Chapter 1257 Sovereign Blood Seal

Devil Spirit Mountain was situated near the south of the Central Plains’ eastern section. If someone were to buy a map with this location on it, the word FORBIDDEN would be marked on it with a human skull.

Devil Spirit Mountain was just a name. Whether it was truly a mountain or not was something no one knew. All people knew was that the entrance to Devil Spirit Mountain was located at the peak of a mountain.

This mountain was huge, but there was not a single blade of grass growing on it. All the earth here was scarlet. Even the dirt contained an aura of decay and yet also vast pressure.

Legend was that this ground had been dyed with the blood of countless experts, and even after all these years, it still emitted that terrifying pressure.

Cultivators below the Xiantian realm wouldn’t even be able to approach this place. Only people at the Foundation Forging realm and above could withstand this pressure.

There were two ancient stone pillars at the top of the mountain. They soared into the air, looking like the pillars of a gate that was propping up the sky.

The pillars formed a huge entrance around a mile wide while emitting their own terrifying pressure. Blood-red runes revolved over the stone pillars, causing the void to quiver.

Between the two pillars was a huge blood-colored runic seal. Its pressure was on a completely different level. It was something that could suppress heaven and earth.

Below the seal was the entrance to Devil Spirit Mountain, while the two stone pillars were a huge sealing formation. As for the runic seal between them, that was the Sovereign Blood Seal.

At this time, Long Chen, Chang Hao, and Bao Buping were standing in front of the gate, looking in shock at the huge seal.

They felt power from that seal that they had never felt before. A reverence that came from their souls gave them an urge to kneel toward it.

“This is a seal created through the blood of a Sovereign? Even after a hundred thousand years has passed, it still possesses such power. Just what kind of existence is a Sovereign?” Bao Buping looked at the Sovereign Blood Seal with shock.

Just how terrifying did a Sovereign have to be for a seal they had placed over a hundred thousand years ago to still possess such might? Even after all this time, this seal was stopping the lifeforms on the other side from taking a single step into the Martial Heaven Continent.

“The old man said that Sovereigns are the existences that stand at the peak of this world. They are literally and figuratively the sovereigns of the world, existences that are completely unrivaled,” said Chang Hao worshipfully.

Long Chen also looked at the Sovereign Blood Seal with shock. This seal condensed through blood energy was still able to protect the Martial Heaven Continent from whatever creatures existed in Devil Spirit Mountain on the other side.

When Long Chen looked at the Sovereign Blood Seal, the seal suddenly quivered slightly, forming an image that only Long Chen could see. That was an image of a white-robed man standing in the air, his eyes as bright as the sun and his hair falling to his shoulders. He was like a god, so imposing that others would feel it was a blasphemy just to look at him.

He saw the white-robed man form a hand seal, causing heaven and earth to shake. The clouds were blown away as the earth suddenly soared to form a huge mountain.

Long Chen’s heart pounded. That mountain was very familiar. It was Devil Spirit Mountain. According to this, Devil Spirit Mountain had been personally formed by the white-robed man.

As Devil Spirit Mountain took shape, the countless corpses littered on the ground were absorbed along with their blood, condensing into countless blood runes.

Then two blood-colored stone pillars slammed down onto the mountain. Long Chen clearly saw those two pillars absorb all the blood runes.

When the pillars fell, the entire world became blood-colored for an instant. It was like the world had been dyed in blood. The stone pillars rapidly absorbed that energy.

At the same time, the white-robed man pointed out a single finger. Blood chains condensed of his own blood flew out.

The blood vaguely shone with immortal light. The blood chains shot out, sealing heaven and earth, forming a huge runic seal between the two pillars.

Long Chen didn’t know why he was seeing this, but he could guess that this man was that legendary Sovereign. This scene was how the Sovereign had sealed Devil Spirit Mountain.

The Sovereign had used the blood of all the experts that had fallen in battle to condense a huge seal and then used his own blood to completely lock up Devil Spirit Mountain.

Regretfully, Long Chen didn’t get a chance to see any experts or different lifeforms from the other side. But just this was enough to completely shock him.

Every move of this Sovereign had brought with it the flow of the Dao. It was like heaven and earth was subservient to him.

After forming the seal, the Sovereign clasped his hands behind him as he stood there, looking around. Shockingly, he then turned to look at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s heart almost jumped out of his chest. Even across the river of time, he could sense this existence that could shake heaven and earth looking at him.

Long Chen didn’t say anything and neither did the Sovereign. The two of them silently looked at each other. In the end, the Sovereign smiled and sent him a divine message:

“The gamebreaker has finally arrived.”

Long Chen’s heart pounded. This was the second time he heard of the gamebreaker. Back in the Four Nations Ancient Remnant, he had encountered that mysterious elder that had also said the same thing.

For the Sovereign to also say the same thing shocked him. Could it be that this Sovereign and that elder were from the same generation and knew some heaven-shaking secret?

“What is it, Long Chen?”

Just at this moment, Bao Buping’s voice rang out beside Long Chen’s ear, and that scene instantly vanished as if it had never appeared. It was like everything he had seen had just been a dream.

Long Chen saw the Sovereign Blood Seal still floating there, but the image of the white-robed man had disappeared.

“It’s nothing. I was just entranced,” said Long Chen.

His heart was heavy. He felt like he had been drawn into an enormous plot, or perhaps he should say he had been drawn into a heaven-shaking game.

He was like someone on the verge of death who was frantically trying to grasp the final lifejacket. But even he didn’t know what this lifejacket was.

In order to grasp this lifejacket, he would need to continuously accumulate power. Right now, he felt a bit lost.

Although he was now so much stronger than in the past, the sense of crisis only grew greater. He still had no idea what problem had occurred with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, and why the fifth star refused to appear. He suddenly felt an unprecedented feeling of crisis.

“Long Chen, you’re here?”

Just at this moment, a voice that had no good intentions rang out.

There were quite a few people at the Sovereign Blood Seal, at least a few dozen people.

They were mostly wild cultivators who had been preparing themselves to test their luck in Devil Spirit Mountain. Most of them had run into a bottleneck with their cultivation and no longer had any hope of advancing in their lifetimes. That was why they were determined to test this extremely remote chance while having prepared to die.

But some of them were extremely confident experts with terrifying power and great ambitions who came to adventure in Devil Spirit Mountain.

As for the speaker, it came from the latter group. It was a lanky man who appeared to be in his twenties. His arms went past his knees, and he was covered in dark red fur.

Long Chen looked at him, and based on his appearance, it was easy to tell that he was from the ancient races.

He was a rank eight Celestial with a powerful aura. His gaze was like a blade sweeping across Long Chen. He didn’t bother concealing his hostility.

“A monkey?” asked Long Chen.

“Bastard, I came from the respected Scarlet Blood Gold Ape race! Long Chen, if you have any guts, you’ll have a fair fight with me to resolve the enmity between you and the ancient races. Of course, you can also hide under the protection of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect if you’re a coward. It’s up to you,” replied the ancient race expert disdainfully, a crafty light in his eyes.

A rank eight Celestial wanted to challenge Long Chen? Bao Buping and Chang Hao exchanged a look and almost laughed. It really wasn’t possible to stop people who wanted to court death.

Long Chen smiled faintly and said, “I’m surprised you don’t feel embarrassed to use such low grade provoking arts. Aren’t monkeys supposed to be smart? Why is there so much crap in your head?”

The ancient race expert was infuriated, and he sneered, “All you need to do is agree to a fight. Where did all this bullshit come from?”

This expert had long since heard of Long Chen’s name. He had heard how the ancient races had lost out because of him several times, and how they had suffered a huge loss especially during the matter of the Four Nations Ancient Remnant.

Then several race leaders had gone to demand Long Chen be handed over from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect without receiving the ancient race alliance’s approval. As a result, they had almost been annihilated. If they hadn’t fled fast enough, not even a single one of them would have escaped.

This matter had shaken the ancient races, and the ancient race alliance had sent out the word not to provoke the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was well-known as a pack of madmen in the Central Plains. Even if they were annihilated, they would very likely launch a crazy counterattack as they died. Anyone who provoked them at this time would just be an idiot.

The ancient race alliance didn’t support the race leaders who had acted of their own accord and instead gave them a vicious tongue-lashing. They sent out orders to absolutely not to provoke the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

As for this disciple, he was extremely confident, but he remembered those orders. So he didn’t directly attack. He wanted to infuriate Long Chen to make him fight, and that wouldn’t count as offending the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

Long Chen looked at him with a strange light in his eyes. He helplessly said, “Alright, I won’t say any more nonsense. Let me experience your amazing moves. But let me first warn you, I’m not very good at holding back. If you die, don’t blame me.”

“Haha, you want to kill me? Keep dreaming. I’ll show you the terrifying ability of the Scarlet Blood Gold Ape race!”

That disciple raised his head and laughed, his aura instantly exploding.

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