Chapter 1263 The Mysterious Coffin

At the bottom of this huge, square pit was an altar suspended in the air by four huge chains.

These chains were all ten meters thick and flowing with energy. They were like four black dragons connected to the altar.

There was a huge amount of energy slowly flowing from the chains into the altar. Divine runes floated around the altar, and its terrifying aura made Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao’s hair stand on end.

“What damn thing is this?!” Bao Buping and Chang Hao became covered in cold sweat.

“It’s probably connected to the corpses in the notches. Let’s go take a look,” said Long Chen.

“Don’t you think we’ll startle this world’s creatures?” asked Chang Hao gravely. They couldn’t help but feel terrified in front of this altar. That was a feeling that came from the core of their souls.

“Since we’ve come, we have to take a look.” Long Chen suppressed his aura as much as possible and carefully stepped onto one of the chains. The chain didn’t react to him at all.

Long Chen felt like he had stepped onto a powerful current. He could sense boundless energy pouring into the altar.

“This current of energy is extremely complicated. Looks like the corpses on the walls really only exist for this altar,” muttered Long Chen.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao exchanged a glance. Clenching their teeth, they also stepped onto the chain.

The chain was so huge that the three of them were like three ants crawling along it. It took them six hours to walk across.

As they got closer, the pressure grew more terrifying. When they reached the divine runes, they were blocked from getting any closer. The divine runes blocked their sight as well.

“Now what?” Bao Buping and Chang Hao were dumbfounded. It had taken so long to reach this point, but it had been for nothing?

Long Chen looked at the divine runes and sank into thought. He slowly moved the black pot closer to them.

Long Chen was also extremely nervous. These divine runes were clearly some kind of formation. If they touched them directly… probably the three of them would be instantly killed by the formation even before this world’s lifeforms sensed them.

The only thing that could possibly work was the black pot. This mysterious treasure had to have its own miraculous abilities. After all, it came from that mysterious expert from the Four Nations Ancient Remnant.

Seeing Long Chen get closer to the formation, Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s hearts rose into their throats. Even if they were unafraid of death, to say they could be fearless in front of such a formation and in such an oppressive environment would be nonsense.

Death wasn’t to be feared. But a meaningless death would be too stupid.

When the black pot got close to the formation, the formation quivered ever so slightly. Seeing this, Long Chen sighed. There was no way this would work. The formation was already starting to react even at this distance.

Although the pot was strange and didn’t unleash any aura, it was still unable to hide from the formation’s senses.

Just as Long Chen was preparing to give up, the pot shook slightly and a small burst of particles flew out of it. Those particles were like the rust that formed on the bottom of a pot.

That ‘rust’ flew out and merged into the formation’s divine runes. A small opening a few feet wide opened up, delighting Long Chen.

“The pot really is mighty.” Long Chen praised the pot inside. It was truly worthy of being a treasure left behind by a transcendent power. It had boundless, marvelous uses.

“Let’s go.” Long Chen beckoned to the two of them. They slowly walked through the opening the pot had formed for them. Once they were inside the formation, Long Chen put the pot away, and the formation returned to normal.

Once they reached the altar, the first thing they saw was an eight-sided formation of divine runes covering a huge coffin.

“Let’s check the coffin.” Long Chen directly jumped and flew over to it. Bao Buping and Chang Hao nervously followed, now realizing that when it came to guts, they weren’t on the same level as Long Chen.

Once he reached the coffin, Long Chen realized it was sealed and he couldn’t tell what was happening inside. “It’s sealed tight. Come and help me open it.”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao jumped in fright. “Long Chen, what if there’s some terrifying existence inside…?”

“It’s fine, just open it. Otherwise, we’ll never know what secrets are within.” Long Chen took out a King item spear and slowly inserted it between the coffin and its cover.

The cover was too heavy. On his own, he was unable to move it. Bao Buping and Chang Hao looked at each other. Taking out the broadswords on their backs, they also jammed them in.

They could only rely on their physical strength to move it. The coffin cover was even heavier than a mountain. The three of them had to use tremendous strength to slowly push it aside.

When they finally pushed open a meter-wide crack, they looked down to see immortal mist surging from within the coffin. With just a whiff, they felt their spiritual yuan rapidly circulating, and their cultivation bases slowly grew.

“It’s several times more effective than our Heaven Earth Divine Pool!” exclaimed Bao Buping.

Just this mist was able to allow their cultivation bases to rapidly advance. Bao Buping estimated that if he were to cultivate here for ten days, he would have an eighty percent chance of breaking through to the Jade Core realm.

“There’s actually a divine spring below!” exclaimed Chang Hao suddenly. Long Chen and Bao Buping looked closely through the mist. They were vaguely able to see the light of the liquid below.

“This huge coffin is using the cultivator corpses outside to absorb heaven and earth’s energy and condense a divine spring?!” cried Bao Buping.

“Then did we strike gold?” Chang Hao’s eyes began to shine. A pool of this divine elixir was an absolute treasure.

“No, we won’t be able to get a single drop. The master is right there.” Long Chen pointed.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao jumped. Following Long Chen’s finger, they saw a ten-meter board floating across the divine spring.

There was a person lying on the ground. Below his head was a brick being used as a pillow. That person was covered in divine runes, and it was unclear if it was a female or male. Seeing it, Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s hair stood on end as they felt a chill.

They sensed an extremely terrifying feeling from this person. It was like it was a sleeping god. If it opened its eyes, their souls would explode.

They gulped. They had never seen such a terrifying existence before. Even when the old man exploded in anger, they hadn’t felt such a terrifying feeling.

This existence was simply lying there, seemingly asleep. If it were to stand, would it be able to kill them with just a look?

“Is this a legendary divine fetus?” Long Chen also found it hard to breathe. He suddenly understood why this world’s creatures were wasting so much energy to bait the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts into coming to Devil Spirit Mountain.

The legends of inheritances, the projections of treasures, the fortunate adventurers who returned, they were all without exception part of the trap Devil Spirit Mountain had laid down.

There were now countless corpses and chains within this pit, seemingly connected to this coffin and its terrifying master. Just what kind of plot was this?

Thinking of this, Long Chen’s scalp turned numb. Was this to say that this world’s creatures were using the energy of geniuses to raise a powerful lifeform? What was their end goal?

Seeing the huge amount of divine elixir lying within the coffin, there was no way to estimate how much or what energy this was.

Boundless runes were giving off light within the divine elixir. There was clearly a special formation at work here as well.

If that was all, perhaps Long Chen would be so brazen as to try seeing if he could dredge up a few pots of the divine elixir.

But there was also some kind of energy within the divine elixir that linked it to the divine fetus. Once they touched the divine elixir, they would probably wake the divine fetus. Then the three of them wouldn’t even have a corpse left.

“If we can’t take the divine elixir, let’s take the mist.” Bao Buping and Chang Hao exchanged a glance. They each took out a bottle which was a storage tool. They carefully sucked in the mist.

Long Chen didn’t move. He carefully observed the divine fetus and its connection with the divine spring’s elixir.

He noticed that its body was directly connected to the divine elixir. That connection was like a fetus and its amniotic fluid. Touching the divine elixir would definitely disturb the divine fetus.

It was like a sleeping baby now. But once roused, the consequences would be too horrible to imagine.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao pulled out the immortal mist. Although the quantities of that were limited, no matter what, it was still a treasure.

There had been plenty of immortal mist when the coffin had been opened, but it gradually grew sparse. The scene within the coffin also grew clearer to them.

“That pillow’s something good.” Long Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up. The divine fetus was using a brick-like object as a stone pillow. He sensed great spiritual energy coming from it.

If he hadn’t used his Spiritual Strength to scan it, it would have looked like nothing more than an ordinary brick. But it was actually an extremely powerful treasure.

Long Chen flew into the coffin. He slowly descended toward the edge of the divine fetus. Seeing this, Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s eyes almost flew out of their heads.

“Long Chen, are you crazy?!” demanded Bao Buping quietly. He and Chang Hao felt like he had gone insane. If he disturbed the divine fetus, they’d all be doomed.

“Come over here and help me out. I’ve taken a fancy to this pillow.” The more he looked at the brick, the fonder he grew toward it. He began to excitedly rub his hands.

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