Chapter 1264 Obtaining the Brick

Long Chen’s words almost made Bao Buping and Chang Hao faint. He had actually set his sight upon the divine fetus’s pillow? Wasn’t that like plucking a hair from a tiger?

If they disturbed it, they would all die. They were unable to imagine that the person the old man viewed highly, the calm and intelligent Long Chen, would do something as crazy as this.

“Long Chen… do you really think that’s possible?” Bao Buping gulped, unable to believe his ears.

“Don’t worry about it. As long as we don’t form any hostility for the divine fetus, we’ll be fine. The brick isn’t connected to the formation, so as long as we’re careful, we would succeed.” Long Chen was extremely confident. He was sure that this brick was being used as nothing more than an ordinary pillow.

“I’ll hold the head, and you switch out the brick.” Long Chen reached out toward its head.

The divine fetus was like a statue. When Long Chen raised its head, its entire body was raised into the air, leaving about an inch of space between it and the brick.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao began to sweat. But since Long Chen wanted the brick, they hastily pushed it out.

This brick seemed like an ordinary cyan stone pillow. But it was actually extremely heavy, and even the two of them had to work hard to push it out from beneath the divine fetus’s head.

“Take something out to replace it. It just has to be of the same height,” whispered Long Chen.

“What should we use?” asked Bao Buping.

“Anything! As long as the height’s the same. This thing’s about the same weight as a normal human, so it’ll be fine,” said Long Chen.

“How about a wine pot?” asked Chang Hao.

“Sure.” Long Chen nodded.

Chang Hao quickly took out a pot-shaped object and placed it beneath the divine fetus’s head. Its height perfectly matched the stone pillow.

Long Chen carefully placed the divine fetus back down. Seeing that it didn’t react at all, he sighed with relief.

But then just a moment later, he sniffed a few times. A strange expression appeared on his face.

“This is your wine pot? It’s clearly a chamber pot! You use a chamber pot to drink wine?!”

“Ah? Fuck, I mixed them up! I’ll switch it.”

“Just leave it. It’s not worth the effort. Being able to sleep on a chamber pot is its fortune.” Long Chen shook his head. Ignoring the divine fetus, he looked at the stone pillow.

It was extremely heavy and truly just like a brick. Yes, it appeared to be just an ordinary cyan brick.

But the eight corners of it had extremely tiny divine runes. He had only decided to take it because he had seen those divine runes. Those eight divine runes were things he didn’t recognize, but he felt that they had the same air as the divine rune the mysterious expert in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant had left behind on the black pot. That was why he had deduced that it was an absolute treasure.

Fortunately, the brick wasn’t connected to the divine fetus. Taking it didn’t disturb the divine fetus at all.

There was no time to examine the brick any closer. He put it in the primal chaos space and prepared to leave. At this time, he saw Bao Buping staring at the divine elixir unwillingly.

“Don’t look. You can’t touch it, and seeing but not being able to touch it is just torture. Why bother? We have more important things to do.”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao nodded. Since Long Chen said that they couldn’t touch it, then they definitely couldn’t touch it. They followed Long Chen out of the coffin. Restoring the cover, they opened the altar formation again and returned to the wall along the chain.

Climbing up the stone wall, they didn’t encounter any of this world’s creatures again. Other than when they escorted geniuses here, it seemed that they didn’t come here at all. Perhaps they were too confident in their defenses and had never imagined that someone would be able to enter this deep.

Once they had climbed back up to the peak of the mountain, they looked down at the endless darkness below, their hearts heavy. They had discovered a heaven-shaking plot.

But right now, they were too weak. Even though they had discovered this plot, they were unable to do anything about it.

“Now what? Should we go back and report this?” wondered Chang Hao.

During this trip, they had investigated many parts of Devil Spirit Mountain and would be able to make a map whenever they wanted. They would be able to bring the secret of the altar out as well. Even if they hadn’t found the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet, this was still a miracle, and it left a path open for future disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect who came here. They would find surviving easier, and there would be greater chances of finding the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet in the future.

“Maybe one of us should go back now,” said Bao Buping.

His meaning was that they shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket. If they split up, their probability of success would increase.

One person could go back with the secrets they had learned, while the other two could continue searching. If those two died here, at least one person would have escaped. If all three of them died, all their efforts would have been useless.

Long Chen shook his head. “That won’t work.”

Was this a joke? Whether Bao Buping or Chang Hao was sent, the chances of them managing to escape were too low.

And if Long Chen went, then with the two of them searching for the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet, with their characters, they’d probably be noticed within the day. This suggestion was lacking any thought.

“Don’t worry so much. Just listen to me. In any case, we’re not in a rush,” said Long Chen.

“What are we supposed to do now?” asked Bao Buping.

“Right now, we should start searching around this pit. If this really is a trap, then the bait should be here as well.”

Long Chen marked an unremarkable spot on the terrain as their starting point, and they began to search. It wasn’t long before they saw a formation ahead.

The formation’s runes were causing space to twist around it. There was a recess at the center of it with a powerful martial weapon inside. Even through the formation, they could sense its shocking power.

It was a halberd. But this halberd had a chain wrapped around it that tightly bound it to a red stone located at the very center of the formation.

“So the bait’s here, but we can’t touch it.” Bao Buping stared at the halberd.

That was definitely a powerful martial weapon. But since this world’s creatures dared to put it here, that meant they weren’t afraid of others taking it.

Although the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples had simple minds, they weren’t fools. Such an obvious trap was still something they could see. Although it looked like it was just floating there, there was no way they could touch it.

Long Chen nodded. “This world’s creatures are truly ruthless. Let alone entering this formation, just getting close would cause you to be sensed. The flow of space around the formation is strange. We’d be instantly exposed if we got close.”

Although Long Chen wasn’t a formation master, he had powerful Spiritual Strength, as well as the sharp senses of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Such a trap was something he wouldn’t possibly fall for. Of course, if the bait was strong enough, then there’d be no telling what he’d do with his See A Treasure And Can’t Walk Away Disease.

The three of them continued to search. Within four hours, they passed by over ten formations, as well as over ten treasures that made them drool. There were martial weapons, strange weapons, sets of armor. Every single one of them was tempting.

Seeing these treasures but not being able to touch them was painful. However, they had to endure. Their goal was the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. That was the most important thing.

After another few hours, they encountered a patrol of this world’s creatures. The three of them relied on the hollow stones they had made to hide, and they easily passed by them.

As they continued, they suddenly heard the ground rumbling, and they hastily hid within the hollow rocks once more.

The ground split open and a huge skeleton appeared. It was several miles long, and its bones looked as if they had been made of gold. A terrifying pressure descended, making it difficult for them to breathe.

“It’s the skeleton of a Xuan Beast. That’s a priceless treasure.” Bao Buping stared in shock.

The Xuan Beasts were the ancestors of the ancient races. Their bloodlines were extremely pure, and they were all ancient beasts that possessed innate divine abilities. Their power was immense.

This skeleton definitely belonged to the Xuan Beasts. There was a huge fang at its front that made it look like a tiger Xuan Beast’s skeleton.

The golden skeleton had countless runes revolving along it. Long Chen involuntarily gulped.

If he could obtain the golden skeleton, he’d have definitely struck gold. This skeleton had dozens of parts that could be used to create Ancestral items.

But thinking about it, he gave up. Even ignoring whether or not he could obtain it, even if he did, such a thing couldn’t see the light of day. The Xuan Beasts would definitely flip the heavens if they saw it.

As the skeleton appeared, a huge light beam shot out from the sky, shining on the skeleton and projecting its image to the front of Devil Spirit Mountain.

Seeing that, Long Chen sank into thought and said, “We have to restart.”

“What? Why?”

“It seems that powerful treasures won’t appear on the surface. For example, this skeleton came from underground, and we wouldn’t have noticed while it was like that. So the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet is probably in a similar state. If we just search blindly like this, we won’t be able to find it even if we search for a lifetime. So we have to start over,” said Long Chen.

“But if we can’t notice it when it’s underground, how would restarting help?” Bao Buping and Chang Hao became a bit frantic. This was related to their ultimate goal.

“The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet is the absolute treasure of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. As we search, you should silently circulate the Battle God Sacred Canon. As long as the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet is nearby, you’ll definitely form a resonance with it,” said Long Chen.

“Ah, that’s right! If it’s here, then as long as we use our full power, it’ll definitely form a resonance and support us with its power.” Bao Buping clapped his leg.

“Don’t do that. We came here to steal it in secret, not snatch it by force, understand?” said Long Chen hastily. He was afraid that these two brothers of his might really do something like that.

The two of them nodded. Starting back from the beginning, they began to search once more. Bao Buping and Chang Hao silently circulated the Battle God Sacred Canon as they did.

With Long Chen at the front, they searched for seven days, avoiding patrols several times. Finally, Bao Buping and Chang Hao cried out at the same time, “Found it!”

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