Chapter 1261 Mysterious Pit

A huge light beam swept through the air, shocking Bao Buping and Chang Hao. If Long Chen hadn’t pulled them down, they would have probably been hit.

But curiously, this light beam didn’t give off any sense of danger. That was what made it so they hadn’t sensed it at all.

“What is that?” Bao Buping stared closely at the huge light beam.

Within this light beam was the image of a huge sword. It appeared heavy enough to shake the sky. With its countless runes revolving around it, it had to be a world-shaking divine item.

Long Chen looked closely at the projection of the sword and then in which direction it was coming from. “As expected, this world’s creatures are up to no good. They’re intentionally projecting the images of divine items toward the Sovereign Blood Seal. That way, the outside world will see the reflections of a few divine items on the Devil Spirit Mountain, and more people will be baited over.”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao nodded. This light beam was pointed precisely in the direction they had come from.

“But what’s the point in drawing over more people?” asked Bao Buping.

“The answer to that question isn’t something we can rush. Just now, when I did a soulsearch of that creature we killed, I didn’t find any answers in those regards. But this light gives us a direction. The projection has to have the true treasure behind it, so… hehe, you understand,” laughed Long Chen.

“Long Chen, are you saying… we can obtain that treasure?” Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s eyes began to shine.

“But of course. Otherwise, what would be the point of taking such a huge risk in coming here? But right now, our main goal is still the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. Let’s go take a look at it.”

The three of them carefully crept in the direction of the light. But while the light looked like it had come from very close by, even after two days and tens of thousands of miles of travel, they didn’t see the light’s source.

On the third day, the light had faded, but they had already determined its direction, so there was no problem.

The three of them stealthily passed by many sentries. Once, they almost ran into one of them, causing the three of them to immediately find a hole to hide in.

They wouldn’t have a problem dealing with a group of just ten of these creatures, but if they were exposed, then even more terrifying lifeforms would come to surround them, and they would be doomed.

On the way, Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s admiration toward Long Chen continued to rise. They realized the only reason the old man had agreed to let them go to Devil Spirit Mountain was because of Long Chen.

Without Long Chen, then with their characters, they’d probably have just charged their way in, and quickly be surrounded and killed.

Long Chen brought them along a winding path, avoiding countless dangers. Although they were still surrounded by danger, it could be said that the old man’s theory that power was greater than intelligence was not always true.

When just intelligence wasn’t able to solve a problem, you would need to rely on power. But when your power wasn’t enough, intelligence could save your life. Without Long Chen’s intelligence, they’d have definitely long since died. This clash of principles was quite conflicting.

From the time they saw that light beam, they traveled for a whole week before seeing a distant mountain.

The mountain was huge and pitch-black. Its circumference was in the tens of thousands of miles, but it wasn’t steep. It was like a huge pile of dirt. However, it was so huge that it was shocking.

When they saw this mountain, Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao felt a suffocating feeling. It was like the mountain was trying to crush them flat.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, they felt like they were about to cough up blood from looking at the mountain.

“This mountain is way too sinister. How is it giving off such an evil feeling?” Bao Buping gulped and cursed.

Just at this moment, the mountain quivered and a majestic aura suddenly soared.

Chang Hao and Bao Buping suddenly took out two hollow rocks and hid the three of them inside. The rocks were specifically made by Long Chen. When they ran into certain situations, the rocks could save their lives. Their edges had been ground down to be seamless. No one would suspect the rocks were anything but ordinary.

In an extremely unremarkable part of the rocks were three small holes. The three of them could see outside through them.

Long Chen saw a set of golden armor slowly rising on the mountain. A ray of light illuminated it, and a huge projection shot into the distance. That direction was Devil Spirit Mountain’s entrance.

“That’s a terrifying Ancestral item.” Bao Buping stared at the armor enviously.

But as the armor slowly rose, Long Chen saw a single thin chain binding it.

“As expected, it was bait, and we’re the fish.” Chang Hao cursed when he saw the chain.

Clearly, this Ancestral item armor was bait this world’s creatures had put out in order to draw more people over and then kill them.

Although they weren’t able to see the chain clearly, for it to be able to contain an Ancestral item showed how terrifying it was. Ancestral items had their own spirits. If the chain wasn’t strong enough, it would have fled on its own. 

“Let’s get closer.”

The three of them came out of the rocks. Based on their previous experience, this light beam would continue for two days. Going now under the shadow of the light would be safer.

Now that they had reached this point, this region was no longer defended by hidden sentries. However, they were still careful.

When they reached the top of the mountain and saw the situation, they all sucked in a cold gasp of air.

At the top of the mountain were countless holes. Some were large and some were small. They were placed randomly. There would at least be one hole every one hundred miles.

As for the golden armor, it was floating above one of the holes, and the chain binding it was coming out of the hole.

“Long Chen, do you want to try seeing if we can sever the chain and take away the golden armor?” Bao Buping was tempted.

“No rush. There are countless treasures here. Perhaps the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet is in one of these holes. But we can’t check them all one by one. If we tried, we’d probably draw the attention of this world’s creatures. Right now, we should investigate the situation around here. But remember, we have to stay calm at all times,” warned Long Chen.

The two of them hastily nodded. As they got closer to the secrets of Devil Spirit Mountain, they were starting to lose control of their emotions.

On the other hand, Long Chen was still as calm as ever, his emotions not even rippling because of the treasures here. Just this one point made Bao Buping and Chang Hao ashamed. Compared to Long Chen, they were clearly too immature.

Long Chen looked around and said, “Let’s go look at the center.”

This mountain was too huge. Even though they had reached the top, they still weren’t able to see what was going on in the center.

The three of them carefully approached. But just a couple hundred miles in, they were struck dumb by what they saw. 

None of them had imagined that at the center was actually a huge square pit. It was hundreds of miles wide, and so deep that all they saw was darkness. But they were vaguely able to see some things on the walls. They couldn’t see clearly with their eyes, but they also didn’t dare to use their divine sense.

“Let’s go down.”

Looking at the darkness below, he beckoned to the two of them. They began to climb down the wall like geckos.

“Be careful. Don’t touch these black lines. Those are formation lines,” whispered Long Chen suddenly as they climbed.

Huge black lines had started appearing on the walls. They were not all conspicuous and looked just like natural rock veins. But Long Chen’s senses warned him they were traps.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao heard his warning and became even more careful, focusing all their senses on avoiding the black lines.

The three of them descended straight down. After several miles, a notch appeared in the wall.

This notch was four feet deep and two meters tall. Seeing it, Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao almost let out a startled cry. That was because a person was standing within the notch.

“Don’t move. He’s already dead.”

Long Chen hastily stopped Chang Hao and Bao Buping from attacking. If they did, it would cause huge fluctuations.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao stopped their hands that were already starting to attack. Only now did they realize that this person was standing still. However, he possessed a powerful aura. He was clearly a Soul Transformation expert.

Carefully examining him, they saw he was very young, looking to be in his twenties. Within his aura were the fluctuations of Heavenly Dao energy.

“He’s a rank seven Celestial,” said Bao Buping with surprise.

A rank seven Celestial who had reached the Soul Transformation realm. He was definitely a powerful existence, and such a young Soul Transformation expert was truly rare.

Furthermore, this person was exceptionally calm, looking like he was in his meditative state. He wasn’t moving at all, and his body was constantly absorbing energy from heaven and earth like he was cultivating.

If Long Chen hadn’t said that he was dead, they really would have thought that he was a living person.

“His soul has already vanished. All that’s left is a husk.” Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was powerful, and he instantly saw through this person’s condition.

In truth, he was also very shocked. If a person’s soul had vanished, then it meant that they were dead. But his corpse was still cultivating. That went completely against the cultivation world’s laws.

He carefully pushed the corpse lightly, and it moved aside. Seeing what was behind him, the three of them were once more shocked.

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