Chapter 126 Gathering of Geniuses

Long Chen had just been about to step onto the bridge when a strong gale attacked him in the back of his head. At the same time, a contemptuous voice rang out:

“Fuck off.”

Long Chen dived to the side. A long whip shot by Long Chen’s face, the terrifying force causing the air to billow.

A huge eagle hurtled past above the bridge. It was so fast that it disappeared in just the blink of an eye. Long Chen had only vaguely caught a glimpse of a youth standing atop the eagle.

Obviously, that whip attack had been from that youth. But that youth didn’t even glance at Long Chen, just flying right over him.

Looking at that back, Long Chen was infuriated. He was sitting on a flying beast that had nothing to do with the bridge! Brat, you better not let me catch you, raged Long Chen

Most likely, that youth had also registered for the disciple selection and hadn’t truly joined the Xuantian Monastery yet, and that was why he had made such a display of power. This disciple selection would definitely not be boring.

Long Chen simply sighed and continued crossing the bridge. Suddenly, the sky darkened and another huge figure flew over.

But this time, the person atop the flying beast didn’t attack Long Chen. Long Chen raised his head to see a brightly colored bird. Its multicolored feathers were absolutely magnificent.

Just as he raised his head, he saw that the person had also glanced down to look at him. Long Chen couldn’t help but cry out in shock inside, as that was a true beauty.

She looked to be around sixteen. Her white robes fluttered over her slender body, and her black hair cascaded down naturally. Crescent eyebrows set off her starry eyes, making her appear like a fairy who didn’t consume the food of common mortals.

But although she was beautiful, she was a bit too cold. Her face seemed to have been carved out of ice that wouldn’t melt even after ten thousand years, making it difficult for others to get close to her.

That maiden was a bit surprised when she saw Little Snow. Once more glancing indifferently at Long Chen, she flew off.

Long Chen’s heart shook slightly. She was most likely also someone registered. Being able to see through Little Snow’s disguise with just a glance, her eyesight was extremely sharp.

Furthermore, he also noticed faint mist appearing over her body. That was no ordinary mist, but something that would occur when special spiritual qi was released outside the body.

And even more shocking, Long Chen had been unable to see through her cultivation base. With Long Chen’s powerful Spiritual Strength, there were few people who could hide their cultivation base in front of him.

“Hey brat, get out of the way. If you don’t want to die, move for this master.”

Long Chen had been pondering when shaking came from behind him. A youth riding a huge bull shot over like a wild gale. He actually disregarded Long Chen as he charged directly over.

Long Chen was now completely infuriated. This was too overbearing! He had come here to study and train, not to be bullied!

Just as that bull was about to arrive, Long Chen pulled Little Snow to the side, opening a path.

That youth snorted coldly when he saw Long Chen let him by. “I guess you’re not completely stupid - hey!”

He had just been about to say something intimidating as his bull passed by Long Chen when Long Chen kicked the bull right in the abdomen.

That bull was huge, even bigger than Little Snow. But even so, it was unable to bear Long Chen’s force and was sent flying, causing that person to let out a sharp scream.

Both the man and beast dropped into the huge river, appearing extremely miserable.

“Brat, you better wait for this master! I’ve remembered you!”

That person cursed angrily at Long Chen, irritating Long Chen even more. Seeing that there was no one around, he pulled down his pants and a stream of yellow liquid poured down.

“What the fuck, you!!!” That person was shocked, never expecting Long Chen to be so vicious, peeing at him! Seeing that stream of yellow was about to sprinkle over him, he hastily dived into the water.

“With your IQ, probably the best thing for you to drink is urine.” Long Chen felt a kind of unclear excitement fill his heart.

Ever since he was a child, he had always been living in an oppressive environment. Almost all of his childhood was a dark gray of sadness to him. In order to avoid making his mother angry or worried, Long Chen had never acted mischievously or stirred up any trouble.

Now he finally had a chance to feel the delight that came with doing mischievous things. For a moment, his heart was unprecedentedly free of worries.

Having stayed in the water for a while, the youth heard that he had stopped and so he carefully brought his head out of the water. But as soon as he did, a torrent of yellow spurted towards him.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!”

Long Chen had just been waiting for him to come up. This time, the youth was truly completely infuriated, flames shooting from his eyes.

Long Chen looked at that indignant expression and wanted to continue, but unfortunately, he didn’t have enough charge inside of him.

“You vulgar scoundrel, how can you relieve yourself here?!”

Long Chen had been in the midst of rearranging his clothes when a woman’s voice rang out from the sky. There was another Magical Beast flying by, this time with a young maiden covering her face.

“Tch, don’t you know it’s rude to look? Since you obviously know I was relieving myself, why’d you still have to sneak a peek? That would have been fine if that was all, but you actually are so brazen as to criticize others? Don’t you know how to feel shame?” Long Chen boasted shamelessly.

He didn’t know why, but having done something so shameless, he felt a profound sense of freedom.

Within Phoenix Cry, he had been oppressed far too much. Here, no one knew who he was. Everything was at a new starting point. He would be his true self. He could be a hooligan, a rascal, anything he wanted. He no longer needed to restrain himself.

“You, you wretch! Just wait!” That maiden angrily shouted, but her hands were covering her face as she didn’t dare look at Long Chen. She quickly flew off.

Long Chen laughed, not caring about this kind of threat. Looking towards the angry youth in the river, he said, “How does it feel to be the one humiliated? Kid, this brother gave you a good lesson, and I didn’t even take a lesson fee! That’s already not bad. You just have a nice swim here. Remember, don’t swallow the water.”

Long Chen urged Little Snow over the river. That youth angrily shouted, but he couldn’t catch up. The river was too wide, and there was no way for him to quickly get to the shore. By the time he was on land again, Long Chen had long since disappeared.

Beyond the bridge was a forest. The land was very level, and according to the map, this should be the territory of the Xuantian Monastery.

Their territory was extremely large, spreading out over five thousand miles. Even from this place, to reach the true monastery would require another thousand miles of travel.

But he still had plenty of time. There was no need for him to rush. Even if he did get there first, he wouldn’t be able to take the test ahead of time. And so it would be better to just leisurely advance at his own pace and take a good look at the surroundings.

Long Chen encountered quite a few people along his way. Some were men, some were women, but every single one of them were youths, similar to Long Chen’s age.

But what shocked Long Chen was that despite those people just being in the Blood Condensation realm, their auras surged and were incomparably sturdy. Some of them even gave Long Chen a great sense of pressure.

Other than that beautiful, icy-faced woman, Long Chen also noted a couple of others who gave him a feeling of danger. There was one person with a long scale between her eyebrows. He sensed an extremely great threat from that scale.

There was one person with totems all over his arms. Within them was a kind of volcanic force. There was also someone whose hands were like eagle claws. His fingernails shone like iron, emitting terrifying fluctuations.

On this journey, Long Chen encountered all kinds of different geniuses. 

These people were all in the Blood Condensation realm, but the majority of them were in the late stage or even at the peak, which was a bit puzzling to Long Chen.

Some people could, once they reached the peak of Blood Condensation, use various secret arts or spirit pills to seal their cultivation bases, causing them to remain within the Blood Condensation realm.

But those people had an absolutely terrifying combat ability. It was no wonder that the white-robed man had been filled with contempt towards Long Chen who was born and raised in such a weak empire.

Even these kinds of geniuses here had to work hard just to join this sect. It could be seen just how terrifying the power of sects was.

His selection back then had definitely been correct. Even then, he could clearly sense that the various sect Elders had a deep respect for Tu Fang.

That was why Long Chen had guessed that Tu Fang’s sect was definitely the most terrifying out of all of them. Otherwise, there was no way he could expel the Bloodnet Sect’s Zhao Changxing with just a single sentence.

Furthermore, Zhao Changxing hadn’t even dared to say anything in resistance. Thus, all of Long Chen’s attention had been focused on Tu Fang.

Seeing this many terrifying geniuses gathering here now, Long Chen was even more sure he had made the right choice.

As he continued forward, Long Chen was shocked to see that there were increasingly more people. They were all gathering towards the monastery.

Some people were in small groups, but the majority were traveling alone. The roars of countless vicious beasts continuously echoed throughout.

Suddenly, a loud boom came from the front.

“There are more people fighting again. I gotta go check it out before it’s over,” someone shouted and rushed forward.

Long Chen was startled and quickly urged Little Snow to rush forward as fast as possible. And as expected, after passing through a stretch of forest, he reached an empty ground where two people were violently fighting.

What surprised Long Chen was that one of them was that eagle-clawed man he had seen before.

Claw images filled the sky as whistling winds were like surging sea waves, repeatedly forcing back his opponent.

“What terrifying attacks!”

“That’s Eagle Mountain’s Ying family’s consummate technique. That person should be the Ying family’s number one genius, Ying Mingyang.”[1]

Some people were quietly whispering. They had obviously recognized this eagle-clawed man. His opponent was also fighting empty-handed. Red scales appeared over his fists, appearing just like snakeskin.

As people were quietly discussing their fight, Ying Mingyang’s claw images, which had been filling the sky, completely disappeared. People couldn’t even tell what had happened, but his claw was now already gripping his opponent’s shoulder. That move of his had been extremely strange.

His opponent immediately didn’t dare to move in the slightest. Blood flowed from his shoulder freely, his face deathly ashen.

“Kid, scram back to where you came from,” said Ying Mingyang icily.

That person nodded dejectedly, and in front of everyone, he started walking back, causing everyone to feel pity for him.

Long Chen was confused; did losing mean he had to give up his registration? What was going on?

Just as Long Chen was filled with shock, someone approached him.

[1] Ying=Eagle here. 

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