Chapter 1258 Are You Trying to be Funny?

The Scarlet Blood Gold Ape race’s expert sneered and suddenly unleashed his aura. Runes revolved around him as his aura soared.

What slightly surprised Long Chen was that his dark red fur suddenly became golden.

In the instant that his fur changed color, a huge illusory image appeared behind him. The roar of an ape king shook the sky.

“Hehe, Long Chen, get ready to face your death. My Scarlet Blood Gold Ape race’s power can’t be compared to other ancient races. I’ll let you see what true power is!”

The ancient race expert sneered, a brutal light shining in his eyes. Raising his furry fist, he sent a single punch at Long Chen.


In front of the startled gazes of Chang Hao, Bao Buping, as well as the wild cultivators who had come to take their chances, the Scarlet Blood Gold Ape expert was slapped across the face by Long Chen and swatted away like a housefly.

This slap was too fast for them to even see it clearly. But that ancient race expert was already vomiting blood, all his teeth flying through the air. He slammed into one of the stone pillars.

The stone pillar unleashed a blood-colored light that instantly blew him to bits. Not even his soul escaped.

“Are you trying to be funny?”

Even Long Chen was dumbfounded. What was going on? This arrogant Scarlet Blood Gold Ape expert was killed in one shot just like this? He almost found it hard to believe.

“This idiot really is unlucky. He actually slammed into the Sovereign seal’s stone pillar with such power. Of course the Sovereign Blood Seal was going to kill him.” Chang Hao was also speechless. This result caught him a bit off-guard.

Those two huge stone pillars were connected with the Sovereign Blood Seal. Just touching it wouldn’t normally cause any problems. But if you used any force, it would be viewed as an attack and the Sovereign Blood Seal would automatically counterattack.

The Sovereign Blood Seal wasn’t something a weak Foundation Forging expert could endure. In fact, even a Soul Transformation expert would be instantly annihilated without the slightest hope of survival.

The Scarlet Blood Gold Ape expert had been either too arrogant or too stupid. He had actually neglected to pay heed to his surroundings. Rather than saying Long Chen had killed him, it was more accurate to say the stone pillar had killed him. So his death truly was a bit ridiculous.

After being killed, he didn’t leave anything behind. Even his spatial ring had been turned to dust. But Long Chen didn’t gain nothing; another Heaven Dao Fruit had appeared in the primal chaos space.

But this time was different. Previously, when a Celestial was killed, their core Heavenly Dao energy would be sucked away by the primal chaos bead instantly.

This time, Long Chen had clearly felt the Sovereign Blood Seal had fought with the primal chaos bead over some kind of energy.

However, in front of the primal chaos bead, that suction force had been too weak. The seal could only allow this energy to be taken away.

This was Long Chen’s first time encountering such a thing. He couldn’t help being shocked. What was going on?

“Long Chen, let’s go in!” said Bao Buping. Seeing the entrance below the Sovereign Blood Seal, battle intent raged in his eyes.

In the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, finding the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet was every disciple’s most sacred mission. Even if they had to pay with their lives, they wouldn’t frown. Even if they never found it, fighting for it was their glory.

That was because the nine forms of Split the Heavens were the lifeline of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. In truth, Bao Buping, Chang Hao, and the other disciples didn’t know that their Heaven Earth Divine Pool had run out because of Long Chen.

But even if Long Chen hadn’t appeared, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect wouldn’t have been able to survive for long. Right now, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was already standing on the border of death.

After reaching the Foundation Forging realm, Bao Buping and Chang Hao had begged the old man to go to Devil Spirit Mountain countless times, but he had refused every time.

In fact, once when the two had stealthily sneaked away, they had been immediately caught and fiercely beaten. 

Now that Long Chen arrived, they didn’t know what the old man was thinking, but he suddenly permitted them to go. Seeing the entrance to Devil Spirit Mountain, they were impatient to search for the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet within.

Long Chen looked around. He saw several wild cultivators looking at the entrance to Devil Spirit Mountain with conflicted expressions. They clearly hadn’t made up their minds as to whether or not they wanted to step into this land of death.

These wild cultivators all had low statuses and limited resources. After reaching the Foundation Forging realm or perhaps the Jade Core realm, they no longer had any hope of advancing again. That was the only reason they would come to Devil Spirit Mountain. This was their final chance.

Losing meant dying without a corpse. But if they could leave alive, they would definitely return with amazing gains. No matter what they brought out of Devil Spirit Mountain, it would benefit them for a lifetime.

They had used their final savings to buy a supreme teleportation talisman. If they did manage to get out of Devil Spirit Mountain, they would immediately use this teleportation talisman to flee far away so they didn’t need to worry about anyone coveting their treasures.

The ironic thing was that after Devil Spirit Mountain had started opening up to adventurers, the prices of these supreme teleportation talismans spiked, making the talisman cultivators rich.

In the end, these people standing in front of Devil Spirit Mountain were unable to gather their courage to enter, resulting in them dithering over the entrance. The chances of dying once they entered were too high.

No one laughed at them. In front of death, only a few people were able to act confident.

Long Chen looked at the two of them surging with battle intent and shook his head. If they entered like this, they would definitely die.

He pulled them to the side and gravely warned them, “The reason the old man allowed the three of us to come here is mostly because of me. So the two of you have to listen to me once we’re in.”

“We know. You’re the one with the best head. We’ll do as you say.” Bao Buping and Chang Hao nodded.

Ever since Long Chen had led them to defeat the seven bosses, allowing their names to shake the entire sect, they and the rest of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples had started viewing him as a god-like existence. They would naturally listen to his orders. This was also something the old man had strictly ordered them to do before coming.

“Good. Then before entering Devil Spirit Mountain, we’ll need to talk to them first.” Long Chen nodded and led them to the entrance. At this time, there were quite a few people struggling over their decisions.

“Everyone, the three of us want to enter Devil Spirit Mountain. But there are some things I have to say first. Devil Spirit Mountain is filled with countless dangers, and the odds of death are shockingly high. Since everyone has come here, I know you’ve come here to gamble with your lives…” began Long Chen.

These people looked at Long Chen warily. The fact that he had killed a rank eight Celestial with a slap had shocked them all. Although they all knew it was actually the Sovereign Blood Seal that had killed him, it was indisputable that Long Chen had slapped that powerful expert like he had been a child. His power was shocking enough for them to all listen carefully.

“So I think that while we aren’t allies, we can’t count as enemies, so there’s something I must tell you all. After we enter Devil Spirit Mountain, for the next six hours, no one else is permitted to enter. If anyone wants to take advantage by following us, the three of us won’t be merciful.” Long Chen’s gaze swept over them.

Long Chen’s meaning was obvious. After entering, he didn’t want to be implicated by anyone else. If someone else caused a disturbance that drew out some terrifying existence, the three of them would be dead.

So he first gave them a warning. If anyone really wanted to court death, Long Chen would definitely kill them. This was Devil Spirit Mountain, and he couldn’t be the slightest bit careless.

After saying this, Long Chen didn’t give them any chance to declare their own positions. He led Chang Hao and Bao Buping to the entrance. He wasn’t discussing this. He was warning them.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao exchanged a glance. They had never thought about such details before.

The three of them walked between the two stone pillars. The huge Sovereign Blood Seal floated above their heads. Only once they were close did they truly sense just how terrifying it was.

In front of this huge seal, they felt themselves to be insignificant ants. They were filled with reverence and shock.

The energy accumulated within the Sovereign Blood Seal was enough to exterminate this entire world. It possessed unimaginable power.

The three of them were like three ants scuttling in front of this huge entrance. With the Sovereign Blood Seal’s pressure above them, they all felt like their hearts were going to rise out of their throats.

Even with the guts of Chang Hao and Bao Buping, their faces were pale. Although they didn’t sense any hostility from the Sovereign Blood Seal, that kind of world-destroying power evoked terror in their souls.

The stone pillars and the Sovereign Blood Seal between them formed a huge gate. But at the bottom of this gate was a crack, a tear in space that was dozens of meters wide. Three people now stood in front of this crack.

“Let’s go.”

The three of them exchanged a glance. Taking a deep breath, they stepped into the crack.

The wild cultivators outside were deeply shaken to see the three of them walk in just like this. They were filled with admiration.

According to reason, the heavenly geniuses of the various sects had limitless futures. They would soar like shooting stars. Their lives were incredibly valuable, but they hadn’t even frowned before charging into one of the seven danger zones.

“Six hours from now, I want to be the next one to enter. I hope everyone will give me this face.” One of the wild cultivators clenched his teeth.

“I will be the third.”

Having been influenced by the three of them, these wild cultivators who had been unable to gather their courage finally decided to hesitate no longer.

They had only come here because they had no hope for their futures, or because they had no choice but to put their lives on the line. Either way, seeing that the powerful heavenly geniuses were able to ignore death like this allowed them to resolve to go in. If even such valiant figures were willing to risk it, why did they need to be so reluctant?

When Long Chen, Chang Hao, and Bao Buping entered the crack, they felt their bodies tighten. Space seemed to vaguely change. When they saw the scene around them, they sucked in a cold gasp of air.

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