Chapter 1256 Devil Spirit Mountain’s Secret (Teaser)

The three words of Devil Spirit Mountain smashed into Long Chen’s heart like hammers.

Although the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring was also considered one of the seven danger zones, its danger was actually the lowest amongst the seven.

That was because it was too huge, and the main danger stemmed from the sea demons. The sea demon race’s experts would rarely attack human cultivators unless the latter caused trouble for them first.

But other than the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, the other danger zones were true lands of death. Humans were forbidden from entering.

Zheng Wenlong had once mentioned Devil Spirit Mountain to Long Chen. At that time, it had become enshrouded in mist, making it impossible to gather the Spirit Gathering Grass that grew around it. That grass was the main ingredient of the Forging Heart Spirit Connecting Pill.

When Long Chen had asked Zheng Wenlong about Devil Spirit Mountain, Zheng Wenlong had told him despite its name and fame as one of the seven danger zones, there had never actually been any devils to come out of it.

Instead, rather than devils, what people occasionally saw were scenes of an...

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