even dying would be worth it if he could obtain the sword.

Clearly, Long Chen had remembered what he had said and was helping him steal it. That made him incomparably grateful.

Holding the pot, Long Chen arrived in front of the golden sword. Looking at the chain wrapping around it, he silently sensed it. The chain was only lightly wrapped around the sword’s hilt. As long as the chain was slightly undone, he would be able to bring out the sword.

“Hmph, another trap. Only an idiot would fall for it.” Long Chen sneered at the chain. No matter what he used to touch the chain, he would be sensed. Even the pot was no exception.

The formation outside was just the first defense. This chain was the second defense. By making the chain look so easy to remove, they set up this immoral trap. The chains had strange fluctuations. If he wanted to touch this chain, he would need something that was made of the same material as it or that had the same fluctuations.

Coincidentally, it just so happened he did have such a thing. A cyan brick appeared in his hand. He gently touched it to the chain and found that there was no reaction, nor was there any sense of danger. Only then did he feel at ease and use the brick to smash the chain a few times.

The chains were undone. In that instant, the golden sword’s light blossomed and it actually tried to escape into the sky.

Just as it began to fly away, Long Chen, who had been prepared from the start, smashed it with the pot, forcing it back down.

“Fuck, after I save you, you don’t know how to repay kindness?” raged Long Chen.

He smashed the golden sword several times with the pot. Its runes began to dim, and the item-spirit let out terrified fluctuations and sent a message begging for mercy. It had been terrified by the pot.

The huge coffin might have been something Long Chen wouldn’t dare to smash, but an Ancestral item was something he was confident in handling with the pot. After all, he had experience in that regard.

Seeing the golden sword begging for mercy, Long Chen left the formation with the pot and the sword. When he came out, the formation returned to its previous state as if nothing had happened. But the golden sword within it had vanished. The only thing remaining was the chain floating in the air.

Long Chen handed the golden sword to Bao Buping. When Bao Buping received it, the ground beneath him shook as the golden sword was incredibly heavy. It was ten times heavier than the broadsword he was currently using.

That was an Ancestral item. Within the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, there was not a single Ancestral item. Even the bosses didn’t have one. But he, Bao Buping, was the first to obtain one.

“Don’t get so excited. Hurry up and place a drop of blood to become its master,” urged Long Chen.

Bao Buping hastily dripped a drop of his essence blood. It formed a contract seal. This was the way to form a contract with an Ancestral item.

However, a barrier appeared around the golden sword, refusing Bao Buping’s contract. It clearly wasn’t willing to accept Bao Buping as its master.

“Oh?” Long Chen raised the pot threateningly. The golden sword shook slightly and the barrier vanished. It instantly absorbed Bao Buping’s essence blood.

“Haha-” Bao Buping laughed for a second before he clasped his own mouth. In his excitement, he had forgotten this was a land of death.

Once Bao Buping got his weapon, Long Chen also did the same thing to take out a broadsword for Chang Hao. It was also an Ancestral item. The two of them almost passed out from happiness.

“Long Chen, let’s go get a few more.” Seeing Long Chen obtain two Ancestral items so easily, their eyes were shining with the light of someone who had just gotten rich.

Long Chen shook his head. “There’s not enough time. Right now, we have to return to the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. We have to take it away before it sinks back down to the ground.”

After saying that, he brought them back to the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet.

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