Chapter 1255 Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet

“Old man, you have to get justice for us! We were conned by that little brat Long Chen!”

Boss Bao and the other bosses were lamenting their loss to the old man at the peak of the mountain. This time, they had truly lost face.

Furthermore, the seven of them were still bruised in the face and appeared wretched. Their cultivation bases were still suppressed to the Foundation Forging realm, so they couldn’t even get revenge.

The old man faintly smiled upon seeing their wretched appearances. All he spat out was, “You deserve it.”

“Old man, how can you say that! It was those three brats who used a sinister plot to con us! You’re not going to stand up for us?!” raged Boss Bao.

“Do you think I have that much time? Furthermore, it can’t count as conning. All your cultivation bases were suppressed to the Foundation Forging realm. They fought three against seven, when you had quite the advantage in terms of both experience and physical strength. After losing, you still have the face to complain? Were all your years of cultivation focused on thickening your skin?” snorted the old man.

“How can you put it that way? We were completely unused to our suppressed cultivation bases, making it so we couldn’t fight properly. Otherwise, how could we lose?!” raged the Seventh Boss.

His words were correct. Having your power suddenly suppressed would naturally cause your fighting style to become awkward.

“You really have gotten old and shameless. Do you have to find so many excuses for your loss?” The old man looked contemptuously at them.

“Old man, you can’t pamper them so much. If you allow them to act so wildly, how are we supposed to look after them in the future?” demanded the Sixth Boss.

The seven bosses were the masters within the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Other than the old man, they had the highest authority. And yet such figures had been beaten by three juniors, and in front of all their disciples at that. None of those disciples would revere them like they did before.

If this continued, there would be no way to discipline those brats. That was why they joined forces to demand the old man deliver justice for them. He had to punish Long Chen’s cheating.

“The few of you don’t feel ashamed to complain? You should be thanking Long Chen.” The old man shook his head and sighed.

“Thank him? Are you joking? He made us get diarrhea, then covered us in crap, and then beat us. Why would we thank him?!” The bosses felt that this kind of logic was insane.

“The medicine Long Chen put in your wine expelled the toxins that have been accumulating for many years. You should know that our Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s Battle God Sacred Canon is too domineering. It places special emphasis on the physical body. Each stage of cultivation corresponds to one of the nine forms of Split the Heavens, and using that form in the corresponding cultivation realm allows one to expel the toxins accumulated through practicing the Battle God Sacred Canon. As Soul Transformation experts, according to the normal process, you should be training in the seventh form of Split the Heavens. But we only have up to the sixth form now. The result is that your bodies grew without expelling the energy that would be used up with the seventh form of Split the Heavens, and that energy turned into toxins in your bodies. That’s also the reason why even after all these years, you’ve been stuck at the peak of the Soul Transformation realm. Back in my day, I had a lucky encounter which allowed me to break through to the Life Star realm. That was luck. But Long Chen has completely expelled the toxins in your bodies, and after a few more days, when the wine energy fades and your cultivation bases are restored, you will sense the huge changes in your bodies. Long Chen completely opened all your impossible bottlenecks. Within the next two years, all of you should be able to advance to the Life Star realm.”

Toward the end, the old man couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional. That little fellow Long Chen truly had some interesting ideas. He actually used such a method to repay his debt.

After absorbing all the energy in the Heaven Earth Divine Pool, Long Chen had been ashamed. Although he hadn’t expressed it, it wasn’t able to escape the old man’s eyes.

In the beginning, when he had first noticed Long Chen adding something to the wine, he had thought it was purely for revenge. He hadn’t said anything, because they could mess around as they wanted.

But once he saw the bosses’ cultivation bases suppressed, he suddenly understood that Long Chen was doing this to silently repay the sect.

The seven bosses had been stuck at the Soul Transformation realm for countless years due to not being able to use the seventh form of Split the Heavens. Their chances of advancing had been extremely slim.

But now, Long Chen had broken their bottlenecks, and he had done so in a way that looked like he was a child messing around and had accidentally caused such a result.

If someone else did this, the old man wouldn’t have realized it. But it was because that brat was too smart that he had thought it over and realized his intentions. Long Chen would simply refuse to admit that he had done this intentionally, and that made the old man feel a bit helpless, as well as grateful.

Long Chen didn’t like owing favors, but this repayment was truly great, far surpassing the value of the Heaven Earth Divine Pool. In the next two years, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect would gain seven Life Star experts, which would surpass the level the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had ever achieved in recent years after declining.

The seven bosses were dumbfounded upon hearing this. They hadn’t expected Long Chen had given them such great fortune without them even knowing about it. They almost couldn’t believe that they would be able to break through their current bottlenecks.

But the old man was personally guaranteeing this. That meant it was certain. Thinking of how they had been so furious just now, they all felt a bit bad.

“You can go now. Long Chen’s wine came from the Wine God Palace, so it’s very powerful. It’ll probably take a few days before your cultivation bases recover. Even at that time, don’t mention this matter. Just act like nothing happened. If a child isn’t obedient, you should properly beat them,” said the old man.

The seven of them nodded. They would probably continue being ruthless with the other disciples, but if they continued being so heavy-handed with Long Chen, it would be a bit ungrateful.

Long Chen had given them a beating as well as a sweet. The conflicting flavor caused them to feel a bit awkward.

Long Chen, Bao Buping, and Chang Hao spent three days drinking wine in high spirits. The battle record of them defeating the seven bosses was too marvelous. Chang Hao and Bao Buping finally had the qualifications to brag.

As they bragged, their saliva splattered through the air. The glory of this battle had left a rich aftertaste. 

Drinking wine as they repeatedly talked about how they had fought so well was addicting to them. They repeatedly brought up how the two of them had marvelously worked together with just a glance at a critical time to tie down Boss Bao.

The three of them were in the midst of bragging when Boss Bao appeared, his expression icy. Long Chen and the other two’s expressions changed, and they hastily fled.

“Little brats, I heard your bragging a while ago. It was something about beating bosses into dogs? Fuck, if I don’t beat the crap out of you today, then you can count your butts tight!”

Boss Bao instantly caught up to them and gave them a fierce beating. With his cultivation base returned, the three of them didn’t have the slightest ability to resist. They were knocked down in just a few blows.

“You shameless old thing, if you have any ability, suppress your cultivation base back to the Foundation Forging realm so we can have a real fight!” cursed Bao Buping.

This cursing got him another knock in head end. Boss Bao brought the three of them to the peak of the mountain where the old man and the other bosses were waiting.

“I called you over today because I need to discuss an extremely important matter with you,” said the old man solemnly.

The three of them sensed the atmosphere was off. Even the bosses had worried expressions. Their hearts shook.

The old man said, “After much consideration, I’ve decided to bring this up. This matter is very dangerous, so you’ll have to think it over.”

“Old man, are you talking about… that matter?” Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s voice quivered slightly with excitement.

The old man nodded. “Yes. Long Chen still doesn’t know about it, so I’ll start from the beginning.” He waved his hand, and a huge stone tablet appeared in the air. It was hundreds of meters tall and emitted an ancient air.

The stone tablet was black as ink, and images were carved into it. Seeing those images, Long Chen’s heart pounded. Those images were clearly the different forms of Split the Heavens.

But the stone tablet was fractured. Only half of it was present. In that instant, Long Chen understood.

The old man sighed as he looked at the stone tablet. “This is the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet. It has the original illustration of the nine forms of Split the Heavens. But due to the tribulation from back then, it fractured and its divine nature weakened. Because we no longer have the original guidance of the full tablet, the Split the Heavens we cultivate has probably started to deviate from how it’s supposed to be. The Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet is a special inheritance divine item, and a portion of it has been lost. With it lost, there is no way for us to comprehend the true essence of Split the Heavens.”

A sad expression appeared on the seven bosses’ faces. Thinking of back in the day, the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect was the leader of the three great heavenly sects. Just how powerful did they have to be to have such a title?

Just relying on a single powerful Battle Skill, they had been able to dominate the Martial Heaven Continent.

But now they had declined to the point that their inheritance was about to be severed. Just thinking about it distressed them. This was a humiliation.

“Old man, does the remaining portion of the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet still exist?” asked Long Chen.

“It definitely still exists. Otherwise, the divine nature of the Heaven Splitting Divine Tablet would have completely faded,” said the old man assuredly.

“Have you finally agreed to let us go search for it?” asked Bao Buping excitedly.

Bao Buping and Chang Hao had both previously begged the old man to let them go search for it, but he had always refused. Now that the old man had taken the initiative to find them, they were incomparably excited.

“Yes. Although I can’t tell you the exact location, I can sense its general direction. But even after all these years, the divine tablet is still broken, while countless heroes have lost their lives,” sighed the old man.

“Where is it?” asked Long Chen.

“One of the seven great danger zones - Devil Spirit Mountain.”

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