Chapter 1260 Creatures From Another World

Long Chen pulled Chang Hao and Bao Buping into a crack in the rocks. He saw a strange figure in the air whistling over.

It was a humanoid creature with wings. Its size was essentially the same as a human, but it had bat-like wings and its nose was slightly sharper. It had a mouth of sharp teeth, and its eyes glowed. It looked extremely terrifying.

“A winged devil?”

Long Chen was startled. This creature was extremely similar to the winged devils he had encountered in the Jiuli secret realm.

But the winged devils he had encountered in the Jiuli secret realm had been tens to hundreds of meters tall, while this one was much smaller.

This creature clearly had a protruding spot on its forehead that looked like a closed third eye. There was powerful energy flowing within it.

But this creature rapidly flew by, and Long Chen also didn’t dare to look too closely for worry of it sensing him.

Looking in the direction it was flying, it was clear it was going to the entrance they had come from.

“Probably someone exposed themselves,” whispered Long Chen.

The three of them stealthily crawled up to a slightly taller mountain. They quickly heard shouting and fierce whistling from the entrance.

Although they had entered quite a while ago, they hadn’t gotten that far. From here, they were able to still see the black mist.

In front of the black mist was a man wielding a halberd and fiercely fighting that creature.

He had done the same thing as many adventurers once they entered Devil Spirit Mountain. The first thing he had done was test his way back, which had activated the formation and drawn over this creature.

At this time, Bao Buping and Chang Hao looked at Long Chen with admiration. If he hadn’t warned the adventurers not to enter after them within the next six hours, the three of them would very likely have been implicated by this adventurer.

That adventurer was a Jade Core expert. He was extremely powerful. But shockingly, despite his halberd being a King item, he was unable to do anything to this creature.

The creature’s wings had countless runes unleashing blinding light, and its sharp claws allowed it to fight the adventurer barehanded.

Sparks flew and a metallic ringing rang out whenever its claws clashed with the halberd. Its claws and wings were both as hard as King items.

“This creature doesn’t seem as terrifying as I thought. I could definitely defeat it,” said Bao Buping.

Although it was powerful, its aura was not in the Jade Core realm. Bao Buping had absolute confidence in easily defeating it.

“You’re thinking too simply. That adventurer was most likely noticed because he touched the formation. In other words, he definitely caused information to be sent to the creatures overseeing this place. They knew it was just one ordinary adventurer, and that’s not important to them. So they just sent an ordinary expert,” said Long Chen.

No matter how he looked at it, he felt this creature to be just like the winged devils he had encountered in the Jiuli secret realm. That raised his alarm.

The winged devils were incredibly powerful. Even after they had died, just their skeletons possessed terrifying combat power. Just how powerful did they have to be when they were alive?

This winged devil was the same size as an ordinary person. It was likely that it was the lowest level of the winged devils here. It was probably just a regular guard who came to eradicate the invader.


Suddenly, a miserable scream rang out, rousing Long Chen from his thoughts. He saw blood mist erupt as that Jade Core expert was torn apart by the creature.

After killing him, the creature looked icily around. Carrying the adventurer’s weapon, it flew away on the same path it came from.

When it was near Long Chen and the others, Bao Buping wanted to attack it, but he was held back by Long Chen.

Once it flew past, Long Chen said, “This place is too close to the entrance. It’s probably within the area that they monitor. Let’s continue onward and get further away before we decide to do anything.”

They slowly continued forward. The entrance grew further and further away. Six hours later, another powerful aura flew by, and the three of them hastily hid themselves.

As expected, another adventurer had entered and immediately tested whether he could return. As a result, he touched the formation, causing him to be sensed.

This expert struggled a bit before being slain by another creature. In front of it, these Jade Core adventurers had no ability to resist.

“Long Chen, what should we do?” Bao Buping and Chang Hao stared at the creature.

Long Chen clenched his teeth. “Bring it down.”

After killing the adventurer, the creature gathered his weapon and flew away.

But as it was flying, it suddenly saw a person in front of it. Bao Buping was blocking its path.

“Long Chen wanted me to ask you if you’re a winged devil,” said Bao Buping.

The creature’s eyes shone with a fierce light. It opened its mouth, revealing a set of sharp teeth. Its mouth actually extended all the way to its ears.

“Jiejiejie…” The creature laughed sinisterly, a laugh that could cause a person’s blood to turn cold. Its sharp teeth flickered. It looked like a demon and sent a claw at Bao Buping.

“Jie your father, taste my blade!” Bao Buping snorted and slashed his broadsword.

Bang! The creature’s claws were shattered by Bao Buping’s attack. It was not a match for Bao Buping.

It let out a miserable cry, not having expected the Foundation Forging Bao Buping to possess such power.

The creature’s aura was also on the level of the Foundation Forging realm. Yet, it was able to slay Jade Core experts with ease.

Therefore, it could be seen how terrifying its power was. But this power wasn’t enough when compared to Bao Buping who was at the ninth Heavenstage of Foundation Forging.

The creature turned to run, when Sword Qi slashed down from the heavens, landing on its back and causing blood to fly.

Sensing the fatal danger, the creature hastily folded its wings, blocking Chang Hao’s sudden attack.

But now its wings were broken by Chang Hao’s attack. At the same time, it let out a howl and began to run. But having lost its wings, its speed fell dramatically.

A black martial weapon ruthlessly struck its head, causing its body to go limp and fall from the sky.

“Nice work.” Long Chen grabbed the unconscious creature, flying back toward Bao Buping and Chang Hao.

He pressed a finger to the creature’s head and sent in his powerful Spiritual Strength.


Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength invaded the creature’s head, rushing into its mind-sea. But suddenly, its head exploded automatically as Long Chen seemed to have touched some kind of restriction.

Long Chen snorted and his Spiritual Strength enveloped the sky. The creature’s scattering soul was still caught by his Spiritual Strength. Even these fragments could be useful to him.

“Fuck, we were noticed so quickly.” Long Chen cursed, his expression changing. He sensed danger rapidly approaching. He grabbed the creature’s headless corpse and flung it into the distance, while he fled in the opposite direction.

The three of them had only just disappeared when over ten similar creatures rushed over, flying toward the headless corpse.

These experts had terrifying auras. Seeing the headless corpse, their icy eyes were filled with killing intent.

One of them waved a hand, and they all split up, searching for the killer.

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao were hiding under a boulder. Long Chen had dug out a small hole for the three of them to hide in. As for the outside, he had covered their aura with medicinal powders and erased any tracks. Lying within this hole, none of them dared to move.

They lay there for three whole days. Killing that creature had caused a huge disturbance.

After three days of hearing them searching, things returned to calm. However, Long Chen knew that probably quite a few more adventurers had entered Devil Spirit Mountain during this time.

Perhaps the creatures thought that the murderer was one of those adventurers and had already been slain.

“Now what?” whispered Bao Buping.

“Let’s wait another two days for the disturbance to completely die out. Now that we’re here, we’re not in a rush,” said Long Chen.

Although the creature’s head had exploded in the end, Long Chen had used the fragments of its soul to piece together some information. This information was extremely helpful to him. That risk had definitely been worth it.

After two days, they stealthily crawled out of the ground and continued onward.

According to that creature’s memories, this location had over ten hidden sentries in charge of defending it. If a person touched the formation, one of them would go kill them.

Due to its soul exploding, Long Chen wasn’t able to get its complete memories, so he didn’t know the location of those hidden sentries. But he could use his sense of danger to avoid them.

As they advanced, they saw more and more marks of battle, as well as broken fragments of weapons. They even saw a few broken skeletons.

Those skeletons were even harder than King items. There were some bloodstains on the ground that still possessed auras that made their hair stand on end despite how much time had passed.

“A terrifying battle definitely occurred here before. Perhaps this is the battlefield from the dark era,” said Bao Buping nervously.

The aura that came from the ground here made them feel a chill. There were definitely countless corpses buried here, corpses of heroes slain in battle.


Long Chen suddenly pulled the two of them to the ground. A flash of light appeared overhead.

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